Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 188 - Rh-Negative Blood

Chapter 188 Rh-Negative Blood

Will was hesitant to say that, “Xiao Luo’s blood type was different from normal people. He is Rh-negative blood.”

After hearing that, Song Yunxuan was shocked.

The blood type was rare. According to the statistics, there were only three people were such a type of blood in one thousand.

Xiao Luo nowadays got badly injured and lost lots of blood. No matter which hospital they went, he all needed to transfusion.


The blood bank in Mary hospital in Harbor City didn’t have the repertory of Rh-negative blood. But Chyna hospital did.

Yes, Chyna was top-notch in every aspect. That was the hospital where Xiao Luo deserved.

But if Xiao Luo’s two uncles knew that his blood type was rare, they undoubtedly would go there to wait for them.

It was an urgent issue to transfusion, because of Xiao’s severe injury. If his two uncles wanted to murder him, they did not even have to choose another approach. Just running out of the Rh-negative blood could achieve that.

Will had already considered this point, saying, “No matter what happened, we have to send him to Chyna to see whether there is a chance to save him.”

Song Yunxuan nodded, “That’s what I thought.”

Sending him to the hospital, and then they would figure the transfusion issue out.

However, would there be anyone who owned the same type of blood as Xiao Luo did in Harbor City?

She raised her eyebrows and became anxious.

Xiao Luo looked pale. When the car moved forward, he coughed lightly. The blood around his corner of the mouth was about to flow out.

Song Yunxuan got more and more serious. She pressed her voice down, “Who has beaten him?”

The mouth of Will was also broken. The blood ran into his mouth. After hearing the question, he licked the corner of his mouth, spitted out the blood, and turned to look at Xiao Luo, “The black dragon in the black dragon street.”

Song Yunxuan noded, “He was indeed famous at the street.”

This black dragon was not someone who could command.

The two brothers in Xiao family seemed to have more power than she thought.

The Chyna hospital had gained Chu Mochen’s sponsor. The hospital guide welcomed them as soon as Chu Mochen stepped in the hospital, “Mr. Chu.”

“Emergency treatment.”

“I will arrange it right away.”

The guide was not strange to Song Yunxuan. But after seeing she support a boy with a blood-pasted face, she took a second look at her.

Song Yunxuan supported Xiao Luo, who held her hands tightly. His fingers were forced. It seemed that if he loosened the hands, he could never cling to her again.

Song Yunxuan comforted him in his ear, “Does that hurt? Endure it for a while. They will bind it up immediately.”

Xiao Luo’s eyes were covered by the blood. He raised his long eyelashes, and the eyes were in a trance.

Song Yunxuan held his hands tightly, seemed to give all her strength to him, and her voice was gentle, “Endure it and be patient. If you hurt, you can hold my hands.”

When the doctors knew that Chu Mochen brought with a patient, he instantly organized the doctor in an emergency to examine.

The doctor was a good one in Chyna. After he checked out, he said, “He has bled a lot, and he needs transfusion right now. Go and assay.”

Song Yunxuan’s eyelid jumped. Even if he didn’t need to assay, she also knew Xiao Luo’s blood type from Will.

What if the store of Rh-negative blood ran out? Where could they get such type of blood to do transfusion?

She was afraid but could only stand still.

The doctors and nurses sent Xiao Luo to the operating theater to clean and bandage the wound. Xiao Luo held Song Yunxuan’s fingers tightly like a kid who held his parents’ fingers. He held her hands tightly and helplessly. It seemed like that no matter what happened, he would never loosen his grip.

The head of the doctor covered in a fine film of sweat. Wearing a gauze mask, he talked to Song Yunxuan, “Miss Song, please let the patient go. He needs to be bandaged.”

Looking down at Xiao Luo’s hands that held her hands tightly but covered with blood, Song Yunxuan bent down saying gently in his ear, “Do you need me to accompany you in the operating room?”

Xiao Luo was out of consciousness, and gradually loosened his hands.

Song Yunxuan nodded, “I will wait for you outside,”

It seemed that Xiao Luo has heard her voice. Suddenly he held her fingers tightly, whispering, “Please don’t go.”

Song Yunxuan dazed, looked at her fingers held in Xiao Luo’s hands and listened to Xiao Luo carefully.

Xiao Luo was still whispering, “Don’t go… Don’t leave me alone… Don’t go…”

The last two words in his crying voice pierced Song Yunxuan’s heart.

Xiao Luo’s voice was helpless and lonely, like a kid.

His fingers firmly held hers. She recalled that in Gu Yi’s childhood, he also liked to grasp her fingers.

She was Gu Yi’s mother, but she has never favored him as the eldest son from his childhood as other mothers did.

She was busy with her job to broaden Gu’s business. She itched to use all her time to run the vast family business left by her father.

So, she reckoned without her only son.

When Gu Yi was a little baby in the infancy, he liked to hold his fist. She amused him in the cradle. He could always precisely find and hold his mother’s finger tightly.

Gu Yi’s eyes were bright with no impurity. And his eyes were full of his mother’s look.

But she could hardly touch her son who would like to hold her fingers tightly and was supposed to grow up by her side.

Her heart was gripped severely, which made her out of breath.

Seeing her fingers held tightly by Xiao Luo, Chu Mochen took a step to loosen his hand.

Song Yunxuan held Xiao Luo suddenly, “I will accompany him to the operating theater.”

The doctor dazed and vexatiously said, “Miss, family member will not be allowed to enter the operating room.”

“He is unwilling to let me go.”

She said clearly.

But Chu Mochen knew it was an excuse. Song Yunxuan’s eyes stared at Xiao Luo. Her eyes were full of love that made him jealous.

But he didn’t want to stop her.

The doctor felt embarrassed.

Song Yunxuan turned to look at Chu Mochen, “Can I enter with him?”

Chu Mochen’s lip licked. His firmly watched her with his black eyes, seeming to observe some feelings from her eyes.

But the emotion was pure and simple in her eyes.

But when they faced each other, her eyes were so complex that he could not make any sense of what she was thinking. He just concerned about Xiao Luo

“Go inside.”

He said the words softly.

Hearing what he said, the doctor acquiesced her to come in. “Prepare one more disinfectant surgical gown,” the doctor told the nurse.

The nurse immediately did preparation.

A man pushing the sickbed opened the door to the operating room and sent Xiao Luo into the operating room.

Song Yunxuan walked along with the sickbed to enter the operating room. When she came across Chu Mochen, she appreciated him gently, “Thank you.”

Thanks for allowing me to accompany him.

He must be scared of being lonely.

He seemed to be alone all the time.

Though she didn’t know what Xiao Luo had gone through during these years, he was undoubtedly suffered a lot.

A kid lost both his mother and father. Though his grandfather favored him, his two uncles regarded him as a thorn in their flesh, which they itched to kill.

The door of the operating room closed slowly. Song Yunxuan’s figure disappeared in Chu Mochen’s sight.

The assistant of Chu Mochen came in a rush, seeing Song Yunxuan in the room. He was anxious, “Childe Chu, what is Miss Song…”

“Let’s wait for her.” Chu Mochen said in a steady tone, without special emotion on his face.

The assistant was confused. The childe in Xiao Family was in some relationship unable to explain clearly with Miss Song.

Why Childe Chu could let her enter with him without any worry?

Even if he was a generous man, seeing his own woman clutch tightly with another man and accompany that man enter the operating room seemed to be too magnanimous.

The assistant was so confused.

But Chu Mochen was calm. It was hard to get his emotion.

The red light of the operating room was on.

The smell of disinfectant fluid in the hall was still pungent.

There was someone who was wearing ten-centimeter highheels beating on the floor rhythmically to the operating room.

The comer wore a dark red lace wrap dress and her legs were so long. A white-water plant cape draped over her shoulders. Black gloves were on her hands, making her showily elegance as usual.

The woman smiled softly, starting to talk profoundly, “Was Loki in the operating room on his own?”

Chu Mochen watched her, replying in a cold tone, “Yunxuan companied with him.”

“No wonder,” She took off her left glove and passed it to her handsome white assistant. She said in a meaningful tone, “After all, blood is thicker than water.”

Chu Mochen’s assistant was shocked.

But Chu Mochen’s sight became sharp.

No wonder she was the charging woman of Lu Family in Harbor City. She had consolidated step by step. She just sat on top of the mountain to watch the tigers fight to make the Harbor City a mess one, and at the same time moved on her own plan precisely.

What did she want?

If she wanted to acquire Xiao Family, wouldn’t it be better to let Loki take on it instead of Song Yunxuan?

If Song Yunxuan took over Xiao Family, how could she easily make Xiao family a puppet of Lu Family?

His lips licked as a sharp knife, and his sight got cold.

Lu Xia raised her eyebrows slightly. Seemed to acknowledge hostility from his face, she smiled and said in an appealing tone, “Seldom could we meet each other here when we are both extremely busy. If Childe Chu doesn’t mind, may I treat you a cup of tea?”

The saying “drinking a cup a tea” was always some sentences used for pleasing.

But actually, there would be some bloody knives when they were drinking.

Especially on the condition that the two sides all fought for the same person.

Lu Xia deeply glanced at him and turned around with a slight smile.

Chu Mochen stood still, narrowed his eyes and then followed her.

The hall went back to silence.

The operating room with red lights on was ruly moving on.

Xiao Luo’s fingers were sweat oozing.

Though Song Yunxuan held him tightly, trying to give him strength.

However, seeing the electrocardiograph fluctuated smaller and smaller, she was terrified.

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