Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 196 - No trust

Chapter 196 No trust

Song Yunxuan’s thin shoulders were pinched, which was so painful.

She could not help frowning and looked at him. Her eyes were at a loss. “What’s the matter?”

Chu Mochen stared at her coldly with a frozen face, but he did not say anything with cold and thin lips.

Song Yunxuan felt the pain and raised her hands to block his chest. “You’re hurting me!”

Chu Mochen sipped his lips into a line. Even if he knew that she was in pain, he still did not reduce his strength.

Song Yunxuan’s eyes were filled with tears, and Her eyes were still at a loss. “It is so painful when you are pinching my shoulders. Did I make you unhappy?”

Chu Mochen just wanted to crush her bones immediately like this when she said these words.

She did more than make him unhappy, and she almost made him hate her very much.

Why did she go to meet the elder of Xiao Family?

Didn’t she know that Lu Xia had been coveting her all the time?

Didn’t she know that once she met the elder of Xiao Family, she would be taken away from him?

Chu Mochen clenched his fists tightly. Song Yunxuan sadly looked at him, and her delicate eyebrows wrinkled tightly because of the pain in her shoulders.

She gave the impression of weakness as if she were a weak cub. Even if he knew that she once hurt others sharply, he still couldn’t help feeling pity for her.

The expression in the eyes of Chu Mochen changed, and her look of pain was reflected in his pupils.

After keeping silent for a long time, Song Yunxuan was ready to struggle to push him away.

Chu Mochen suddenly firmly hugged her in his arms.

It was so sudden that she widened her eyes in surprise. She was too shocked to react at once.

Chu Mochen clasped her slender body firmly, and his broad arms were warm enough to melt her into his body.

Without saying a word, he kept her in his arms tightly enough to make Song Yunxuan understand everything.

Chu Mochen couldn’t give up on her.

She was held in his arms by him, and her eyes looked out of the window. The eyes which were just now blank and pitiful had disappeared, and they were replaced by the eyes as clear as the stars in the sky.

The trip to Harbor City was full of complications, and there were a lot of difficulties and obstacles this time.

But, it was time to put an end to it.

She thought so. But Chu Mochen’s lips fell on her hair.

His thin lips were filled with the hot temperature. They spread inch by inch and moved to her delicate neck.

She bit her lip and suppressed her pant.

But her body could not help shuddering.

The night outside the window was so deep and dark. She lifted her hand to shut out the dazzling light and was pinned down on a soft sofa.

His kiss was hot, bossy, mighty, and aggressive so that she could not help frowning.

But as he put his hand on her back and fondled her back along her wonderful curve inch by inch, she felt a little nauseated in her stomach.


She couldn’t help making the sound of retching.

She pushed him away and rushed into the bathroom from the sofa.

Chu Mochen did not follow her immediately. The collar of the shirt had been undone. His wheat-colored skin was disorderly exposed. And his delicate and sexy skin texture was shown.

He looked firmly in the direction where Song Yunxuan disappeared with his eyes and his hair end curled slightly.

He seemed to be talking to himself or someone else.

“I don’t believe it.” He opened his thin lips and said these words.

Yes, he didn’t believe. He didn’t believe that Song Yunxuan reacted like this only because of her stomach illness.

The night was dark.

There were some footsteps only when the nurses gently walked through the hallway of the hospital in Chyna Hospital.

But one more person appeared in Xiao Jiancheng’s ward.

The white assistant clasped the handle of the gilded door and gently closed the door.

Wearing a red skirt and a white fur coat, Lu Xia walked to Xiao Jiancheng who was lying in the sickbed.

The old steward of Xiao Family stood silently at the side. He had got the freshly ground coffee ready and put it on the table beside the sofa.

Lu Xia showed a modest and generous smile with the corners of her red lips upward slightly. “I’m so sorry to bother Uncle Xiao late at night.”

Xiao Jiancheng, who sat up and leaned against the sickbed, showed a smile. He was a little tired. “Don’t say so. Thanks for helping me take care of A Luo during the period when I was in a coma, Xiaoxia!”

Lu Xia sat on the sofa. She gently cocked her legs and spoke bluntly and impolitely. “I heard that your grandson came to see you today.”


Xiao Jiancheng answered, and Lu Xia still smiled gently.

The strong aroma of coffee beside them fluttered in the room. Lu Xia still had her gloves on.

The high-level white velvet gloves covered the two fingers she had lost.

But Xiao Jiancheng could not help resting his eyes on her right hand.

The hatred between Xiao Family and Lu Family had been accumulated for a long time, and it was not possible for them to make it and bury the hatchet with a word or two.

Xiao Jiancheng was not a forgetful person who did not know how to learn a lesson.

Lu Xia was not that kind of person, either. She could go against the wind and get the power in Lu Family.

His old eyes looked at Lu Xia and swept over her broken fingers.


“Uncle, if you trust me, you can call me Xia.” She raised her hands and picked up the coffee cup next to her. She showed a shrewd and beautiful smile at the corners of her red lips. “My family used to call me like this.”

Xiao Jiancheng was stunned after Lu Xia said these words.

Lu Xia actually had no relatives. Everyone in the upper class of Harbor City knew that she was an orphan and was adopted from the orphanage when she was a child since she was fancied by the leader of Lu Family and Childe Lu.

But at that time, rumors were flying high and rampant. Many people said that Childe Lu was very sad since his shepherd dog was dead, so he asked his parents to adopt an orphan from the orphanage.

In other words, at that time, her existence in the Lu Family was nothing more than a substitute for the dead shepherd dog.

Everyone said that Lu Xia was adopted by the Lu Family as a dog.

However, those who said these words in those days would never expect that the orphan would stand in the center of the power of Lu Family in more than twenty years.

At first, there was no evil idea in her heart when she was adopted and lived in Lu Family.

She regarded the couple of Lu Family as her great benefactors and treated her Childe Lu very loyally.

This was the reason why she spared no effort to work for the Lu Family after the death of Childe Lu who was so poor.

At present, the current head of the Lu Family had settled down abroad and did not manage the family affairs.

Lu Family, which was so large, was taken charge of by Lu Xia now.

It was a piece of cake for her to deal with the grudge between the four families in Harbor City.

She had been planning to cooperate with Xiao Family which declined gradually since a long time ago.

It was a pity that Xiao Yu and Xiao Liang were not willing to be in alliance with her.

The four families in Harbor City were closely related to each other, and if one family was isolated, the balance would be broken.

Xiao Family was badly hurt after Xiao Xuan died, but his younger brothers then replaced him.

But they wanted to cooperate with Huo Family to destroy her Lu Family.

Lu Xia could expect that after Xiao Xuan’s son died, the brothers of Xiao Family, who got the power, and Huo Family would immediately target her.

So, when she was thinking about her allies, she chose the young grandson with a long shot gamble, who seemed to have little hope of survival.

“Uncle, from the day when I was willing to help Xiao Luo, you should have trusted me.” She took a sip of coffee gently and looked up at Xiao Jiancheng.

Xiao Jiancheng had some hesitation in his eyes.

But Lu Xia lifted her hand and showed him her right hand.

There were five fingers of the glove on her hand.

But after the glove was taken off, it was found that Lu Xia had only three fingers on her right hand.

The other two fingers were lost in a battle between Xiao Family and Lu Family last time.

“Uncle, Xiao Xuan has already died. We should let the things in the past go. And now, I just want Xiao Family and Lu Family to cooperate with each other merrily.”

Xiao Jiancheng nodded and said, “That kid… You have already found her for Xiao Family.”

His words were a little abrupt, but everyone on the scene was able to understand the meaning of his words in an instant.

“Do we need a paternity test?” Lu Xia smiled confidently with the corners of her mouth going up slightly.

Xiao Jiancheng shook his head. “The child’s eyes are exactly the same as those of Xuan.”

The old man’s eyes were a little moist. A bitter smile appeared on his face. “I can’t believe that I’ll see that kid again in my lifetime.”

“Uncle, I am unable to support your grandson bluntly since I am a person of Lu Family, but she can!”

Xiao Jiancheng looked at Lu Xia, and the smile on his face disappeared gradually. There was a deep thought in the depth of his eyes.

Lu Xia was right. Even if he had an alliance with her in private, he didn’t have the power to manage the Xiao Family because of his serious illness now. Two of his sons did it for him.

His two sons had been opposed to cooperating with Lu Family all the time.

Since Xiao Xuan’s death, outsiders had always believed that Lu Family and Xiao Family were at odds with each other.

How could Lu Xia boldly help Xiao Luo gain a foothold in Xiao Family?

“Xiao Luo is the lawful heir. As long as there is enough evidence to prove that Song Yunxuan is the granddaughter of Xiao Family, you can help her find her origin and return to the Xiao Family.”

“After all, she’s just my granddaughter.” Xiao Jiancheng sighed with some doubt but more regret in his voice.

After all, it was difficult for a girl to achieve some great things.

He had been struggling for so many years in the business circles of Harbor City, but he only saw and admired two women who could play politics and get the power.

One was Gu Changge in Yucheng.

The other one was Lu Xia in front of him.

Gu Changge had a father, Gu Cheng, who was diplomatic and smart to play politics. He had been carefully teaching and nurturing her since childhood.

And Lu Xia was talented and clever. She was not an ordinary person since she was the leader of Lu Family now.

But Song Yunxuan…

“I’ve heard of it.” He drew back his eyes and recalled the background information about Song Yunxuan, which the steward had read to him during the day. “The child has lived in a small city from her childhood and was recently taken back to the Song Family because Song Yan died not long ago.”

Lu Xia did not deny it. “That’s it.”

“Though she is a beautiful girl as well as the blood of my family, and it’s natural to find her origin and take her home, there is still one problem…” Xiao Jiancheng squinted his turbid eyes.

The elder paused for a short while on purpose.

Lu Xia raised her eyes and looked at the face of the elder. “Uncle, what are you worried about?”

“I’m worried about the child’s safety.” He signed deeply.

His words were so heavy.

The expression in Lu Xia’s eyes darkened slightly. She knew that the elder was not only worried about the child’s safety but also worried that the child would not be able to turn the tide in Xiao Family’s internal struggle.

A young lady of Xiao Family, who was born in a remote town, had been in Song Family for half a year, but if she wanted to survive in Harbor City, she might not be able to play a role.

The elder had a plan in his heart. Even if he did not say it directly, a person like Lu Xia who was so smart to see through everything could understand his misgiving.

She got up and reached out to her white assistant.

The assistant immediately took out a beautiful gold-stamped invitation from his arms.

There were golden flowers of wealth and a rakish handwriting on it.

Lu Xia opened the invitation and passed it to the elder. “I have heard that the two young masters of Xiao Family will hold a dinner party. Uncle, you can test her.”

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