Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 228 - The Coquettish Red Skirt

Chapter 228 The Coquettish Red Skirt

The Square Loft was a renowned luxury restaurant in Yuncheng.

Song Family didn’t set foot in the catering business while the Shao enterprise and Chu Family were quite interested in it.

Fifteen years ago, the Square Loft was an obscure restaurant. After it was taken a fancy to by Gu Changge in Gu’s and Chu Mochen in Chu’s at the same time, it blossomed out and was sold at a price which ordinary restaurants could not reach.

The price Gu Changge offered was way too high. After she took charge of the small restaurant, she spent only half a year making it known to every family in Yuncheng.

After a year, the Square Loft changed completely and turned into a popular seafood restaurant in Yuncheng.

Back then, Gu Changge and Chu Mochen were still young. But Gu Cheng just promised that he would give a birthday gift to Gu Changge when she was eighteen years old.

Thus, after Gu Changge knew that the Square Loft had been taken a fancy to by Chu Family, she used some means to get hold of the thing that Chu Family was determined to get.

Though she might seem to be a little rampant, one could never underestimate a girl who could scramble such a restaurant from Chu Family when she was only eighteen years old.

At that time, Gu Cheng apologized to the elder of Chu Family because of his daughter’s unruly behavior of scrambling the restaurant on the surface while giving affirmation to his daughter’s action in his heart.

After getting the Square Loft, Gu Cheng promptly handed it over to his daughter as if it was just a toy.

At the age of eighteen, Gu Changge achieved something that others couldn’t achieve even if they were thirty-eight years old. Besides, she let the Square Loft become a force to be reckoned with in the catering business.

Everyone in Gu’s was sincerely convinced by Gu Changge.

After Gu Changge’s death, Shao Tianze gave all the shares of the Square Loft to Gu Changle as a sign of respect for his wife.

It seemed to be natural to outsiders that he just gave his wife’s legacy to his wife’s younger sister.

But Gu Changge knew that it was actually an insult to her.

The Square Loft was a present her father gave her when she was eighteen years old as well as an adult, which was quite meaningful to her.

But now, it actually became the property of the adopted younger sister, Gu Changle.

Not only was her man owned by Gu Changle, but the Square Loft her father gave her was also hers.

Such an insult really made her hate them and gnash.

She could see the Air-view Garden Dining Room of the Square Loft clearly from the window while sitting in the car as it was moving towards the destination.

Her gaze softened, and she saw that the Air-view Dining Room towered above the skyscrapers in Yuncheng for so long like this.

Xiao Luo recalled all the rumors which he had heard before about this restaurant on seeing her looking at the place.

“I’ve heard that Gu Changge, the Eldest Missy of Gu Family, felt most satisfied with this work after stepping into the catering business.”

She smiled without answering, feeling somewhat depressed in her mind.

“I’ve heard that Gu Changge hired world-class architects to draw the design drawings of this restaurant. You can see clouds through the window of the restaurant if looking up a little.”

She smiled. “You are being too melodramatic. Only if the weather is cloudy can one have this feeling.”

“But it’s true that the restaurant has been the highest one in Yuncheng for more than a decade as it is two hundred meters high in the sky.”

“That is really true.”

When Gu Changge was eighteen years old, she hired foreign world-class designers to design the Air-view Garden Dining Room. Besides, she dined and enjoyed views with the first customers on the opening day.

Back then, through the window of the Air-view Garden, one could almost have a bird-view of the whole Yuncheng.

Young masters from rich families and playboys in the upper class in Yuncheng all considered it as a romantic dating place and scrambled to order meals here.

For over ten years, it had been the most bustling and popular place in Yuncheng.

And till now, it still was.

There were all the famous dishes of eight major cuisines in the Square Loft and foreign western-style food in all varieties with a Franch chef in place.

Song Yunqiang first called to reserve seats in the Air-view Garden.

The Air-view Garden was two hundred meters high in the sky. They took the sightseeing lift and rose to it.

The ground under their feet was getting farther and farther. The inside wall of the fully transparent lift was rising slowly.

Cowards would get cold feet if being in such a sightseeing lift.

Yet Gu Changge was most satisfied with the fully transparent sightseeing lift at that time.

Xiao Luo was more daring than she thought, yet he still turned a little pale in such a sightseeing lift.

He forced himself to stay calm and looked down. “I’m a little afraid of heights.”

“If so, you turn to look at the inside wall. Then you won’t be afraid anymore if not seeing this.”

“Didn’t the rumor mention that Gu Changge was afraid of heights?” Xiao Luo felt quite puzzled. “Now that she was afraid of heights, why did she create a lift like this when designing the Air-view Garden Dining Room?”

“Her excitement drove her.”

She answered with ease, “People all have a curious mentality. The newer and more exciting things are, the more curious they can be about them. Even if one’s afraid, he can’t help being driven by curiosity.”

Just because of curiosity, many people came here for being attracted by its fame.

And many people came for dining only because they’d like to experience the thrill brought by the sightseeing lift.

Xiao Luo thought what she said made sense. However, on a second thought, he felt there was something strange. He looked at her in puzzlement. “You are not Gu Changge. How could you know it?”

“Chu Mochen told me about it.”

She skated over the topic lightly.

Chu Mochen and Gu Changge were old family friends, so it was not strange that Chu Mochen knew something about Gu Changge.

Xiao Luo stopped asking. They got to the dining room at such a height of 200 meters so fast by taking the lift.

The moment Song Yunxuan got out of the lift, she sensed something unusual in the dining room.

Because there were so few customers in the dining room.

From her previous experience on the Air-view Dining Room, there would be a slight drop in the number of people dining here after the New Year. But it would not decrease like this. Only three or four tables were occupied by guests.

Her eyebrows frowned slightly, and she remained silent.

Xiao Luo didn’t come to Yuncheng too often, so this appeared to be normal to him.

After she got out of the lift, a waiter led her to walk forward.

She followed the waiter to a table by the window.

Xiao Luo sat down with her. He felt somewhat strange and looked around. “I thought that your brother would be here first.”

Song Yunxuan took a look at the goblet and tableware in front of her, and then she gently picked up the napkin and wiped the rim of the goblet. “Maybe my brother has something else to do.”

“Who are Yunjia and Yunying?”

“My elder sister and second sister. But now it seems that my second sister won’t come here. After all, she is pregnant, so it’s inconvenient for her to attend.”

Xiao Luo carefully recalled what his grandfather told him.

He didn’t come by stealth this time. Before he came to Yuncheng, he told the elder of Xiao Family about it.

The elder of Xiao Family allowed him to come and told him to be careful. Besides, he told him how everything was going with people of Song Family in Yuncheng.

Though he didn’t tell Song Yunxuan that he knew these things, he was very clear in his mind.

Now Song Yunqiang and Song Yunjia must treat his elder sister badly.

As Song Yunqiang and Song Yunjia were still not coming, he began to chat with Song Yunxuan.

During the chat, Song Yunxuan unexpectedly brought the question back to him. “Is your management of the Xiao enterprise going well?”

“Not bad. Grandpa sent An Yan to help me. With his help to do something for me, I feel much more relaxed than before.”

Song Yunxuan thought of the young assistant standing by the side of Xiao Luo before leaving Harbor City. She assumed that the guy he was talking about might be An Yan.

Then she nodded. “Your assistant seems to be a smart guy, but you can’t hand everything over to him. You have to learn something from him. Get it?”

Xiao Luo nodded. “Yeah, elder sister.”

He called her elder sister earnestly, seriously, and respectfully.

The people who were approaching not far away were taken aback a little when hearing this.

Song Yunjia approached from afar and heard the name called by Xiao Luo at once. She couldn’t help saying ironically, “Have I become ignorant because of my staying at home these days, brother? How could I miss the news that Yunxuan has got a younger brother?”

Song Yunqiang walked beside Song Yunjia, and he knew quite well that Song Yunjia was picking a hole in this.

But the one seated opposite was Little Childe Xiao of Xiao Family. Though he was at such a young age, one should not take him too lightly.

So, he said to Song Yunjia with unpleasure, “Yunjia, the Childe of Xiao Family is only one year younger than Yunxuan, so the appellation is correct.”

Song Yunxuan turned to look at them after hearing Song Yunjia’s words. Having returned from Harbor City, it was the first time that she had seen Song Yunjia.

Song Yunjia appeared to be quite fine, and even her recent dressing style became much more coquettish.

As usual, Song Yunjia would wear some simple and clean clothes, appearing to be a slim and graceful maiden.

Yet now, the little close-fitting red skirt she was wearing really appeared to be quite showy and flashy.

Perhaps it was because the Spring Festival had just passed that she was dressed festively. She was wearing a close-fitting red skirt and a small white fur tippet. The diamond bracelet on her wrist was quite shinning.

Song Yunxuan’s expression on the face was very cold. Seeing her, she even gradually effaced her smile which she showed just now. “Elder sister, our father has just passed away. Is it proper for you to wear so coquettishly?”

Song Yunjia raised her eyebrows a little, and her expression became stiff.

It was true that she was dressed improperly today. She shouldn’t have come directly after meeting Shao Tianze.

Having seen that Song Yunxuan shut Song Yunjia up with those simple words, Song Yunqiang secretly cast a glance at Song Yunjia. What the hell was wrong with the younger sister recently? Why did she suddenly act so carelessly?

In order to mediate a dispute for her younger sister, Song Yunqiang smiled. “Yunxuan, your elder sister is careless. But she has always been mourning our father. On the first day of the lunar new year, your elder sister went to kowtow to our father.”

Just then, a waiter came over to serve a glass of warm water. She took it over and looked down at the water inside. “She has just kowtowed on the first day of the lunar new year, but she forgot all about our father’s death after only a few days and is now wearing a festive red dress. I can’t understand my elder sister’s behavior.”

Song Yunjia felt that she was caught at fault and Song Yunxuan wouldn’t let it go. So, her fingers were clenched.

Song Yunqiang sensed that the atmosphere was getting stiffer and stiffer, so he tried to break the ice. “Yunxuan, this is the first meeting between you and your elder sister after the New Year. Let’s sit down and then talk. Come on! Yunjia, take your seat.”

Song Yunqiang drew open the chair beside him and motioned Song Yunjia to sit down.

Usually, if Song Yunjia had been put down like this by Song Yunxuan, she would have left with a long face already.

But this time, she actually condescended to sit down and bear the anger.

Song Yunxuan let out a cold hum.

She didn’t believe that Song Yunjia would put up with it like this because of Little Childe Xiao in Xiao Family, who was inessential.

Thus, as soon as Song Yunjia sat down…

Song Yunxuan stood up. “If my elder sister doesn’t go to change her clothes, then I won’t have a meal with her. The bright red dress is burning my eyes.”

Song Yunjia’s temples twitched. She looked up at her abruptly with great hatred in her eyes.

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