Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 241 - His Name Is Yang Jiu

Chapter 241 His Name Is Yang Jiu

Looking at her smile, Chu Mochen nodded silently.

Song Yunxuan then laughed contentedly.

After being discharged from the hospital, Song Yunxuan really seemed to give up those goals and started to raise her fetus in the Song Family peacefully.

Xiao Luo did not stay for too long in Yuncheng because of the issues in the Xiao Family. After Song Yunxuan was discharged from the hospital, he returned to Harbor City.

The Xiao Family revealed that Xiao Luo might be going to the WS after Xiao Luo returned to Harbor City. It, however, was not finalized. The media’s news was not reliable.

Until Xiao Luo personally called Song Yunxuan…

Song Yunxuan asked him about his recent situation. After that, they fell into a situation where there was no topic to talk about. She then asked him, “I have heard that you are going to the WS to study financial management. Is it true?”

Xiao Luo vaguely hummed and said, “Grandpa forced me to do that. It is just a degree. I don’t want to go.”

Song Yunxuan raised her eyebrows. “Is it really just a degree?”

She didn’t believe that Grandpa would let Xiao Luo go to obtain an insignificant degree certificate when Xiao Luo was just in power.

Xiao Luo was asked in this way. He was frustrated and told the facts, “In fact, Grandpa asked me to meet someone in the WS. He said that person was a very good teacher who could teach me to manage the Xiao Family well.”

A name popped up in Song Yunxuan’s mind immediately. She asked him, “Is the person’s last name Yang?”

Xiao Luo was very surprised. “Sister Yunxuan, how do you know that?”

Song Yunxuan smiled. She persuaded him, “The man whose surname is Yang is indeed a very good teacher. I will not worry about you if you follow him. You must be smarter when you go there. He has taught a lot of outstanding students.”

“Outstanding students?”

Song Yunxuan gave him two simple examples. “For example, Chu Mochen in Yuncheng, Gu Changge of the Gu’s.”

Xiao Luo was very surprised. “Who is he on earth?”

“You will know him once you meet him.”

Song Yunxuan smiled.

Indeed, very few people knew who this man whose surname was Yang was. However, Gu Changge did know him coincidently.

She not only knew him but also knew him clearly.

That person was called Yang Jiu. It was heard that he was simply called Yang Jiu because he came in ninth among his cousins.

There was also a saying that this man was so cunning that he could miraculously escape and survive every time he was in danger as if he had nine lives.

Gu Changge didn’t care about whether the young man standing in front of her came in ninth or had nine lives at that time.

She just asked him expressionlessly, “My father has a lot of women around him. They threaten my mother’s status. What should I do?”

At that time, she was nine years old. When she first met the young man named Yang Jiu, she felt that he was tall and thin, white and slender. Besides, he was beautiful like a young woman carved from white jade.

However, his arms were surprisingly powerful. He bent down, pinching her chin without respect. He looked at her with a smile. “You are a little poisonous woman. Young as you are, you just want to clear the roadblocks.”

Without a word, she pulled away his hand at once and stared at him angrily.

Yang Jiu looked at her, who was so young, but with a great temper. He couldn’t help laughing.

He bent over and hugged her, as if he really liked her very much. He pinched her little baby fat face. “Miss Gu, I like you very much. You are worried that those women will have children and threaten your status. I will help you remove all those women. What do you think of that?”

Gu Changge frowned, staring at him coldly. “You just need to teach me all your skills. There is no need for you to care about anything else.”

“I will teach you.”

On the surface, Yang Jiu had only been with her in the Gu Family for half a year. But in fact, Gu Changge had been in touch with Yang Jiu until she was 15 years old.

After she was eighteen years old, she met Shao Tianze. Yang Jiu then disappeared from her life gradually.

She sent many people to figure out where Yang Jiu hid. Some people said that Yang Jiu was addicted to the wine and the beauties. He was slothful by nature and got a serious disease. Therefore, he hid in a corner to recuperate, which no one knew.

Others said that Yang Jiu was caught by the enemy and was killed.

It was also said that Yang Jiu went around the world. No one could capture his trace like the wind, and even the enemy could not find him.

There were many rumors. Gu Changge once thought about finding Yang Jiu.

However, she gave up after a short time because there were so many trivial matters. Besides, Yang Jiu was of no use to her. Thus, she just let him go and did not look for him anymore.

But now, eighteen years later, the exact location of Yang Jiu actually came over from another country on the other shore.

She had a little pleasure in her heart.

On the phone, she exhorted Xiao Luo to follow Yang Jiu to study hard many times before she closed the line reluctantly.

Yang Jiu had the title of the strongest tutor, because he would help an ignorant business heir grow up step by step and recognize what the benefit was.

She was a very good example. To some degree, her natural talents combined with Yang Jiu’s acquired training led to the rise of a commercial queen in Harbor City.

Even Chu Mochen could not reach it at that time.

Song Yunxuan had a dietitian to rigorously select and match three meals a day. The people who were responsible for taking care of her were several experienced nannies in the pregnancy.

Song Yunxuan would take a nap after lunch.

Seeing that she had completely disregarded things of the Song enterprise, Song Yunqiang slowly put his guard down.

Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian of the Song enterprise dared not to take it lightly.

The day before the banquet when the position of the president was transferred, Song Yunqiang had a meal with Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian.

After a few drinks, Zhao Yang raised his eyeglasses and asked him, “Yunqiang, Yunxuan has been at home recently, hasn’t she?”

“Yes, she’s raising the fetus.”

Song Yunqiang said. He was puzzled and added, “I thought she would notify the whole city when she was pregnant. But I didn’t expect that Childe Chu didn’t let the news spread out at all. Many people outside think that Song Yunxuan is at home to recuperate. They don’t know that she is raising the fetus.”

Zhou Jian just held the wine glass and wondered the reason secretly.

Zhao Yang was relatively more sensible. “So, Yunqiang, can you guess why Childe Chu acted like this?”

Song Yunqiang drank up the wine in the wine glass and replied quickly, “Isn’t it because Childe Chu does not want Yunxuan anymore?”

After saying that, he also analyzed for Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian. “Just think! If he really likes Yunxuan, why don’t he just marry Yunxuan immediately and then let Yunxuan nourish the fetus righteously and seriously? In that way, that child will have a righteous identity when he is born.”

“But now, you see. After Yunxuan got pregnant, the Chu Family had no intention of marrying her at all. Not only did he have no intention of marrying her, but he also blocked the news of her pregnancy. In this way, after a few months, once Yunxuan gives birth to the baby, isn’t the baby an illegitimate child?”

After speaking, Song Yunqiang poured another glass of wine. “Moreover, it is also possible for the child to be born without Chu Mochen’s recognition.

Zhou Jian shook his head. “This is not likely to be the case. Childe Chu’s own bloodline will not be repudiated.”

“Then why did he delay in marrying Song Yunxuan?”

Song Yunqiang was puzzled.

Zhou Jian thoughtfully said, “Do you think it is because…”

He only said a few words before getting stuck. Song Yunqiang and Zhao Yang were both dissatisfied.

Zhao Yang even glared at him. “You are not young now. Can’t you just say it simply and directly?”

Zhou Jian glanced at Zhao Yang before he lowered his voice and said, “Do you think it is because Song Yunxuan doesn’t want to marry him?”

Song Yunqiang sniffed at it. “No, Yunxuan is not stupid. If she could marry into the Chu Family and give birth to a son for Chu Mochen, the entire Chu Family would belong to her. Why would she still cling to the Song Family?”

Zhou Jian nodded. “I agree with you.”

Zhao Yang glanced at Zhou Jian. “Can’t you just think of something reliable, Old Zhou?”

Zhou Jian stopped talking.

Song Yunqiang talked to Zhao Yang while drinking the wine. These two people kept drinking until after 9 o’clock in the evening before they dispersed.

When Song Yunqiang went home at night, he reached the gate of the villa of the Song Family. He just saw a tall and thin man smoking and standing in front of a fiery-red Ferrari.

The fire of the cigarette flickered. The outline of the man’s face was faintly reflected in the flickering fire.

Song Yunqiang asked the driver to drive out with him. When he came back, he sat in the back seat.

The headlights hit the man vaguely. Song Yunqiang narrowed his eyes to have a look and just could see the face of the man.

It was an unfamiliar young man, with an oval face, a pointed chin, and a pair of slanted eyes. His hair was slightly over the tips of his ears, and his hair was as black as ink.

It seemed that he knew that Song Yunqiang was looking at him inside the window of the car. He smiled gently at him inside the window.

The smile was a little pretty and coquettish. It appeared to be astonishingly bright-colored and beautiful on the face of a man who looked like a woman.

Song Yunqiang suspected that he had mistaken the gender of that man. He shook his eyes with difficulty. But when he turned around to have a look, he found that the young man had already got into the car.

After the headlights of the car flashed, the car made a smart turn and then went away.

Song Yunqiang was creepy as if he had seen a ghost.

He asked the nanny after returning home. The nanny told him that no visitors came over. But he was still worried.

Knowing that Song Yunxuan might have fallen asleep, he still knocked on Song Yunxuan’s door and was determined to ask Song Yunxuan himself.

After Song Yunxuan opened the door, she yawned and stood at the door. “Brother, you are back.”

Song Yunqiang stood at the door and asked her, “Have any guests come to our house?”

“Did you invite someone as a guest in our house?”

Instead of getting the answer, Song Yunqiang was asked by her. He was a little tongue-tied. A moment of being dull later, he shook his head. “No.”

Song Yunxuan wondered. “Since you did not invite any guests to the house, why did you ask me whether any guests came over?”

Song Yunqiang listened to her speaking in a roundabout way. He was almost confused by Song Yunxuan.

Then he said straightforwardly, “When I came back just now, I saw a young man at the door. He seemed to be a little weird. I thought he came for you.”

“I didn’t invite any guests. I’m afraid that you have mistaken.”

Song Yunqiang got the answer. It seemed that Song Yunxuan did not lie to him. Then he nodded. “Maybe, I drank too much.”

While speaking, he turned around to leave.

Song Yunxuan pondered for a moment. Seeing that Song Yunqiang held his head and turned around, she suddenly called to him, “Brother, what does the young man you saw at the door look like?”

Song Yunqiang thought of his first feeling when he saw the young man. He shook his head and felt a little weird, saying, “If he were not so tall, I would almost have thought he was a woman. His face is so feminine.”

Song Yunxuan’s beautiful eyebrows wrinkled slightly. “It’s him?”

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