Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 193 - Miss Zang

Chapter 193 Miss Zang

They played the Mahjong until more than twelve.

Song Yunxuan won many rounds in a row in a very strange way.

People in Harbor City especially believed in the geomantic omen.

Rong Liu and a few people shouted and said that Song Yunxuan was in a very good seat today. They strongly asked to change the seats.

Song Yunxuan hesitated for a moment and then offered the seat for them to sit in turn.

But after she won seven rounds in a row, several people thought they might have gone out without looking at the almanac since they were really unlucky.

Chong Yuan and Zhong Jin’s jade rings were both taken off and placed in Song Yunxuan’s hands.

Song Yunxuan carefully looked at it for a long time, and she felt very happy, so she got up and left. “The jade rings are really so beautiful, and I’ll go there to see them for a while. Mochen, you take my seat.”

Chu Mochen raised his eyebrows slightly. He silently replaced her without any rejection.

There was a change of people at the card table. Chong Yuan and Zhong Jin were a little depressed because they lost the heirlooms.

But Rong Liu went to drink tea with Song Yunxuan…

“It is said that Chong Yuan’s jade ring has been passed down for three hundred years. You should be careful.”

“Okay.” She answered. She lifted the jade ring slightly higher. That kind of warm and moist feeling and the pure color were really top-grade.

It was also worthy of being placed in the Chong Family as an heirloom for hundreds of years.

Rong Liu made fun of her again. “If it is broken, the Chong Family will kill you like hell.”

“So scary?” She got a shock.

Rong Liu nodded and explained to her with a smile. “This thing has been worn by Chong Yuan all the time, who is the only inheritor of the third generation, and Chong Family told Chong Yuan that he could not take off this casually. If this jade ring falls into the hands of others, they will think that Chong Yuan might have been bullied by someone.”

“I see.” Song Yunxuan lowered her long eyelashes and looked at the jade ring in her hand.

Rong Liu talked to her for a while and was called by Zhong Jin over there to give him a trick.

Before he left, he joked with Song Yunxuan. “Chong Yuan won’t let this thing stay in your hands for more than one day, and he will definitely redeem this thing at a high price in advance after a while.”

Song Yunxuan bent her lips and smiled when hearing these words. She put the jade ring on her thumb and then nodded. “I will give him.”

However, it was not tonight.

Maybe Chu Mochen had some fun with them and had no intention to stop in the early morning.

Song Yunxuan couldn’t hold on but went to sleep first after telling them.

Before returning to the room, she glanced sideways at the people at the Mahjong table. Her eyes were so deep.

Harbor City was a big dyeing cylinder which could influence people, but since ancient times, the more troubled the time was, the more heroes would appear.

Even if the Harbor City was a big dyeing cylinder, it was so deep and troubled that no one dared to get in. But if you seized the opportunity to get into the Harbor City, something useful would probably happen to you.

She stroked the jade ring with her fingers and then went back to her room to sleep.

At three o’clock at night, she slept lightly.

Someone snatched the quilt off and then went to bed. He pulled her over and held her waist in his arms.

The powerful arm was very familiar to her, but she was a little sleepy.

His kiss was close and warm, touching her skin constantly.

She opened her eyes after a kiss mark was printed on her neck. Her eyes under her long eyelashes looked at him. She was a little dazed. “Why not continue to play?”

“It’s not very interesting to play with them.”

Song Yunxuan’s hair was spread out, and his fingers picked up her hair. He tied her hair around his fingers.

The tall and straight body pressed her, and he kissed her deeply.

The kiss was soft and tangled, but it made her heart excited. Her chest was heaving a little more severely.

The heart in the chest was beating faster and faster.

He stripped the nightgown off her shoulders with his fingers, and her rounded shoulders were exposed to the air, as white as jade.

Song Yunxuan felt a slight trace of coolness, and there was no time for her to shrink the body. Her whole body was wrapped by him.

The touch of dissociation on the skin had a little strength, and her twittering could not help leaking out of her mouth.

Chu Mochen’s chest was hot, which made her body begin to be uncontrollably hot.

She turned her head. Her hair stuck to her side face. She couldn’t stand his fretful agitation. She raised her fingers and gently bit her fingers with her fine white teeth.

His voice was soft. “Don’t bite. It hurts.”

She opened her eyes slightly, staring at his facial features in a blurry way and slightly thinking abstractedly.

When she was still Gu Changge, why didn’t she realize that Chu Mochen could treat her like this?

She frowned tightly and turned her face without rejecting him.

It was three o’clock in the morning.

The night was very dark.

It should be a time for their erotogenic love in the room.

But all of a sudden, Song Yunxuan felt sick in her stomach.

She shivered for a moment, and then she sobered up from the erotogenic love which almost went up to the clouds.

She pushed Chu Mochen away, and she hurriedly got down from the bed and went straight to the glass table in the bathroom. Then she vomited suddenly.

Her vomiting was getting worse.

She was vomiting, which was very uncomfortable.

Chu Mochen followed up and gently patted her back.

His slender eyebrows were also wrinkled, and there were some light wrinkles between her brows. Besides, there was some doubt in his eyes. “Tomorrow, let’s go to another hospital for a checkup.”

The result of the Chyna Hospital’s examination was originally unquestionable, but Song Yunxuan’s symptoms were really too strange.

The atmosphere, which was good originally, was suddenly broken.

Song Yunxuan vomited for a long time, and then she went back to rest weakly.

Chu Mochen took her into his arms and did not continue.

Song Yunxuan slept like a log and did not wake up at eight the next morning.

Chu Mochen went out in advance since he still had something to do. Before leaving, he opened the curtain for her, leaving a slit.

When the sun rose, the incoming light slowly moved to Song Yunxuan’s body.

When Song Yunxuan opened her eyes, she saw the sun. She raised her white arms and covered her eyes. Then the glare of the sun was blocked.

She lay on the bed for a while, and her fine eyebrows puckered gradually.

Then she washed up and got dressed. After that, she went out.

Yangshan Villa was equipped with a dedicated driver. Even if Chu Mochen was absent, she would be no longer restricted when she wanted to go out.

As she passed by the pharmacy, she froze slightly.

The driver saw her gazing at the pharmacy and asked her respectfully, “Miss Song, are you going to the pharmacy?”

Song Yunxuan shook her head indifferently. “No need.”

She could go to the pharmacy after some time. And now, the most important thing was to go to Tianzang Mill first.

Tianzang Mill was the most prestigious copy agency in Harbor City.

When she was still Gu Changge, she made a special trip to Tianzang Mill and met with the highest person in charge.

This agency was responsible for copying all kinds of things.

In simple terms, it was actually an expert in making the fakes.

Many antiques from auction houses in Harbor City and a lot of Yuan Celadon which was fake and could pass for real were produced secretly by Tianzang Mill.

However, since they were produced in secret, not many people knew Tianzang Mill.

People in the upper class of Harbor City had heard of Tianzang Mill, and some of them even had a close association with it.

In Yuncheng, there were also some regular customers of Tianzang Mill.

And Gu Changge was one of them.

Song Yunxuan showed the driver the way to the organization building of Tianzang Mill.

It was not accurate to call it a building. The appearance of Tianzang Mill looked like an obscure and low-key wealthy businessman. The family mansion was built like the royal palace of the highness during the Qing Dynasty, and the location was slightly remote.

When she got out of the car, she saw the antique door of Tianzang Mill.

There were also two ancient stone lions at the door.

She walked forward, and a security guard approached her immediately at the door.

“Do you have an invitation card?”

Song Yunxuan turned the jade ring which she was wearing on her finger. The security guard had worked in Tianzang Mill for many years, so he had a keen sense of the previous things.

The two security guards looked at each other, and then they spoke politely to Song Yunxuan, “Miss, please wait for a moment. We will inform Miss Zang at once.”

Song Yunxuan nodded and waited at the door.

She was sure that Miss Zang in Tianzang Mill would meet her.

Although Miss Zang was a rich young lady, she basically didn’t reject the business which was delivered to the door.

Moreover, those who could come to the door were also some acquaintances.

Sure enough, within three minutes, the security guard came over and respectfully invited her into the Zang Family.

The courtyard of Zang Family was deep and serene, with the rockery towering and some exquisite carvings on the veranda.

Walking in the corridor, it felt like an instant trip back in time.

There were so many turns in the corridor. After making a turn several times, she went deep into the courtyard of Zang Family.

According to rumors, Miss Zang was in poor health. She had been resting quietly in the deep house all year round, and she had a noble, aloof, and proud personality. She was a proud and indifferent young lady, who was very hard to get on with.

Moreover, she was not very old and was an adopted daughter of Zang Family.

Speaking of this, Miss Zang could be regarded as a legend among those famous families in Harbor City.

In other words, she was a secret.

There were some peony flowers that were planted out of season in the deep house, and all the flowers were as large as a bowl.

When she walked past the flowers, there was a scent of flowers coming to her nose.

After she went inside, there was a small courtyard with an atrium.

The main house had several carved windows of sandalwood, and the sandalwood door was slightly opened with a slit.

Before entering the house, she could hear a strong tone of Beijing Opera coming out from inside.

It was a woman’s voice, and the melody was gentle and indirect. The meaning was dismal.

The steward who led the way heard that the tone of Beijing Opera came out from inside. He didn’t enter the door immediately but stood at the door of the room for a while, waiting for the person inside to finish singing.

Song Yunxuan stood outside the door and could see that the white silk-like sleeves inside were gently thrown out and were then drawn back lightly.

Song Yunxuan could not help smiling in the heart when she saw those sleeves dancing in the air. Outsiders said that Miss Zang was a sickly young lady, so she stayed in Zang Family’s deep house with many courtyards without leaving the house.

But the fact was just the opposite. Not only was Miss Zang not a sickly person, but she was also a young lady with first-class skills. She even had some martial arts.

Otherwise, how could such long sleeves be thrown out so freely?

The lady just stepped forward with teeny-tiny steps, turning her eyes. Time went by, and her eyes stared at Song Yunxuan.

A pair of narrow and phoenix-like eyes, which were slightly raised, showed a smile.

This smile made Song Yunxuan amazed greatly, but she was not so shocked to the point of being absent-minded.

The lady’s tone of Beijing Opera came out again.

This time, instead of singing Beijing Opera, she asked her…

“What are you here for, Miss?”

She smiled slightly. Then she pushed the door open and walked in.

The sunlight from the outer room came in, shining brightly on the ground.

She turned to the side and showed the lady the jade ring on her finger.

When Miss Zang saw the jade ring, her narrow and phoenix-like eyes which were slightly raised froze, and she looked at Song Yunxuan with a smile of enchantment, and slightly with a bit of fierceness.

Song Yunxuan smiled calmly and leisurely.

Miss Zang should like this jade ring very much.

Otherwise, she wouldn’t laugh so enchantingly.

She looked at her. “Would you like to do me a favor?”

The young lady pursed her lips and laughed. “Let’s talk about it carefully.”

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