Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 221 - Return to Yuncheng

Chapter 221 Return to Yuncheng

When Song Yunxuan composedly got on the plane, the homesick feeling covered her canthi and tips of the brows.

Merely, the flight attendants in the first-class stateroom were extraordinarily respectful to her.

Chu Mochen slightly frowned. Seeing that she softly rubbed the jade ring on her finger, he said, “Have you predicted all these affairs from the beginning?”

“How could it be?” She looked at him smilingly. “I’m not some kind of supernatural being.”

Her smile was sincere and clear as if her emotion was also genuine.

But Chu Mochen was so wise not to trust her. If she had predicted nothing, she would not have asked everybody present to collateralize with their family heirlooms in advance at all before playing cards.

The owner of that jade ring was the only son of the chairman who had acquired the airline.

Those flight attendants who saw the jade ring would undoubtedly treat her as their young master to serve deferentially.

But they would never know that this jade ring was just a counterfeit.

The airplane slowly took off. As the plane taxied off, the view outside the window flashed by.

There were some clouds gradually drooping outside the oval window.

The airplane was just like a big bird to go through the clouds slowly. It flew towards the flight path at a height of 25,000 feet.

Song Yunxuan looked down at Harbor City coldly under her feet. She could only see a piece of whiteness.

The sun broke through the clouds to shine inside the window a little. Her white fingers were fair like jade in the sunshine.

She looked at her hands. There was a cold light deep in her eyes. Soon, she would use her hands to kill Shao Tianze.

Soon, soon…

She squinted her eyes. A trace of fiendish fierceness flashed by.

But Chu Mochen just pursed his lips beside her.

He could feel the chill that emanated from her invisibility.

The tour to Harbor City would be a stage to stimulate Song Yunxuan to transform.

The plan of Son Family had caused great troubles.

The news that Song Yunxuan had got on the plane safely was told to Xiao Family in Harbor City firstly and then to Song Family in Yuncheng.

The former was astonished.

Xiao Luo instantly asked his assistant beside him to order an air ticket to Yuncheng for him. And he also asked someone to pack up a small amount of luggage and all the credentials for him.

When Xiao Luo was about to go out with his suitcase, he was stopped by Elder Xiao, who came over on his walking stick.

Elder Xiao was dismal and gloomy. Seeing his suitcase in his hand, his anger was fueled. “A Luo, what are you doing?”

The elder possessed his temper to talk to his grandson. Xiao Luo could also keenly feel the anger of him. He pursed his lips. He then said firmly, “I want to go to Yuncheng to bring Yunxuan back.”

“Bring her back?” The elder sneered. “Haven’t you told her the truth already?”

“But there is something wrong with the accreditation. I don’t believe that she has nothing to do with me.”

Xiao Luo insisted. The elder frowned and looked at him. “Why don’t you think that maybe it is Yunxuan who did something because of being unwilling to return to Xiao Family?”

The elder’s words were so sharp. He made Xiao Luo unable to say a word at once.

Indeed, he never thought that Yunxuan might be unwilling to go back to Xiao Family.

“But Grandpa, this is the real home of Yunxuan, after all.”

Xiao Jiancheng sighed. He felt a little tired. “A Luo, you have to know that she is a smart girl. The place which she likes is her real home. If you believe that she is your sister by blood, you should treat her as your sister. You are still brother and sister though you do not take her back to Xiao Family or live together with her. Are you clear?”

The elder seldom comforted others peacefully like this.

After hearing what his grandpa said, Xiao Luo frowned and was dazed in situ.

For a long while he did not move.

A servant hurried over. He bent down after seeing the elder and Little Childe Xiao. He said to Xiao Luo in a low voice, “Little Childe Xiao, the car to the airport is ready. We can leave at any time.”

The expression in Xiao Luo’s eyes changed. The anxiety deep in his eyes gradually faded. He said, “I don’t want to go there anymore.”

“Eh?” The servant who prepared the car was a little surprised.

Xiao Luo loosened his suitcase. He repeated in a high voice, “I won’t go to Yuncheng.”

He would not go there. If Yunxuan liked to stay in Yuncheng, why should he be so determined to take her back to Xiao Family?

If he stopped her from living the life she wanted, she would not be happy.

Seeing that Xiao Luo had taken it easy, the elder walked towards the yard where he lived on the walking stick with the help of the steward.

The steward was a little worried. “Little Childe Xiao doesn’t believe the accreditation.”

“Not only he but also I do not believe the accreditation.”

“Why are you suspicious, Old Master?”

The elder stopped for a while. After a period of silence, he said, “I heard that Yunxuan had a connection with the girl in Tianzang Mill.”

Hearing that, the steward opened his mouth wide in surprise. “Tianzang Mill?”

Xiao Jiancheng sneered. He was a little disdainful. “That girl in Tianzang Mill is really too bold. She dared to play tricks on Xiao Family. She even did not know how complicated Xiao Family was before stepping into our matters.”

But the old steward smiled. “Old Master, your granddaughter is much more intelligent. Otherwise, according to the strange temper of Miss Zang, she would not have got involved in this thing.”

Xiao Jiancheng became kind a little. He sighed a little regretfully. “You are right.”

It was rare for Xiao Family to have a granddaughter who had such an ability to drive the hearts of others. But it was a pity that her heart was not in Harbor City.

It was hard to let her stay here.

The mansion of Xiao Family returned to silence.

The sun broke through the clouds and scattered in the living room of Song Family.

Hearing that Song Yunxuan had got on the special plane and was on the way back to Yuncheng, Song Yunqiang almost left a hole in the desk of the office by a slap.

Song Yunjia took half a day off because of his asking. Song Yunying also came over with the mentality to look on after hearing the news.

The moment Song Yunying entered the chairman’s office of the Song enterprise, she just saw a few documents thrown at the door.

She was dazed. She looked up at the big office table which was in front of the picture window.

Song Yunqiang seldom smoked. But he was smoking anxiously at that time.

Song Yunying had been pregnant for five months. She had got a big belly. She was treated as a treasure in Song Family.

So, second-hand smoke was very bad for her.

She frowned. She coughed, which seemed to remind Song Yunqiang.

Song Yunqiang glanced at her restlessly. But he had no intention to put it out.

She was annoyed in her mind, but she could say nothing.

Song Yunxuan didn’t die in Harbor City as they wished, after all. The news that she would go back made the whole Song Family get involved in a grave threat.

Song Yunjia was a noble lady. The appearance as she frowned was also extremely beautiful.

Seeing that Song Yunjia was livid, Song Yunying found herself a seat to sit down.

There was a secretary coming to ask what she would like to drink beside her. Song Yunying said lightly, “Hot milk.”

The secretary froze. She felt a little embarrassed. “We only have hot coffee and cocoa.”

Song Yunying was clearly unhappy. She disgustedly answered, “So please give me a cup of warm water.”

Maybe the disgusted look on her face made Song Yunqiang break out. Song Yunqiang pressed the cigarette into the ashtray suddenly and rebuked in a gloomy voice, “How can you stay choosy at such a tough time?”

Being rebuked by her eldest brother suddenly, Song Yunying was a little unhappy. “Brother, why are you so loud? I can’t be frightened when I am pregnant.”

Song Yunqiang was just about to hop up to argue with this silly sister immediately.

But Song Yunjia said in a cold voice, “You are not supposed to be too serious to Yunying, my brother. She is not the same as us now. If she had no kids in Xue Family, she could never be tenable.”

Yunjia’s words were very objective, but she also exposed a wound of Song Yunying like a slap in the face.

Song Yunjia was absolutely right. Xue Tao had been whoring outside and never stopped during these months. If she had no child in her belly, she would be nothing in Xue Family at all.

But Song Yunqiang followed this topic to begin to analyze the stakes for Song Yunying. “Do you really believe that Yunying can keep a foothold for herself by giving birth to a baby? I know that Xue Tao is always a frivolous and skirt-chasing boulevardier. Though she can give birth to a baby, we cannot guarantee that Xue Tao will not bring another pregnant woman back one day. How can she be tenable without the support of Song Family at that time?”

These words were all obviously right. And Song Yunying could have thought about this early.

She married into Xue Family reluctantly at first.

If Xue Tao was entangled with any mistress outside, she would be doomed in Xue Family at that time.

However, now her situation declined a lot more than before.

If Xue Tao was dishonest before, their father, Song Yan, could back her up so that the elders in Xue Family didn’t dare to be too indulgent to their son.

Now Song Yan had died already. Song Family was in a civil war. If anything happened to her, Song Family could not help her at all.

People like Song Yunqiang and Song Yunjia were only busy eradicating Song Yunxuan. How could they deal with her issues?

They were not born by the same mother originally. The poor blood relationship was nothing compared to the lure of profit.

Song Yunying’s look turned pale little by little.

She vaguely recalled in her mind the words Song Yunxuan said when Song Yunxuan last saw her.

“Do you support me to inherit the Song Family, my second sister?”

“I promise you won’t lose anything, my second sister.”

Song Yunxuan controlled all her handles in her hands. But Song Yunxuan returned all her handles to her at their last meeting without hesitation.

If she did not keep her promise, she could completely get rid of Song Yunxuan’s control now. She could even handle her with Song Yunqiang and Song Yunjia in turn.


She wanted to bet on Song Yunxuan.

Seeing that Song Yunqiang was scowling and Song Yunying’s eyes gradually became firm at the same time, she thought that Song Yunying had figured it out. She asked, “Yunying, Yunxuan is about to come back. Do you have any plan?”

Song Yunying was not too foolish. She immediately started a throw-it-over-the-wall process. “It is said that one will be silly after she is pregnant. Sure enough, I am a little silly now. I cannot come up with any good idea for the time being. Maybe you are the best decision-maker, my eldest sister.”

Song Yunqiang thought Song Yunying was useless. He then turned his eyes to Song Yunjia. “What do you think we should do, Yunjia?”

Song Yunjia slightly frowned. She thought for a little while. “Brother, you have mentioned that you promised Yunxuan that after she came back you would hand over the power to her before she went to Harbor City.”

Song Yunqiang had said it indeed. But he never thought that she could come back safely and soundly. Now, these issues were mentioned again. He was naturally unwilling to honestly hand over the power like this. So, he said perfunctorily, “That is just a joke.”

“A joke?” Song Yunjia acted uncharacteristically. Instead, she insisted firmly, “Brother, now that you have promised Yunxuan, you have to follow your promise. You are supposed to hold a welcoming party for her and hand over the position of the chairman to her.”

Being asked like this, Song Yunqiang changed his color immediately. He rebuked, “Yunjia, are you helping her or me on earth?”

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