Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 238 - Get Seriously Ill Suddenly

Chapter 238 Get Seriously Ill Suddenly

The man who stood far away didn’t move. There was a black mink collar on his cashmere coat.

Under the reflection of the black collar, his skin became fair, which made his jaw a little pointed.

He wore a pair of black cow leather gloves. His slim and tall body attracted the spontaneous attention of the passers-by.

The cold wind blew over his hair. A few strands of his hair fell slightly from the front of his forehead and covered his sharp eyes.

Chu Mochen was a man with a powerful aura no matter how people looked at him.

But now he could not be the one that she totally trusted and relied on.

He had not met her for more than a week. Even Song Yunxuan felt a little unfamiliar with him.

Song Yunxuan tried her best to show him a natural smile.

Seeing her smile, Chu Mochen just pursed his lips slightly but didn’t respond to her.

Song Yunxuan walked with Chu Mochen along the street from the airport to the downtown outside in the dead of winter. The airport was built next to the sea. People could feel the salty taste and the humidity of the wind from the sea.

Chu Mochen said first, “You seem to pay a lot of attention to these two kids of Shao Tianze.”

“I think they are very lovely.”

Chu Mochen turned to look at her and sneered. He ironically said, “Will not you focus your plan on those two kids?”

Song Yunxuan was annoyed in her mind. Her lips were closed into a cold line. She looked at him coldly. “That’s the way how you look at me? A cruel person?”

Chu Mochen stared at her without any expression. “Aren’t you such an unscrupulous person?”

Song Yunxuan suddenly clenched her fists. There was a trace of fierceness flashing in her eyes. “The one I want to handle is just Shao Tianze. I will not hurt these two kids.”

“You’d better not do that.”

This was the first time that Chu Mochen had said something warning to her as if she was his enemy.

Hearing him warning her in such a cold and strange voice, Song Yunxuan frowned suddenly and looked sideways at him. “What if I hurt them? What will you do to me?”

Chu Mochen didn’t answer right away. He just looked away. But this action made her feel bitterly disappointed and hardhearted.

“That is the last thing left by Changge. I just want to remind you not to touch them.”

Song Yunxuan suddenly became stubborn like a little girl. She took a step forward and got in his way. She glared at him. “Did you come here today just to warn me not to touch these two kids of Gu Changge?”

Chu Mochen did not change his color, seeming to approve tacitly.

Seeing his tacit reaction, Song Yunxuan suddenly wanted to laugh. She pointed at herself and then turned her fingers to the place where the plane went away. “So in your heart, I am actually not as important as those two kids, right?”

“If you must ask me to compare, I have to say…” He gently opened his thin lips. “Yes.”

Song Yunxuan took a deep breath. She felt a heavy blow on her chest.

This blow made her become a little absent-minded.

She didn’t know whether she should be happy or sad.

She had two kids. But her kids were left by Gu Changge. She would never be able to be acquainted with them fair and square.

Chu Mochen treated these two kids seriously because the kids were left by the woman he liked.

Though she was actually the woman he liked, this body was just a replacement to achieve his perfunctory behavior.

She had mixed feelings in her heart. But she couldn’t figure out such a complex feeling.

Instead, making sense of his answer made her feel disappointed.

“If you really think in this way, then please try your best to protect them. I can’t care about them.”

After saying that, she turned to leave.

He followed her to turn around, seeing that she wrapped herself in the white fur coat and got into the backseat of the Rolls-Royce.

The weather was extremely cold. She had just walked for more than ten minutes outside, but it made herself get cold and uncomfortable.

Though she took some cold medications in the afternoon, she still got a high fever at night.

She was in a trance because of the fever.

She held the quilt in her hands tightly.

She had a habit of having a glass of milk every night. Nurse Wang would bring it to her before she went to bed.

This day Nurse Wang came to her bedroom for the milk as usual at night. But there was no reply inside after Nurse Wang knocked on the door several times.

Nurse Wang twisted the doorknob. She found that the door was not double locked. It was unlatched.

Nurse Wang then pushed the door and said, “Miss Yunxuan, here is the milk. Please drink it before sleeping.”

There was no response in the room.

Feeling something strange, Nurse Wang opened the door and stuck her head into the room.

But unexpectedly, she saw at first glance that Song Yunxuan was lying on the bed, holding the quilt tightly with sweat on her forehead.

Nurse Wang got flustered at once. She rushed to go downstairs to call Young Master.

Song Yunqiang was called to go upstairs. He touched her fever on her forehead. He frowned and then turned to blame Nurse Wang. “Nurse Wang, you are at such an old age. Why are you still making such a fuss? Yunxuan just has a slight cold, right?”

Nurse Wang was indignant. “Young Master, Miss Yunxuan has got a high fever. If we don’t send her to the hospital, she will be burned out.”

“Be burned out?” Song Yunqiang thought that Nurse Wang seemed to be alarmist. He pointed at the cold capsules on the bedside. He said with a long face, “Yunxuan can take good care of herself. Look! She has taken a cold capsule on her own since she feels uncomfortable. Why are you still making a fuss about that here?”

Nurse Wang was scolded and frowned, but she still wanted Song Yunqiang to take her to the hospital. “Young Master, Miss Yunxuan took the medicine, but the fever did not go down at all. You see the sweat on her forehead. If she fevers till tomorrow morning… ”

“Shut up.”

Song Yunqiang suddenly shouted in a sharp voice.

Being shouted at by him suddenly, Nurse Wang was frightened. But she still didn’t want to give up. “Young Master…”

“I think you are tired, Nurse Wang. Go downstairs to have a rest first. Don’t bother Yunxuan to sleep.”

Nurse Wang didn’t want to leave. But she was forcibly dragged out by Song Yunqiang.

Just after stepping out of Song Yunxuan’s room, Song Yunqiang asked the other two servants at home to pull Nurse Wang into a room and lock her up.

He turned to look at the half-open door of Song Yunxuan’s room. There was a wicked smile in his eyes. “If she fevers like this till tomorrow morning, her brain will not be active anymore even if she is still alive.”

He reached out his hands and closed the door of Song Yunxuan’s room. He even locked the door.

With a clicking sound, he completely cut off the connection between Song Yunxuan and the outside world.

Song Yunqiang had come up with so many ideas to kill Song Yunxuan. But every time he failed.

The fever of Song Yunxuan reminded him this time.

Besides the man-made calamity, he could still take advantage of the act of God.

Song Yunxuan was febrile constantly at this moment. It was because God blessed him.

He smiled and turned around. He went to drink tea in the living room and waited for the dawn minute by minute.

Song Yunxuan’s fever at least reached over forty degrees. She was very healthy at ordinary times. But once she caught the fever, it would be serious.

He just needed to get through the night. Then he would send Song Yunxuan who was dying to the hospital the next day. In the end, the Song enterprise could still belong to him.

Whether Song Yunxuan was dead due to the fever or her brain was damaged because of the fever, they would not blame him.

He was just her elder brother. After the door was closed, no one should be responsible for the thing that she was almost dead due to the high fever all night.

She could only blame on the bad luck.

Lying on the bed, Song Yunxuan kept clenching and loosening her hands. She seemed to fall into a nightmare and could not escape from it no matter how she struggled.

She knew that she got ill. And she also knew that she had to open her eyes to call the doctor.

She also knew that she still had something important to do.

She knew everything. She tried her best but failed to open her eyes.

Those jumbled fragments in her mind flashed by frame by frame, such as Shao Tianze’s face and Gu Changle’s smile.

Gu Yi and Miaomiao rested their heads on her chest, calling her Mommy.

In the end, it was Gu Changge who lay on the sickbed without her legs.

Her eyes were so bright like the lightning breaking through the night in a heavy shower. The sudden brightness in her eyes brought the frightening hatred.

But seeing such an expression in her eyes, Shao Tianze was just stunned for a little while and then smiled. “You are not willing, right?”

“You found it out too late. You can’t stop Changle and me.”

“For Changle as well as me, you have to die.”

She even vaguely saw someone take her bloody heart out of her chest before her death.

The astral lamp in the operation room was so dazzling. Every doctor who dissected her body was smiling.

When her beating heart was taken out, those people were crazy and excited like demons, which was scary and frightening.

Song Yunxuan held her quilt tightly with her hands. She shook her head constantly but could not escape from the nightmare.

While downstairs, Song Yunying suddenly broke into the door of Song Family late at night.

Song Yunqiang was still sitting in the living room. He was watering the Longjing tea before rain, which was treasured, with the hot water again and again.

Seeing Song Yunying wrapped in a fringed shawl breaking in, Song Yunqiang was surprised. “Yunying, why are you here?”

Song Yunying glanced at Song Yunqiang and then went to the second floor without saying a word.

Song Yunqiang didn’t understand. Seeing that she wore a strange expression and went directly to Song Yunxuan’s room after she went to the second floor, he immediately understood what she would do.

Song Yunqiang suddenly stood up from the sofa and shouted, “Yunying! Stop!”

Song Yunying frowned while glancing at him and reached out her hands to open the door of Song Yunxuan’s room.

Song Yunqiang was shocked in his mind. “Unexpectedly, you came here to help Yunxuan!”

Song Yunying twisted the doorknob several times but failed to open the door. She then found that the door of Song Yunxuan’s room was locked. She began to bump against the door directly. “Our father has just died. There shouldn’t be any dead person in such a short time. Quickly open the door and send her to the hospital!”

Song Yunqiang went upstairs quickly and caught Song Yunying at once. He queried her, “Are you crazy? You helped her instead of standing by me?”

“Brother, you and my elder sister both have your own plans. Even if Song Yunxuan is dead, you still can’t rest easy in the Song enterprise. My elder sister must ask the Shao enterprise to get you toppled.”

“Shut up!”

“Brother, you should think twice. The Song enterprise can only belong to one person. My elder sister has transferred half of her focus to the Song enterprise. It is obvious that she wants to take it over. After you eradicate Song Yunxuan, she must let you be the scapegoat.”


No matter how Song Yunying persuaded him, Song Yunqiang was reluctant to give her the key.

Song Yunying still wanted to continue.

Song Yunqiang thought that the words she said were surprisingly reasonable. The more she said, the more agitated he would feel.

Besides, he could not find a reasonable excuse to refute his second sister.

He just simply raised his hand and slapped Song Yunying in the face.

Song Yunying staggered due to his slap and fell down on the carpet at once.

Song Yunqiang was frightened. His second sister became very precious after her pregnancy. Not to mention that she fell down now, even when she went to the bathroom and took a shower at home, there was usually a non-slip carpet.

But he unexpectedly slapped her in the face just now.

Song Yunying could not stand up from the floor. Song Yunqiang got anxious at once. He quickly walked over and bent down to help her get up. “Yunying, are you all right?”

Song Yunying grabbed his sleeves at once and persuaded him with a painful look. “Brother, please send Yunxuan to the hospital.”

Song Yunqiang frowned tightly and stared at Song Yunying. His expression changed sharply several times. Finally, he helped her get up. “I will send you to the hospital.”

“What about Yunxuan?”

“Leave her alone.”

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