Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 224 - Follow Him to Yuncheng

Chapter 224 Follow Him to Yuncheng

After a moment of hesitation in the expression on the face of Song Yunying, she became firm and said, “I think it is my best choice.”

Song Yunxuan smiled. “Second sister, only those who stand firm can live longer.”

The choice that Song Yunying had made was the best because except that there was no better choice for her.

Song Yunqiang and Song Yunjia could hardly look after themselves in the future. How could they pay attention to her?

Song Yunqiang stayed in the office of the Song enterprise all day and made a call at noon to express that he was happy for Song Yunxuan’s return.

However, this was just a trick.

Song Yunqiang was still maintaining their superficial peace, while Song Yunjia did not want to maintain their ordinary external relations after moving out of the house of Song Family.

Song Yunying rushed back without staying for lunch, and she slept for an afternoon after eating.

At five o’clock in the evening, Chu Mochen called her.

She did not receive the call because the mobile phone was muted. After waking up, she saw the missed call and called back,

The purpose of Chu Mochen’s call was simple. He wanted to ask her to go out the next day.

After agreeing on the time, she hung up the phone and went out to have some water.

The big house of Song Family was indeed empty and lonely without Song Yan and Song Yunjia.

There were also murals on the walls, which Song Yan liked. Standing on the stairs, she stopped and looked at them for a while. The appearance of Song Yan loomed in her mind.

Although she was not his biological daughter, she could assure him that she could run a more prosperous Song Family in her hands.

A servant beside her purposely asked what she wanted for dinner.

She thought for a while and smiled. “Let’s make something that my brother likes.”

The servant couldn’t help but say, “You are very considerate, Miss.”

Her eyes were tender and reserved, and her raised corners of the lips were decent and supple, which a good sister should have.

However, who could think that this was her last mercy on Song Yunqiang?

Soon, Song Family would belong to her.

The time that Song Yunqiang could spend here would enter the countdown.

She walked towards the living room with a cup of water.

After office hours, Song Yunqiang still stayed in the office and was unwilling to leave. Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian both persuaded him.

“Since Yunxuan is back, the plan should be changed temporarily.”

Zhao Yang put Yuncheng Daily on the desk and showed it to him. “I don’t know who told what you said to the media. Now the whole Yuncheng knows that you’re abdicating. How do you think to handle it?”

Zhou Jian frowned. “What else can we do? Now that Yunqiang has said this, he naturally has to do as he said. Can he fail to keep his faith?”

Zhao Yang stubbornly said, “Such a great business of Song Family will be entrusted to Song Yunxuan, a chit of a girl. Can you rest assured?”

“Of course, I am not able to be assured, but that’s the situation. Can you do anything else?”

Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian each made sense. Song Yunqiang was listening on the side and felt his head hurt faintly.

Just then, the mahogany door of the office was suddenly pushed open by a slender hand.

The beautiful Daphne high heels stepped on the smooth wooden floor, and a clear voice came over. “Why should you worry? How can a girl who can’t even handle her personal affairs control the Song enterprise?

Hearing it, Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian all looked along the voice and saw Song Yunjia standing at the door.

Song Yunjia’s long and narrow eyes were calm with some confidence. “I have just received the news that a good friend is coming, and she is about to get off the plane.”

Song Yunqiang looked at his eldest younger sister and wondered in his mind. “Who is it?”

Song Yunjia mysteriously smiled. “Go and pick up her with me, my brother. You’ll know when you meet her personally.”

This was their life-saving straw and also their pawn.

Although Song Yunjia didn’t say it clearly, everyone knew it in their hearts.

However, who was this pawn?

Being bewildered in his mind, Song Yunqiang, after leaving Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian, went to the airport with Song Yunjia by car.

On the way to the airport, Song Yunqiang was still a little worried. “We did not pick up Yunxuan in the morning when she came back, but now, we go to pick up your friend. It will be improper if the media captures and exposes it.”

“If you are worried, stay in the car. I’ll get off and pick her up.”

Song Yunqiang understood that these two sisters had completely torn their faces since Song Yunjia moved out of Song Family’s house.

Song Yunjia had been living in an apartment outside these days. She didn’t even return for dinner on New Year’s Eve.

He was distressed about Song Yunjia. “When the matter comes to an end, you can move back.”

But Song Yunjia was very stubborn. “As long as Song Yunxuan stays in Song Family’s house, I will not go back.”

Only one could live between her and Song Yunxuan.

The airport was getting closer and closer. Three or five minutes later, Song Family’s car stopped outside the airport.

Song Yunjia got off.

Song Yunqiang waited in the car.

Fifteen minutes later, a woman walking side by side with Song Yunjia came into view from a distance.

The slender woman in good shape wore large fashion sunglasses, covering half of her face, and her pointed jaw was particularly noticeable.

After she approached, Song Yunqiang realized who she was.

When Song Yunjia personally opened the car door for her, Song Yunqiang was surprised and said, “Miss Huo?”

The one called Miss Huo smiled with her bent lips. She got into the car and took off her sunglasses on her face.

A beautiful face was revealed. However, Song Yunqiang could not help being shocked by the scar on her face. “Huo Jiaying?”

“No, I’m Huo Jiahui.” She denied. As the car started moving, she put her hair behind her ears and said slowly, “Everything you’ve seen before is false. I am Huo Jiahui.”

Huo Jiahui, who should have been in Harbor City, appeared in Yuncheng. Song Yunqiang looked puzzledly at Song Yunjia sitting in front.

Song Yunjia turned back. “Miss Huo is chasing Childe Chu to come here.”

Song Yunqiang understood it instantly in his mind but immediately thought that Chu Mochen had confirmed the relationship with Yunxuan before in Harbor City.

However, Huo Jiahui didn’t give up and chased him to Yuncheng.

“Miss Huo is really affectionate.” He could not help but sigh with emotion.

Huo Jiahui smiled with some self-mockery. “But I have no luck.”

She loved Chu Mochen so much, but she never expected that Chu Mochen would degrade himself to be with Song Yunxuan.

Was Song Yunxuan, such a girl, better than her?

Chu Mochen must have been temporarily fascinated by her. When he woke up a little, he would definitely see how good she was.

Song Yunqiang talked with Huo Jiahui for a while and showed great enthusiasm and interest in the movies she starred in. In the end, he, like an avid fan, asked Huo Jiahui to give him an autograph.

Song Yunjia and Song Yunqiang sent Huo Jiahui to the hotel.

Then, they left.

On the way, Song Yunqiang couldn’t understand Song Yunjia’s thoughts. “If you want to borrow someone else’s force, Huo Jiahui is not a good candidate.”

“Then who do you think is a good candidate?”

“Huo Jiaying.”

Song Yunjia laughed. “You are wrong. Huo Jiaying isn’t so smart as Huo Jiahui at all. What’s more, Huo Jiahui loves Chu Mochen as much as she hates Song Yunxuan.”

“If Huo Jiahui could defeat Song Yunxuan, Song Yunxuan would not have returned to Yuncheng safely and soundly.”

Song Yunjia could not refute Song Yunqiang, but with a vicious light in her eyes, she whispered, “Let’s wait and see.”

If Huo Jiahui was driven crazy, she would do everything at any cost.

At six o’clock in the evening, Song Yunxuan took a couple of bites of snacks before asking Shao Xue to go out for coffee.

After staying in Harbor City for so long and returning, Song Yunxuan felt that Shao Xue had become much more beautiful when seeing her.

Her hair had grown a bit. Song Yunxuan had thought she would see Gu Yi and Miaomiao beside Shao Xue.

After arriving there, she found that she had thought too much.

Shao Xue went into the warm coffee shop with her and explained after ordering the drink, “Miaomiao and Gu Yi are both at a boarding school, and the school has started on the 18th.”

Song Yunxuan nodded, and there was still some inexplicable disappointment in her heart.

After all, she still wanted to see those two children.

With a bit of disappointment, she passed three paper bags which she took with her to Shao Xue. “I brought these gifts from Harbor City for Gu Yi, Miaomiao, and you.”

Shao Xue took them. “I received a pink gauze princess skirt from Harbor City before. Miaomiao likes it very much. Did you mail it?”

Song Yunxuan smiled. “Did you take pictures?”

“Of course.” Shao Xue took out her phone with a smile and started looking through the album. “I knew you would want to see, so I took lots of pictures after Miaomiao wore it. I keep them for you to see on purpose.”

Shao Xue found the photos on the phone album to show Song Yunxuan and then passed the phone to her.

Song Yunxuan reached out to pick up the phone and seriously looked at the photos of Miaomiao on it.

Just after the Spring Festival, Miaomiao didn’t grow up a lot, and her round cheeks were still very rosy and cute.

Miaomaio’s eyes were like her eyes when she was a child, very dark and bright.

Wearing the nude pink princess dress, she looked gorgeous and beautiful, like a little angel flying down from the sky.

Shao Xue couldn’t help but sigh with emotion. “Miaomiao looks so cute. Everyone says that she looks like her mother.”

“Um.” Her eyes were loving.

A long time ago, she felt that Miaomiao was very similar to her when she was a child. She liked Miaomiao very much.

She hoped that Miaomiao could live a happy life.

Shao Xue saw Song Yunxuan looking at the photos and suddenly sighed softly. “Gu Changle…, seems to be pregnant.”

As soon as this sentence was finished, the smile on Song Yunxuan’s face seemed to freeze and instantly become cold.

The extreme coldness filled her eyes while the warmth in her eyes quickly disappeared.

Watching Song Yunxuan’s expression become cold, Shao Xue said after considering for a while, “Gu Changle discussed with Shao Tianze and said that they wanted to send Miaomiao and Gu Yi to a boarding school in Itali and did not want them to come back before the age of 18.”

A boarding school?

They could not come back before the age of 18?

Song Yunxuan sneered in her heart. No one knew whether there would be any accident when they were in a boarding school.

They could not come back before the age of 18? Gu Changle just wanted Gu Changge’s two children not to return forever, right?

She put the phone down and said with her firm and cold eyes, “Even if Gu Changle is pregnant, letting her give birth to the child will cost half of her life, so Shao Tianze should not be so crazy to let her give birth to the baby.”

Shao Xue was very worried. “Even so, Gu Changle will not be willing to give up, and there is another way which is to find a surrogate mother.”


Song Yunxuan couldn’t help but mock softly. “According to Gu Changle’s personality, I am afraid that surrogacy will cause an uproar, right?”

Gu Changle was jealous. Who could be the surrogate mother for Shao Tianze’s and her child?

She was very curious indeed.

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