Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 244 - Employ Mei Qi

Chapter 244 Employ Mei Qi

Mei Qi answered frankly, “That’s right, Miss Song. I’ll help you.”

“How can you make me believe you?”

Mei Qi was just like a foresighted counselor who was calculating her heart as well as the next trend of the Song enterprise.

After a while, he said, “I think that Miss Song should be ready to get rid of your elder brother, Song Yunqiang, right?”

Song Yunxuan felt a little surprised in her heart that Mei Qi calculated so clearly about her next move.

Mei Qi did not ramble, “You must be curious about why I have the same thought as you. However, if you want to pull out the thorn in your eyes, then won’t it be easier to get rid of the one who has the weakest backer?”

Song Yunxuan acquiesced in it in her heart.

Compared with Song Yunjia, Song Yunqiang must be eradicated at once indeed.

And it couldn’t be delayed. If it was a little later and Song Yunqiang let Song Yunjia enter the Song enterprise, then it wouldn’t be easy to get rid of them as they would unite with each other.

Now there was a great chance, and Song Yunjia hadn’t entered the Song enterprise completely and authentically or got a legitimate job title.

Song Yunqiang was careless and took his enemy lightly. He really thought that she was nourishing the fetus and did not guard her with all his energy.

No matter how, this was the best opportunity.

Mei Qi added, “Now you only have to catch Song Yunqiang out.”

Song Yunxuan did think of the trick that she caught Song Yunqiang out, yet there were two old foxes, Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian, who gave some advice and insidiously wiped away all the handles which could be found by others at Song Yunqiang’s side without a trace.

Mei Qi had said a lot on the phone. It seemed that he was thirsty. He picked up the glass and drank some water. “Miss Song, there are so many things. I can’t explain them all clearly on the phone. How about you hire me during the interview in person?”

Song Yunxuan couldn’t help laughing. “Which position do you want to apply for?”

There came a confident voice. “Your secretary.”

Her secretary?

She bent the corners of her mouth. Having said good night to him, she hung up the phone.

She really needed a secretary. If the position of her secretary was given to Mei Qi, it wouldn’t be wrong.

She could really think of taking a look at his interview in person.

Though she had the thought, Song Yunxuan finally didn’t show up in person when the interview began.

The interviewer of the Personnel Department gave Mei Qi a formal and strict interview. The result should have been sent to Song Yunxuan first.

Yet the Personnel Department did not take her, the president, seriously at all. They just sent someone to deliver the interview result to Song Yunqiang directly.

Song Yunxuan had expected the move of the Personnel Department, so she sent someone to watch out for the only way which must be passed to Song Yunqiang’s office. As a result, the interview result was intercepted and sent back to Song Yunxuan.

After the people of the Personnel Department knew about this, their hearts were in confusion. They had no idea whether they should ask for Song Yunqiang’s help or go to Song Yunxuan’s office to apologize by saying that it was because of their carelessness at this time.

Having struggled in the heart for a while, the minister of the Personnel Department finally went to Song Yunqiang’s office to ask for his help, considering that his status was actually higher in the Song enterprise.

Song Yunqiang asked him, “Haven’t you investigated all the people applying for the position of the secretary of the president? What’s this for by sending it to me?”

The manager of the Personnel Department was a little nervous. “But Manager Song, there was an interviewee named Mei Qi at the first trial with such an indistinctive resume before, who seemed to be a mediocrity. Yet today we found that he was an elite who did better than all the other interviewees in the interview. The interviewees that you were optimistic about were all defeated by him.”

Song Yunqiang originally had his back to him, fiddling with the lovely tropical fish on his desk. Yet he turned around suddenly on hearing what the minister of the Personnel Department said. “What have you done to deal with it? Now in this case, why didn’t you just make an excuse to get rid of him?”

Song Yunxuan would be even more powerful with such a shrewd assistant as her secretary.

The reason why he wanted to employ a secretary of the president for Song Yunxuan was just that he wanted to find a garbage that was useless to work with her. If there was really a shrewd man hired by Song Yunxuan, wouldn’t it mean that he was just asking for trouble himself?

On second thought, Song Yunqiang felt that it was so bad and waited for the minister of the Personnel Department to reply to him.

He hoped very much that the minister of the Personnel Department could tell him that the interviewee had been got rid of.

However, after a pause, the minister of the Personnel Department raised his head awkwardly. “Miss Song accidentally sent a new interviewer into the Personnel Department. He didn’t listen to anyone of us and disregarded relationships. He just took the interviewee’s behaviors into account.”

Song Yunqiang could almost not help raising his voice, asking him anxiously, “So?”

“So…, so the other interviewers couldn’t just make an excuse to drive Mei Qi, who was outstanding, away out of no reason. They just let him…, pass the interview.”

Song Yunqiang felt that his chest was tight and almost spat out a mouthful of blood on the spot after hearing what the minister of the Personnel Department said.

Only looking at Song Yunqiang’s face which was gradually becoming livid, the minister of the Personnel Department realized that he had made a huge mistake. He promptly passed the buck. “After this happened, I sent the name list of the qualified interviewees to your office. Because only the top management has the final say on who to hire…”

Song Yunqiang furiously interrupted him. “So where is the name list? Why haven’t I seen it? Wasn’t it supposed to be sent to me?”

The face of the minister of the Personnel Department turned extremely pale as if he had just swallowed a fly. “It was supposed to be sent to you, Manager Song, but on the halfway…, on the halfway, it was intercepted by someone sent by Miss Song, and now the name list…”

Song Yunqiang’s eyes stared at him horribly. “You mean the name list is now in Song Yunxuan’s hands?”

Though he did not want to admit very much, the minister of the Personnel Department had to resign himself to fate and nodded. “I’m afraid so.”

A breath was stuck in Song Yunqiang’s throat and remained for a long while.

He could only hold the corner of the desk and cough.

The minister of the Personnel Department was too terrified to speak.

While in Song Yunxuan’s office, Mei Qi had already sat on the chair opposite to Song Yunxuan’s desk.

He wore a white shirt and a black suit today, who looked just like a standard white-collar worker.

Having taken a look at the name list containing the above-mentioned interviewees, she took out their resumes and said with a sigh, “They are all good with high academic qualifications and a lot of work experience. It can be told that others are also very excellent, besides you.”

Mei Qi smiled coldly. “You don’t really believe the superficial practice, Manager Song?”

Song Yunxuan raised her eyebrows slightly and moved the list from before her eyes, looking at him. “But you haven’t told me why you want to help me.”

“Because it is interesting.”

Song Yunxuan was just like listening to a joke. She put the list in her hand on the desk. She pulled out a pen beside her and placed the nib on the paper, circling his name. “If you don’t tell me the truth, I will cross out your name. Then you can’t stay in the Song enterprise anymore.”

Mei Qi felt the threat against him, but this feeling of being threatened was not so repugnant.

He nodded. “I will tell you the truth.”

Song Yunxuan raised her head, looking at him.

Mei Qi’s eyes showed a bit of sadness, which was rare. “I once lived in Yuncheng for some years and knew a person. I came back to see her this time.”

“Who is it?” She asked him casually.

Yang Jiu did live in Yuncheng for some years. It was a miracle that the person he knew made him come back in person to visit.

She couldn’t tell who the person was. After all, Yang Jiu knew a lot of people in Yuncheng.

Maybe during the time when he tutored her, he tutored several young masters or noble daughters from various families at the same time.

She had no idea who he came back in person to see.

Mei Qi heard her question. He lowered his eyelids and spilled out a name with a bitter smile. “Gu Changge.”

The fingers which Song Yunxuan used to hold the pen suddenly paused.

Mei Qi continued to say, “More than a decade ago, I didn’t use the same name as now when I was in Yuncheng. So even if you investigate me, you will end in failure. But after Gu Changge’s death, I could track down many things about her.”

Song Yunxuan held the pen tightly and crossed a name, Liu Sitong, off the list which was sent here.

And then, she crossed a name, Li Yu, off the list.

Mei Qi took no notice of the movement of her nib. He just recalled and said, “I thought that such a clever kid like Gu Changge could have lived for some more years. Yet out of my expectation, she passed away at such a young age.”

“I’ve heard that it is because of a traffic accident.”

She continued crossing off the rest of the names on the list.

There were eight names in total on the list. And there were seven names, besides Mei Qi.

She had crossed off two names and might cross Mei Qi off at any time.

It seemed that Mei Qi had anticipated that Song Yunxuan would never cross his name off. Even without looking at the movement of her pen, he continued his talk, “Everyone said that Gu Changge died from a traffic accident, yet I feel that there are still a small number of people who will doubt that Gu Changge didn’t die so easily.”

Song Yunxuan crossed off names without looking up. “It seemed that she died from a traffic accident. How could someone frame her?”

“Shao Tianze.”

The name was spilled out suddenly by Yang Jiu in person.

Song Yunxuan had just crossed out one of the three remaining names with her pen.

She smiled and looked up at him. “You are so alarmist. If Shao Tianze hears it, he will definitely sue you for defamation.”

“He won’t.” Mei Qi’s answer was resolute and decisive. “Because it’s the truth.”

“Keep the slanderous remarks to yourself as there is no evidence. If you are my secretary, such words will get me in trouble.” Her words were so casual and lazy. She twirled the pen around her fingertips.

Mei Qi looked at her with a smile. “I found out that you knew Gu Changge. So, your goal is also mine.”

Song Yunxuan looked at the two names left on the list, and a cold look appeared in her eyes. “Don’t stir up trouble for me at random. You look like more than a child now.”

The words, “more than a child”, stupefied Mei Qi.

He looked up at her.

She lowered her eyes and crossed the name beside Mei Qi off.

On the whole list, only Mei Qi’s name was clear while all the names of others were crossed off with no exception.

It seemed that Song Yunxuan had just finished an important piece of screening work. She looked at the list with satisfaction and sighed. Then she put the cap onto her pen. “Now I’ll call the Personnel Department and let them send over the contract. If there is no problem, sign your name on it.”

“How long is the duration of the contract?”

Song Yunxuan answered him without a second thought, “One year is enough.”

Yet Mei Qi smiled. “Manager Song, please ask the Personnel Department to send a two-year contract.”

Song Yunxuan felt a little unhappy. She raised her head and frowned, looking at him. “Now you are applying to be my secretary, but you distrust me so much?”

“It’s possible that there may be some extra work.” Mei Qi’s answer was a little meaningful.

Having thought for a while, Song Yunxuan didn’t ask him what he meant but asked, “What’s your view on my brother’s matter?”

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