Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 194 - Additional Conditions

Chapter 194 Additional Conditions

Miss Zang changed her costume and sat in front of the round table carved with rosewood. She carefully looked at the jadeite ring in her hand. “This kind of good jewelry is hard to find even in the auction house.”

Song Yunxuan slowly sipped her tea and said after raising her eyes, “I think we can find exactly the same one in Tianzang Mill.”

That lady smiled gently and turned her face. She put her jadeite ring on the table and gave the price. She said, “30 million yuan.”

Song Yunxuan looked up at her. “Is it so expensive?”

Miss Zang sighed and looked at the blood-red nail polish on her fingers. “I feel awkward, too. The business is difficult for me to do recently. However, if you make good of this thing in your hand, you will get more than 30 million yuan.”

Song Yunxuan did not deny it. “That is true.”

“So, 30 million yuan is reasonable.”

Miss Zang did give a good price.

However, Song Yunxuan tapped the table and smiled at her. “But I have to add a condition.”

Miss Zang looked at her with vigilance. “What?”

Song Yunxuan took out a document from her bag and then passed it over. “I think that Zang Family and Rong Family are not in the same business, but Zang Family can do better than Rong Family in some ways.”

Miss Zang became tensed, and her eyes slowly fell on the document that Song Yunxuan gave her.

Zang Family was indeed at the top of the industry of making fake products and was unapproachable.

Even Rong Family could not compete with them.

Song Yunxuan went to the Chyna Hospital on her way home in the afternoon incidentally.

In the hospital, Xiao Luo’s injury had been better a little, and it was not so painful as it was a few days ago.

Xiao Luo was lying on the sickbed. It hurt very much when he moved a little.

Song Yunxuan vaguely understood Xiao Dao’s intention in her mind while she noticed that the girl visited Xiao Luo with soup every day.

Xiao Luo seemed not to see through Xiao Dao’s intention.

Xiao Dao, after seeing Song Yunxuan come over, minded it a little at first. She then came to talk to Song Yunxuan. “Miss Song, Loki hasn’t eaten yet today. Please help me coax him.”

The wig of afro on the head of Xiao Dao, which was a Christmas tree, had been taken off.

The heavy makeup which she wore before had also been cleaned.

Without those ornaments, Xiao Dao looked purer and pretty with long black hair.

Song Yunxuan nodded. “I’ll go and see.”

After Song Yunxuan entered the ward, Xiao Dao went to the outside room and sat on the sofa in a daze.

A fruit basket with a beautiful bow was placed on the table next to Loki’s sickbed. There were all kinds of fruits in it.

Song Yunxuan took out a ripe apple from it and peeled it slowly with a fruit knife.

She asked Loki while peeling, “Have you eaten today?”

Loki frowned, but he still answered obediently, “I have eaten.”

Song Yunxuan moved her eyes away from the apple to his face. “That’s a lie. Xiao Dao just told me that you were not willing to eat.”

As expected, Loki wanted to find out where Xiao Dao was.

Song Yunxuan sighed. “Xiao Dao told me because she is very worried about you.”

Loki nodded. “I know that.”

He had very few friends around him, who really cared about him so much. He should cherish it.

However, he didn’t want Yunxuan to worry about him.

He stayed in bed for a few days and felt more peaceful in his mind than ever before.

He remembered that when he was bandaged and received a blood transfusion, Song Yunxuan held his hand by his side, just like a family.

More precisely, she was better than a family.

He wanted to be with Yunxuan forever. He believed that Yunxuan would never abandon him.

However, it might bother Yunxuan if he was with Yunxuan because of his identity.

He didn’t want to hurt her.

Loki said nothing and kept himself in silence.

Song Yunxiao cut the apple into small pieces after peeling it. Then she got one piece with a bamboo stick and handed it over to Xiao Luo. “Have a taste.”

Xiao Luo hesitated for a moment before he reached out and picked it up.

When Song Yunxuan watched him eat it, she curved her eyes and smiled.

“You have to get better soon.”

“I will.” Loki nodded and said later, “My grandfather has woken up.”

Song Yunxuan raised her eyes, and her eyes were tender. “Have you seen your grandpa?”

“I haven’t yet because I still can’t move freely.”

Song Yunxuan looked at him tenderly. “If you can get out of bed, you’d better first go and see your grandpa, okay?”

The one who loved Xiao Luo most in the entire Xiao Family was his grandpa, Xiao Jiancheng

Xiao Jiancheng was the most reliable person Xiao Luo could rely on.

Also, he was the closest one.

It was reasonable for Xiao Luo to visit Grandpa first.

Xiao Luo lowered his head. “It’s all my fault. Grandpa went to the hospital because of me.”

“Now your grandpa has woken up, and you have to apologize to him, okay?”

Song Yunxuan tried her best to enlighten him.

Xiao Luo did not reject it but said with some bitterness in his voice, “There are so many things you don’t know.”

Song Yunxuan said nothing, while Xiao Luo seemed to be unable to bear these pains alone. He whimpered, “My mother’s death is related to my grandpa and uncles.”

Xiao Luo’s mother?

“My mother is from the WS. Her personal relationship is very complicated. My grandfather doesn’t like her very much.”

There were only very few simple words, but these words contained plenty of information.

Song Yunxuan could get it.

Her mother was a smooth and diplomatic social butterfly with a complicated interpersonal relationship. Even if she had a child with Xiao Xuan, it was still a scandal.

So, Xiao Family wiped out this dirty woman.

Only Xiao Luo was left.

Even though Xiao Luo had been cared for by Xiao Family for so many years, he had not forgotten his mother’s death yet.

“I don’t have friends around me. Once they get close to me, my grandpa and uncles will use various methods to force them to leave.” His voice was a little hoarse. “No one is willing to be friends with the one who will bring trouble to them.”

“Are you very lonely?” Song Yunxuan looked at him.

Xiao Luo gave a wry smile. “I have got used to it gradually.”

He was very lonely indeed at first. However, if he got used to it, he would be so painful as he was in the beginning as time went by.

Song Yunxuan cut another piece of apple to give him. “You see. Not all friends will leave you. Will, Xiao Dao, and I are all by your side and will always be with you, right?”

Xiao Luo was still upset. “If my grandpa and uncles really want to drive you away, you may…”

“We won’t leave.” Song Yunxuan smiled. Her beautiful eyes were like twinkling stars.

Xiao Luo looked into her eyes and had not spoken for a long time.

He hoped that they could stay here and stay by his side.


“After my grandfather wakes up, the Xiao Family will soon be in trouble.”

Song Yunxuan didn’t reply.

Compared with Xiao Luo, she knew more about where Xiao Family would go.

Xiao Yu and Xiao Liang would not let Xiao Luo inherit the Xiao Family. They would definitely do something to prevent it at the banquet.

And the banquet would be held after a short while.

It should have been a little inappropriate at first that Xiao Family held the banquet when the elder was lying in the hospital without consciousness.

Now, the elder had already woken up. If the elder himself agreed to change the heir at the banquet, Xiao Yu and Xiao Liang would achieve what they wished.

Now Xiao Yu and Xiao Liang must be fawning over Xiao Jiancheng doubly.

Thinking about this, Song Yunxuan looked at Xiao Luo and asked him, “Would you like to see your grandpa?”

Xiao Luo winced and was stunned.

Xiao Luo was afraid that he might worry his grandpa if he went to see him in this state.

Moreover, his grandpa went to the hospital due to his anger with Xiao Luo. If the grandfather was still angry, it might worsen his grandpa’s situation to see him.

Xiao Luo hesitated, but Song Yunxuan did not. She immediately pressed the nurse bell to get the wheelchair prepared.

Song Yunxuan’s voice was clear and gentle. “He is your grandfather, who loves you most. He will forgive you if you apologize to him for doing something wrong.”

Xiao Luo looked at her, still with a worried expression on his face.

Song Yunxuan smiled. “I will go with you.”

She placed her hand on the back of Xiao Luo’s hand, hoping to calm his anxiousness down.

One should make up for it since he did something wrong. If one could not make up for his mistakes, then he should stride forward and not regret it or be entangled with his mistakes.

There was no inextricable misunderstanding between Xiao Luo and Xiao Jiancheng. As long as Xiao Luo apologized, Xiao Jiancheng would definitely forgive his grandson.

The nurse offered them the wheelchair in no time.

Fortunately, Xiao Luo only injured his ribs and back, and he still felt a little awkward when sitting in a wheelchair.

Knowing that Xiao Luo was going out, Xiao Dao took two steps to follow Song Yunxuan in silence.

Song Yunxuan pushed the wheelchair and saw Xiao Dao following her. She smiled while looking at her. “You can push it.”

Xiao Dao was a little surprised. She looked a little unnatural. She looked at Xiao Luo’s expression and then tentatively reached out to push the wheelchair.

In Song Yunxuan’s impression, Xiao Dao was not a shy and coy girl.

However, Xiao Dao would become so careful when facing Xiao Luo.

A girl was willing to take care of a boy so carefully. There should be no reason other than love.

Song Yunxuan deemed that Xiao Dao sincerely liked Loki.

But for the true love, who would stay with a dangerous person who could cause trouble to her in this terrible and knotty situation?

In this world, there were always much more timid flip-floppers.

When she was young, many people treated her as an unnecessary person once Gu Cheng had a new lover.

Many people began to act like a snob and treated her as a fallen phoenix.

However, she had the greatest support from Gu Cheng as the eldest daughter of Gu Family and the daughter of Gu Cheng and his legal wife who got married to him officially.

Even though she had experienced so many setbacks during the period of taking over the Gu’s Group, she was still the most honorable young lady of the Gu Family.

Gu Changge herself turned up and down several times in Gu Family to get to the peak and finally could overlook those who once despised her.

Then, the result would be the same both in Song Family and in Yuncheng.

Gu Changge’s soul was in Song Yunxuan’s body.

No one could stop Gu Changge.

No one could influence her if she wanted to help someone.

Xiao Dao quietly pushed the wheelchair out obediently, which Loki was seated in.

Song Yunxuan followed behind Xiao Dao. When they went out, she subtly noticed that there was a figure flashing past the corner of the corridor of the ward.

Xiao Luo also felt it keenly, and he looked over. His eyes darkened a little.

There was no doubt that those men were sent by his two uncles to monitor him.

Although his two uncles hadn’t come over to meet this nephew, people who were sent to monitor him could tell Xiao Yu and Xiao Liang every detail about Xiao Luo’s moves.

Song Yunxuan exhaled softly. She raised her hand and gently placed it on Xiao Luo’s shoulder while Xiao Luo was staring over there. “Let’s go. Grandpa’s ward is upstairs.”

Xiao Luo moved his eyes. Under his long eyelashes, his eyes fell on the hand on his shoulder.

Song Yunxuan’s hands were fair and soft.

However, there was an invisible power, which made him begin to become firm from the bottom of his heart.

“Let’s go and see my grandpa.”

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