Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 220 - The Result of the Paternity Test

Chapter 220 The Result of the Paternity Test

She asked so gently that Chu Mochen could not speak for a long time.

Only backing to the closest one could make one feel secure and feel at ease?

Only being with his kinsfolk could let one have such feelings?

Xiao Luo looked at him and stretched out his hand. “An Yan, give me the paternity test.”

An Yan was in the car, and when he heard it, he said, “Please wait a moment, Little Childe Xiao. The authentication institution is faxing us the result of the paternity test.”

Song Yunxuan looked at Xiao Luo, and she felt a little relieved suddenly for no reason in her mind.

Surprisingly, Xiao Luo had learned to check all these things secretly.

It really knocked her off-balance.

Chu Mochen grasped her fingers with his hand and held them firmly in the palm.

He seemed to be afraid that she would break away the next moment.

Song Yunxuan didn’t make any reply. She just waited quietly in situ, waiting for Xiao Luo’s man to take out the fax result of the paternity test.

Will began to light a cigarette by the side, and the smell of the cigarette drifted over his nose slowly.

Song Yunxuan coughed a little.

Chu Mochen looked at Will, frowning.

Then Will stubbed it out in hindsight.

They had confronted in silence for around ten minutes, and then the voice of An Yan came over. “Little Childe Xiao, I’ve got it.”

Xiao Luo couldn’t wait any longer. “Bring it to me.”

An Yan handed the fax document to Xiao Luo before he had time to check the test result.

Xiao Luo lowered his eyes and glanced at it, and then he handed the fax document of the authentication certificate to Song Yunxuan. “Yunxuan, this document is the result of a blood test taken by an authentication institution. I’m sure that we are related by blood.”

Song Yunxuan stretched out and took the document. She looked at the first page of the document suspiciously.

Chu Mochen also found that the authentication institution was reliable indeed.

Song Yunxuan turned pages of the fax document to get the testing result. When she turned to the page of the testing result, the expression on her face was a little subtle.

“Am I right?” Xiao Luo felt sure to win. “You don’t need to doubt that the authentication institution would issue a false report. This DNA authentication institution is set up jointly by Rong Family and George Family in the WS, and they will never cheat.”

Rong Family was already a well-known secret-keeping family in the industry. Besides, there was George Family in the WS. Indeed, there was nothing to be questioned.

George Family was the best medical identification institute in the world. It was closely related to the medical identification of military organizations.

It was said that the testing result accuracy of this institute was high to one thousand percent. They would never issue a false result or distort it.

Song Yunxuan smiled slightly. “I believe that the testing result of this institution is true.”

After saying that, she looked at Chu Mochen in the eyes. The soft smile at the corners of her mouth was like a rose that would never fade.

Chu Mochen’s expression in his eyes was quite serious.

Xiao Luo couldn’t tell their expressions from their faces. He just blindly thought that the testing result could prove that Song Yunxuan was related to Xiao Family by blood.

However, Song Yunxuan stretched out and handed the fax document of the authentication certificate to Xiao Luo. “I am not your sister.”

Xiao Luo changed his color greatly. “It can’t be!”

Song Yunxuan stepped towards him and put the authentication certificate before him. “If you don’t believe me, you can check on your own.”

Hearing this, Xiao Luo snatched the paternity test certificate from Song Yunxuan’s hand at once and turned it to the last page madly.

In the column of the testing result, it obviously wrote, “No kinship.”

Xiao Luo let the document go in despair.

The sheets of the authentication certificate scattered on the ground at once. Xiao Dao looked at Xiao Luo’s move and bent over to pick up the document of the authentication certificate with some worry.

When she fixed her eyes on the testing result, she couldn’t help looking up at Song Yunxuan. She couldn’t accept it as well. “But it cannot be. Yunxuan’s blood type is exactly the same as Loki’s.”

“There are plenty of people of the same blood type.” She explained.

Xiao Dao stood up suddenly, refuting, “It’s different for you. There’s only a thousand to one chance to match Xiao Luo’s blood type, but your blood type just matched with his blood type at once. How could there be such a coincidence that you are not related by blood?”

Song Yunxuan thought of everything she had gone through after experiencing her rebirth and opening her eyes. She couldn’t help shaking her head with a smile. “There are a lot of coincidences in this world. You just haven’t met them yet.”

“But Xiao Luo…” Xiao Dao still wanted to say something.

“Xiao Luo and I are just a coincidence.” Song Yunxuan interrupted her. She walked to Xiao Luo and picked up the sheets which scattered on the ground. Then she handed them to Xiao Luo. “Loki, I’m so glad to have met you. Though we are not related by blood, I will treat you as my own younger brother.”

“But…” Xiao Luo couldn’t believe it. “But even Grandpa said that your mother had connections with my father.”

“I’m the daughter of Song Family.” She stressed tepidly. “I’m the daughter of Song Family in Yuncheng. Please tell me when you come to Yuncheng, and I’ll treat you well.”

After saying this, she backed to Chu Mochen’s arms. “I’ve got to catch the plane. I shall leave first.”

Xiao Luo couldn’t say a word. The black Rolls-Royce was still stuck in the traffic because of the accident and could not move forward.

A black luxury car stopped beside them quietly, and Song Yunxuan smiled apologetically when she saw the driver get off and walk towards her. Then she and Chu Mochen turned around and got into that car.

The car went far away. Xiao Luo was still standing in situ, frowning and seeing her go away blankly.

On the passenger seat of the black luxury car sat Miss Zang with sunglasses.

Miss Zang slightly lowered her sunglasses, and from the reflector, she saw Chu Mochen sitting in the rear. She smiled with the corners of her mouth upward. “Childe Chu is indeed handsome.”

Song Yunxuan didn’t say anything, but Chu Mochen saw clearly Zang Baoer’s face from the rearview mirror.

“Miss Zang of the Tianzang Mill?”

Seeing that Chu Mochen recognized her, Zang Baoer nodded with a smile. “Childe Chu indeed has a good insight.”

Chu Mochen was not so pleased when being complimented. He looked sideways at Song Yunxuan sitting beside him. “What’s all this about?”

Song Yunxuan slightly raised her eyebrows. “It’s just the same as you are thinking about.”

The answer was very subtle.

The same as he was thinking about.

He knew what was going on when he saw Miss Zang of Tianzang Mill.

Miss Zang was the family head of Tianzang Mill, which was an imitating company doing copies.

“You asked Miss Zang to falsify the paternity test for you?”

He was sure of the answer almost without Song Yunxuan’s personal reply.

He had previously known that Song Yunxuan was related to Xiao Family by blood. Not only he but also Lu Xia knew it.

So did Elder Xiao.

Now Xiao Luo wanted to take her home. He must have got Elder Xiao’s permission and have got sufficient evidence in his hands.

But his evidence didn’t take effect at all.

On the contrary, it helped her get rid of the suspicion of being related to Xiao Family by blood completely.

Chu Mochen didn’t understand. He frowned slightly, and some shallow wrinkles appeared between the eyebrows.

Song Yunxuan began to chat with Miss Zang.

“Sorry to bother you to come here in person, Miss Zang.”

“Never mind. You are the most important client of mine. I have a great time working with you.” After saying this, Miss Zang reached out from the front and handed over a small box. “This is what you want. Open it and have a look.”

Song Yunxuan took it with a smile.

It was a very small box, only as big as the palm. But it was made of quaint sandalwood.

The small box gave off a faint aroma of sandalwood, and it could easily be smelt in the car.

Song Yunxuan opened the small box, and a jade ring came into her eyes.

The jade was transparent all over, and everyone knew it was of superior quality at first sight.

Chu Mochen recognized this jade ring at first sight. “This is…”

Song Yunxuan held up a thin and white finger, whispering, “Don’t talk.”

She gently took out the jade ring and put it on her finger, looking in the direction of Harbor City International Airport. “I can’t wait to get back to Yuncheng.”

Besides, no one could stop her from returning to Yuncheng.

Her eyes were bright, but at the bottom of them, there was fierce cruelty.

Shao Tianze, you just waited!

I would be back soon.

I would get back all that you owed me little by little.

As for Gu Changle, she would have no escape as well.

Xiao Luo stood on the road for quite a long time, and the snow was still falling from the sky.

Xiao Dao came over with worries and shook his arms gently. “Loki…”

Xiao Luo turned around and looked at her.

Then Xiao Dao said, “Let’s go home. It’s snowing harder and harder.”

Xiao Luo crumpled the fax document of the paternity test into a ball and walked towards a dustbin nearby. He said in a low voice, “I don’t believe it at all. These are all fake.”

The paternity test certificate that was crumpled into a ball was thrown into the dustbin with no sound at all.

He turned around and got into the car.

Xiao Dao stood in situ and turned to look in the direction where Song Yunxuan left, and then she followed to get into the car.

In the car, Xiao Luo was very silent all the time.

Their car got off the road and drove in the direction where Xiao Family was.

On the way, An Yan frowned and observed Xiao Luo’s expression all the time.

Will sat beside Xiao Luo. “Maybe you really got it wrong, Loki.”

Xiao Luo’s face hardened coldly. “Even if people all over the whole world got it wrong, I would not get it wrong.”

An Yan said timely, “But the test result faxed by the authentication institution can’t be false. Neither we nor the Chu Family could tamper with it.”

“The relationship between Chu Family and Rong Family has always been good. It’s possible that Rong Family has stepped into in.”

Xiao Luo was still making excuses for himself.

But An Yan reminded him, “To avoid arousing suspicion, Rong Family didn’t participate in this time. The test was completed in the WS.”

Xiao Luo’s look became stormy. “You go to the WS and fetch the test certificate in person.”

An Yan nodded. “I’ll book the ticket right away.”

Xiao Dao frowned and became more worried. “And now?”

Xiao Luo raised his eyebrows and looked out of the window. “Now, we go home.”

Will said, “Miss Song’s flight will take off at 9 o’clock. Don’t you go to the airport and see her off?”

Xiao Luo looked back. “I don’t want her to go back to Yuncheng at all. Song Family in Yuncheng doesn’t treat her well. If she is willing to stay in Xiao Family, I will treat her much better than people in Yuncheng.”

Xiao Dao looked down, and she was a little dismal. “But Yunxuan doesn’t want to stay in Harbor City. She wants to go back to Yuncheng.”

Xiao Luo’s voice became cold suddenly. “I will not let her go back to Yuncheng.”

“You can’t stop her from going back to Yuncheng.” Will replied.

Xiao Luo turned to look at him with his icy gaze. “How do you know that I can’t stop her?”

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