Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 242 - Finally Appear

Chapter 242 Finally Appear

Song Yunqiang never knew the name of “he” Song Yunxuan was talking about.

Song Yunxuan naturally didn’t tell him, either.

After returning to the room, she just called Shao Xue and instructed her, “You help me investigate Yang Jiu.”

Shao Xue was puzzled and said, “Yunxuan, this person seems to be a famous architect who has recently returned to our country. Because he looks handsome, Editor Xiao recently wanted to invite him to do a feature.”

It seemed that Xiao Hong had the same thought as her.

But if the person Song Yunqiang saw was really Yang Jiu, in his style, he would not have returned to Yuncheng in such a striking way.

She frowned. “Give me the information of Yang Jiu.”

Although it was evening, Shao Xue’s work efficiency was surprisingly high.

All the information of Yang Jiu was passed on to Song Yunxuan within ten minutes after Shao Xue got the instruction.

She had just learned from Xiao Luo before that Yang Jiu was still alive. However, she could not think of it that the name, Yang Jiu, appeared in Yuncheng so fast.

After opening the data faxed by Shao Xue, she signed. She raised her hand to rub her brows. “I really think too much.”

This person named Yang Jiu was just an architect of the same name.

How could he be back so soon?

The dinner party specially held by Song Family for Song Yunxuan was held as scheduled the next day.

It should have been a dinner banquet. Considering the physical condition of Song Yunxuan, it was changed to a luncheon after several discussions.

The luncheon naturally took less time than the dinner party. Everyone had already arrived at around ten o’clock.

Song Yunying and Xue Tao came together. Xue Tao saw the scale of the banquet. He just sneered and said, “Your sister is really a pain in the neck. It is just a nominal title, but now it seems that she will be the real owner of the Song enterprise from now on.”

Song Yunying frowned and looked at him. “You shouldn’t talk too much. The wall has ears.”

Xue Tao was still not convinced. “You think I should be grateful to Song Yunxuan since she let us go last time, don’t you? You must know that it is your own idea to kill your father!”

Xue Tao talked regardless of the occasion. Song Yunying heard him talking. She felt that her heart was about to jump out of her chest. She wanted to cover his mouth hurriedly.

But Xue Tao had never listened to her.

She glared at him angrily. However, he wanted to say more.

Song Yunying’s fingers were trembling out of anger.

Just then, suddenly, a young man, holding the golden champagne, seemed to accidentally bump into Xue Tao.

Immediately, the half glass of champagne in the man’s hand was sprinkled on Xue Tao.

Xue Tao looked down at his brand-name suit. He turned angrily to look at the man in a red suit with an enchanting face. “Are you blind?”

Xue Tao ill-advisedly shouted like this.

Immediately, it attracted everyone nearby to look over.

The young man in a red suit was slender, with a nice appearance. There was a bit of femininity between his eyebrows. He had red lips and white teeth, with a pointed chin.

Just looking at the face, people thought he was so pretty and coquettish.

Song Yunying was in a daze when she saw such an enchanting young man. Xue Tao was really a little dazzled by the man’s look in his mind even though he scolded him.

When he was stunned, the youth had already taken the handkerchief and wiped off the champagne on Xue Tao to pour oil on troubled waters. “I’m really sorry. It’s my fault, and I have stained Mr. Xue’s suit.”

Since he apologized on his own initiative, Xue Tao couldn’t call to account even though he was reckless.

Xue Tao just snorted coldly.

The young man was cold-shouldered, but he didn’t care. “There is a brand new Itanian handmade suit in my nanny’s car. Mr. Xue’s body shape is not much different from mine, and it is better to ask Mr. Xue to go to my car and change into it.”

Xue Tao also wondered in his mind what his identity was, so he nodded and agreed.

The youth politely smiled at Song Yunying. He then took Xue Tao out of the hall.

When Song Yunying watched the young man go far. No matter how she saw it, the young man smiled with some other meanings.

She couldn’t remember where she had met this young man before and who he was. However, she was really so happy to see that Xue Tao was taken away by him.

Song Yunying couldn’t drink. She just ate some fruit and drank some warm water.

Song Yunxuan, the central figure of the banquet, had not yet arrived.

Song Yunqiang just greeted and dealt with some people who were helpful to him in business in the banquet hall.

It was soon later that Shao Tianze of the Shao enterprise came over.

Also, Gu Changle and Song Yunjia were with Shao Tianze.

Song Yunjia didn’t want to come over. But she heard that Shao Tianze was invited by Song Yunxuan in person. She was worried that Song Yunxuan was playing tricks on Shao Tianze, so she helplessly followed him to come.

Song Yunxuan looked down from the second floor. When she saw Song Yunjia who was dressed up to come over, she raised her lips.

Next to Song Yunjia were Shao Tianze and Gu Changle wearing a fur cape and a low-cut fishtail skirt.

Gu Changle’s fur was pinned with a luxurious emerald brooch. The gem was pure in texture, and the color was green and glittering. It was the best in emeralds.

But many people recognized that this emerald brooch was the one which was once worn by Gu Changge. It was of great value.

Today, Gu Changge’s brooch was worn by Gu Changle. This was really ironic.

Shao Tianze was wearing rimless glasses. The eyes behind the lenses were so beautiful as if there were thousands of peach flowers.

After his wife’s death, he had been quiet for six months. Now, he appeared at the banquet again and became much better than before.

Some people saw him coming and all greeted him with wine glasses in their hands.

Obviously, those who used to think that he was just Gu Changge’s husband now really regarded this man who took over his wife’s property as the proper owner of the huge asset.

Shao Xue had arrived early. She was with her on the second floor.

Seeing that Song Yunxuan looked downstairs and smiled, Shao Xue frowned and said puzzledly, “Why is Song Yunjia here?”

“She is my elder sister, and she is supposed to come.”

“I didn’t mean that.” Shao Xue explained, “I mean that Song Yunjia fell out with you. It means that she has recognized you as the legitimate heir of the Song enterprise since she came over at this time, right? She shouldn’t have come here if she had thought about it.”

Song Yunxuan’s eyes fell on Shao Tianze on the first floor. “So, I invited Shao Tianze and asked Chairman Shao to come over by any means.”

“You asked Shao Tianze to come?” Shao Xue was a little surprised. She understood Song Yunxuan’s meaning at once. “Yunxuan, you are really so smart. According to Song Yunjia’s current feelings for Shao Tianze, she must follow Shao Tianze wherever he goes.”

Song Yunxuan nodded but also spat out the words gently. “So stupid.”

Shao Xue looked at her sideways.

Song Yunxuan’s eyes were so deep that she could not tell her feelings.

It was not wrong to say that Song Yunjia was stupid at this time.

She had always been thinking of removing Song Yunxuan from the Song Family, but now, she came to Song Yunxuan’s banquet just like a fool.

She followed to come here like this, which meant in a disguised form that she had recognized Song Yunxuan’s position in the Song enterprise and expressed her support for her, right?

People at the banquet came one after another. Song Yunxuan returned to the room and waited for Song Yunqiang to call her.

She declared that she was ill recently so that she couldn’t go out and wait for everyone early. Instead, she waited in the room until Song Yunqiang called her.

Song Yunqiang waited for about half an hour before coming upstairs to call her. “Yunxuan, almost all the people have come here. It’s time for you to show up.”

Although he, as her elder brother, was very upset in his heart, he still had to do enough on the surface.

Song Yunxuan waited for him to knock twice before opening the door and going out.

Song Yunqiang inevitably felt a little relieved in his mind when he saw that her clothes were all high-waisted.

It seemed that Song Yunxuan really cared about the child in her belly very much. Now she was so particular about wearing clothes. Besides, she did not particularly catch people’s eyes by wearing clothes like this. The small dress was with a very low-key style.

In a small black dress with a high waist, exposing her collarbones, she was very beautiful.

When she went downstairs, it was dark in the hall. A beam of light came over, closing her in the aperture.

Song Yunqiang looked very happy. He held the microphone to speak to the guests who were invited to come here under the stage. “I and my sister, Yunxuan, want to thank all of you for taking time out of your busy schedules to attend this luncheon today. Thank you very much for coming here.”

There was a round of applause from the audience. Song Yunxuan walked to Song Yunqiang’s side, being enveloped in an aperture.

People in the audience looked at her with different attitudes. Song Yunjia were disgusted and disdainful in her eyes.

Song Yunying’s look was complex.

Gu Changle had no intention of looking at her at all. Her eyes were quietly dissociating between Song Yunjia and Shao Tianze.

However, just at this time, Shao Tianze curved the corners of his mouth slightly. He seemed to be happy for her.

The corners of Song Yunxuan’s lips were slightly lifted. She really admired Shao Tianze’s unpredictable face very much.

Song Yunqiang told their father’s will next to her. “It is known that before the death of our father, our father personally made a will and wanted to give the position of the president of the Song enterprise to my younger sister, Song Yunxuan. Before, she did not go to take office immediately in the Song enterprise because of some things. Since everything was done after the Spring Festival, I invited everyone to come and celebrate Yunxuan’s taking office with me. She is to be the president of the Song enterprise officially.”

After he finished speaking, he immediately smiled and applauded, looking at Song Yunxuan with a kind and charitable look.

Song Yunxuan nodded. With everyone’s attention, she held the microphone, standing in the light and talking to everyone under the stage. “Thank you for your blessing. Thank you very much.”

The theme of the banquet had been clear.

Song Yunxuan felt that she could leave for the excuse of her tiredness. However, after speaking into the microphone, she saw a face flash through the crowd.

It was the face of a young man, with no wrinkles at all. It was fair-skinned and handsome, with eyes as long as a phoenix, and an attractive smile.

Song Yunxuan couldn’t help being stunned.

When Song Yunqiang came and asked her to say a few more words, Song Yunxuan ordered him first. “Then I will leave it to my elder brother. I am not comfortable. Sorry to leave first.”

This banquet was not just meant to be a celebration for her.

She was not important to most of the guests invited. It was Song Yunqiang who was important.

As soon as Song Yunxuan left, Song Yunqiang was surrounded by people with wine glasses below one after another after he just finished speaking.

Song Yunqiang wanted to see where his sister had gone on earth, but he couldn’t catch up with her because of those people.

Song Yunxuan saw the face flash through the crowd and then disappear.

There were too many people. She couldn’t rush into the crowd to see who that person was on earth. Therefore, she had to go to the back door of the lobby first.

She concluded that the man who appeared only for a brief moment just wanted to attract her attention.

She went to the back door of the lobby, but there was no one at the door.

She still didn’t find anyone who went out when going out of the door and looking outside.

She couldn’t help but start to doubt herself. “Did I just get the wrong person?”

“No, you didn’t.” A voice rang from behind her, and there was something of a smile in his words, which was so familiar that it made her feel weird.

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