Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 189 - The Blood Type of Song Yunxuan

Chapter 189 The Blood Type of Song Yunxuan

The curve of ECG quieted down.

The doctor who was performing an operation to bind up could not help being anxious. “Urgency! Where is the transferred plasma? Has it been sent here yet?”

The nurse instantly expedited. Soon, she came back and told the doctor, “I have called to whisk them, but the blood in the blood bank is not enough. Even if they send it to our hospital, it should not be of much use.

“Go to find someone to donate blood soon!”

Song Yunxuan obviously understood what the doctor said. It was an urgency that she could find enough blood to transfuse for Xiao Luo.

However, Xiao Luo’s blood type was too rare. If they could not find standby plasm which was matching in the blood bank for him, they would have no choice but to transfer from other blood banks.

Transferring was not the problem, but time was a tough issue.

Xiao Luo could not wait anymore. Only if they could find someone to donate blood for him could they save Xiao Luo’s life.

But the most possible people who owned the matching blood type besides Xiao Luo’s parents were his uncles.

His parents had passed away, and his grandfather was in poor health, so he could help nothing about transfusion.

But his uncles were strong enough to be the most possible ones to save Xiao Luo.

Making up her mind, Song Yunxuan was about to go outside. “Shall we invite the two uncles of Xiao Luo to come here?”

The doctor was astonished, and his face turned to be bitter. “Mr. Xiao Yu and Mr. Xiao Liang left for the Phinippines in the afternoon, and I have heard that they are coming back now.”

They were coming back?

She sneered in her mind. They itched Xiao Luo to die right now. How could they really come back?

Her face was getting cold, and Xiao Luo’s hands began to become cold gradually.

She began to stir restlessly in her heart. It seemed that there was a bunch of cold fire burning from her innermost being as a snake and trying to burn her body, but it made her feel frozen as well.

Song Yunxuan held Xiao Luo’s hands more and more tightly.

She felt as if she was holding a handful of sand which would run through her fingers without hesitation if she was careless slightly.

She did not want Xiao Luo to die.

Absolutely not.

She also wanted to support him to be the most powerful man in charge of Xiao Family, and she wanted to be the most determined companion in the changeable business field all the time.

She wanted him to be alive.

Together with her.

Though there was a strong belief in her heart, the reality was eating away at her belief little by little as time went by.

A doctor who wore a gauze mask came in silently from the door of the operating room. He went straight to the front of Song Yunxuan and asked, “What is your blood type, Miss Song?”

Song Yunxuan was dazed. She slowly moved her eyes away from Xiao Luo’s pale face to her own wrist.

That was a question. What was Song Yunxuan’s blood type?

Gu Changge had type B blood, so what about Song Yunxuan?

Though she had done a paternity test in Song Family, she knew nothing about her blood type.

She became skeptical and looked up at the doctor in front of her, saying softly, ” Please help me assay my blood type.”

“It’s my pleasure.”

Across from Chu Mochen was Lu Xia.

Lu Xia had lost one of her fingers on her right hand, so she would never take off her glove.

But her left hand was slender and white. So, she would like to take the glove off to holding a coffee cup to drink coffee.

The mellow of blue mountain coffee spread into the air little by little, and then it moved with the floating air into their noses.

A gentle breath made them relaxed and leisure.

However, though the atmosphere here was so comfortable, the look on Chu Mochen’s face was still rigid.

“Miss Lu, it is better to come straight to the point.”

Lu Xia tasted the coffee in a porcelain coffee cup. Hearing that, she graciously put that cup down and raised her delicate eyebrows, staring at him. “I have never told Yunxuan about her identity in person.”

“What do you want?”

Chu Mochen did not think that Lu Xia did not tell Song Yunxuan about her identity directly because of her mercy to let him catch Song Yunxuan.

As for such a sophisticated woman like Lu Xia, if she did not instantly loot benefits when she was sure about something, but instead, she unhurriedly observed the development of the circumstance, it meant that the further the issue developed, the more benefits she would gain.

She was just letting the long line to catch the big fish.

So, which one would be her fish?

Was that Chu Mochen?


“The reason why I did not tell Miss Song is that I think it will be better if Childe Chu can tell her personally.”

“What will I acquire if I tell her?”

For him, there was no good basically. If he told her, he would only lose her, so he did not want to do that.

And he did not want to send her back to the Xiao Family.

Lu Xia considered for a while. “If you tell her personally, at least, you will seize the chance to keep the relationship with her.”

Chu Mochen sneered. “Do you really think that she will give up her status as the eldest daughter of Xiao Family to come to Yuncheng to unite by a marriage?”

“But after all, she is a daughter. If she helps Xiao Luo stabilize the situation of Xiao Family, she will also have to get married. Xiao Luo’s grandfather has never thought of allowing his granddaughter to take charge of Xiao Family.”

Chu Mochen nodded. “If that is exactly what Xiao Family has thought, it will be great.”

They only asked Song Yunxuan to contribute herself to stabilize the situation of Xiao Family. Once the circumstance settled down, they would ask her to get married to someone?

That was an amazing statement.

But he also wanted to give her a piece of advice.

“Miss Lu, though you know very well about the Harbor City’s situation, it is just the Harbor City. Yunxuan comes from Yuncheng.”

Lu Xia frowned and looked at somewhere else. She seemed to have no notion of his words.

Chu Mochen did not want to chat with her anymore. “Be careful of opening the door to invite a dangerous person. I’m ready to go now.”

Chu Mochen walked away without hesitation, and he only left a forceful back in Lu Xia’s sight. He went far gradually, and finally, he disappeared from her sight.

Lu Xia did not understand very well, but actually, she did understand something.

She certainly understood there are always better guys around the world. Though she knew the circumstances of the Harbor City very well, she did know little about Yuncheng.

Seeing Lu Xia still sit in the seat without any intention to leave, George at the side bent down and said to her in a soft voice, “President Lu?”

Lu Xia was preoccupied.

George got closer to her a little, saying in her ear, “President Lu, it is time for us to return.”

Being called in such a short distance, Lu Xia came to her senses suddenly.

She looked sideways at George’s face. The tall and white assistant had blonde hair and blue eyes. His eyes were melting as if there was magic liquid medicine which was verdurous. She looked at him and was nearly drown in his eyes.

Unfortunately, no matter how she wanted to sink in, she always kept a clear mind.

She calmed down and became cold again. She put on her glove of the left hand and lowered the eyelids. She seemed to say to George, “Chu Mochen is really stubborn. Unexpectedly, he is hanging on Song Yunxuan so firmly.”

“Miss Song is a sophisticated girl.”

“If such a girl comes to Xiao Family, she must show her extraordinary talents. Staying in Song Family really puts her on a job unworthy of her talents.

“What if Childe Chu is unwilling to let her go?”

“Let’s hang up. If I want to achieve something, Chu Mochen cannot stop me.”

The reason why she met Chu Mochen today was that she just wanted to feel his way first and then make him smooth his nerves.

She told him that even if Song Yunxuan went back to Xiao Family, they would force her to get married to leave Xiao Family.

But that was just a tactic to let him take it easy.

If Chu Mochen decided to send Song Yunxuan back to Xiao Family, how could he change the decision that Song Yunxuan had made?

If the grandfather of Xiao Luo woke up, and if he was satisfied with his granddaughter and wanted to turn over the power of Xiao Family to her…

Xiao Luo would not be against.

If Song Yunxuan took charge of Xiao Family, it would not decay.

If Song Yunxuan appreciated her kindness and united with Lu Family all the time, they would also gain support.

But Chu Mochen just mentioned opening the door to a dangerous person…

Was a dangerous person Song Yunxuan?

What did the little girl want on earth?

The light in the operating room was bright abnormally.

The astral lamp was on the wounds. The doctor was disinfecting and bandaging quickly and accurately.

Song Yunxuan’s fingers were still seized by Xiao Luo unconsciously.

There was someone waiting anxiously outside the operating room.

Will’s wound still needed to be bandaged. Xiao Dao worriedly looked at the operating room from time to time. But the red light of the operating room was still on.

“Will Loki be fine?”

Will looked up. “He should be fine…”

The tone was full of uncertainty. Without thinking it carefully, even Will was not sure about Xiao Luo’s condition.

Xiao Dao clenched her hands tightly, anxiously waiting outside the operating room.

Chu Mochen was not so worried as them, waiting for them to come out calmly.

But he did not wait for so long. His assistant then came to his side and said something in a low voice in his ear.

After hearing what his assistant said, Chu Mochen was dazed. His face became cold. He stared sidelong at his assistant. “When did it happen?”

The assistant said in a low voice, “Just now.”

Chu Mochen suddenly stood up when hearing this and walked away in a hurry without saying anything.

Will and Xiao Dao at the scene all did not know what was going on. Seeing that Chu Mochen walked away, Will’s expression in his eyes changed slightly, and then he stepped towards the emergency clinic after standing up.

Xiao Dao followed up in a hurry. “I will accompany you to bandage the wounds.”

Will did not refuse.

In the operating room, the atmosphere here was condensational and dreary. There were beads of sweat dripping down on the forehead of the doctor. The nurse next to him helped him wipe off the sweats on the forehead with a handkerchief after reaching out.

Song Yunxuan’s heart beat so fast. Looking at the curve of ECG, she couldn’t help biting her lower lip.

You should be alive.

Though the wound was serious, there was enough blood to save you. You should be alive, Xiao Luo.

Her fingers were clenched tightly again and again. Her joints began to turn slightly white.

The nurse over there came over to ask her concernedly, “Miss Song, do you want to leave here first?”


“You look very tired. Would you like to have a rest first? The operation will be finished soon.”

“I’m fine, and I want to stay here to accompany him.”

Seeing that she was so determined, the nurse took a look at Xiao Luo on the sickbed anxiously and then came back to the doctor’s side.

Xiao Luo seemed to be having a dream. He frowned tightly and was very nervous.

Song Yunxuan looked paler, but she was still so stubborn to stay in the operating room.

Xiao Luo’s rib was broken, and he needed an operation. And there were extensive scratches on the back, which needed to be sutured.

The blood was bright. Though she didn’t want to see, that kind of bright color used an unstoppable force like a river to run into her sight.

She pursed her lips, trying to stop her from looking at the blood.

But somehow, her sight became blurry.

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