Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 227 - A Puppet

Chapter 227 A Puppet

She hated Song Yunjia.

She had always been detesting Song Yunjia.

However, during the time when Gu Changge was alive, she just didn’t show it clearly.

But after Gu Changge’s death, the sense of hatred began to get aggravated, pushing her to the breaking point.

Shao Tianze who was just going to flirt with her let her go on hearing the servant’s words. Besides, he helped her trim her hair and then familiarly touched her cheek. “I assume that you are tired, so have a rest first please.”

She appeared to be gentle and obedient while seething with rage in her mind.

She got up to leave, and the little white shirt on her shoulder slid down for a half.

Shao Tianze stood up and helped her pull it back onto her shoulder. “Just go to bed, and I’ll come to accompany later.”


Her voice was light, soft, and quite gentle.

Shao Tianze smiled back. The beauty of the shallow curve of his lips made people cannot help being lost in wild and fanciful thoughts.

It was just the scene Song Yunjia saw when she entered in pleasure.

Shao Tianze looked at Gu Changle gently. The sweet and gentle expression on Gu Changle’s face was burning her eyes.

Gu Changle seemed to know she was looking at them. When Gu Changle was leaving, she intentionally stopped by her side and politely talked to her, “I’m kind of tired, and I’m going to turn in first. You may talk to Tianze.”

“Take care.” Her lips turned bent slightly, and she watched her pass by.

How she wished Gu Changle to die like this!

Yet it was a pity that they once had the same enemy, Gu Changge. Just because of the same enemy, she chose to help Gu Changle.

Yet today, she felt that she was being such an eyesore.

She itched to get rid of her before her eyes immediately and make her disappear in this world.

Song Yunjia wore a gentle smile at the corners of her lips and turned slightly to see her leave and disappear.

When there was no sign of her, she looked up at Shao Tianze.

Shao Tianze seated her down and prepared to listen to what she said.

Song Yunjia let out a breath. Shao Tianze helped to place the Longjing Tea served by the servant in front of her and asked her with a gentle smile, “How’s it going?”

“Just as you expected, Huo Jiahui is a skillful actress.”

Shao Tianze slightly lowered his eyelashes and shook his head with a smile.

Undoubtedly, Huo Jiahui, who had made a living in the entertainment circle for many years, was really something. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have made a rise in life only by her beauty. After all, there were quite a few beauties in the very circle.

“How did your younger sister react?” Shao Tianze made a servant serve the tea and let Song Yunjia have one cup.

Having smelt the tea, Song Yunjia frowned. “She’s really kept her temper.”

Shao Tianze wore a smile at the corners of his lips and then gave Song Yunjia a sidelong look. “How did you know she could keep her temper?”

Song Yunjia’s eyebrows frowned tightly, and she felt a little annoyed. “I thought that she would have been at loggerheads with Chu Mochen once she found it out. However, she’s kept quite silent these days. As usual, she stays at home, drinking tea and reading books. Once in a while, she visits the Song enterprise. It looks as if she hasn’t seen the matter in the Chu Family.”

Song Yunjia was angry inside and hated Song Yunxuan for not falling into the trap.

While Shao Tianze couldn’t help smiling gently.

On hearing his smile, Song Yunjia turned to look at him. “What’s so funny? Tianze?”

Shao Tianze raised his eyes and looked at her calmly. “Don’t you think that your younger sister is very interesting?”

Song Yunjia didn’t think that Song Yunxuan was interesting. She just felt that Song Yunxuan was quite tricky to deal with.

“If Song Yunxuan’s not disposed of now, she will get out of hand in the future in the Song enterprise.”

Shao Tianze picked up the delicate bone china cup and took a sip of tea. “She appeared to be quite indifferent to Chu Mochen’s and Huo Jiahui’s being caught. Just give it a thought. What is Chu Mochen’s place in her heart on earth?”

“What is it on earth?” Song Yunjia tasted the words carefully, and her nature of intelligence woke her up immediately. “You mean, Song Yunxuan doesn’t treat Chu Mochen as the one she loves deeply at all?”

Shao Tianze was satisfied with her reaction.

He responded mildly, “Song Yunxuan not only doesn’t treat Chu Mochen as the one she loves deeply, and she may just use Chu Mochen as a stepping-pedal she takes advantage of. Just think! If she is just making using of Chu Mochen, then will it matter to her which woman Chu Mochen likes and which woman he messes around with? As long as he treats her well, she can get the help she needs from Chu Mochen as she wishes. Then why should she be jealous?”

Having heard Zhao Tianze’s analysis, Song Yunjia felt a little unconvinced. “But it does not seem that they don’t have any feelings at all.”

“Song Yunxuan is just posturing in front of others with Chu Mochen. If she really loved Chu Mochen, then on seeing another woman in Chu Mochen’s arms at present, she would have definitely competed with Huo Jiahui in front of Chu Mochen even if not making a scene.”

“In this case, what’s the use of our making Song Yunxuan see Chu Mochen’s and Huo Jiahui’s being together with great pains?”

Song Yunjia didn’t understand.

Yet Shao Tianze smiled. “It’s surely useful. Now that Chu Mochen knows that Song Yunxuan is just making use of him and doesn’t care about him anymore, then how much will he help her?”

A flash of light lit up Song Yunjia’s heart suddenly. “Then won’t it be a piece of cake for us to send my brother to deal with her at that time?”

There was a meaningful smile in Shao Tianze’s eyes, yet he didn’t forget to remind her, “Don’t take things too lightly.”

Song Yunjia replied with a yes while feeling quite relieved inside.

As long as Song Yunxuan was got rid of from the Song enterprise, they would fear nothing since there would be only Song Yunqiang in Song Family.

Song Yunxuan spent four leisure days in Song Family drinking tea and reading books.

The gossip in Yuncheng had already spread across the ocean to Harbor City.

Here in Harbor City, Xiao Luo had ants in his pants. Having booked a plane ticket, he rushed over to the gate of Song Family in person.

Song Yunqiang received Xiao Luo in surprise. Having been told that he was here for Song Yunxuan, he called someone to go upstairs to invite Song Yunxuan out of her room.

These three people were seated and having tea in the living room together. Song Yunxuan wore a poker face.

Song Yunqiang acted improperly. He urged Xiao Luo to stay and have dinner in the living-room.

Though Xiao Luo had a few words with Song Yunxuan now and then, he couldn’t be single-minded. He detested Song Yunqiang’s staying here very much.

Song Yunxuan could feel it and gave a sidelong look at her brother. “Brother, I mentioned one time-honored restaurant in Yuncheng to Loki before and now plan to take him to have some dishes there.”

“I’ll drive you two there in person.”

Xiao Luo frowned and finally couldn’t help saying, “Uncle Song, can I go there only with Sister Yunxuan?”

“How can I not show my hospitality on Childe Xiao’s arrival in Yuncheng? Well, how about this? You might as well go first. I’ll go there with Yunjia and Yunying later. They both want to see Childe Xiao. After all, Childe Xiao takes charge of Xiao Family at such a young age, and they really admire Childe Xiao very much.”

Xiao Luo was so fed up with such platitudes, yet he didn’t turn him down on seeing him insist on coming along. He nodded and rose. “Sister Yunxuan, let’s go first.”


Song Yunxuan rose and got the bag. Then she put on her coat and got into a car together with him to go out.

Before she left, Song Yunqiang kept on asking which restaurant it was. Song Yunxuan told him that it was the Square Loft.

Song Yunqiang believed it without a second thought.

After the car of Song Family, which drove her to the Square Loft, was on the halfway, Song Yunxuan make excuses to get out of the car.

No sooner had she got out of the car than Xiao Luo ordered the car of Xiao Family to pick her up.

They were sitting in Xiao Luo’s car. Not until now did Song Yunxuan raise her hands to rub her temples. Then she turned to blame him. “Xiao Family has just settled down. What are you coming to Yuncheng for?”

Xiao Luo’s eyes were clear. After the seventeenth birthday, he was going to be an adult. However, his figure was still like a thin and weak teenager, and his expressions were childish.

“I’m worried about you.”

“What are you worried about?”

“Something about Chu Mochen.”

On hearing Xiao Luo’s words about Chu Mochen, Song Yunxuan frowned tightly and felt her temples twitching more quickly.

She had never expected that Huo Jiahui had followed to Yuncheng so fast. However, the reason why she followed to Yuncheng was not hard to understand.

“I’ve no longer cared about the things happening in the Huo family since I left Harbor City. Loki, is there any great change happening in the Huo family?”

She was thinking that since Zhang Yufang’s baby who could let her stage a comeback was aborted, the Huo family had definitely turned upside-down.

Just as expected, Xiao Luo answered, “At such an old age, no one thought that Zhang Yufang could carry a baby. But she does it quietly. No one knows it. Even Huo Qixiong is quite surprised.”

“Zhang Yufang gave birth to the baby?” She surely knew that Zhang Yufang’s baby had been aborted, yet she had to play dumb as Xiao Luo was in a fog about this matter.

Xiao Luo laughed at once. “How could it be?”

“Then she must have had an abortion.”

Xiao Luo looked at her and smiled, feeling that the bustle in the Huo family was extraordinarily colorful. “Elder sister, you must have never thought that Zhang Yufang’s abortion was caused by Huo Jiahui.”

Song Yunxuan appeared to be rather astonished while staying calm inside.

After Zhang Yufang was sent into the operation room that day, it was Huo Jiahui who signed the operating agreement and allowed doctors to give Zhang Yufang the abortion.

Zhang Yufang had long been counting on the little son to help her stage a comeback, yet it had never occurred to her that her oldest daughter signed up for surgery and aborted the baby.

She must have been furious after the abortion.

Her guess was right.

Then Xiao Luo continued to say, “It is such an open book that Zhang Yufang kept her pregnancy a secret and wanted to stage a comeback, right? She wanted to take the place of Huo Ting through the kid. Now the kid has gone, and she crazily blamed Huo Jiahui. She argued with and offended Huo Jiahui openly, and it seemed that she no longer considered her as her daughter. Huo Qixiong does not like his elder daughter, either. Besides, Hou Ting was just standing on the side and watching, so Huo Qixiong drove Huo Jiahui out of Harbor City to prevent things from getting worse. He didn’t want her to come back to Harbor City and irritate her mother for the time being.”

Song Yunxuan nodded thoughtfully. “So that is it.”

“Yeah, this is the case.” Xiao Luo sighed, feeling a little puzzled. “I have no idea what Huo Jiahui was thinking. She didn’t return to her residence in the WS after the matter happened. Instead, she went to Yuncheng to visit Chu Mochen. Besides, she did this in plain sight.”

Xiao Luo felt somewhat angry. “Elder sister, do you need me to help you…”

Song Yunxuan had already acquiesced in Xiao Luo calling her elder sister. Now on hearing that Xiao Luo would make his move on Huo Jiahui, she unexpectedly raised her pupils and interrupted him. “Stay out of this. You know nothing about affection.”

Xiao Luo felt a little embarrassed. “But you are my elder sister. She came over to step into the relationship in love between you and made you sad. I still feel that I can’t swallow it.”

Song Yunxuan bent her lips and smiled. “Do you treat me as your elder sister?”

“Didn’t you tell me that I could treat you as my elder sister when leaving Harbor City?”

Song Yunxuan recalled it and nodded. “Yep, I said it indeed.”

Just because of the brother-sister relationship, she didn’t want him to get involved in this.

Huo Jiahui would certainly come to her.

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