Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 239 - The Sleep-talking

Chapter 239 The Sleep-talking

Song Yunying dragged Song Yunqiang’s sleeves tightly with a painful look on her face.

However, while she was held by Song Yunqiang and left the door of Song Family, there were obviously some sighs in her eyes.

Song Yunxuan’s mind was in a trance, and various fragments kept appearing in her mind.

Sometimes, it was Shao Tianze. Sometimes, it was Gu Changle. Sometimes, it was Gu Yi and Miaomiao.

She felt sore in her mind with fear of dying.

However, her fingers were trying to catch something randomly as if a drowning person wanted to grab a piece of driftwood to save himself by any means before his death.

She shouted vaguely.

She shouted the names of those who could save her one by one.

However, her fingers were stretched out but couldn’t catch anything.

She felt like her body was falling at this time, falling into a huge black hole. If no one reached for her, she would never be able to climb up from this huge black hole.

I couldn’t die.

I couldn’t die.

She told herself over and over again to remind herself to work hard to catch things that could stop herself from falling.

However, nothing could be caught.

She began to despair gradually, and her outstretched fingers became weak.

Tears came out of the corners of her eyes.

Something was shouted in her mouth.

Suddenly, someone held her fingers. The person clasped her fingers tightly and hugged her horizontally in a warm embrace.

He comforted her. “Don’t be afraid. You’ll be at the hospital soon. You’ll be there soon.”

She couldn’t feel anything. She just felt like she was in the darkness. She could only detect that her fingers were being held by someone, but she even couldn’t open her eyes.

A familiar but vague voice came from afar with a low and deep power to calm the heart. “Good girl. Sleep for a while. Release your hands. Sleep for a while.”

“I’m by your side and won’t leave you. Don’t be afraid.”

He coaxed her like this, and she gradually calmed down.

The lights in the corridor of the hospital were as pale as the moon.

Chu Mochen held her and supported her hand to let the doctor give her an injection.

However, as soon as the doctor intended to insert the needle, her fingers moved randomly. Her fists clenched and stretched as if she wanted to catch something but failed.

Something was still vaguely spoken when she was in a coma.

The doctor was anxious, even sweating on his forehead. Under Chu Mochen’s gaze, he felt that if the needle was inserted wrong, he would be torn up by the man on the spot.

The doctor clenched Song Yunxuan’s hand into a fist. Seeing clearly that blood vessels appeared on the back of the hand when her hand was clenched into a fist, the doctor quickly pierced the needle of the infusion set inside.

The hand didn’t feel too painful since it just trembled a little.

The doctor adjusted the leak rate of the infusion set before he stood up and wiped off the sweat on his forehead. “Childe Chu, the high fever should be able to go down during the second half of the night, and the towel on her forehead should be changed frequently and not too hot.”

Chu Mochen nodded, frowning and looking at Song Yunxuan in his arms. There was some distress deep in his eyes.

Song Yunying called him suddenly an hour ago and told him that Song Yunxuan was in danger of life in Song Family.

After getting this news, he hurried to Song Family. When he arrived there, Song Yunqiang had already sent Song Yunying to the hospital. Nurse Wang, who took care of Song Yunxuan at home, cried and ran out to hit Song Yunxuan’s door.

After Chu Mochen arrived, a sensible housemaid sent the key.

He was simply terrified when he opened the door of the room. The expression on his face was so gloomy that Nurse Wang beside him was scared, who even didn’t dare to speak.

Song Yunxuan’s cheeks were red due to the fever. She was still murmuring something when she was in a coma.

If he hadn’t arrived in time tonight, Song Yunxuan might turn into a dead body tomorrow morning.

The hospital arranged the best single-person ward for Song Yunxuan and sent a skilled nurse to take care of her.

Chu Mochen had been with Song Yunxuan all the time. During the first few hours when Song Yunxuan had a high fever, Chu Mochen felt that his heart was burning.

Song Yunxuan said some words in her sleep now and then, like calling somebody’s name.

He listened intently but didn’t understand what she was saying after trying several times until she said, “Papa…, that pool…, was filled…”

Chu Mochen seemed to be suddenly struck by the thunder and became stiff at once there without saying a word.

The nurse coming in to change the towel on the forehead of Song Yunxuan was stunned and could not help asking gently, “Childe Chu? Anything wrong?”

Chu Mochen’s slender eyebrows gradually frowned tightly, and some wrinkles appeared between the eyebrows.

“Listen. What is she saying?”

As requested, the nurse really got close to her and carefully listened to Song Yunxuan’s mumble.

After a long while, she raised her head and uttered two names confusedly, “Xiaoyi? Miaomiao?”

Chu Mochen’s eyes trembled violently, and the unbelievable look deep in his eyes became stronger.

He had previously suspected that he had misheard, but even if he had misheard, the nurse could not have misheard these two names like him.

The little nurse was a little puzzled.

Chu Mochen said, “Please go out first.”

The little nurse heard that and then left the ward.

In astonishment, Chu Mochen moved his eyes and fixed his eyes on Song Yunxuan’s face. “What on earth are you talking about, Yunxuan?”

However, Song Yunxuan, having a high fever in a trance, wasn’t able to answer his question.

It was already in the afternoon of the next day when Song Yunxuan woke up again.

It seemed to be at five o’clock since it was dim outside the window.

She rubbed her head and got up slightly. Then she saw Chu Mochen leaning on the side of her sickbed.

The man stayed up all night here without leaving, leaning on the side of the bed when he was tired and waiting for her to wake up last night.

Although she didn’t know who sent her to the hospital last night, she could also infer that he had been at her side for a long time when she saw that he was so tired.

She reached out to rub his hair and somehow awakened him.

He looked up, and the exhaustion in his eyes came to her sight.

But after seeing that she was awake, he was stunned first and then reached out to hold her fingers at once.

“Is the fever gone?”

Song Yunxuan raised her hand to touch her forehead. “It seems to be gone.”

Otherwise, she wouldn’t have been able to wake up so soon, and her mind was so clear.

Vaguely, she could recall a few moments from the night before. It seemed that Nurse Wang went to give her the milk and called her a few times.

However, after that, she fainted with the fever. The outside world seemed to be completely isolated. She could feel nothing.

She could only remember that she had met a lot of people in her dreams.

Gu Changle, Shao Tianze, Miaomiao, Gu Yi, and her father, Gu Cheng.

She raised her hand to rub her eyebrows. “I don’t know how I got the fever last night. I remember that my body was not so weak before.”

Finishing her words, she smiled and raised her eyes to look helplessly at Chu Mochen.

However, she found that Chu Mochen had been staring at her with his eyebrows frowning tightly. It seemed that he couldn’t understand something.

She also felt strange. “What’s wrong?”

Chu Mochen said, “You talked in your sleep last night.”

Song Yunxuan’s expression on the face froze slightly for a little while. Even the smile became awkward for a moment. She asked, “Did I say anything?”

She did talk in her sleep frequently. To prevent others from hearing her talk in her sleep, she locked the door double every time she slept.

Because all the sleep-talking that she had said was the resentment of Gu Changge and those people who Gu Changge knew.

She was Gu Changge only when she talked in her sleep.

“What do you think you said?”

Song Yunxuan laughed. “It is just the sleep-talking. I don’t know what I said.”

“You called Gu Yi and Miaomiao.”

“Maybe I recently have met them many times.” Thinking of that, she smiled, having an ulterior motive. “Of course, it is reasonable that you think I want to make use of these two kids.”

“You can make use of those living people. But tell me. What is the meaning of that sentence?”

Song Yunxuan was bewildered. “Which one?”

Chu Mochen pursed his lips and firmly stared at her with his sharp eyes, not missing any expression on her face. “You said that the pool was filled…, Papa!”

Song Yunxuan’s heart jolted heavily, and her face became pale and white suddenly.

“You were talking about the swimming pool in Gu Changge’s home, right?”

Song Yunxuan was compelled to answer, but she kept silent and didn’t say any word.

Chu Mochen nodded as if he had expected that she would react like that. He said to himself, “Although I think what Mr. Mogu who is an old man said is very abnormal, such ridiculous and unbelievable things will probably happen in this word. You and Gu Changge…”

Every of his words hammered Song Yunxuan’s heart.

Song Yunxuan felt that the mask she had been wearing for such a long time was rudely torn off now.

However, at this moment, there was a sudden knock on the door outside.

Someone was knocking hurriedly.

Both Chu Mochen’s thoughts and words were cut off by this knock.

Song Yunxuan turned to look at the door, and Chu Mochen was a little unhappy.

Nevertheless, the knock didn’t stop. After a short moment of silence, Chu Mochen still stood up to open the door of the room.

Seeing him stand up, Song Yunxuan felt a sense of relief in her mind spontaneously.

Did Chu Mochen believe that Gu Changge’s soul was in Song Yunxuan’s body?

If he believed, what would he do?

If it was revealed, should she stoutly deny or admit it?

She couldn’t decide and lowered her eyes, waiting for the man who was knocking to come in.

As soon as the door was opened, the figure of a young man rushed in. “Sister Yunxuan, how are you?”

Xiao Luo rushed to the sickbed with a look of nervousness and concern. “I heard that you had a high fever last night. You were almost…, almost…”

You were almost killed by the high fever.

Xiao Luo stopped talking, but the worried expression in his eyes was sincere.

Song Yunxuan raised her hand to rub his hair and tried to cheer up. “It is not so serious as you heard. It is just a fever. I just took some cold medicine, but it did not work, so I came to the hospital.”

After saying that, she even smiled. “See! I am getting better now. The high fever has been reduced.”

Xiao Luo heard the news from somewhere and asked while grinding his teeth, “I heard that your older brother saw that you had a high fever that had not been brought down and locked the door, leaving you alone in the room and letting you die.”

Xiao Luo’s words were not exaggerated at all. Even though Song Yunxuan had a high fever in a coma and didn’t remember what had happened last night, she believed that Song Yunqiang surely did such things just when she heard about it today.

Song Yunxuan just stayed silent, without saying any word, as if thinking about something.

Xiao Luo saw her sit up and was a little worried, pulling the quilt for her and wanting to make her lie down.

However, as he pulled the quilt, he suddenly saw that there was a layer of blood on the quilt and was stunned at once.

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