Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 223 - Second Sister's Choice

Chapter 223 Second Sister’s Choice

Song Yunjia felt that the news she had heard was just like a flash of lightning.

Suddenly, it hit her in the dead at once.

After that, she no longer took anything else Shao Tianze said to her heart.

She just moved her lips and asked him in a low voice which could not be almost heard, “Do you want her to give birth to the baby?”

Shao Tianze didn’t answer immediately but stared at her expression to see her reaction.

Song Yunjia felt very afraid in her mind. If Gu Changle gave birth to Shao Tianze’s child, the child would be the common bond of blood between these two people.

Then, was there any chance for them to break up?

If they didn’t break up, when would she be with Shao Tianze?

She loved Shao Tianze very much as well and paid much more than Gu Changle did.

Why could Gu Changle be with Shao Tianze after the death of Gu Changge?

What qualifications did Gu Changle have for conceiving Shao Tianze’s child?

It was her who removed Gu Changge for them, the obstacle, and helped them get together.

She was the one who was the most helpful for Shao Tianze, wasn’t she? Why did Shao Tianze choose Gu Changle?


A thought, which Song Yunjia tried her best to oppress but failed, sprouted in her heart suddenly. It quickly took root and grew into a sturdy vine manipulating her mind, expressions, words, and gestures.

With some tears filling her eyes, she looked at Shao Tianze with an extremely worried look and asked in a trembling voice, “Do you really want her to have a baby?”

With deep and graceful features on his handsome and elegant face, Shao Tianze raised his eyebrows. “Do I have another choice?”

Song Yunjia’s eyebrows were wrinkled tightly, and her eyes were a little flustered. “However, her condition doesn’t allow her to bear a child. If she has a child…, she will risk her life.”

She searched for clinical cases of this condition in her mind and looked up at him. “You are a student of medicine as well as a doctor. Don’t you understand that? According to Changle’s situation, it will be better not to have a child for her life safety in her life.”

Shao Tianze shook his head, smiling helplessly. “Do you want the children of Changge to inherit all of this? If Xiaoyi and Miaomiao know the truth after they grow up, do you think I can live a peaceful life during my old age?”

Of course not.

Gu Changge’s son was smart.

It was seen evidently by the whole Yuncheng.

Gu Changge’s previous education for her son before her death indicated that she had planned to let Gu Yi inherit the whole Gu’s.

Now, Gu Changge had died. Shao Tianze was the murderer. He certainly would not let Gu Yi be the heir of Gu’s.

He needed an heir who was fully obedient to him, guaranteeing him an old-age life without threats.

This person was destined to be his other son.

And the woman who would give birth to this son, of course, had better be Gu Changle.

“Changle’s condition can’t withstand the torture of pregnancy for ten months. If you are determined to let her have a baby, you will kill her.”

Song Yunjia stressed every word she uttered so that Shao Tianze had to attach importance to what she had said.

In fact, what she said was right.


“If Changle cannot bear a child, then…”

“I can.” Song Yunjia blurted out.

Her expression was a little intent and eager.

After finishing the sentence completely, she found it was improper.

In hindsight, Song Yunjia suddenly controlled her eagerness after she finished her words. She tilted her head aside awkwardly and murmured, “I can find a surrogate mother for you.”

She said reluctantly.

However, what she said just now made Shao Tinze understand her love.

He was smart and could understand her willing dedication.

The atmosphere was a little awkward for a moment. Song Yunjia blushed and looked away in silence, standing in his office room.

On the screen of the oversized LCD TV, the report on Song Yunxuan’s return to Yuncheng had ended already.

Shao Tianze crossed his hands and bent over slightly, with his fingers holding his smooth chin.

Song Yunjia was a little obsessed with his handsome profile when seeing him. “What are you thinking?”

Shao Tianze didn’t look at her but said lightly, “I have heard that you have moved out.”

Song Yunjia’s face became stiff. She didn’t speak it out openly or tell anyone else that she had moved out of Song Family.

She still wanted to move back. Her purpose was just to let Song Yunxuan know the seriousness and embarrass her.

What she hadn’t expected was that Song Yunxuan followed her trick and kicked her out of Song Family.

She was depressed. “My father passed away. Living in Song Family reminds me of him and makes me sad. So, I moved out.”

Shao Tianze didn’t know what to comment on.

“Are you planning to move back?”

Song Yunjia opened her mouth but found that no answer to this question was proper.

If she said yes, why should she move out?

If she said no, she didn’t content with the current situation in her mind.

Shao Tianze seemed to see her ambivalence and advised her calmly. “Since you feel sad, you can live outside for a while and move back after you feel better.”

Hearing what Shao Tianze said, Song Yunjia was about to deny that she would move back.

Before she could speak, Shao Tianze stopped her. His earnest eyes were facing her eyes, projecting the invisible pressure.

He said, “It is your home.”

The meaning of this sentence was apparent that Shao Tianze wanted her to move back.

Shao Tianze supported her to move back to Song Family.

Song Yunjia felt happy in her mind and could not help showing a smile on her face tenderly and gratefully.

As long as Shao Tianze supported her and was at her back, she would be willing to advance bravely.

If Shao Tianze wanted her to control Song Family, she would do as he wanted.

Anyway, Song Yunxuan needed to be eliminated.

Thinking of this, she suddenly thought of a way to fight against Song Yunxuan.

Her beautiful eyes blinked, and the smile at the corners of her lips softened a bit. Since Song Yunxuan was so arrogant, why did not they take advantage of it?

When Song Yunxuan walked out of the airport, she was first greeted by a large number of reporters. After she got into the car sent by Chu Family, she just saw the vehicle of Song Family waiting outside.

However, her family members were not among the people welcoming her.

There was no Song Yunqiang or Song Yunjia.

Those who came were just some middle-level managers of the Song enterprise, the butler of Song Family, and Nurse Wang who she brought from Qingcheng.

Nurse Wang, standing outside the car, anxiously looked inside the airport but couldn’t see her after a long time.

Song Yunxuan saw Nurse Wang and couldn’t help but get off the car to greet Nurse Wang.

But Chu Mochen grabbed her hand at once. He raised his eyes and ordered the driver at the front. “Get off and tell the people in the car from Song Family that we will drive Yunxuan to Song Family.”

The driver obeyed his order, getting off the car. He trotted to Nurse Wang and told her as Chu Mochen ordered.

Nurse Wang looked at the place where Song Yunxuan was for a while and then left with the car of Song Family.

Song Yunxuan watched the car go far and then looked back at Chu Mochen with a playful look. “Why? Are you afraid that I will be hit by the rushing cars as soon as I get out of the car?”

“Do you think there is no such a precedent?” Chu Mochen asked back.

Song Yunxuan was slightly shocked. “I suppose no.”

In Yuncheng, in order to fight for profits, in fact, all means had been used.

They included killing people.

What Chu Mochen said was not unbelievable. At least, Gu Changge was an example.

Her legs were crushed inadvertently, and then her life was ruined.

It was a conspiracy specially designed for her.

Song Yunxuan pursed her lips and didn’t speak anymore. She kept silent all the way.

The scenery of Yuncheng passed by the window outside the car and then flew back quickly.

She raised her hand and rubbed her temples, looking a little tired.

“After I send you back, have a good rest.”

“I will.” She nodded.

“Call me at any time if you need anything.”


She answered obediently no matter what he told without a rebellious attitude which was haughty and aloof as before.

Chu Mochen looked at her and felt that there was something different about her.

But Song Yunxuan didn’t focus her eyes on him. Her temples beat faintly. After returning to Song Family, there would be more violent waves than before.

She couldn’t wait.

A cold light was concealed deeply in her eyes. Her smile at the corners of her mouth was faint.

When she arrived at Song Family, there was also a luxury car beside the fountain basin in the front yard of Song Family, a flashy red sports car.

It was Song Yunying’s car.

Song Yunxuan recognized it at a glance.

As soon as she got off the car, servants at home came out to greet her and pick up her luggage. Song Yunying, with a raised abdomen, heard that Song Yunxuan had arrived home and walked out of the door.

Chu Mochen’s gaze swept away from Song Yunying’s body as if looking at a transparent person coldly.

Song Yunying felt a little awkward and a bit frightened. She frowned and tilted her body a little. Shen adjusted her expression and then affectionately spoke to Song Yunxuan, “Yunxuan, you are back?”

Song Yunxuan wore a warm face. “Yes, second sister.”

Song Yunying walked towards her and opened her arms, wanting to embrace her. “Welcome back.”

“Thank you, second sister.” Song Yunxuan hugged Song Yunying for a while and then let her go.

Chu Mochen stood beside without any expression.

Song Yunying forced herself to greet Chu Mochen with some holiday words and invited him to have a seat in the home. Cho Mochen declined. “May I take a rain check? I need to go back first, Yunxuan.”

“Be careful on the way.” Song Yunxuan saw him off.

She thought about it and then caught up with him. She grabbed his sleeve and kissed gently him on his cheek. Then she whispered in his year, “Thank you.”

Cho Mochen was a little shocked and said “my pleasure” before getting into the car.

Song Yunying stood together with Song Yunxuan at the door and saw the car of Chu Family leave. “Your relationship with Childe Chu is much better. Did you enjoy your stay in Harbor City?”

Song Yunxuan smiled coldly and turned around to enter the house. “Thanks to my brother, I enjoyed it.”

Song Yunying raised her eyebrows and followed her to enter. “Our brother is too busy to pick up you. Please don’t blame him.”

“How can I blame him? I should be grateful to him for his effort and commitment to the Song enterprise.”

After saying, she beckoned servants carrying her luggage to stop. She picked out one of several paper bags handed over by the servants and turned around to hand it over to Song Yunying. “This is a gift I brought back from Harbor City. I hope you can like it, second sister.”

Song Yunying paused before reaching out to take it. She opened it, and there was a pearl necklace.

The pearls were all full and round, and every pearl of the necklace was the same size. It was very beautiful.

Song Yunying smiled. “Thank you.”

Song Yunxuan sat on the sofa. The maid brought fruit and dessert.

As Song Yunxuan took a piece of dragon fruit with a small fork and was about to eat it, Song Yunying over there uttered, “Our brother and sister will fight against you.”

Song Yunxuan stopped the action of her hand slightly and turned to look at Song Yunying. “Why did you say this to me, my second sister?”

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