Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 195 - The First Meeting with Xiao Jiancheng

Chapter 195 The First Meeting with Xiao Jiancheng

The corridor of a VIP high-rise ward in the Chyna Hospital was quiet.

Xiao Dao pushed Loki’s wheelchair with both her hands. After leaving the elevator, she looked at Song Yunxuan with some hesitation in the eyes. “Yunxuan…”

She hesitated to speak.

Song Yunxuan looked over and saw her hesitant expression, frowning gently. “What’s wrong?”

“There is suddenly something wrong with my stomach…” She was holding the armrest of Loki’s wheelchair with one hand and covering her lower abdomen with the other hand. She looked a little painful in her face.

Song Yunxuan looked at her carefully for a moment. “Are you leaving?”

“Just for a while, and I’ll come back soon.”

Xiao Dao said so with sincerity.

Song Yunxuan nodded and walked over. “Then you can go ahead.”

Xiao Dao felt relieved and turned away immediately.

After Xiao Dao entered the elevator, only Loki in the wheelchair and Song Yunxuan pushing the wheelchair were in the corridor.

Song Yunxuan knew in her mind that Xiao Dao did not have a sudden stomachache, but she didn’t speak.

Instead, Loki started to speak first, “Xiao Dao has a healthy stomach, and she hasn’t eaten anything wrong these days.”

Song Yunxuan spoke to him, “So, why do you think she left at this moment?”

Xiao Luo chuckled slightly with some self-mockery. “She is afraid to see my grandpa.”

Song Yunxuan was stunned slightly.

Xiao Luo then went on in a light tone. “I’ve told you that my mother died early because of her dirty background. Xiao Family attaches great importance to the family background. Xiao Dao met my grandfather once before.”

“Your grandpa must have said something to her.” Song Yunxuan guessed.

Xiao Luo nodded and raised his eyes to look at the door of the ward. “I don’t know it, but I can almost get it. Xiao Dao is an illegitimate daughter of mixed blood.”

Song Yunxuan echoed. “Um!”

Xiao Luo spoke to this extent. She could naturally guess what Xiao Jiancheng said to Xiao Dao.

Xiao Dao’s full name was Xiao Dao Chiko. She was a Huaxia-Nihonese mixed.

Xiao Family in Harbor City was a famous giant family. It was not repellent to get a mixed-race daughter-in-law, but it would be difficult to get the family’s consent, if she was an illegitimate daughter.

It was said that the four giants of Harbor City did not accept women in the entertainment industry as the daughter-in-law before.

However, Huo Qixiong of Huo Family set a precedent for the four giants in Harbor city.

Under the family pressure, Huo Qixiong married Zhang Yufang in less than six months after the death of his original wife in a car accident.

Zhang Yufang not only held her head high in the complicated entertainment circle.

But she also got out of it since then and flew up to marry into a famous and rich family.

What was unexpected was that Zhang Yufang’s ambition was so great now. After marrying into the Huo Family and having two daughters in succession, she still felt that her power wasn’t stable enough and stepped into the Huo Family’s business with a firm hand.

She didn’t take Huo Ting seriously at all, but Huo Ting wasn’t a reliable person at all and was hard to deal with.

The Huo Family now had been in a mess.

Thinking so in her mind, there was no change on Song Yunxuan’s face.

She just gently knocked at the door when they arrived at the door of Xiao Jiancheng’s ward while pushing the wheelchair of Xiao Luo.

The knock on the door was very light.

The hallway was so quiet that they could clearly hear the sound of someone’s coming to open the door even through the door.

The door was opened with a click within a moment.

Song Yunxuan’s hands were on the armrest of the wheelchair where Xiao Luo sat with a complex expression in the eyes.

The old steward with greying temples of the Xiao Family came up to open the door. He got stunned at first glance when he opened the door and saw Song Yunxuan.

Afterward, he placed his gaze on Xiao Luo who was sitting in a wheelchair after an afterthought.

Xiao Luo called him. “Uncle Xiang, my grandpa…”

As soon as Xiao Luo spoke, there was an old man’s voice in the ward…

“Is it A Luo?”

The steward quickly responded and happily conveyed. “Yes, Old Master. It’s your grandson.”

The old man gave a deep reply.

The steward bent his eyes and spoke respectfully to Xiao Luo, “Young Childe, Old Master is awake. Please come and talk to him.”

After speaking, the steward made a hand gesture to lead the way for Xiao Luo and Song Yunxuan, who pushed the wheelchair.

Song Yunxuan felt a little surprised in her mind. Normally, outsiders were not allowed to visit when the elder of Xiao Family woke up.

The steward saw an outsider who pushed the wheelchair of his Young Childe to pay a visit. He should have immediately come up to push the wheelchair for her.

However, the steward did not do so.

Song Yunxuan’s eyes darkened slightly. She noticed the steward was waiting for them to go forward. She took a step steward and pushed Xiao Luo to walk to the bed.

The decoration of the inpatient department of the Chyna Hospital was very simple and clean. Different from the ordinary hospitals, there was nearly no smell of disinfection water in the air, which really made people feel comfortable. And the smell was very thin.

Song Yunxuan pushed the wheelchair of Xiao Luo into the ward.

After leaving the porch, she found that there was a living room outside and a bedroom inside the ward.

A simple-shaped air humidifier was placed on the flower stand in the ward.

There was a faint floral scent in the room.

Xiao Luo was sent into the ward’s bedroom. Song Yunxuan saw Xiao Jiancheng who was sober for the first time.

Xiao Jiancheng only glanced at her slightly, and then he spoke to Xiao Luo, “How is your injury?”

The old man’s voice was old and a little muffled.

Xiao Luo’s voice was a little low. “Grandpa, I will be fine after a period of recuperation. There is no need to worry.”

Xiao Jiancheng frowned, with majestic anger in his turbid eyes. “These two assholes really think nothing of me more and more! How dared they do harm to you boldly like this!”

Xiao Luo pursed his lips and comforted this old man. “Grandpa, this matter hasn’t been figured out. It’s hard to know who did it on earth. Don’t get so angry.”

“Don’t be angry?” Elder Xiao was pissed off and livid. “I thought those two assholes were really good to you. I never expected that they would do harm to you in private like this.”

The more he talked, the more emotional the elder became.

As soon as he was emotional, he started to cough.

The steward rushed over as soon as he heard the coughs of the elder. He tried to mollify the elder and persuade him. “Old Master, don’t be angry first. You’ve just been better. Anger is not good for your health.”

The old steward had been serving the elder for decades, and he spoke in measure. He knew the elder’s temper.

The elder couldn’t stop coughing over there. The old steward knew it was not good. He looked up quickly and talked to Song Yunxuan, “Miss, please pass me the bottle of medicine on the table.”

Xiao Luo could not move.

Song Yunxuan looked in the direction where the old steward was pointing with his fingers and turned to get the medicine bottle on the table.

She didn’t notice that just as she turned around, the elder’s gaze was fixed on her back.

The elder covered his mouth with his hands, and his coughs were muffled in his chest. He looked very uncomfortable.

Song Yunxuan handed the medicine bottle to the steward. Then the steward hurriedly poured out the pills and put them into the elder’s mouth.

The elder couldn’t even eat the pills as he coughed.

Seeing this, Song Yunxuan turned around and went out. “I’m sending for the doctor.”

The steward replied in no time, “Miss, thank you a lot.”

Song Yunxuan opened the door and went out.

It was so silent in the corridor that the sound of coughs came out of Xiao Jiancheng’s ward could be heard clearly.

Song Yunxuan walked to the doctor’s office.

The coughing in the ward started to subside.

Xiao Jiancheng took the medicine under the steward’s help. The coughing gradually stopped.

Xiao Luo saw that his grandpa’s cough had eased. He turned the wheelchair over and tried to help to mollify his grandpa.

But Xiao Jiancheng raised his hand and stopped him. “A Luo, that’s fine. I’m better.”

“Grandpa…” Xiao Luo’s eyes were full of guilt. “It’s my fault. I shouldn’t have made you angry. I am to blame for your sickness.”

Seeing Xiao Luo blame himself so much, Xiao Jiancheng reached out and touched his hair. “Good boy, you’ve suffered too much.”

He sighed when he said this.

Xiao Luo could feel that this sigh of his grandpa contained many unspeakable feelings.

He frowned and lowed his eyes without saying anything.

Xiao Jiancheng looked at the door and suddenly asked him, “Who is the girl with you?”

Xiao Luo knew who his grandpa was talking about and then answered, “Grandpa, her name is Song Yunxuan. She is the youngest daughter of the Song Family in Yuncheng.”

There was no change on Xiao Jiancheng’s face. He just nodded. “I seem to have heard of her before.”

Xiao Luo was a little confused and looked up at Xiao Jiancheng.

Xiao Jiancheng said nothing more.

Song Yunxuan sent the doctor in.

Xiao Luo was pushed out by the nurse shortly after the doctor entered.

She was a little nervous. “How is your grandpa?”

Xiao Luo smiled. “Thank you very much. The doctor said that my grandfather had nothing serious.”

Song Yunxuan nodded. “That’s good.”

Song Yunxuan sent Xiao Luo to his own ward. They took the elevator down the stairs. As soon as the elevator door was opened, they saw Xiao Dao standing in front of them. Xiao Dao was surprised. “Loki.”

Looking at the surprised smile on the girl’s face, Song Yunxuan smiled. “It’s time for me to go back now. Maybe you can send Loki back to the ward.”

Xiao Dao nodded. Apparently, she was very willing to send Xiao Luo into the ward.

Xiao Luo turned to look at Song Yunxuan. “Are you leaving?”

“Go back for a rest. I’ll come and see you tomorrow. What would you like to eat tomorrow? I’ll buy it for you.”

Xiao Luo carefully thought for a while and then said, “Salty rice pudding.”

Song Yunxuan bent her lips with a smile. “I will buy it for you.”

Xiao Luo reminded her. “You promise.”

Song Yunxuan nodded. “I promise.”

With such a deal, Song Yunxuan left the hospital.

She felt that it might not be because Xiao Luo wanted to eat the salty rice pudding that he repeated, but because he wanted her to see him in the hospital as she promised.

It was six o’clock in the afternoon when she got home.

The night darkened so quickly in the winter of Harbor City.

It became dim and dark outside after she just sat on the sofa for a while.

When Chu Mochen entered the house, an assistant said something by his side.

Song Yunxuan heard his voice and turned around to have a look subconsciously. She then saw Chu Mochen coming towards her.

The assistant stopped in time.

Chu Mochen’s magnetically sweet voice faintly came out. “Just do as I said, and you can go back to rest first.”

“Yes, Mr. Chu.”

The man knew the situation and then left. Song Yunxuan wore a thin cardigan with a sexy and deep V-neck. Her sexy collarbones were exposed, with her long hair covering them a little.

Chu Mochen sat down beside her. Song Yunxuan took the initiative to get close and rested her head on his shoulder.

Chu Mochen had very clear eyebrows and facial features, which were also very handsome. He was a little moved at the bottom of his heart by her initiative intimacy.

However, he knew that she had never been a clingy woman.

“It’s a little strange for you to be so well-behaved today. Why?”

He raised his hand to put his arm around her shoulder and then kissed her hair gently.

She had silky hair with a slight fragrance.

Song Yunxuan stretched out her hands around his waist and whispered, “I went to the Chyna Hospital today.”

Chu Mochen was shocked slightly, and the expression in his eyes darkened a little. “You went to see Xiao Luo?”

Song Yunxuan nodded. “Yes.”

Chu Mochen put his fingers on Song Yunxuan’s shoulders. Then he secretly used a little more strength with his slender fingers. It took a long time for him to open his thin lips and say, “What else?”

Song Yunxuan lowered her eyes, covering the expression in her eyes. However, her voice became a little cold and sharp. “I saw Loki’s grandpa.”

On hearing that, Chu Mochen pinched her shoulder bones suddenly with his fingers.

It was so hard that he almost crushed her bones.

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