Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 230 - Drop from a Great Height

Chapter 230 Drop from a Great Height

She watched the tip of the knife coming to her.

Song Yunxuan suddenly backed away.

The table in the back was suddenly hit because of her backing away. The table got overturned with a clang. All the glassware on it fell to the ground and shattered.

There were not many guests at the Air-view Garden Dining Room at this time. They saw that there was someone stabbing another person with a saber.

Several guests at the dinner were all frightened and stood up from their seats. The waiters in the restaurant also came quickly after they heard the news.

Song Yunxuan backed away. She frowned and looked at Huo Jiahui who was exasperated. “Do you want to kill me?”

“If a scourge like you dies early, it will save a lot of trouble.”

Huo Jiahui held the saber of 30 centimeters with her fingers. Her fingers trembled. Her phalanges turned pale slightly because she held the saber too tightly.

A debutante like her might seldom take even a kitchen knife. But she could hold a saber in her hand today.

That was really impressive.

But Song Yunxuan did not believe that this debutante would like the feeling of holding a saber to kill someone by herself.

“Who asked you to do this?”

Huo Jiahui stared at her angrily. “No one asked me to do this. You messed up the Huo family and turned my family upside down. I want to kill you for myself!”

She held her saber in the hand and walked to the side of Song Yunxuan step by step.

Song Yunxuan was helpless when being forced by her, and she kept backing away step by step.

Though she was taught several restraint techniques when she was Gu Changge, she was not good at snatching the saber bare-handedly.

Gu Cheng had thought all the time that her daughter was protected by bodyguards beside her around the clock at that time. She could not meet with such threats. So, he slacked off the lessons she had to take about restraint techniques.

Now she encountered such a thing. Song Yunxuan regretted for the first time that she did not study well according to the course in her teenage years.

A cold breeze was blowing behind her feet slowly.

She receded constantly. The cold breeze got closer and closer to her.

Her body was much closer to the picture window of the Air-view Garden.

The waiters came here in a rush. Seeing the scene, they all got frightened and anxious.

There was a waiter coming up and wanting to persuade Huo Jiahui to lay down the saber in her hand.

When she heard the footsteps, she turned around sensitively. She stared at the waiter far away like a frightened bird and shouted, “Don’t come over! If you come over, I will stab her to death!”

She was so crazy. Even her eyes turned blood-red because of her extremely taut and anxious expression.

The waiters did not dare to get close to her rashly because of her mad look.

There were footsteps hurrying to get here. The waiters who gathered at the door were dispersed by the comer. “Make way! Please make way! What happened?”

Song Yunxuan heard that it was the voice of Song Yunqiang distantly.

She frowned and looked over. Sure enough, in such a rattled situation, the one who showed up in front of the elevator and dispersed the waiters was Song Yunqiang.

After seeing the overturned table, Song Yunqiang turned his eyes little by little to Huo Jiahui who was holding the saber and Song Yunxuan who was helpless to back away step by step.

He was astonished. It seemed that he never thought that such a thing would happen.

“Miss Huo, what are you doing?” He reached out his hands and wanted to get close to them.

Huo Jiahui put the saber in front of her and waved the saber suddenly. Then she threatened him! “Don’t come over! If you take one step forward, I will kill her!”

Song Yunxuan was forced to the front of the window. Her heels coincidently touched the glass of the picture window when she backed away. Just a gentle touch made the glass window behind her move.

Song Yunqiang was frightened by her. He dared not to move forward.

Song Yunxuan frowned. She turned to have a look.

She found at once that the glass of the picture window of the Air-view Garden Dining Room at a height of 200 meters could be opened!

The two-meter-high glass window was opened slowly. Being blown by the wind outside, it was opened wider suddenly.

The waiters in the Air-view Garden Dining Room all turned pale because of the opened glass window.

It was known that the Air-view Garden was two hundred meters high in the air. In order to ensure the safety of guests, all the picture windows here were made of high-class bullet-proof glass which was solid like a wall.

But no one knew that the picture window here could be opened!

Why could such a dangerous window be opened?

Shouldn’t it be locked firmly?

Why could it be opened?”

The waiters were all astonished. Even Song Yunxuan could not hide her shock.

The Air-view Garden Dining Room was built and supervised by her trust-worthy subordinate. And she had also ordered him to ensure the safety of all the people walking in the Air-view Garden.

So, all the picture windows in this restaurant should be locked firmly and could not be opened.

But today, why was the picture window opened?

Did anyone furtively rebuild it?

Who had the ability to rebuild the picture window in the Air-view Garden furtively?

Her fingers were clenched little by little. Her nails stuck into her palms.

In fact, this question could be figured out if she thought it over slightly.

The one who had the ability and qualification to rebuild the Air-view Garden was only the principal in charge of Gu’s, to which the Air-view Garden belonged to.

No, now it could not be called Gu’s.

It should be called Shao’s, Shao’s of Shao Tianze.

Only Shao Tianze could give orders to allow others to tinker with the picture window of the Air-view Garden.

So, this time it was premeditated and planned that Huo Jiahui could come to the Air-view Garden to meet her and sit down to have a meal with her.

Her eyes became harsh and went to Song Yunqiang.

Song Yunqiang’s anxious and nervous look on his face froze at once. He was stiff for a while. His mind seemed to be penetrated by her eyes. His eyes were hurry-scurry with some bewilderment as if he was fleeing and had no time to choose the way.

Song Yunqiang brought her here to have a meal on purpose.

They had set a trap here to wait for her.

And they even wanted to kill her.

It was unbelievable.

She stopped. She stood in front of the window. She seemed to stand on a precipice. The wind outside blew over her ears fiercely.

Her hair around her ears was messed up by the strong wind.

The manager in the Air-view Garden was already frightened to be pale. The waiters on the side were also panic-stricken.

“What should we do, manager?”

“Manager, this is the youngest daughter of Song Family, Song Yunxuan.”

The waiters around the manager all gabbled in his ears and urged him to find a solution.

The middle-aged manager of this restaurant was sweating on his forehead. His lips almost trembled because of his scare. He said eagerly, “Call the police quickly! Now! Quickly!”

Hearing the manager’s order, the waiters beside him turned around to go out and call the police in a hurry.

Seeing that the waiters and the manager in the restaurant were in such a rush, Song Yunqiang’s heart was full of scorn.

Though he appeared to be nervous, he firmly believed from the bottom of his heart that Song Yunxuan could not survive in such a situation.

Looking at the vicious face of Huo Jiahui opposite to him, he could know that Huo Jiahui really wanted to kill her this time.

If a woman became cruel and vicious, she would be no worse than a man indeed.

And Yunjia was so considerate. She could easily pull Huo Jiahui into this trap and take advantage of her to kill Song Yunxuan.

The words that the manager said to the waiters to call the police came into the ears of Huo Jiahui. Huo Jiahui became more nervous. She waved her saber and stabbed to Song Yunxuan’s neck suddenly. She viciously looked at those anxious people opposite to her. “You are not allowed to call the police. Whoever calls the police will drive me to kill her right now!”

The manager was flustered. He did not know how to react.

But Song Yunqiang reacted quickly. He opened his mouth and rebuked the manager in a hurry. “Call back those people who went to call the police! Do you want to kill my sister?”

The manager got paler. He looked at Huo Jiahui and Song Yunxuan nervously.

Song Yunxuan looked cold. She narrowed her eyes slightly. She looked at the saber pointing at her neck.

Huo Jiahui paid a lot of effort indeed. She even got such a nice knife.

Her father, Gu Cheng, used to be arranged into the special forces in the WS for some time by the elder of Gu Family when he was young. They announced that he was just to experience. But in fact, it was just to make the son of Gu Family able to protect himself if falling into the situation under siege.

Gu Cheng had great fighting skills. But unfortunately, she was a girl.

Gu Cheng did not teach these fighting skills to Gu Changge, his daughter. Gu Changge disliked fighting or killing. But she faithfully inherited her father’s mind and means of killing without blood. She could maximize the grasp of people’s hearts.

The tip of the knife of Huo Jiahui was shaking. If it was not shaking and she stabbed directly to her, such a good knife with the design of the blood slot on the knife body could make her a dead body within a few minutes because of excessive loss of blood.

She looked up from the trembling tip of the knife. And she slowly turned her eyes to Huo Jiahui’s face with tight muscles inch by inch, little by little.

She stared warily straight ahead.

Now, Song Yunxuan’s eyes fell on her. It seemed to frighten her.

She immediately turned her eyes on her with a sharp stare. “Don’t play tricks!”

She warned her.

Song Yunxuan had no anxious look on her face. She just stared at her with her eyes and opened her lips coldly. “Who offered such a suggestion to you?”

She did not believe that Huo Jiahui would impulsively come here to kill her suddenly.

It was obvious that there must be someone to push the whole thing to develop.

Huo Jiahui reached out the saber forward one inch. The tip of the knife touched her skin. Suddenly, her skin was stabbed to bleed.

The red and hot blood wriggled down. Song Yunxuan wanted to back away. But she was forced to stay put by the height of two hundred meters behind her.

Huo Jiahui sneered. “You know that one step back will take away your life, right?”

“The height of two hundred meters is no laughing matter.”

Huo Jiahui’s knife pointed at her neck. There was a gleam of hatred flashing in her eyes. “You are not silly, Song Yunxuan. Don’t you know who wants to kill you?”

Song Yunxuan tilted her head slightly and glanced down into the air.

The height of two hundred meters made her dizzy indeed.

Her body shook. But she tried her best to stabilize. “I think the grudge between you and me is not enough for you to kill me here painstakingly, Miss Huo.”

“Do you think that our grudge is not serious?”

“Not so serious.” Her fingers were clenched tightly on the sides of her body. Her eyes slightly looked down. She wanted to figure out the situation downstairs at a height of two hundred meters.

Huo Jiahui snorted coldly. She was a little mad. “They have told me that my mother’s abortion was not an accident for no reason at all. It is you who framed her!”

“I framed her?”

Song Yunxuan sneered and asked her with her mocking eyes, “Who told you? Miss Huo, the person who signed the operating agreement to give your mother an abortion is you. Have you forgotten it already, Miss Huo?”

Huo Jiahui seemed to think of her own behavior which was fooled. Her eyes became sharp suddenly. She directly stabbed the saber pointing at Song Yunxuan’s neck into her neck without thinking.

She wanted to kill her. She wanted to cut off the neck of Song Yunxuan here. She wanted to kill this woman who played tricks to turn the Huo family upside down.

Her knife had a murderous edge. She was so mad to make everyone frightened.

The people all around got taut at once. Seeing that the blade moved forward, they all wanted to come up and stop Huo Jiahui.

However, just as the blade was about to cut off Song Yunxuan’s throat, she suddenly leaned back and grabbed Huo Jiahui’s wrist.

She dropped down!

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