Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 226 - Out of Expectation

Chapter 226 Out of Expectation

Song Yunxuan had a slight crease between her eyebrows.

Watching her go inside, the assistant hurried to stop her. “Miss Yunxuan, Childe Chu is really not at home.”

“I’m going to visit Uncle Chu.”

The assistant paused and gave a quick response. “Old Master is not at home, either.”

Song Yunxuan didn’t stop walking. The assistant was really flustered. He even stretched out his arm to stop Song Yunxuan before she entered the door.

Song Yunxuan stopped. Her gaze finally fell on the young assistant’s face, but the expression in her eyes made the assistant shudder.

“Are you trying to stop me?”

“I dare not. Miss Song, please listen to me…”

“Needless to say. Since I am here in person, I cannot go back empty-handed.”

Song Yunxuan pulled his arm away, and her eyes were firm and cold.

Since the assistant had been blocking her from entering, something must have happened inside.

What could happen to Chu Mochen’s family?

Did Chu Mochen have an argument with his father for her affairs?

Naturally, she had no way of knowing the matter without going in. However, it was only her issues that could cause the father and son of Chu Family to have different opinions.

Chu Mochen had previously stayed with her for so long in Harbor City. In contrast, Chu Mochen’s father was not willing to let Chu Mochen marry such a troublesome woman.

In the business family circle, interest was always the priority. Marriages would occur as long as there was a close interest relationship.

The Song Family was not so important to the Chu Family as the Huo family.

She was a little worried.

She was worried that Chu Mochen’s father would reprimand Chu Mochen because he gave up Huo Jiahui, staying with her, instead.

She walked inside quickly, but she did not see Chu Mochen’s father in the living room of the Chu Family.

There was only silence in the hall. She felt a little bit weird. She had been soothed with her beautiful eyebrows pacified to face Chu Mochen’s father, but she could not help raising her eyebrows slightly at this moment.

Chu Mochen’s assistant followed her with some anxiety.

Seeing no one in the living room, Song Yunxuan turned to look at the assistant.

The assistant saw her gaze and then lowered his head with some guilt.

In fact, Chu Mochen was at home indeed, but there was a guest in the Chu Family at the same time.

It was inconvenient for this guest to meet with Miss Song. If they met, maybe it would cause some trouble.

There was only silence in the living room. After a moment of guilty conscience, the assistant said, “Miss Yunxuan, I didn’t lie to you. Childe Chu is really not at…”

The last word, ‘home’, was not finished.

They heard a sudden noise coming from the master’s bedroom on the second floor.

It was like a woman crying hysterically.

Song Yunxuan’s eyes narrowed coldly. She instantly looked up at the room where the sound was heard on the second floor.

The assistant who followed Song Yunxuan to come in was shocked by the sound with his fingers shaking.

The assistant responded very quickly and wanted to stop Song Yunxuan.

But Song Yunxuan got upstairs first. She walked directly towards the room where the sound was made.

The assistant chased after her closely. “Miss Yunxuan, you can’t go up. That’s…”

“Shut up.”

Song Yunxuan’s momentum which broke out instantly was a little shocking.

The assistant was stunned by her cold and powerful words. He was a little dumbfounded.

Song Yunxuan moved up the stairs smoothly and quickly. She was very familiar with the location of that room.

The assistant saw Song Yunxuan head towards Chu Mochen’s bedroom. His face began to get a little nervous.

From the moment when Song Yunxuan appeared in the Chu Family, as an assistant of Chu Mochen, he felt very stressed.

The reason was that the Eldest Missy of Huo family in Harbor City, Huo Jiahui, came one hour before Song Yunxuan’s arrival at the Chu Family.

It was unknown what Huo Jiahui said to Chu Mochen, and then these two people went to the master’s bedroom on the second floor.

As an assistant of Chu Mochen, he had seen many young masters from rich and famous families as well as children of wealthy businessmen, and he naturally understood how these people lived with each other.

Chu Mochen had no bad habits, and he never had many love affairs.

But Huo Jiahui was a special existence for Childe Chu, after all.

There were once rumors that these two people had a relationship in love, which had not received the clarification from Childe Chu.

The elder of Chu Family defaulted that.

The assistant went out consciously, but he never imagined that he would meet Song Yunxuan when he was planning to leave Chu Family.

As Song Yunxuan approached Chu Mochen’s bedroom door step by step, the cold sweat on the assistant’s forehead began to rush out spontaneously.

There was a sharp light in Song Yunxuan’s eyes. The moment she stopped at the door of the room, she strongly predicted that something unexpected would happen to her when she opened the door.

Raising her hand slowly, her fingers touched the smooth and clean gold-plated handle of the door.

With a slight twist, the door made a slight click.

Then, with a little force, the door was pushed open at one.

There was a brief moment of silence in the room.

Then the sea-like silence was shattered into pieces by the picture seen by Song Yunxuan.

In the bedroom with simple and noble decoration, Huo Jiahui was wrapped in a white bathrobe and hugged Chu Mochen’s waist. She was facing the door.

The moment she saw Song Yunxuan, a soft but seductive and vicious light flashed across her eyes.

Song Yunxuan met her gaze. She shook uncontrollably as if she was stabbed with a needle fiercely.

Chu Mochen turned his back to the door, wearing the same white bathrobe on his body.

Song Yunxuan froze for a moment.

Chu Mochen felt that someone pushed the door open. He turned around suddenly.

Exactly, he looked into Song Yunxuan’s shocked eyes.

There was no impression of deja vu in this scene.

Instead, it became the most direct guide to all the dark plans.

Many years later, Song Yunxuan remembered this scene again. She always inadvertently felt that this scene actually accelerated her plan for revenge and strengthened her belief.

At the same time, it made her desperate to go crazy.

This scene appeared so suddenly that Song Yunxuan could not remember how she left the Chu Family at that time.

She just remembered that when she came to her senses, she was already on the way back to the Song Family.

The surrounding traffic was very busy, and the scattered snowflakes in the sky were crushed into snow water.

Song Yunxuan looked out of the window quietly. The window glass of the imported luxury car was covered with advanced sunscreen film, and it was as smooth as a mirror.

Her face appeared clearly on the glass.

She saw her cold gaze, and a trace of almost piercing coldness shot out of her eyes.

However, she was so quiet.

She was silent almost as if nothing had happened and nothing had been seen.

In the director’s office of the Song enterprise, the moment Song Yunqiang received the phone call, he was enraptured with his eyebrows fluttering openly and wantonly.

“Is this thing you said true?”

The voice on the other side of the line was demure and gentle, which kept always the style and tone of a young lady from a big and noble family. “Of course, brother! Miss Huo has deep hatred against her.”

Song Yunqiang’s mouth bent up obliquely with a bad smile coming out. “Women are like this. There could be a blood feud between them just for a man.”

Song Yunjia over there also smiled softly. “Brother, you can be relieved a little. Presumably, Yunxuan should be in a bad mood in recent days.”

“It will be better if that girl makes a scene for this.” Song Yunqiang’s eyebrows jumped up since he was wild with joy. He couldn’t help beginning to look forward to the thing from the bottom of his heart that Song Yunxuan would make a scene for this.

Song Yunjia could understand what he meant. “Childe Chu doesn’t like noisy girls. If Yunxuan makes a scene, she will probably be abandoned. I hope she can get over this.”

Although she said this, in fact, Song Yunjia was very anxious in her mind to see that Song Yunxuan made a scene at once and let all the people in Yuncheng know the news that Chu Mochen and Huo Jiahui got together.

It was unknown who released the gossip.

It was said that Chu Mochen, who occupied half of the city of Yuncheng, had made peace with Huo Jiahui again. They were currently living together. Their close relationship caught much attention.

The small newspaper office that released the gossip also attached a blurry picture taken from a distance.

Everyone in Yuncheng knew about it within two days.

Everyone speculated about the chances of the former couple getting back together.

However, Song Yunxuan was silent in the Song Family. She did not respond to any of the rumors from the outside world.

It was seen that hardly had one wave subsided when another rose on the side of Song Yunxuan.

Shao Tianze watched on the side with great interest. Gu Changle also enjoyed leisurely and chatted with Shao Tianze about the Song Family’s topic while she was nursing her body.

Gu Changle was clever and sensitive in terms of these tricks. When she saw the rumors of the small newspaper office and the Internet, she nestled in the arms of Shao Tianze and asked softly, “For the thing between Chu Mochen and Huo Jiahui, did you get involved in it?”

Shao Tianze’s rimless glasses on the bridge of his nose caused a slight pain. When being asked by Gu Changle, he took off the glasses after raising his hand and placed them on a small European table next to him. “How could I get involved in this? Their relationship must be managed by themselves with their whole hearts.”

He did not intervene in the thing between Chu Mochen and Huo Jiahui indeed.

Gu Changle listened to his reply. She stretched out her hands and put her arms around his neck. Then she continued to say with much love in her eyes, “Although you did not directly intervene in the matter between them, this does not mean that you did not indirectly intervene.”

Shao Tianze couldn’t help showing a smile at the corners of his thin lips. His eyes were filled with a strong desire to spoil Gu Changle.

He rubbed Gu Changle into his arms. He kissed her soft hair with his lips. His voice was soft. “What do you mean by indirectly intervening? How could I intervene in the matter between them? Am I such a bad person in your opinion?”

Gu Changle was tickled in her heart by his teasing tone and sexy magnetic voice. When she was kissed by him, she buried her head slightly and whispered softly, “Aren’t you bad?”

“What’s wrong with me?” He asked, with his fingers circling lightly around her waist.

Gu Changle sensitively put her body into his arms. Her exquisite figure was directly contacted with him, leaving no distance.

Her face was also blushing. She was delicate and beautiful, like a white rose in the morning.

She whispered like flowers with infinite charm, “I think you are bad anytime and anywhere.”

“But you just like it, don’t you?”

Shao Tianze’s lips moved lingeringly up and down her white and tender neck. Gu Changle closed her eyes with pleasure and couldn’t help laughing.

“Yes, I just like it.”

She left no stone unturned to take him back from Gu Changge’s hands because of this love.

With her fingers going up his back, she was trying to hug him.

Just at this moment, the voice of a servant suddenly came from the door. “Mr. Shao, Miss Yunjia is here.”

After hearing the words, Gu Changle’s closed eyes were suddenly opened. There was distaste and bitterness in her eyes.

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