Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 222 - Changle Was Pregnant

Chapter 222 Changle Was Pregnant

As soon as Song Yunjia said those words, Song Yunqiang was already glaring out of anger.

But Song Yunjia was not flustered. Her slender eyebrows frowned slightly. She seemed to be very unacceptable when she heard the reproach from her brother. She said, “Brother, calm down first. Please listen to me.”

Song Yunqiang became angry when he heard that Song Yunjia asked him to hold the party as agreed and transfer the position. He said, “Doesn’t it mean that we will watch helplessly Song Family fall apart if we entrust it to such a vulgar girl?”

Song Yunjia did not have time to explain. Song Yunqiang started his tirade. “The promise that our father asked a vulgar girl to take over the Song enterprise before his death is just temporarily angry words. If we follow his angry words and destroy Song Family, how can we live up to the spirit of our father?”

Song Yunying curled her lips. After the secretary served a cup of warm water, she just held the cup to drink.

Actually, Song Yunqiang had no need to state these learned-sounding reasons at all. Who did not know his intention in the Song Family?

He thought that most of the property in Song Family would belong to him. But he rejoiced too soon and gained nothing. Song Yunxuan would own all of that.

The little profit which she left had to be divided into three parts for him and the other two sisters. Obviously, it was not enough to satisfy him at all.

He was not willing to be clamped down by Song Yunxuan throughout his life.

Song Yunqiang was strongly against. “Transferring the position is not in a hurry.”

“What about the welcoming feast?”

“We won’t hold it temporarily.” Song Yunqiang’ s plan was already in disarray.

But Song Yunjia had a clear mind. “Brother, do you mean that the words you said before Yunxuan left do not count?”

“Did I say that to her? Who can prove it?”

Song Yunqiang’s eyes became diabolical. If he didn’t admit that, no one could force him to hold the party or transfer the position.

Anyhow, Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian, these two senior members of the Song enterprise always supported him. So, he had no need to be afraid.

Song Yunjia saw that their brother decided to act shamelessly. She frowned. Then she turned around and went out.

She came over in white leather shoes of the hospital with muffin soles. So, she did not walk very loudly.

Song Yunying said nothing throughout the talk. Hearing the conversation between his brother and sister, she knew that they broke down the negotiation because of disagreements.

Song Yunying looked at her bright-red nails after she finished the water.

Song Yunqiang became very agitated because of Song Yunjia’s suggestion. He threw himself into the leather chair and let out a breath.

Song Yunying chose a proper time to speak, “Brother, why does my sister suddenly stand up for Song Yunxuan?”

Song Yunqiang was gloomy.

Song Yunying sighed blandly. “Yunxuan is really an awesome girl. She is good at getting someone on her board. Even my sister…”


Song Yunying hadn’t finished her words. But Song Yunjia opened the door to interrupt her.

Song Yunying glanced at her. She also found that Yunying held a magazine and some greatly circulated newspapers in Yuncheng in her hands when she returned.

She curled her lips and said nothing.

Song Yunjia glared at her. And then she walked straight to Song Yunqiang’s big desk. Not waiting for Song Yunqiang to say something, she raised her hand and slapped the magazine as well as those newspapers in her hand down on the desk of her brother.

Song Yunqiang couldn’t bear it with his eyes opened wide. “What are you doing?”

Song Yunjia was exasperated at his failure to make good. She said, “Brother, do you really believe that I stand up for Song Yunxuan so that I asked you to transfer the position?”

Song Yunqiang frowned. “Don’t you?”

“Of course not!” Song Yunjia denied. She then pointed at the magazine as well as those newspapers on the desk and said to him, “Look at these headlines in these newspapers carefully! Then you will understand my suggestion of transferring the position!”

Song Yunqiang looked down slowly. His eyes fell on the magazine on the desk. He just saw two small words, Fanxing Magazine.

Then he looked up. The enormous font on the cover of the magazine rushed into his eyes directly. “Song Yunqiang will hold a feast for his sister, Song Yunxuan! He will announce that he is going to transfer the power of the Song enterprise to her!”

This line of words seemed to stab the nerves of Song Yunqiang. He grabbed the magazine at once after looking away and questioned Song Yunjia, “Who released the news?”

Song Yunjia looked at him coldly. “Are you still suspicious of me at this time?”

Song Yunqiang turned his eyes away from Song Yunjia’s face to Song Yunying slowly.

Feeling the sight, Song Yunying felt a burst of coldness down her spine. “Brother, I have been staying at home these days to nourish the fetus. Are you suspicious of me?”

Song Yunqiang gritted his teeth. “I haven’t released such a piece of news.”

Song Yunying sneered from the bottom of her heart. Was there any need to exclude one by one to figure out such a thing? Anyone who was not stupid knew that these matters were made by Song Yunxuan herself.

That silly girl was very vicious to achieve something she wanted.

Song Yunjia reminded Song Yunqiang, “Brother, either Yunxuan did this thing herself or Chu Mochen helped her do it. You’re in for it now.

Song Yunqiang looked very pale.

He was indeed in for it. Since he had already made such a promise that he would hold a feast to hand over the power, a blatant cancellation would only make people scoff at his failure to keep his word.

Even worse, someone would scold him as an ill-disposed brother who wanted to take away his own sister’s property.

He had no choice but to hold the feast and make the handover at the banquet as agreed.

But if he did these things, he would be reluctant.

He was reluctant to hand over all of these to Song Yunxuan.

It was obvious that all the property should belong to him, the eldest son. But now why should this belong to Song Yunxuan?

Song Yunjia was naturally reluctant, either. After telling the situation to her brother, she picked up a call and then returned to work hurriedly.

The servant in Song Family called her and told her that Song Yunxuan’s flight was about to arrive when she had lunch.

She sneered. “Doesn’t she want me to pick her up in person?”

The person on the other end of the line said some holiday words and then hung up.

She lost her appetite for the meal. She angrily threw the little silver fork into the plate and then left the dining hall after standing up.

Song Yunxuan watched the flight land. The clouds gradually drifted away. The buildings in Yuncheng got larger and larger.

On the extensive airfield, the Boeing 747 slowly glided to a stop.

She stepped out of the airplane cabin.

At this time, the cold air in the first month of the lunar year in Yuncheng was blown over by the wind. She took a breath and wore a smile on her face unconsciously.

Yuncheng belonged to her. No matter when she would come back.

No one could stop her.

Here was her business world.

This never changed.

She stepped slowly out of the plane. Chu Mochen’s fingers held her five fingers tightly.

The warmth was passed from her palm to her body. She turned to look at his cold and stern face. The smile in the eyes softened a little.

She thought that she made the right decision when she came back.

She would like to give up the springboard, Xiao Family, and stay with Chu Mochen.

She was willing to accompany him.

Even if this road would be full of trouble.

They had no idea who released the news. When they came out of customs, there were lots of journalists waiting for them at the airport.

The magnesium lights were shining. Many young journalists squeezed out of the crowd to ask their plans after returning to Yuncheng.

She replied to them all with a smile.

“I have heard that after Miss Song comes back, you will take over as the chairman of the Song enterprise this time. Is that true?”

She nodded. “That’s what my brother told me. He said that he would transfer the position of the chairman to me.”

“Miss Song, what business plan will you carry out to run business after you take over as the chairman? Will there be some great personnel changes in the Song enterprise?”

The journalist seemed to be an expert who was specialized in writing a commercial report.

She glanced at the female journalist who was about thirty years old. She smiled calmly. “I’m still young, and I have a lot to learn. Even if I take over the position, I still need my brother’s help.”

She tactfully avoided the question of personnel changes.

Everything she had seen and experienced since her childhood told her that the innovation of an enterprise and the replacement of the successor would be accompanied by a turbulent personnel change.

Every new sovereign brought his own courtiers.

When she took charge of the Song enterprise, those employees who took Song Yunqiang as the core would undoubtedly be replaced.

Otherwise, how could she control the whole family?

Her eyes curved. She showed great and pure self-confidence under those flash bulbs.

Even close-up shots could not expose any flaw on her beautiful face on the HD LCD screen.

In the chairman’s office of the Shao enterprise, Shao Tianze’s eyes stared at Song Yunxuan’s face on the screen firmly.

Song Yunjia was next to him, rubbing her temples. She said tiredly, “This bitch was really lucky to survive.”

“She has some skills indeed.” Shao Tianze said calmly.

Song Yunjia glared at Song Yunxuan who was around by the journalists to answer their questions on the video screen. “She should have been entangled in Harbor City.”

Shao Tianze sneered suddenly. He turned to look at her. “Harbor City is not as attractive as Yuncheng to her. Now she has come back. You and your brother should take it seriously to think what to do with her next.”

Song Yunjia bit her lower lip reluctantly. The look when she frowned was very beautiful.

Shao Tianze did not pay close attention to her though she was beautiful. He only looked outside the window.

Noticing that he looked outside the window, Song Yunjia had no good ideas in a short period. She simply decided not to think about Song Yunxuan. She asked about Gu Changle’s recent situation. “I have heard that Changle has not been feeling well these days, has she?”

Shao Tianze nodded.

Song Yunjia smiled warmly. “Changle is weak. If there is something wrong with her, you are supposed to take her to go to the hospital for a check-up as soon as possible.”

Shao Tianze turned to look at her. “I know.”

Song Yunjia became soft. Her eyes were full of care. “In the past, if Changle did not feel well, you would take her to go to the hospital immediately. Why did you delay it this time?”

She was right. Shao Tianze took Gu Changle as an invaluable treasure. He cared about her very much nearly like a pearl in the palm.

In the past, even if Gu Changle was just a little dizzy, he would find someone to take her to the hospital for a check-up.

She had been jealous of this for a long time inwardly.

Now, Gu Changge had died already. They had nothing to scruple.

Why did he drag his feet and refuse to take her to see a doctor instead when Changle was sick?”

Song Yunjia looked puzzled. But her heart was filled with schadenfreude. She guessed that Shao Tianze might get tired of her in his mind instead and become more and more disgusted with her when he was really together with Gu Changle.

She could not help being happy as soon as she thought that Shao Tianze became more and more disgusted with Gu Changle.

But Shao Tianze suddenly said when she was inwardly happy, “There is something special about Changle’s illness this time.”

“Special?” She was a little puzzled.

Though Gu Changle relied on Gu Changge to escape from death in a great catastrophe, her life was still fragile, after all.

Special symptoms?

What special symptoms would a woman with a heart problem have?

She was disdainful in her mind. She was going to sneer.

But there was a flash in her mind suddenly. She opened her mouth wide unbelievably. “Could it be…”

“Changle may be pregnant.” Shao Tianze said in a calm tone.

The expression on Song Yunjia’s face was terrible and stiff.

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