Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 191 - The Elder Regained His Consciousness

Chapter 191 The Elder Regained His Consciousness

Xiao Family was a famous family. If anything happened to Xiao Family, those families who paid close attention to Xiao Family would get the news immediately.

Lu Family and Huo Family were ones of those families.

The atmosphere of Huo Family was grave and solemn. Huo Qixiong sat in the magnificent living room.

Huo Ting walked down from the spiral staircase. When he went downstairs, he saw his father sitting in the living room while frowning.

He sighed in a low voice and asked after opening his mouth, “Dad, what happened?”

Huo Qixiong’s eyebrows wrinkled tightly, and his face was bitter. “Your mother hasn’t made a call to me to admit her mistakes yet.”

The eyes of Huo Ting slightly became darker a little.

Xiao Family and Huo Family had come to an open break in their friendship with each other because of Zhang Yufang, the sinner of Huo Family. But until now, his father had been hoping that Zhang Yufang could take the initiative to admit her mistakes, and he even intended to forgive her.

Disappointment could not be hidden in Huo Ting’s eyes, and cold ridicule rose up from the bottom of his heart. Of course, Zhang Yufang was not able to phone him to admit her mistakes because she was under his control now.

Moreover, not only was Zhang Yufang controlled by him, but Huo Jiahui and Huo Jiaying were also got command of by him.

Huo Ting pretended to be normal and even comforted his father filially. “Daddy, you and Mommy have been a couple for decades. Maybe she will call you soon to admit the mistake.”

After saying this, he saw that Huo Qixiong seemed to want to talk and added with a smile, “Mommy has not admitted the mistake yet, maybe because she wants you to bow down first.”

In an instant, Huo Qixiong’s words that he wanted to say were stopped. His face became livid. “She did something wrong and didn’t even admit her mistakes. How can I bow my head first for no reason? Who does she think I am?”

Huo Qixiong’s face was angry.

Huo Ting was not afraid. Instead, there was a hint of an indifferent smile in the depth of his eyes.

After many years of getting along, he had already known clearly his father’s temper and character. The dignity of a man did not allow him to bow first.

Because of their high and dignified social status, even if they were wrong, some people would not admit that they had done wrong, not to mention bowing to a woman.

Huo Qixiong was such a typical man.

If he had not said the latter sentence, Huo Qixiong might have said, “Once the relationship between husband and wife is established, the deep feelings will last forever. Husband and wife fight at one end of the bed and reconcile with each other at the other end of the bed. Anyway, we are husband and wife. This thing has passed, and I will forgive her.”

He understood that his father wanted him to give his father a step to go down, but he would like to throw it out and then take it back.

He would not let his father take Zhang Yufang out of Yangshan.

He had made a lot of effort to get where he was today.

Soon, Zhang Yufang would completely disappear in Huo Family.

When he thought of this, the light in his eyes was colder.

Huo Qixiong had been unable to concentrate on the Huo enterprise for several days. Huo Ting certainly needed to care about his father.

Seeing the tiredness and anger on his father’s face, he said thoughtfully, “Daddy, since the company has no special affairs, it is better to stay at home for a day off today. You have been so tired recently.”

Huo Qixiong had been exhausted after many days of hard work. After listening to Huo Ting’s words, he nodded. “After all, I’m not young, and I am tired after several busy days.”

During this time, Huo Family and Xiao Family fought with both open and secret ways. And their fight had filled up the entire Harbor City.

Sooner or later, one of the two families would have to win the battle. Although there was a pair of father and son in Huo Family, this father did not trust his son so much.

He avoided the important and dwelled on the trivial, refusing Huo Ting’s request for transferring the power.

On the contrary, the two brothers of Xiao Family, Xiao Yu and Xiao Liang, were united. In the past few days, they had put a lot of pressure on Huo Family.

Although Huo Qixiong tried his best to deal with it, Huo Family still suffered some losses.

He was not happy in his heart. There was no Zhang Yufang around to comfort and accompany him, so he was a little lonely for a moment.

When Huo Ting went out of the door after easing his father, his secretary whispered to him, “Childe, the news has come out of the Chyna Hospital.”

Huo Ting stopped. “Have Jiaying and Jiahui had something wrong?”

The secretary shook his head. “The elder of Xiao Family has woken up.”

Hearing the secretary’s words, Huo Ting was absent-minded for a moment.

Then, he sneered coldly with the corners of his mouth upward. “Well, troubles will appear in Xiao Family then.”

Yes, not only would Xiao Family be busy, but even the entire Harbor City would be full of jollification.

Song Yunxuan must have been waiting for this opportunity.

The secretary asked him, “Childe, do we go to the office?”

Huo Ting bent over and got into the car. “Go and see Miss Jiahui.”

“Yes, sir.”

In less than half a day, everyone in the upper circles had known that Xiao Jiancheng, the elder of Xiao Family, had regained his consciousness.

Lu Xia and Chu Mochen went to see Xiao Jiancheng at the same time. Lu Xia was very surprised and asked, “Why did Miss Yunxuan not come with you?”

Chu Mochen answered indifferently, “She has no friendship with Xiao Family.”

Lu Xia’s eyelids bent. “That may be not true.”

Her smile was both ambiguous and confident, which made Chu Mochen uncomfortable anyway after seeing it.

The elder of Xiao Family received the visit of Chu Mochen first. After saying some polite words, Chu Mochen said goodbye and then left.

When Chu Mochen left the ward, Lu Xia was about to enter. They passed by each other, and their eyes fought for a short moment.

Chu Mochen saw Lu Xia’s cunning eyes.

He felt something wrong in his mind and was shocked slightly.

Lu Xia was a troublesome role. If Lu Xia was determined to help Xiao Jiancheng get his eldest granddaughter back, then things would become much more complicated.

After he came to Harbor City this time, things broke out continually, and the wind and storm never calmed down.

It seemed to be harder and harder to bring Song Yunxuan back to Yuncheng as he wished.

His expression was covered with a haze.

His assistant was waiting in the hallway outside the ward.

He gave a slight glance out of the corner of his eye and just saw a man with golden hair and blue eyes. He had a burly and strong body, staring at the door of the ward.

It was the direction where Lu Xia entered the ward.

That white assistant seemed to go over the line. As an assistant, how could he stare at his boss so straight?

She was his boss.

The white secretary seemed to be aware that someone’s eyes were on him. His keen eyes turned around and just confronted Chu Mochen’s eyes.

Chu Mochen’s expression was cold. However, the white secretary friendly nodded to him with a strongly exotic smile at the corners of his mouth.

Receiving his kind greeting, Chu Mochen also nodded and then left.

However, he already had a plan in his heart.

How crazy would a man go when he loved a woman?

He lowered his eyelids and covered the darkness in his eyes.

Xiao Luo certainly got the news that his grandfather had regained his consciousness.

The old butler who had followed his grandfather for decades came over and delivered the news. He smiled obsequiously and said, “Young Childe, your grandfather has woken up. Would you like to see him?”

Xiao Luo was injured and surrounded by Will and Xiao Dao.

Will bent his knees and sat on the leather sofa at the side, playing with a Swiss army knife.

Wearing a wig of afro, Xiao Dao impatiently changed the eyes from the smiling butler to Xiao Luo who was indifferent repeatedly.

She could not stand the situation anymore and helped Xiao Luo send away the butler. She said, “Loki is injured in the hospital, too. The doctor said that he could not move freely. Otherwise, it will be life-threatening.”

The butler had not known that Xiao Luo was so severely injured. He was shocked in an instant. “This… How could he be so badly hurt for no reason?”

Xiao Dao had a big mouth and was straightforward. She unreservedly answered immediately after hearing the words of the butler, “Of course, he would not suffer such a serious injury for no reason. However, some elders are really irresponsible. They took advantage of their seniority and used their position to get even with others for a private grudge. Loki accidentally encountered such a beast.”

Xiao Dao’s words were blunt, and she scolded straightforwardly.

The butler naturally understood something. “You mean that the injury of Young Childe…”

“Of course, it is caused by his two uncles!”

The butler was shocked and went forward to stop Xiao Dao from speaking in a hurry. “Miss Xiao Dao, please don’t talk nonsense. If you have no evidence, you are making the false charge against those two masters, Xiao Liang and Xiao Yu.”

Will snorted coldly at the side. Evidence? Was the severe injury that he was suffering not the evidence?

However, the butler still thought that they made the false charge. Xiao Luo could not return to the Xiao Family at his own will indeed.

Xiao Dao who was at the side also felt aggrieved. “Evidence? Can the Xiao Family not control the entire Harbor City since it is so powerful? Who made Loki get hurt so badly? You can know it after a simple investigation.”

Having served in the Xiao Family for such a long time, the old butler certainly knew the truth.

It was as easy as winking for Xiao Family to find the one who got Young Childe beaten.

However, since the social status of Xiao Family was high in Harbor City, ordinary people dared not to hurt Young Childe.

At present, the one who got him beaten must be uncommon. The most suspected people were Xiao Yu and Xiao Liang, those two young masters of Xiao Family now.

They were Xiao Luo’s uncles.

The elder had not died yet. They even rushed to kill their nephew first. It was disgraceful for Xiao Family if others knew it.

Since he had known that Xiao Luo who was injured could not go to see his grandfather, the butler made an excuse and then left the ward.

After leaving Xiao Luo’s ward, the old butler hurried to the room of the elder directly.

In the ward, Xiao Jiancheng was sitting on the bed and quietly waiting for the butler who had gone to call his grandson.

When the butler came in, the elder became happy and intended to see his grandson who was supposed to come into his ward, with kindness in his eyes.

Nevertheless, he could see the old butler only.

The elder could help being disappointed. He said in a deep voice, “Where is Xiao Luo? Why did you come in alone?”

“Young Childe can’t come over.” The old butler lowered his head and said obediently and respectfully.

He was still considering whether he should tell Old Master that Xiao Luo was injured immediately or not.

Old Master had just woken up. He could not bear the shocking news that his sons hired someone to kill his grandson by any means.

Xiao Jianchen got a little angry when the old butler said nothing after answering his question. “I don’t believe he is unable to come over. He is not willing to come over.”

He quarreled with Xiao Luo before he fell ill. Was this grandson no longer willing to see him again?

He was old, and he had only one grandson who he wanted to protect well. However, his grandson was not willing to see him when he was severely ill.

He was very upset.

The old butler could not stand it anymore. He said, “Young Childe is really unable to come over.”


The old butler frowned awkwardly. “He was severely injured by someone. He is lying downstairs in the ward now and can’t move at all.”

The old man was shocked after hearing his words.

Then, there was a trace of incomparable severity in his turbid eyes. He whispered, “These two idiots!”

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