Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 240 - Block the News

Chapter 240 Block the News

The blood came out and spread along the bed sheet little by little.

Xiao Luo’s confused expression gradually turned to a horrified one. At last, he looked up at Song Yunxuan. “Sister Yunxuan, you…”

Song Yunxuan followed his sight and lowered her eyes little by little. She was totally stunned when her eyes fell on the layer of red blood.

Chu Mochen walked over suddenly. After seeing the blood on the bed sheet, he shouted outside, “Doctor! Call the doctor over! Call the doctor over quickly!”

Song Yunxuan fell in a trance without any expression on her face. Things happened too fast, not letting her prepare.

However, vaguely, she felt that the blood which came out of her body was like a little creature.

A little creature, which had not been born yet but suddenly left the world.

It was so fragile that it made people feel regretful.

She made a very long dream. But when she woke up, she couldn’t remember anything.

She raised her hand and touched her abdomen. It was flat.

A fierce and angry voice came into her ears from the balcony. “Lu Xia! I am calling Lu Xia! Let her pick up the phone.”

Song Yunxuan turned to look at Xiao Luo who was exasperated on the balcony, her mind began to become clear.

It seemed that she was pregnant indeed.

However, the baby was unlucky and left her after staying for just a few months in her belly.

Xiao Luo was still noisily clamoring for Lu Xia on the balcony.

The door of the ward was closed tightly. A voice came from the speaker in the ward. “Miss Song, are you awake?”

Song Yunxuan pushed the speaker and answered gently, “Yes.”

“Mr. Chu wants to see you.”

“I don’t want to see him.”

Finishing her words, she turned off the speaker.

Xiao Luo just finished the phone and got into the ward from the balcony. Seeing that Song Yunxuan was awake, his eyes flashed, and he felt a little sad. “Sister Yunxuan.”

Song Yunxuan didn’t move but looked at him. “Why are you in my ward?”

He answered in a low voice, “I want to be with you.”

Song Yunxuan curved her pale lips and asked him as if she had known everything, “Did I have an abortion?”

Xiao Luo was stunned, but then he nodded slowly.

Song Yunxuan suddenly felt that a stone heavily smashed her heart. It was not very hurt, but it made her feel suffocated in her chest.

She coughed, and Xiao Luo immediately came over to pat her back.

She tilted her body and flinched. She couldn’t tell the feeling clearly after knowing that she was pregnant but then miscarried. She just felt a kind of uncomfortable depression.

She buried her head in the pillow.

Xiao Luo looked at her at a loss for a long while. Then, he patted her back gently like comforting a baby. “Sister, you will have another baby. Don’t be too sad.”

Song Yunxuan’s body trembled slightly.

Feeling her slight tremble, Xiao Luo also felt very sad.

However, in Harbor City…

After hearing the news, Lu Xia couldn’t help but frown heavily.

The white assistant beside her reported the checkup result from Yuncheng to her. “The hospital in Yuncheng said Song Yunxuan was frightened and the fetus was badly affected when she fell from the building before, but she didn’t recuperate well. She took strong cold medicine after she became ill, which led to the miscarriage. And because the situation was urgent, that child couldn’t be kept.”

Lu Xia annoyedly raised her hand to rub her eyebrows. “Xiao Luo has already called me. He almost turned hostile to me for Song Yunxuan’s miscarriage.”

The white assistant tenderly comforted her, “After all, they are siblings.”

“Yet Song Yunxuan isn’t an idiot. Even if she had been told that she was pregnant, she might have chosen not to give birth to the baby. Under such a dangerous and tense condition, how could she spend half a year recuperating to have a baby now?”

The white assistant nodded in agreement. “You are right, President Lu. Miss Song will not stop at this point.”

Lu Xia lifted her head and took a deep breath. “She is only one step away from controlling the entire Song Family.”

As long as Song Yunxuan took over the position of the president of the Song enterprise smoothly, her top priority would be transferring the power of the Song enterprise and reorganizing the enterprise greatly.”

If she could manage those things well, then Song Family would belong to her completely very soon.

The miscarriage of the baby at this time could not have been better actually.

However, this plan was a little cruel.

Xiao Luo made a call to inform Xiao Jiancheng of this. After getting the news, Xiao Jiancheng told Xiao Luo, “Tell the hospital not to disclose the news.”

Xiao Luo didn’t understand.

Xiao Jiancheng then ordered Xiao Luo to pass the phone to Song Yunxuan.

Song Yunxuan called him, “Uncle Xiao.”

Xiao Jiancheng then sighed over there. “Yunxuan, whether it is verbally acknowledged or not, I believe you already know your lot.”

Song Yunxuan didn’t say anything.

Sure enough, Elder Xiao had already known these things.

Xiao Jiancheng continued to say, “At this point, your miscarriage cannot be disclosed to anyone. Just pretend you are still pregnant.”

Song Yunxuan nodded after a long time of silence. “Yes, Grandpa.”

Hearing Song Yunxuan’s address, Xiao Jiancheng was slightly stunned over there. But after that, he immediately nodded relievedly. “Having you as his daughter, Xiao Xuan didn’t live his life in vain. Be careful in Yuncheng. Although I don’t know what you want to do eventually, I must help you if you need anything from me.”

“Thank you, Grandpa.”

Xiao Luo felt a little confused when hearing Song Yunxuan call him Grandpa on the side.

But then he figured it out quickly.

Before, Song Yunxuan disclaimed the identity of the eldest granddaughter of Xiao Family to leave Harbor City. She willingly returned to Yuncheng only in an attempt to be with Chu Mochen.

However, now, Chu Mochen made her feel sad, and Xiao Family had acknowledged that she was the granddaughter.

She had no reason to pretend knowing nothing about her lot.

Chu Mochen didn’t support her, but she still needed to move on.

As long as she wanted to keep moving on, she certainly needed another family to endeavor to help her.

And Xiao Family was an appropriate choice.

Song Yunxuan’s miscarriage spread out quickly through different channels. However, without the proof of the hospital, rumors were just rumors, no matter how true this news of the miscarriage was.

Several families wanted to open the hospital’s mouth and get an exact answer from them, but no one succeeded.

The hospital’s attitude towards this matter was just like a tightly closed clamshell. Even Chu Family failed to get a useful word from the hospital.

Song Yunxuan denied all the visitors while she was at the hospital. Except Xiao Luo who was able to go in and out, even Chu Mochen didn’t have the chance to see her.

Finally, three days later, Chu Mochen went to the hospital in the evening.

He broke through the nurses’ stopping and opened the door of Song Yunxuan’s ward.

At that time, Song Yunxuan was drinking the chicken soup.

Hearing the noise in front of the door, she turned to have a look and exactly saw that Chu Mochen opened the door.

His assistant beside him was still stopping the nurses who were trying to block them in front of the door.

Since he had already got into the ward, there was no reason to kick him out ruthlessly.

Song Yunxuan calmly uttered, “Let them get in.”

The nurses then dispersed. Chu Mochen’s assistant also left sensibly.

The door was closed. Only Chu Mochen walked in.

Looking around the ward, he walked towards her sickbed. “Xiao Luo should be with you, shouldn’t he?”

“He still needs to manage the business of Xiao Family, so he can’t stay in Yuncheng for long. The elder of Xiao Family made the call and urged him to return. I asked him to pack up his luggage so that he can return to Harbor City as soon as possible.”

Chu Mochen satirized and said, “Who will take care of and protect you after he returns to Harbor City?”

Song Yunxuan lowered her head to drink the light and bright chicken soup. “Why do I have to be taken care of by others?”

“Aren’t you going to fight against Song Yunqiang next?”

Chu Mochen exactly knew her next plan.

Song Yunxuan couldn’t help but curve her lips and then looked up at him. “How do you know that I’m going to fight against Song Yunqiang next?”

Seeing her expression, Chu Mochen made his eyes become cold. “You’re always talking in a mask.”

When he talked to Song Yunxuan, he felt that Song Yunxuan seemed to be wearing a mask all the time.

Under this peaceful mask, you didn’t know what her inner heart was.

Chu Mochen felt that he couldn’t see through her so that he couldn’t control her.

Just because he couldn’t control her, he felt worried.

Song Yunxuan seemed to understand his inner thoughts. She put the chicken soup bowl in her hands on the small table next to her and looked up at him. “Come here. Get closer to me.”

Chu Mochen didn’t move.

Seeing that he didn’t move, Song Yunxuan intended to lift the quilt and get out of bed.

Seeing her movement, Chu Mochen then took two steps forward and approached the sickbed.

Song Yunxuan reached out to grab his hand and gently placed his hand on her lower abdomen.

Chu Mochen could not help wrinkling his slender eyebrows. “What are you doing?”

“Don’t you want to know who can still protect me after Xiao Luo is gone?”

Her voice was soft and tender, but with a calm and firm smile.

Chu Mochen was slightly shocked by her words, looking at her unbelievably.

Song Yunxuan didn’t look up at him but quietly looked at her abdomen. “Maybe, he can protect me, right? What do you think?”

Chu Mochen’s fingers touched her abdomen. Through a layer of pajamas, he could feel her warm body.

From the time when she had a bad appetite, he suspected that she was pregnant. However, after checking up several times, the hospital said that she was only suffering from a stomach problem.

Now, having seen the blood, he finally knew that she was indeed pregnant.


“Didn’t you have an abortion?”

He frowned and asked her.

She smiled and looked up at him. “Those are just rumors. How can they be believed?”

Chu Mochen’s gaze was fixed on her, with some suspicion. “You really didn’t have an abortion?”

Song Yunxuan nodded, with maternal love in her eyes. “Of course not. If I had got through an abortion, why should I have stayed behind closed doors for three days without seeing the guests? In the past three days, I could have done many, many things if I hadn’t intended to do the miscarriage prevention.”

Chu Mochen knew Song Yunxuan well. Now, she was about to master the whole Song Family, and she couldn’t afford to relax on the eve of the transition of power.

There were many places and many people to be contacted.

There were many things to be done every day.

But she stayed in the hospital for so long and didn’t go anywhere.

Chu Mochen almost really believed that she planned to nourish her fetus in peace of mind.

Song Yunxuan seemed to know that he was suspecting her. She smiled and said, “I’ve called my elder brother. The scale of the banquet held for me can be smaller. I’m afraid of noise since I am pregnant. After I take office and stabilize, I also want to ask for a year’s leave to raise the fetus.”

After talking about her plans, she looked at Chu Mochen tenderly and asked him, “What do you think of my plans?”

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