Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 237 - The Children Went Abroad

Chapter 237 The Children Went Abroad

Huo Jiahui didn’t understand. “Theirs?”

Song Yunxuan said those names clearly, “Song Yunqiang, Song Yunjia, Gu Changle, Shao Tianze… They will probably come here very soon.”

After saying the words, she smiled with the corners of her mouth upward.

She smiled more and more brightly.

Seeing that there was such a cold and gloomy smile on her innocent and pure face, Huo Jiahui felt that her heart jolted suddenly. “You want to handle them?”

“Yep. I am at enmity with them. But the only person who knows it is you.”

“Aren’t you afraid that I will tell them?”

Song Yunxuan raised her eyebrows and stayed confident and relaxed on her face. “You can’t get out of here.”

Huo Jiahui was shocked.

Song Yunxuan bent her eyes and smiled pleasantly. “You won’t meet them until they are down to the bottom.”

She turned around and went out. “You will be very happy when you see them because each of them will end worse than you.”

Yes, she would not let anyone who wanted to force her to death have an easy time.

Huo Jiahui thought that she met a lunatic.

But no one could stop her.

Yep, would there be somebody having the ability to stop a person who even wasn’t afraid of death?

Song Yunxuan went back to the Song Family. She wanted to concentrate on preparing the dinner feast for that day when Song Yunqiang transferred the power of the Song Family to her.

She also warmed up to attend those several important meetings in the Song enterprise.

Though Song Yunqiang hated her so much, he couldn’t say or do anything to her. In addition to this, he even had to maintain a semblance of peace with her and tried to show his respect for his sister.

Entering the Song enterprise would come true in a few days. She didn’t worry about that at all.

But when she was not so busy, she often felt that there was something strange.

Shao Xue told her that Gu Yi and Miaomiao would be sent away next week. She used to plan to meet them before they went to Itali.

They had made an appointment, but she canceled it because of some unexpected temporary affairs.

Shao Xue told her that Shao Tianze’s assistant would accompany her to send Gu Yi and Miaomiao to Itali when they went abroad.

Song Yunxuan then frowned. “What about Shao Tianze?”

The kids of him would go abroad. Why wouldn’t he send them by himself to Itali as their father?

Shao Xue became silent for a while. She then lowered her voice and said to Song Yunxuan, “Gu Changle cannot eat well or sleep well after her pregnancy. Her pregnancy reaction is particularly great. She is extremely thin now and has a lot of nightmares at midnight. Her mental condition is not so good.”

“What kind of nightmares?” Song Yunxuan smiled with the corners of her mouth upward.

Even though Shao Xue had not told her, she could almost have guessed what kind of nightmares Gu Changle had.

The reason why she couldn’t eat or sleep well was her pregnancy. She went through a hard time to have a baby. She also wanted the kid to take over all the property of Shao Tianze. But she was not in good health. She was afraid that the kid would become a pool of blood at some point.

But this was not the most horrible thing. The thing which made her more terrified was that she snatched away her sister’s husband. She murdered her own sister. So, her sister would come into her dream every night after her pregnancy.

Such a woman like her could not endure it certainly. Therefore, she became extremely thin.

Shao Xue said to her, “Though Gu Changle said that the ashes of her sister gone with the sea to every corner of the world, the dead person needs to be worshiped. She didn’t worship Gu Changge after the New Year, so she would dream about Gu Changge often.


“She decided to let Shao Tianze accompany her to worship Gu Changge this weekend.”

“Is that the day when Gu Yi and Miaomiao go to Itali?”

Shao Xue nodded. “Yeah, yeah.”

Song Yunxuan couldn’t help snorting coldly. “She is really good at finding some excuses.”

Shao Xue was also frustrated. “Though Shao Tianze says nothing, he really cares about the kid that Gu Changle has very much. He hopes that the baby can be born.”

“That depends on whether she has the fortune.”

Song Yunxuan said in a lazy and cold voice, “I heard that if a mother did too many evil deeds, her kid would pay for her. I really don’t know whether the kid comes here to pay for her.”

Shao Xue didn’t totally understand what Song Yunxuan said.

And Song Yunxuan stopped talking.

The dinner feast for the day when Song Yunxuan took over the power of Song Family was settled on the night of the tenth. She checked all the details of the dinner feast after she selected a dress.

There were no big problems. She just had some minor details slightly altered.

Song Yunqiang felt that it was unbelievable. Song Yunxuan came from a small town, but she could manage these spectacles perfectly. She even showed no helpless at all.

The first thought that he had was Chu Mochen. He believed that it was Chu Mochen who helped Song Yunxuan behind her.

But after asking about the situation of the recent relationship between Chu Mochen and Song Yunxuan, he found that Song Yunxuan had not contacted with Chu Mochen for a week.

Hearing that Song Yunqiang mentioned that, Song Yunjia’s eyes were cold. “Is it because Song Yunxuan felt she was strong enough that she refused Chu Mochen’s help?”

“If it is true, it will do good to us.”

Song Yunjia smiled. “Brother, you shouldn’t think things too simple. Chu Mochen has a bizarre affection for Song Yunxuan.”

Song Yunqiang was afraid of Chu Mochen’s intervening in his heart anyway. So, he didn’t temper with the dinner feast of Song Yunxuan.

The weekend came very soon. Song Yunxuan wore a white fur coat and a short skirt with a pair of short boots and went to the airport to see off Gu Yi and Miaomiao by car.

It was nine o’clock on a winter morning. Miaomiao didn’t wake up. She was held by a nurse who was about 40 years old.

Miaomiao’s body softly lay on the shoulder of the nurse. She breathed gently. She fell asleep.

Song Yunxuan sparingly reached out her hands to touch her hair, saying, “Please try your best to take care of her.”

The nurse nodded and replied politely, “Please be relieved, Miss Song. I will take good care of the little girl.”

The nurse was found when Gu Changge was pregnant. She had taken care of Miaomiao since she was born. Gu Changge planned to change into a well-educated foreign nurse for Miaomiao after she grew up so that Miaomiao could learn foreign languages better.

But Miaomiao seized this nurse and was not willing to let her go. She even cried when the nurse left.

Gu Changge had no choice but to keep the nurse here.

Even until Miaomiao grew up year by year, Gu Changge didn’t have the intention to expel her.

Shao Tianze used to suggest her to change the nurse. She smiled gently and asked him, “Don’t you think Guan Jing treats Miaomiao as her own daughter?”

Shao Tianze disagreed. “You’re her natural mother.”

“I know. But I am very relieved since there is a person caring about Miaomiao so sincerely.”

Seeing that she insisted on keeping the nurse, Shao Tianze didn’t mention that thing again.

She used to believe that Shao Tianze would change the nurse who took care of Miaomiao at home after her death, but she didn’t expect that the nurse called Guan Jing was still there, taking care of Miaomiao.

That surprised her a little.

She even would think sometimes that perhaps Shao Tianze still had some feelings for her daughter.

After all, the blood running in her body was also from Shao Tianze.

She touched Miaomiao’s hair. She was a little distracted.

Hearing the time-telling voice of a flight attendant in the waiting hall, Shao Xue gently called her, “Yunxuan?”

Song Yunxuan came to her mind due to her calling and looked at Shao Xue.

Shao Xue was a little depressed. “After today’s farewell, we will not see these two kids for a long time. Do you have something to say to Xiaoyi?”

Gu Yi was a quiet kid. He had been standing beside Shao Xue, seeing everything in front of him gently and silently.

His asleep sister, Song Yunxuan who was distracted, and Shao Xue who was worried about them.

Song Yunxuan was reminded. She squatted down and faced Gu Yi.

She gently tidied the collar of Gu Yi with her fingers and planished it. There was familiar concern and love with warmth in her eyes. “Xiaoyi.”

She called him.

Gu Yi looked at her, seeing that her eyes contained his appearance.

She smiled with her eyes and her lips curved gently. She said in a clear and soft voice, “You have to take good care of yourself.”

He was a little surprised. He had thought that the first sentence of Song Yunxuan would be something like that he should take good care of Miaomiao.

But Song Yunxuan let him take care of himself.

“You will be exposed to a totally different circumstance from here after going abroad. Don’t be afraid. Adapt to it gradually. You will be familiar with everything there soon. You are a smart kid, and you can figure out how to live.”

Her hands pressed on his shoulders. There was encouragement with expectation in her eyes. “I will stay in Yuncheng to wait for you and Miaomiao to come back.”

He pursed his lips and stared at Song Yunxuan. He thought that Song Yunxuan would inadvertently remind him of his mother.

He felt that his dead mother seemed to be just around him.

Song Yunxuan looked up at him.

The voice that a flight attendant urged them to go aboard sounded again.

Song Yunxuan winked and pretended to be relaxed, saying, “OK, just go aboard.”

He nodded and turned around to leave.

It seemed that Song Yunxuan could not hold back her emotion at the bottom of her heart suddenly at this moment. She suddenly held his little hand. “Wait one more minute.”

Gu Yi felt weird but turned around to look at her.

Before he could see the expression of Song Yunxuan clearly, he was pulled by Song Yunxuan into her arms and embraced by her.

This hug made him dazed. He could not react at that moment.

Song Yunxuan’s fingers were put on his thin back. She said in an irrepressibly serious voice, “Gu Yi, please take good care of yourself. Please take good care of Miaomiao. I believe that when you come back again, you will become an admirable and reassuring boy.”

After this farewell, when Gu Yi came back again, the Shao enterprise would change totally.

He was still too young to predict these things now.

But she really hoped that Gu Yi could become strong from the bottom of his heart.

And he could protect himself and Miaomiao well.

Being embraced by her, Gu Yi’s fingers moved. His eyes also slightly changed.

But in the end, the kid didn’t react to the hug from Song Yunxuan.

Shao Xue took him to go aboard. When they went through customs, the kid even looked back at her.

Song Yunxuan looked at him gently.

She saw that his little back disappeared in her sight.

She stayed at the airport for a couple of minutes and then left. The strong noise came into her eardrums when the plane took off.

She went out of the airport, seeing that the plane rushed into the blue sky. As the plane got farther and farther away, there was a trail of white smoke.

The driver opened the car door for her. She wrapped herself more tightly in her coat. Then she bent over to get into the car.

She saw a person out of the corner of her eye when she was about to get into the car.

The action of getting into the car suddenly stopped. She stood up straight and turned to look over.

There was a tall man with a cashmere coat on the opposite. She looked at him and pursed her lips.

She wasn’t quite sure why he was here.

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