Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 231 - The Death News Spread

Chapter 231 The Death News Spread

She fell from a height of two hundred meters, like a butterfly with broken wings.

The crowd’s exclaiming and screaming could almost penetrate the glass of the Air-view Garden.

The manager of the Air-view Garden was stunned to faint on the spot.

Song Yunqiang went forward two steps, with grief of trying to hold his sister but without success on his face.

His face expressed his grief, but the corners of his mouth weirdly raised.

Song Yunxuan was finally dead!

It was terrific.

Unfortunately, he lost Huo Jiahui, but she was of no use at all.

This time he used her to kill Song Yunxuan, draining her last value in use.

He was so pleased in his mind and started to think in his heart about the tragic scene of Song Yunxuan’s incomplete brain and broken limbs after falling to the ground from a great height.

Falling from a height of two hundred meters, she probably couldn’t even have a complete body.

He remembered that once a debt-ridden bankrupt boss in Harbor City jumped down from more than 20 floors. One of his legs fell ten meters away from the body.

His eyes were cruel, but his smile was viciously raging at the bottom of his eyes.

There was stagnation in the Air-view Garden Dining Room, and everyone was in shock and couldn’t move.

People who were blocked at the elevator door were pulled away. A familiar female voice came from the elevator door. “Move away! Move away! Move away!”

It was Song Yunjia.

Under that voice, sure enough, Song Yunqiang turned to look at the elevator door and saw his sister, Song Yunjia, more and more clearly, appearing in the Air-view Garden Dining Room with an anxious face.

Pulling away the crowd, she saw a wide-open picture window in front of her and Song Yunqiang standing stiffly there.

Song Yunjia was stunned first and then unbelievably looked at Song Yunqiang. “Where is Yunxuan? Brother, where is Yunxuan?”

Song Yunqiang, whose face was pale and eyes were unfocused, looked at her and spat out a few words from his trembling lips. “Yunxuan, she jumped… She jumped down…”

Song Yunjia froze all over.

Everyone turned to look at Song Yunjia. It was rumored that the relationship between Song Yunjia and Song Yunxuan was exceedingly terrible.

Everyone involuntarily rested his or her eyes on Song Yunjia, wanting to see how she reacted.

Song Yunjia froze at first and then screamed suddenly as the whole person rushed towards the opened picture window like crazy abruptly.

Song Yunqiang reacted quickly and grabbed her at once.

The manager of the Air-view Garden had fainted already, but the waiters present knew that no one else should lose his or her life here at this time.

They all went up and grabbed Song Yunjia.

Song Yunjia struggled, with her hair hanging down, as if she were crazy in an instant.

But under her messy hair, a pair of eyes flashed like the lightning.

Song Yunxuan died. She was finally dead!

She was really so satisfied that she was almost insane.

The news of Song Yunxuan’s falling from the Air-view Garden instantly spread to the Xue Family and the Shao enterprise.

Originally, the Xue Family was silent. Song Yunying, who was busy doing the miscarriage prevention, had rarely asked about things outside her industry.

However, Xue Tao, who was a trifler with his body filled with the smell of perfume and a happy face, walked in from the door and merrily looked at Song Yunying, who was drinking the traditional medicine good for pregnancy.

“Why are you still drinking the medicine good for pregnancy at this moment?”

Song Yunying replied with a casual air, “If I did not drink it at this time, when should I drink it?”

Xue Tao sat on the sofa opposite Song Yunying. “I’ll tell you something. It’s more useful than taking ten pieces of medicine definitely.”

Song Yunying held an exquisite blue and white porcelain medicine bowl even without lifting her eyes, blowing the carefully prepared soup medicine. “What news?”

“Do you know the Air-view Garden?”

“The restaurant in the sky at a height of 200 meters?”

Xue Tao laughed. He leaned forward and spoke in an exceptionally clear voice, “Song Yunxuan jumped down from the Air-view Garden!”

Song Yunying’s fingers loosened suddenly.

The medicine bowl in her hand dropped to the ground with a crackle and fell apart.

Gu Changle was still by Shao Tianze’s side when the Shao enterprise was informed.

Gu Changle used to come to the Shao enterprise rarely. However, after Gu Changge’s death, Gu Changle often appeared in the Shao enterprise.

People in the Shao enterprise were all used to her coming.

Shao Tianze received a call from the person in charge of the Air-view Garden.

The one on the phone was flustered when speaking. “Chairman Shao, some people died! The Missy of Song Family, Song Yunxuan, and Huo Jiahui from the Huo family in Harbor City jumped down from the Air-view Garden!”

“They jumped down?” Although it was expected, he still pretended to ask in puzzlement.

The one over there immediately replied, “Yes! Chairman Shao! The people on the spot said that Miss Song took hold of Miss Huo’s wrist and dragged down Miss Huo when she fell.”

Shao Tianze smiled silently. “Song Yunxuan dragged down Huo Jiahui?”

“Yes, Chairman Shao.”

Shao Tianze hung up the phone and could not help showing a smile with great interest at the corners of his mouth. “If the girl of Song Family didn’t die, she should have a bright future.”

Gu Changle sat beside him. “But she died. What a pity!”

Shao Tianze also showed a trace of regret and sighed. “Yeah, it’s a pity that she died.”

Seeing his regretful face, Gu Changle laughed. “Why do you feel so sorry? You have done a lot for her death, haven’t you?”

Shao Tianze looked sideways at her with the implication of a faint smile at the corners of his eyes. “Changle, everyone can take me as a bad person, but you cannot. I don’t allow that.”

Gu Changle caressed his cheek and looked at him with deep love in her eyes. “Tianze, for me, you are the best…, the best.”

The thing snatched from her sister was, of course, the best.

There was chaos in the Air-view Garden Dining Room.

However, Song Yunying in the mansion of Xue Family put on her coat in a hurry and asked a servant to drive her to the scene in the Air-view Garden.

Xue Tao followed Song Yunying. “I haven’t seen you become so spirited for a long time. Since you returned, you have been caring for your abdomen like a dead person all day. Luckily, Song Yunxuan died. Otherwise, I couldn’t see you take a step away from the house of the Xue Family.”

Song Yunying’s heart was in a turmoil, and she had no time to hear what Xue Tao was saying at all.

The driver of the Xue Family acted slowly while getting the car ready. Seeing that she became impatient, Xue Tao decided to drive the car with a cheeky face. “I will send you there, and I want to incidentally see how tragic your sister’s condition is when she is dead.”

After saying, he couldn’t help but laugh happily twice.

Song Yunying clasped her hands together. Although she tried her best to stay calm, her hands still irrepressibly shook.

She had never expected that Song Yunxuan would die at all.

She died without any sign.

Xue Tao quickly drove the car to send her. It was not allowed that the vehicle she was in exceeded the speed limit even after she was pregnant.

However, this time, Xue Tao was already racing on the highway, and she still felt it was too slow. She kept urging Xue Tao in front. “Drive faster. Faster! Faster!”

Xue Tao was in a good mood because of the death of Song Yunxuan, so even if Song Yunying kept urging him, he was not impatient.

Xue Family was a fifteen-minute drive to the Air-view Garden. Because there were many red lights on the road, it usually took about half an hour.

Nevertheless, this time, Xue Tao even ignored the red lights directly and ran them all the way.

As they got to the scene, they could see that the police had blocked the scene from a distance, surrounded by many firefighters and a large number of passers-by.

It was so crowded. And the people tightly enclosed the place under the window of the Air-view Garden.

After Song Yunying got out of the car, she jostled her way into the crowd in a hurry.

Xue Tao walked two steps quickly after getting out of the car, trying to catch her.

However, she ran too fast to be stopped by him.

The too-fast pace made her bumble almost to have a fall.

Fortunately, a working woman in her thirties, wearing a dress, held her up. “Be careful, Miss.”

Song Yunying was held up and looked up.

As the face of the woman supporting her appeared in her eyes at once, she was shocked. “Xiao Hong?”

Xiao Hong was the editor-in-chief of Fanxing Magazine, which could be regarded as the deadly foe of the magazine she owned in this industry.

She had researched the whole Fanxing Magazine at first because of Song Yunxuan, so it was natural that she knew Xiao Hong.

Xiao Hong also recognized her and showed a surprised smile on her face. “What a coincidence, Miss Yunying!”

Xiao Hong called Song Yunying Miss Yunying to differentiate Song Yunying from Song Yunxuan.

Song Yunying was very confused by the smile on her face. “How could you still smile like this as Manager Song, your boss, died?”

Song Yunxuan was the boss of Fanxing Magazine.

As Song Yunxuan fell from the Air-view Garden and died now, how could Xiao Hong smile like this at this moment?

Song Yunying couldn’t understand the reason.

Xiao Hong still kept the smile on her face and confusedly asked her, “Has anything happened to our Manager Song?”

“She has died!” Song Yunying’s lips trembled.

She hated Song Yunxuan before and wanted to kill her directly to vent indeed. However, at this moment, Song Yunxuan was the only one she could rely on among the people of Song Family.

And perhaps, after all, Song Yunxuan had a blood relationship with her.

Or maybe because she couldn’t accept the fact that a living person suddenly fell to death.

She was always scared when thinking about that.

Xiao Hong saw her pale face and horrified expression and asked with a smile, “How come she is dead?”

Song Yunying froze.

Xiao Hong led her to see the other side of the crowd at once.

There was just a lady with a large towel over her head, who was supported by two paramedics, walking towards an ambulance.

Under the large towel, everyone could tell that the woman was Song Yunxuan at first glance although she wore a pale face.

It was Song Yunxuan, who was still living.

She became confused. “She’s not dead?”

Xiao Hong nodded. “Manger Song has her own luck because she is a kind-hearted person. Of course, she won’t die.”

Song Yunxuan suddenly saw Song Yunying afar as she got into the ambulance.

She was slightly stunned with a slight change in the look of her eyes. The paramedic beside her urged her. “Let’s get on, Miss Song.”

So, she lowered her eyes and got into the ambulance.

As soon as they got into the ambulance, before the door was closed, a teenage boy climbed up, ignoring the nurse’s stopping. “I am Song Yunxuan’s family.”

Hearing his explanation, the nurse no longer stopped him but allowed him to get on.

The door of the ambulance was closed, and the ambulance moved away.

Song Yunxuan sat on the chair, and Xiao Luo, with a worried face, sat opposite her.

Seeing the roughly bandaged wound on her neck, Xiao Luo felt distressed and frowned. “Sister, go back to Harbor City with me.”

Song Yunxuan looked down. Hearing what Xiao Luo said, she slightly moved her eyelashes and rested her eyes on him.

Xiao Luo could not help but hold her hands. “The people of the Xiao Family are your real family. As long as you return to Xiao Family, my grandfather and I will treat you well. Very well.”

Song Yunxuan didn’t reply.

Xiao Luo anxiously held her hands tightly. “If you are still here, they all want you to die. It is too dangerous. Sister, go back to Harbor City with me. Let’s return to Xiao Family. Shall we?”

Should she return to Xiao Family?

Compared with Song Family, it was true that Xiao Family helped her more.

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