Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 229 - It Is All Your Fault

Chapter 229 It Is All Your Fault

As soon as the words of Song Yunxuan came out, Song Yunxuan strongly forced Song Yunjia to change her clothes.

Seeing the rancorous expression in Song Yunjia’s eyes, Xiao Luo got annoyed.

He stood up and was about to follow Song Yunxuan to leave. “Sister, let me accompany you to have a meal somewhere else.”

“Fine. Last time I saw a restaurant that was famous for crayfish. You have just arrived here. I will take you to have a try.”

After saying the words, she was about to leave with Xiao Luo.

Song Yunqiang got anxious. He stood up to detain at once. “Yunxuan, wait.”

Song Yunxuan did not stop.

Song Yunqiang turned around and glared at Song Yunjia severely. Being glared at by such stern eyes, Song Yunjia gritted her teeth and caught up before Song Yunxuan and Xiao Luo got into the elevator. She said with hatred, “I will go to change my clothes!”

Song Yunxuan just paused at this moment.

Seeing that Song Yunxuan stopped, Xiao Luo also stopped walking with her.

Song Yunxuan turned back slowly. Seeing that the face of Song Yunjia was full of hatred, she smiled with the corners of her mouth and eyes raised slightly.

Seeing her expression, Song Yunjia was rancorous, almost breaking her teeth.

Song Yunxuan stopped. Song Yunjia left angrily with her high-heeled shoes.

When leaving, she passed by Song Yunxuan, and even the breeze seemed to bring knives, which was so slashing to scare people.

Song Yunxuan did not care at all. She came back and took her seat with Xiao Luo.

Song Yunqiang was still maintaining the semblance of a good-hearted elder brother. He tried to smooth the thing over. “Yunxuan is a serious girl. Yunjia is innocent. Sorry to make you laugh at her, Childe Xiao.”

Xiao Luo answered without mercy, “I think that what Sister Yunxuan did is right.”

Song Yunqiang could not mediate a dispute with his words anymore. He had to open the menu to let Xiao Luo and Yunxuan order.

Xiao Luo ordered something. Then Song Yunxuan followed him to order the same.

The waiter confirmed the order and left.

Song Yunxuan waited for her food in her seat contently. She felt strange about the meal today.

There must be something that would happen.

But she had no idea what tricks Song Yunqiang would play this time.

Song Yunjia went out of the dining hall. Her eyes turned red out of anger.

She approached the sightseeing elevator. She then dialed Huo Jiahui.

Huo Jiahui picked it up in a lazy voice. “The Air-view Garden?”

“Have you arrived there?”

“I will be there soon.” She sighed over there. “I should appreciate you and Brother Yunqiang a lot this time. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have seized the opportunity.”

“Go there directly. Song Yunxuan has been waiting there. But she has Childe Xiao beside her. I should have stayed there. But something happened. I cannot make it now.”


Huo Jiahui agreed and was about to hang up.

But Song Yunjia suppressed the vicious and thrilled expression in her eyes. She tried her best to calm down and persuaded her. “Talk to her in a proper way when you meet her. You have to stay calm.”

“Rest assured! I will.”

Song Yunjia then nodded and hung up.

Though she persuaded Huo Jiahui to calm down on the side of the phone, actually, she even wanted her to strangle Song Yunxuan at once when she just arrived there.

As long as Song Yunxuan died, she could gain more property of Song Family.

Song Yunqiang’s IQ was not enough to stop them at all. With the assistance of Shao Tianze beside her, if Song Yunxuan disappeared, she could take charge of the whole Song Family, and she could arrange everything.

Song Yunjia got out of the sightseeing elevator. There were very few people around her. She directly drove her car to the Shao enterprise.

Song Yunxuan was sitting in the Air-view Garden Dining Room. Though there were very few people around her, she didn’t chat a lot in her seat. Instead, she stood up and walked around the sightseeing window of the Air-view Garden.

Song Yunqiang stopped her nervously. “Yunxuan, this place is too high. It is better for you to stay away from the window. If you’re afraid of heights, you’ll be scared.”

Song Yunqiang did not have a lot of family affection with Song Yunxuan as her elder brother. Though they had the same father, he knew nothing about Song Yunxuan’s problems.

She looked sideways at Song Yunqiang. “Brother, don’t worry. I am not afraid of heights.”

She walked around the window. She got a little close to the picture window.

The sky was bright. The sunshine outside was warm and streamed in through the picture window.

Looking down from the height of two hundred meters, there were some tall buildings blocking the streets. The streets nearby came into her view.

The pedestrians all became very small. The configuration of the city was seen faintly.

Suddenly, the curtain in embroidered gauze was blown to flutter gently by the wind.

Her heart pounded suddenly.

Looking at the curtain for a long while, she was just about to walk to the curtain.

Just at this time, there was a voice coming suddenly. “Song Yunxuan!”

The person called her by her name directly?

Song Yunxuan raised her eyebrows slightly. She turned her head and looked along the voice.

The comer surprised her a little. “Huo Jiahui?”

The Eldest Missy of the Huo family came over quickly and coincidentally indeed.

Seeing that Huo Jiahui came here, Song Yunqiang was also shocked. “Miss Huo, what a coincidence! Why are you here?”

Huo Jiahui sneered. She glanced at Song Yunqiang. She seemed to be very rude to him. “This restaurant is an open house. Why could you come here while I could not?”

Song Yunqiang was choked. He frowned and cracked a joke. “How could Miss Huo say that? Since we encountered each other here, that is an arrangement of fate. Why don’t you sit down and have a meal with us?”

Song Yunxuan sneered in her heart.

He invited her to sit down?

He invited her to have a meal together?

If Song Yunqiang really thought for his own sister, he would not have invited Huo Jiahui to sit down and have a meal with them at this moment.

She really could not make sense of what he wanted to do tonight.

After Song Yunqiang said the words, Xiao Luo wanted to refuse.

But Song Yunxuan stopped him before he could speak. “Miss Huo can sit down if you want to.”

But today those people they met were all cheeky. Huo Jiahui really came over. And she pulled a chair to sit down.

Song Yunxuan frowned slightly. But she still kept her calm expression on her face.

She turned to glance at the slightly fluttering curtain again. And then she walked to her seat.

Huo Jiahui seemed to be aggressive. Xiao Luo became obviously disgusted with her after she sat down.

But she was friendly to Xiao Luo. “I haven’t expected that Childe Xiao also came to Yuncheng.”

Xiao Luo nodded. Though he was disgusted, he still said nothing.

After all, Miss Huo played an important role when he and his uncles contended for power.

Huo Jiahui turned her eyes to Song Yunxuan faintly. Seeing that she looked well, Huo Jiahui frowned and laughed. “Miss Song does not seem to have come out these days. Is that because you are not in a good mood?”

Xiao Luo frowned. He opened his mouth and was about to say something.

But Song Yunxuan glanced at him, motioning him to keep silent.

“I have just come back from Harbor City. So, I need some days to have a rest. Thanks for your concern, Miss Huo.”

Huo Jiahui undoubtedly would not really care about her mood. What she only cared about was whether she was angry in her mind or not.

“Several days ago, you suddenly broke in Chu Family, which really scared me a lot.” She raised her hand and covered her chest. And she tutted and shook her head. “Miss Song seems not to be such a rash person. Why did you lose your etiquette that day?”

Xiao Luo looked at Song Yunxuan wonderingly. He obviously knew nothing about what Huo Jiahui was talking about.

But Song Yunxuan bent the corners of her mouth and smiled. “Actually, not only you, but me, Song Yunxuan was also terrified that day.”

She sighed. Looking at the cup in her hand, she seemed not to talk to Huo Jiahui. She said in a sorry voice, “I thought that Miss Huo would not be self-defeating. But I didn’t predict that you could follow us all the way. And even you could enter Chu Family to show me a scene like this. What is your intention?”

Huo Jiahui seemed to be touched to the sore spot. Her eyes became harsh a lot at once.

The atmosphere between them became frozen.

Seeing the situation, Song Yunqiang stood up. “Why is there no one to hand the menu to Miss Huo? Let me ask about it.”

After saying that, he made a wink at Xiao Luo when standing up. He seemed to ask Xiao Luo to leave together with him.

Xiao Luo sat in his seat firmly, pretending not to see his wink.

Yunxuan was there. He wanted to go nowhere.

Seeing the eyes of Song Yunqiang, Song Yunxuan could not help sneering from the bottom of her heart.

Did he ask Xiao Luo to leave with him together?


Was he afraid that Xiao Luo would mess up his plan here?

She just wanted to see what tricks Huo Jiahui could play on her after Xiao Luo left.

“Loki, please go to the car and fetch me my shawl. I suddenly feel a little cold.”

Nimble people all knew that Song Yunxuan wanted Xiao Luo to leave by doing this. Of course, so did Xiao Luo.

One corner of Huo Jiahui’s mouth was curled up. She tilted her head and showed a vicious smile.

Xiao Luo was reluctant to leave. But seeing that Song Yunxuan was firm, he could only go downstairs unwillingly and slowly.

As soon as Song Yunqiang and Xiao Luo left, Song Yunxuan got to the point immediately with Huo Jiahui.

“Why did you follow us from the Harbor City to Yuncheng, Miss Huo?”

She looked up at her.

The scar on Huo Jiahui’s face had faded a lot. If she dabbed some concealer on it, it would be very hard for someone to discover the scar.

But this heavy makeup made others feel strange.

Huo Jiahui was choked by her question. She stared at her coldly. “Song Yunxuan, don’t you know the reason?”

Song Yunxuan was in a daze. “I have no grudges against Miss Huo at all. Of course, I don’t know the reason.”

“No grudges?” Huo Jiahui asked her. It seemed that she felt it was funny, and she sneered coldly.

She stood up slowly from her chair. “If you had no grudges against me, I would not have given up going to the WS and gone a long way to come to Yuncheng.”

“I thought that the reason why Miss Huo came to Yuncheng was really Chu Mochen.”

She sat in her seat calmly. Her fingers touched the goblet with warm water gently.

Huo Jiahui’s expression changed slightly. But in her eyes, a kind of desperate madness burst out little by little.

“Song Yunxuan, I just get to the point directly. Are you the person who secretly set a trap to make my mother abort the baby?”

Song Yunxuan glanced sideways at her. “Please do not venomously slander me. I did not intervene in your family affairs of the Huo family. What’s your mother’s abortion got to do with me?”

Huo Jiahui bit her lower lip. Her eyes became so sharp that they could almost shoot out a knife. “Though Huo Ting is not nice to me, I know he would not do such a ruthless thing.”

“You trust Huo Ting. But does your mother trust you?”

Huo Jiahui seemed to have been stabbed in the back with a knife, and she was thunderstruck.

Song Yunxuan chuckled sarcastically. She stood up from her seat. “The reason why you fell out with your mother is not that someone else intervened in it. It is just that there was no basic trust between you and your mother. Do you understand?”

Huo Jiahui opened her eyes wide. Emotions were churning in the chest.

She knew that Song Yunxuan was right. But now things turned into such a situation. They could not just end it easily because it was not a matter of right or wrong.

She hated Song Yunxuan. If Song Yunxuan had not gone to Harbor City, there would not have been so many disturbances at all.

Song Yunxuan raised these waves.

It was all her fault. Song Yunxuan should be responsible for all these things!

“It is all because of you! It is all your fault!”

Huo Jiahui took two quick steps. And she suddenly rushed to the front of Song Yunxuan. There was a saber suddenly coming out in her hand. And the saber went directly to Song Yunxuan’s neck.

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