Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 225 - Leave for the Chu Family

Chapter 225 Leave for the Chu Family

Having prepared some warm words for Song Yunxuan on his way, Song Yunqiang returned home.

As a result, he didn’t find Song Yunxuan at home after he arrived there.

He unhappily threw the suit jacket on the back of the sofa. Wrinkling his thick and black eyebrows, he loosened his tie and asked Nurse Wang, “Isn’t Yunxuan back?”

Nurse Wang answered him respectfully, “Miss Yunxuan went out this afternoon.”

Song Yunqiang had already been upset because Song Yunxuan returned to Yuncheng. Now that she was not at home, he was too tired to cope with her. Song Yunqiang waved his hand and let Nurse Wang go.

He sat on the sofa and sighed, wondering exactly when Song Yunjia was related to Huo Jiahui.

Moreover, he didn’t know whether the relationship between Song Yunjia and Huo Jiahui was useful to him.

He was so irritable that he took out the wine from the imported wine cabinet and drank one glass after another.

It was dark after drinking for several hours. Not seeing Song Yunxuan come back, he drunkenly forgot that Song Yunxuan had already returned.

Separating from Shao Xue, Song Yunxuan took a taxi and came back. Shao Xue told her the reason why the major newspapers in Yuncheng had paid attention to the Song Family these days.

Ever since she left Fanxing Magazine, the editor-in-chief of the magazine, Xiao Hong, had always managed it.

During this time, the trend of Fanxing Magazine was very stable. Its market share was gradually climbing, which was a good sign.

Therefore, the major magazines focused on the trend of the reports of Fanxing Magazine.

In this way, Fanxing Magazine stirred up the topic of the Song Family. Naturally, many people were chasing after each other to report it.

These reports were all about the successor of the chairman in the Song Family and had already troubled Song Yunqiang deeply.

However, Song Yunxuan appreciated Xiao Hong’s ability to do business.

This made her feel relieved about the magazine a lot.

Feeling bored on her way home, Song Yunxuan watched the night outside the window and the scenery suddenly passing by the road.

The journey home was very fast.

It was only when she arrived at the Song Family and just took off her coat, handing it to the servant at the door, that she smelled the imported wine coming from the living room.

Then there was the sound of the glass being knocked down.

She frowned slightly and looked unhappily into the living room. “What happened?”

The servant next to her carefully answered her, “Young Master is drinking.”

“Oh?” Feeling that it was funny, she raised her eyebrows and went straight into the living room.

Although Song Yunqiang acted recklessly, he was not an alcoholic.

At least, during this time in the Song Family, she hadn’t seen Song Yunqiang drink yet.

Now, he actually drank at home regardless of his image. It looked like he really had some concerns.

Entering the living room, she changed into her cotton slippers. The sound of walking suddenly became much lower.

Song Yunqiang didn’t notice her coming, still drinking one glass after another.

Song Yunxuan came to his side before he could know it.

His glass was empty, and he vaguely reached out to touch the bottle of imported wine.

However, he found that someone held the wine bottle to fill his glass up for him.

Song Yunqiang drank after raising his head. It was after he drank half a cup that he suddenly realized something wrong and turned to look at the person holding the wine bottle.

Song Yunxuan looked at him, with the corners of her lips slowly rising.

Song Yunqiang’s expression changed greatly as if he saw a living ghost. His eyes were widened gradually.

Song Yunxuan’s eyes were bright. “Brother, why are you drinking alone? Is there anything you’re not happy about?”

Seeing her, the greater part of Song Yunqiang’s feeling of getting drunk was blown away. He was sober a lot at once. “Yunxuan?”

“Yes, brother, I am Yunxuan.”

Song Yunqiang was a little stunned. He put the wine glass on the table at once and started rubbing his forehead, thinking what he should say to his sister.

However, Song Yunxuan didn’t care what he was going to say to her. Looking at his appearance, she just called the servant next to her. “My brother drank too much. Clean up and take him to rest.”

Song Yunqiang was held by the servant to walk into the room. When he went up the stairs on the second floor, he suddenly turned around and said rashly, “Welcome home, Yunxuan.”

Song Yunxuan gave him a sweet and soft smile. “Well! Thank you, brother.”

She was afraid that he did not mean what he said in his mind although he said “welcome home”.

She fingered the glass on the table, watching the liquid sway and fluctuate inside with a sudden smile. “Although you are all not happy, I feel very happy.”

Song Yunqiang drank himself so much, in large measure because he still had no way to cope with her.

It was not in a hurry. Even if he figured it out, he couldn’t stop her.

No one could stop her ambition in this Song Family.

The night of the first lunar month was bitterly cold.

On the first night after Song Yunxuan returned to Yuncheng, she stayed up very late. In her sleep, she could even hear the wind blowing violently outside the window.

It turned cold at night and snowed the next day.

Song Yunxuan dressed herself neatly, going to the Song enterprise.

The expression on Song Yunqiang’s face was very awkward. The employees of the company also treated Song Yunxuan with an ambiguous attitude.

Although it was known that Song Yunxuan was the heir appointed by the elder of the Song Family before his death, in the final analysis, it was Song Yunqiang who was now controlling their salaries and promotions.

As long as Song Yunqiang was in the Song enterprise, no one dared to call Song Yunxuan ‘Chairman Song’.

The staff did not even dare to say the words, ‘Manager Song’.

Song Yunxuan was respectfully called Miss Song by the staff. In the Song enterprise, she was shown around the various departments of the Song enterprise, meeting the heads of all the departments by the way.

Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian, those long-standing employees of the Song enterprise, also came to accompany her to visit the Song enterprise.

Being well-behaved and well-informed, she talked well with the two old foxes along the way.

The two old foxes said nothing about the power transfer, but Song Yunxuan was not so sensible.

After visiting the company, she just said what they didn’t like to hear.

Inevitably, they talked about holding a banquet and the transfer of the position.

“Uncle Zhao, Uncle Zhou, my elder brother is so busy these days. It must be for the transfer of the position and the banquet. Right?”

Zhao Yang’s face was tense while Zhou Jian’s response was very quick. Zhou Jian cheerfully said, “Yunxuan, you do know your elder brother well. He has been so busy for a few days with your return to the company.”

Song Yunxuan, of course, saw Zhao Yang’s displeasure on his face. She turned around and walked forward. “Actually, he doesn’t have to do too much. After all, I’m not familiar with the management of the company. After taking office, I still need the support of my brother.”

Zhou Jian echoed, “Yes, indeed.”

But Zhao Yang said very little.

After visiting the Song enterprise for one morning, she went home in the afternoon.

The snow outside the window had not stopped yet. She looked at the snow outside in the room and suddenly remembered that Chu Mochen made an appointment with her before. He invited her to go out today.

It was two o’clock in the afternoon. She still didn’t receive his call to ask her out.

She had nothing else to do, so she asked the driver to drive to Chu Family.

On the way to Chu Family, she was somewhat uncomfortable.

She retched several times, which caught the driver’s attention. The driver persuaded her worriedly, “Miss, would you like to go to the hospital by the way?”

Song Yunxuan shook her head. “No, just go to Chu Family first.”

In the past, her relationship with Chu Mochen could only be described as utilization. However, after spending this period of time together in Harbor City, her feelings in her mind changed greatly.

It was only Chu Mochen who would stay with her at any moment.

There was no one except Chu Mochen.

Therefore, she chose to give up Xiao Family, such a strong springboard, just for Chu Mochen.

Thinking of this, she looked down slightly and laughed at herself a little.

She also did not expect that one day she would make such a change because of Chu Mochen.

Because of Chu Mochen, she even chose to take a detour to delay the time of revenge.

If she continued to get along with Chu Mochen with this kind of warmth and sweetness, would the obsession and hatred in her heart be slowly worn away?

Her thoughts drifted away a little bit, while the mansion of the Chu Family was gradually approaching.

The peculiar and magnificent architectural style of the Chu Family made Song Yunxuan feel familiar.

She knew something about the Chu Family a long time ago, and she also had a not bad relationship with Chu Mochen at that time.

But it was only in her childhood.

After growing up, these two people did not interact frequently.

She got married and had children, while Chu Mochen had been abroad all the time. Chu Mochen hadn’t even returned to see her.

When Gu Changge was alive, the relationship between these two people tended to be indifferent. However, no one could expect that after she died, her soul was reborn in another body and her fate was closely linked to his fate.

There was a smile in her eyes. It was rare to be a little bit sweet and cheerful.

She was willing to be associated with him.

She was not alone when fighting.

There would always be someone beside her, side by side with her.

She was no longer alone.

“Miss, the Chu Family is here.”

The driver spoke suddenly.

She was disturbed and immediately came to her senses.

Outside the car window was the carefully trimmed garden of the Chu Family. The fountain and water column in front of the mansion were crystal clear.

Snow was falling from the sky. The white snowflakes covered the roof and eaves.

In such a luxurious building, there seemed to be some implications of a crystal castle in a fairy tale.

Wearing gloves on her hands, she walked directly to Chu Family after getting out of the car.

She did not hesitate or fear because she had never seen Chu Mochen’s parents.

Now that she was with Chu Mochen, she would meet his parents sooner or later.

She formerly didn’t want to see them because she was not sure when she would part ways with Chu Mochen. Now she was sure to be with him. Therefore, seeing Chu Mochen’s parents would benefit her.

Walking to the carved gate, she just met a middle-aged tall and thin butler and Chu Mochen’s assistant beside him.

The assistant was saying something to the butler. The moment he saw Song Yunxuan as he pushed the door, he closed his mouth coldly, firmly and tightly biting the words which had not been spat out of his mouth.

The assistant recognized Song Yunxuan. Although Song Yunxuan hadn’t said a few words to him, she also had an impression on him.

“Miss Song.” The assistant greeted her, irresistibly with a trace of panic flashing from the bottom of his eyes.

This trace of panic was keenly captured by Song Yunxuan. The expression on her face became immediately cold. She turned to ask the butler, “Is Mochen at home?”

“Childe Chu…”

The butler hadn’t finished speaking yet. Chu Mochen’s assistant suddenly rushed to say, “Childe Chu is not at home!”

The assistant answered for the butler in such a hurry that Song Yunxuan felt a little weird. She turned to look at the assistant. Her sharp eyes almost looked into the assistant’s heart.

The assistant felt pins and needles on his scalp, but he still laughed dryly and said, “Childe Chu forgot to bring documents during the meeting, and I came back to help him get them.”

“He made an appointment with me yesterday afternoon. Is the meeting still on at this time today?” Song Yunxuan gave him a cold look and walked forward firmly. “He is at home, I want to see him.”

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