Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 190 - I Will Support You

Chapter 190 I Will Support You

The scene before her eyes suddenly became blurred.

Her body fell down like this uncontrollably.

The body slipped down to the ground with a soft sound.

The doctor and the nurse looked over and couldn’t help being shocked.

“Send Miss Song out in a hurry.”

The nurse rushed to help Song Yunxuan.

Although it was evident that Song Yunxuan was the youngest daughter of Song Family, those who were a little more knowledgeable knew that she was the fiancée of Chu Mochen.

Chu Family was not uncomplicated, and the fiancée of Chu Mochen could not be given the cold shoulder.

Since she could not be neglected, it was even more troublesome that the lady fainted in the operating room.

Upon hearing the doctor’s instruction, the nurse hurriedly held Song Yunxuan to go out.

When she went out of the door, Lu Xia and her white assistant were waiting at the door of the operating room.

Song Yunxuan was in a coma. The nurse saw Lu Xia and greeted her. “Miss Lu.”

Lu Xia gently nodded. Her skin was white, and her eyes were dark like an old well. Her sight fell on the face of Song Yunxuan. “What happened to her?”

“She suddenly fainted in the operating room.”

Lu Xia looked sidelong and commanded her white assistant next to her. “Take care of Miss Song and be mindful of her.”

George responded and went away with the nurse.

Wearing a pair of black gloves on the hands, Lu Xia quietly guarded in the empty corridor in front of the door of the operating room.

It was very silent all around, and the night was still dark.

She waited quietly, and her face did not show a trace of impatience at all.

Xiao Luo seemed to have a very long dream. His long eyelashes fluttered like a frightened butterfly wing.

The faint smell of the disinfectant water of the hospital filled up his nose.

But there was also a floral smell mixed with the scent of disinfectant water.

He tried hard to open his eyes, but he couldn’t stop the painful pictures from passing by in front of him as a lantern slide.

It was like an old movie scrolling on frame by frame.

“No! Don’t! Mommy!”

He seemed to be deeply trapped into a nightmare as if he was entangled. The sweat on the forehead slid down with his eyes closed, and he struggled to shake his head. He seemed to want to stop something.

Someone rubbed his forehead with a wet handkerchief, and the strength of the hand was gentle and caring.

“Don’t be afraid.”

She comforted him softly.

He still could not pull himself out.

Her voice was a little cold and ruthless, but she told the truth that everyone knew. “Fear is useless, Loki. You should kick off whoever blocks your way. If someone wants to harm you, you should let him taste the feeling of being harmed.”

“Kill all the enemies in your way.”

“In this life, you can only rely on yourself. Be strong, okay?”

This gentle voice coincided with the pictures in his memory.

A woman with blond hair and blue eyes was rubbing his hair gently. She smiled kindly and urged him, “Live a good life in the future and be strong, okay?”

“Where are you going, Mommy?”

“Mom has a different life than Loki.”

After the child nodded meekly, the beautiful exotic woman in shorts and a camisole walked away on the red heels of a dozen centimeters coquettishly and bewitchingly.

The woman had golden curls like seaweed, delicate and white skin, and beautiful body curves, which made everyone tempted.

Many uncles were willing to invite Mommy to have a drink as well as a date.

However, when he turned around and saw the people of Xiao Family coming to pick him up, he saw the coldness and faint contempt in their eyes.

Those cold and contemptuous eyes were like an icy snake climbing onto his body from his heels inch by inch and seeming to wrap his whole body and strangle him deeply.

He felt depressed and uncomfortable, and he wanted Mommy to save him.

He tried his best to reach out and tried to ask his Mummy to hold his hands.

However, after hearing his voice, the woman who went farther and farther in the darkness just looked back indifferently. Then she turned her back on him and walked away sternly and coldly.

“Why did you abandon me?”

“Why didn’t you hold my hands?”


“I am so scared and so lonely… I have always been alone.”

His tears were about to come out of his eyes. His five fingers worked hard to extend to the distance, and he wanted to grab something.

However, nothing could be caught.

Despair bit by bit gnawed all the faith and hope of survival.

Suddenly, there was warmth coming from his palm.

The slender fingers had a warm feeling.

The warm current flew upstream through the blood vessels.

There was a familiar voice. “Wake up, and I will be with you in the future, Loki.”

His heart jolted.

His eyes were slowly opened.

In an instant, a dazzling light from the world in front of him filled up his eyes.

He regained his sight after a coma, which made him somewhat unprepared.

However, in the white light, someone’s facial features became clearer and clearer in his sight.


Song Yunxuan slightly curled up her lips. “It’s me.”

Xiao Luo frowned and carefully thought about the previous things.

He remembered those things before coming to the hospital. However, he did not remember many things after arriving at the hospital.

He just remembered that he had been holding the hand of a person all the time in the operating room.

The hand of that person was soft and warm, which made him feel very comfortable.

He looked at Song Yunxuan uncomfortably and asked, “You have been with me all the time?”

Song Yunxuan nodded. “Yes.”

This one gentle word of her made Xiao Luo confirm that Song Yunxuan was with him when he was in a coma. There was a faint jump of joy at the bottom of his heart.

He couldn’t believe that Yunxuan had been with him all the time.

After feeling a faint jump of joy, he suddenly remembered something. “Where is Will? How is he now?”

Song Yunxuan glanced at the door of the ward. “Will is in the opposite ward.”

Xiao Luo felt very sorry in his heart. “Is he seriously injured?”

“Not very seriously, and he has been bandaged.”

Unlike Xiao Luo, Will seemed to be familiar with the life of fights. He could also try to protect his vital parts in the battle.

His injuries were not as severe as those of Xiao Luo.

Xiao Luo’s head was still covered with a white bandage. She reached out and touched it gently. “Is it painful?”

“It doesn’t hurt anymore.”

Song Yunxuan nodded, and her eyes fell on his chest. “You may have to suffer a lot recently. These injuries are very grave this time.”

The last few words were like a dagger which was inserted into the heart of Xiao Luo.

This was a warning and a pain that made him have to be sad.

After listening to Song Yunxuan’s words, Xiao Luo became down as expected. “My two uncles really have been over the line.”

Song Yunxuan did not deny. “If you continue to let it go, they will do more harmful things.”

“I am going to the WS.”

“After the testament is settled, you can leave, or you may die before going abroad.”

“On my own, it is impossible to win the entire Xiao Family. Although I do not want to let down Grandpa, you also see that I do not have the ability at all.”

“You are still too young.”

“I can’t wait for me to grow up.”

Song Yunxuan nodded. “So, I will help you.”

Xiao Luo’s eyes were widened, and he looked at Song Yunxuan without saying a word for a while.

“You have to get better soon. You can’t let your grandfather down, nor can you let us down.”

How many people were supporting Xiao Luo behind him?

However, she must support him to keep him alive.

Failure meant death.

Xiao Yu and Xiao Liang would not give Xiao Luo a path of life because they were relatives at all. What happened today was the undeniable evidence.

Even if he was exiled, it was not so light-hearted or safe as killing him.

The two uncles of Xiao Luo were very ruthless indeed.

“Your two uncles are still abroad and are going back.”

Xiao Luo did not care about how his two uncles were on earth. Just looking at Song Yunxuan, he slowly lowered his eyes. “If you can always be by my side, everything will be fine.”

Song Yunxuan curved her lips and wanted to reassure him. “I will support you.”

Xiao Luo’s eyelashes were lifted high. And his eyes were as charming as broken stars as if there was a glimmer of bright starlight coming from the bottom of the eyes.

“Do you know it?” Xiao Luo said in a bitter voice, “Before, some people wanted to be friends with me, but they were driven away by my grandfather and uncles by various means.”

Song Yunxuan remembered the young girl and the young boy who called her for help. “Will and Xiao Dao are by your side.”

“In fact, I really want to be friends with them.” He lowered his eyes. Then he put his hands on the quilt and slowly clenched his fists. The quilt was wrinkled. His knuckles trembled slightly, and the voice seemed to be with a sad cry. “However, if they stay with me, they will be injured sooner or later.”

Song Yunxuan’s fingers grabbed his hand, and her eyes were warm and tender. “If they are willing to stay with you, they will not be afraid of being hurt.”

Xiao Luo turned his head and stared at her. “Are you the same?”

Song Yunxuan raised her eyebrows slightly and wanted to nod.

But the door was suddenly opened.

The man seemed to be inadvertently coming in. When he saw that Xiao Luo was awake, he went to see Song Yunxuan.

Then, his sight slowly moved to her fingers along Song Yunxuan’s body.

Her hand was held together with Xiao Luo’s fingers.

Song Yunxuan’s expression changed slightly. There was a moment when she even subconsciously wanted to pull her hand away from Xiao Luo’s hands to avoid the misunderstanding of Chu Mochen.

However, after the moment, she dismissed the idea.

Even if she immediately pulled her hand away from Xiao Luo’s hands, Chu Mochen would still doubt.

Since this was the case, it was better to calm down and keep leisured.

“You are here.” Song Yunxuan took her hand away quietly and imperturbably.

Chu Mochen’s eyes on the interwoven hands were cold and sharp. Even if Song Yunxuan took her hand away, Chu Mochen still couldn’t be kind to Xiao Luo.

“It is great that Childe Xiao could regain his consciousness.” He walked forward and came to Xiao Luo’s bed without greetings, just talking to Song Yunxuan. “Since he is awake, you should go back and take a break.”

Song Yunxuan hesitated for a while and did not seem to want to leave the hospital immediately.

However, Chu Mochen bent over. He grabbed her hand and gently pulled her to his side, with one of his hands around her waist. He said emotionlessly, “You are not friends or relatives. It is enough for you to accompany him for one night. You should go back to rest early.”

Song Yunxuan’s lips twitched. However, she saw that Chu Mochen’s brows were gradually wrinkled, so she did not say anything in her stomach.

She was a little sorry to say goodbye to Xiao Luo. “I am a little tired and going to take a break for the time being. I will come back to see you tomorrow.”

Xiao Luo nodded and watched the two people leave the ward.

Just getting out of the ward, Song Yunxuan saw the elite doctors and a group of nurses of the Chyna Hospital rushing to the elevator.

Song Yunxuan wondered what happened.

Chu Mochen seemed to know that Song Yunxuan felt very strange. He slightly turned aside and said something in her ear.

As soon as the words were passed into her ear, Song Yunxuan was surprised and widened her eyes.

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