Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 232 - Life After Surviving the Disaster

Chapter 232 Life After Surviving the Disaster

Xiao Luo nervously waited for Song Yunxuan to make the decision.

However, Song Yunxuan just looked at Xiao Luo’s hands holding her fingers and feebly smiled. “A Luo, my father once told me a story. Do you want to hear it?”

Xiao Luo didn’t want to hear any story now.

Nevertheless, Song Yunxuan opened her mouth and began to follow the memory to tell the story Gu Cheng once told her without caring about Xiao Luo’s will. “Once upon a time, someone accidentally got a treasure. One thousand people searched everywhere for him, trying to kill him and take such a treasure from his hands. But he didn’t want to surrender this treasure. If you were this person, what would you do?”

Xiao Luo frowned and looked at Song Yunxuan.

Song Yunxuan also looked at him with inquiring eyes and patiently waited for him to give her an answer.

Xiao Luo stayed silent for a long time without saying any words.

Song Yunxuan showed a bitter smile at the corners of her mouth. “You already have the answer, don’t you?”

Xiao Luo’s face was complicated. Indeed, he had the answer already.

However, the answer was really too cruel.

He didn’t believe that Song Yunxuan would think as he did.

“Sister, what was your answer at that time?”

Song Yunxuan lowered her eyes. She smiled brightly and looked up with a pair of eyes as bright as gems. “Very simple. Kill one thousand people all.”

Her lips were so tender and so pale.

However, the words which she uttered were like the coldest and sharpest dagger.

Xiao Luo’s heart sank.

He couldn’t deny that what Song Yunxuan had said was right.

If you wanted to live, you must do it.

Being coward and blindly avoiding it couldn’t change anything.

If you wanted to live, you should face these dangerous difficulties.


“Sister, what is your treasure in your arms?”

Song Yunxuan said with flames jumping in the depth of her eyes, “I have a wish that must be fulfilled.”

“A wish?”

Her voice was low, cold, and firm. “Yes, it must be fulfilled.”

Xiao Luo carefully asked her in a hoarse voice, “What is it?”

Song Yunxuan looked up at him with her smile becoming a little relaxed. “It’s a secret.”

“Sister, please tell me. I will help you. I will certainly help you no matter what the cost is.” Xiao Luo sincerely said.

Song Yunxuan saw his expression and knew that what he had said was true certainly.

Yet, although she needed the help of Xiao Family to fulfill it, she didn’t want Xiao Luo to be involved.

“I will tell you if I need your help with something.” Song Yunxuan also held his hands with her fingers and sincerely enjoined him. “So, before I come to you for help, help your grandfather take good care of Xiao Family, okay?”

She wore a special manner in her body.

It was calm, steady, and imposing, with a strong aura, which invisibly made people feel irresistible.

Xiao Luo couldn’t say no but still felt distressed for her.

Xiao Luo held Song Yunxuan’s fingers all the way to the hospital.

Song Yunxuan let him do it.

Although the fake paternity test which she asked Miss Zang to make helped her return from Harbor City successfully, she missed the opportunity to become the eldest granddaughter of Xiao Family.

However, she did not regret it.

In contrast, this fake paternity test was bound to be penetrated by the elder of Xiao Family in the future.

Elder Xiao was smart and could guess more or less why she didn’t want to stay in Xiao Family and confess her kinship.

So, while Xiao Luo insisted on taking her back to Xiao Family, they must have discussed thoroughly.

Now Xiao Luo must have known that they were sister and brother indeed.

He obeyed his grandfather and respected her choice. Although she couldn’t admit him to the world as her own brother, she had acknowledged it in her heart.

She thanked her own brother for helping her wholeheartedly and caring for her.

And she would live in Yuncheng safely and soundly.

She would let Xiao Luo know what her wish was.

Song Yunxuan was sent to the nearest hospital for treatment. Huo Jiahui was over-stunned. When she fell from a height of two hundred meters on an inflatable cushion supported by firefighters, she fainted out of shock.

The news that the Eldest Missy of the Huo family hijacked the Missy of Song Family and they both fell from a building quickly spread all over Yuncheng and even Harbor City overnight.

Huo Ting took a private plane from Harbor City to Yuncheng in person.

Many people in front of Song Yunxuan’s ward wanted to go in for a visit and see whether she was injured seriously on earth or not.

Downstairs at the hospital, a lot of journalists gathered together.

Huo Ting hurried over to meet Song Yunxuan but was still stopped by the nurse at the door.

The nurse politely said to him, “I’m sorry, but the patient is not suitable for being visited now. You cannot go in. Sorry!”

Although the nurse said so, someone walked out of Song Yunxuan’s ward in the next second.

Huo Ting recognized him at first glance and opened his mouth to call him. “Xiao Luo.”

Xiao Luo looked up and saw Huo Ting’s eyes.

Huo Ting went to him and asked, “How is Song Yunxuan now? Is the injury serious?”

Hearing about Song Yunxuan’s falling from a building, he was so shocked. And he did expect that Huo Jiahui would come to Yuncheng to make such a storm.

Xiao Luo and Huo Ting walked forward down the corridor, away from those people who gathered at the door.

When these two people entered the elevator, Xiao Luo sighed. “Not very serious.”

“Is Song Yunxuan fine?”

Xiao Luo turned to look at Huo Ting with implicit hostility in his eyes. “You’d better ask Huo Jiahui why she did this to Yunxuan.”

Although Xiao Luo’s tone was not very angry, Huo Ting could also detect his unpleasure in his mind.

In Harbor City, although Xiao Family and the Huo family were not closely related, it would certainly not be good if these two families became enemies.

Huo Ting frowned and said more seriously, “I also know Jiahui’s temperament. She is unlikely to do it rashly. There must be someone behind it to make a stormy sea stormier.”

Xiao Luo squinted at him. “Then you should ask carefully.”

“I will give you a reasonable explanation.”

Xiao Luo turned around coldly and walked towards Song Yunxuan’s ward. “I’m not the one to whom you should explain. But it is Yunxuan.”

His words echoed in the corridor vacantly, making Huo Ting’s brows frown more tightly.

Although Huo Ting didn’t know what was going on between Xiao Luo and Song Yunxuan, he could make sure that Xiao Luo supported Song Yunxuan only from this case.

Since Xiao Family was behind Song Yunxuan, he couldn’t pay no attention to this accident.

However, he really couldn’t figure out what was wrong with Huo Jiahui on earth. How could she cause such trouble?

Thinking of that, he strode towards Huo Jiahui’s ward, frowning his eyebrows tightly.

Along the way, besides doctors and nurses, there were journalists who wanted to dig up some news from all sorts of aspects.

People in police uniforms were whispering to each other outside Huo Jiahui’s ward.

As soon as Huo Ting approached, those two men in police uniforms saw him.

Huo Ting took the initiative to step forward. “I’m the elder brother of Huo Jiahui.”

“In this case, please cooperate with us to make a record.”

Huo Ting was asked to cooperate with them to make a record. Naturally, he cooperated quietly.

In Song Yunxuan’s ward, Xiao Luo was in a daze, looking at Song Yunxuan half sitting on the sickbed and putting his palms together.

Song Yunxuan held an apple in her left hand and took a fruit knife in her right hand. The thin apple peel was cut off round and round as she turned the apple in her hand gently.

A piece of newspaper was put on her legs to hold the fruit peel which was cut off, the front page of which was that Shao Tianze went to worship his dead wife affectionately after the Spring Festival.

The apple was peeled off, and the apple peel covered Shao Tianze’s refined and handsome face.

She cut a piece of apple off the peeled one and raised her hand to hand it to Xiao Luo. “You have been with me for almost a day. Have some fruit.”

Xiao Luo lowered his eyes and was a little frustrated. “You are still in a good mood to eat fruit under such circumstances.”

She passed the fruit to the front of Xiao Luo and smiled. “Why should I be in a bad mood?”

Xiao Luo looked at the apple handed over by her and finally reached out to take it after hesitating for a little while. But his voice was still depressed. “Don’t you feel that?”

“Feel what?”

“Someone wants to kill you.” He looked a little emotional, and his eyes were fixed on her firmly.

The deep concern in his eyes touched Song Yunxuan. She suddenly smiled and answered unconcernedly and languidly, “Why do you think so?”

In fact, the topic she asked Xiao Luo was just a cover.

How could she not know that someone wanted to kill her?

To be more precise, someone had wanted to kill her all the time. And someone wanted her life as soon as she stepped into the door of Song Family.

However, she had escaped again and again.

“I just want to know how many people want your life on earth.” Xiao Luo was not the one who didn’t know anything. Holding the slice of the apple handed over by her to him in his hand, he thought with his eyebrows frowning. “Your sister and brother may not be kind to you because of the competition for Xiao Family’s interest. However, it is impossible to push Huo Jiahui desperately to take your life for only these two people.”

She nodded and agreed with him.

Xiao Luo’s eyes became a little dark. “So, besides these two people, who else wants to kill you?”

Song Yunxuan’s lips were slightly raised. Who else? Of course, it was Shao Tianze.

The relationship between Shao Tianze and Song Yunjia became better and better. Shao Tianze must help Song Yunjia certainly if Song Yunjia felt uncomfortable.

She could think through all the connections inside. But it was not suitable for Xiao Luo to know these things.

He was one of Xiao Family in Harbor City. She did not want him to be involved in the battle in Yuncheng.

She ate the apple silently and didn’t say anything to remind Xiao Luo.

She just put the apple core on the newspaper and wrapped the paper around the apple peel as well as the apple core. Then she threw them into the trash can as she squinted.

Shao Tianze’s face printed on the newspaper had been wrinkled into a ball already. The strange folds made the face become a little scary.

The scene before Gu Changge’s death appeared clearly in her mind.

When Shao Tianze gave her the last dose of anesthesia, he was as fiendish as a demon, which was chilling.

Xiao Luo had been with her for so long. He also looked a little down.

Song Yunxuan advised him, “Go back and take a rest.”

“I want to stay with you.”

Song Yunxuan estimated the time with a trace of disappointment flashing across her eyes suddenly. “I think that it is time for him to arrive here.”

As soon as the sentence was finished, the door of the ward was twisted open at once.

It was accompanied by a crack between the door and its frame, which became large gradually.

The voice outside came into ears.

The nurse’s voice was anxious and awkward. “Childe Chu, you can’t go in.”

“Get out of the way.”

His voice was deeply displeased. It was so cold like an icicle going into the nurse’s ears with the coldness in the severe winter.

Then, it passed to Song Yunxuan’s ears.

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