Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 177 - A Lucrative Reward

Chapter 177: A Lucrative Reward

Song Yunxuan was quiet all night, quiet as a cute and docile cat.

Chu Mochen held her in his arms, his lips pressed against her earlobe, she could feel his warm breath right next to her.

Song Yunxuan was sleepless the whole night.

At dawn, she frees herself out of Chu Mochen’s arms.

Chu Mochen pulls her back and refuses to let her leave, “Where are you going?”

Song Yunxuan puts her hand in his, “Shouldn’t you be asleep?”

Chu Mochen holds her in arms like holding a precious treasure. His voice is as charming as the cello.

“If I don’t hold you tight, I’m afraid that you may disappear when I open my eyes.”

Song Yunxuan smiles and looks at him gentle, “How come, I’m with you all the time.”

“Then marry me.”

Song Yunxuan looks down.

Chu Mochen places his hand on her belly, “Since you are pregnant with my child, I should at least make it official.”

Song Yunxuan feels his gentle touch, full of care and love.

She turns around.

Chu Mochen holds her waist, “Don’t move.”

“No woman ever gave birth to your child?”

“You are the first.”

“Not even got pregnant?”

“You are really the first.”

Song Yunxuan grabs his pajamas, her eyebrows bend like a crescent moon, but her eyes are smiling, “Then why didn’t let other women carry your child?”

“I didn’t like the mother of the child.”

Song Yunxuan raises her hand and holds his cheek, “Is this how you express your love to me?”

Chu Mochen holds her hand and pulls her into his arms. “I’ve told you many times.”

Song Yunxuan smiles happily.

It feels warm and happy to be held in his arms.

But which also makes her feel more uneasy.

“Maybe I just got an upset stomach.”

“Then go to the hospital tomorrow.”

Song Yunxuan shakes her head, “I don’t want to go.”

“I’ll go with you, don’t worry.”

Have Chu Mochen with her, she of course wouldn’t be too worried.


“We can go to the hospital in a couple of days. I heard that Mrs. Huo has been bailed out.”

Chu Mochen tucks her quilt, “You are quite informed.”

“It’s today’s headlines.”

Chu Mochen looks at the mobile phone next to her pillow, shakes his head, turns the mobile off and puts it in the drawer of the nightstand, “Cell phone radiation is not good for you, read print newspaper from today on.”

“To be absolutely safe, I should live in a vacuum then.” She says in a sulk.

Chu Mochen pinches her chin with his hand. “That’s a good idea. I’ll keep you in a vacuum and completely isolate you when we get back to Yuncheng.”

Song Yunxuan unhappily slaps away his hand and turns her back to him.

Chu Mochen will surely not let her, he quickly circles her waist with his arms, his lips press against her neck, he breathes on her skin, making her feel itchy.

“You are that easy to get angry?”

“I hate being trapped like a bird.”

“But if you like something, you’ll have to put it where you think is safe, right?”

“Sometimes you should think about how I feel.”

“I will take your feelings into full consideration.”

“So, tell me, will Huo Ting come to see me?”

Chu Mochen doesn’t know what to say all of a sudden.

Song Yunxuan opens the drawer, turns the mobile on and starts dialing.

She’s not surprised when hearing the machine voice that her phone bill is frozen.

Song Yunxuan turns around, “You did this?”

Chu Mochen holds her wrist, “After getting Xiao Luo back to Yuncheng, everything we need to do in Harbor City is done.”

“I don’t think so.”

Song Yunxuan puts the mobile phone down, gets up and puts on her shoes.

Chu Mochen knows that she can’t be stopped, so he stops trying.

Song Yunxuan uses the phone in the room to call Huo Ting.

Huo Ting did not sleep at all, when receiving the phone call from Song Yunxuan, he instantly gets nervous, “Song Yunxuan, what have you done?”

“I heard your mother has been bailed out successfully. Say hello to her for me.”

“I want to see you.”

“In half an hour, meet me at Miro Restaurant on the Queen’s Avenue. I’ll wait for you.”

She agrees to meet him right away, which makes Huo Ting surprised.

Although Song Yunxuan is involved in the discord between the Xiao family and the Huo family, she still agrees to meet Huo Ting without hesitation.

The woman clearly said she was going to work with him, but she can be so calm when she betrays him for her own interests.

It’s so incomprehensible.

Half an hour is a bit of a rush.

However, Song Yunxuan is well dressed and put together completely.

Chu Mochen does not come with her, the bodyguards in plain clothes escort her to the private room of Miro restaurant.

Song Yunxuan sits opposite Huo Ting, and Huo Ting looks up at her in anger, “How come Zhang Yufang went to the hospital?”

“I called her and she went happily.”

Huo Ting knows that Zhang Yufang sees Song Yunxuan as enemy, and he would never believe that Zhang Yufang would be happy to meet her immediately after receiving the phone call from her, let alone bringing Song Jiaying along.

Song Yunxuan puts her hands on the desk and opens the menu to order a glass of water, “You don’t seem to have learned the whole thing from Zhang Yufang.”

That sounds about right. Zhang Yufang was eager to get goods on Huo Ting, but she ended up putting herself in trouble.

How could she tell Huo Ting such stupid thing?

If she saw Huo Qixiong, Zhang Yufang would make some subtle changes to the story, and then tell it all to him.

Huo Ting frowns.

Song Yunxuan puts down the menu and looks up at him, “Do you know why I asked you to be here in a rush?”

Huo Ting stares at her.

Song Yunxuan smiles and hands over the menu, “Before ordering drinks, you should give your confidant a call.”

“I will not listen to you again.”

Huo Ting’s voice is cold and full of dissatisfaction with her.

Song Yunxuan is not angry, just smiles softly before gives him a warning, “If you do not call today, I guarantee you that you will be homeless tomorrow.”

Her eyes are clear and serious, with great determination, she is not joking.

Huo Ting narrows his eyes with doubt, he knows what Song Yunxuan’s capable of, and he still believes her.

However, if everything was done in accordance with Song Yunxuan’s advice, his family would be under Song Yunxuan’s control step by step.

And it would be easy for her to destroy his family anyway since she knows everything about the Huo family.

Song Yunxuan seems to see through his hesitation in his eyes, she takes back the menu, looking calm and indifferent again, “Zhang Yufang appeared in Mr. Xiao’s ward because I lured her there, and she would go without doubt, because I let her listen to this recording.”

She then plugs the earphone into her phone and hands it over.

Huo Ting looks at her and hesitates for a moment before putting on the earphone.

A woman’s helpless voice comes out of the ivory headphones.

Huo Ting’s eyes are wide open first, then slowly squint, “I had an affair with a married woman? And I got her pregnant? ”

Song Yunxuan does not say anything, and a waiter comes to bring the drinks.

Song Yunxuan’s glass of water is placed in front of her, and the waiter asks what Huo Ting wants.

Huo Ting points to the blue mountain coffee, and the waiter smiles and leaves.

Huo Ting removes the earphone from his ears.

Song Yunxuan puts hers fingers on the glass, “If said otherwise, Zhang Yufang wouldn’t go to the hospital.”

“If you were only going to take Zhang Yufang down, isn’t it too much for that.”

Song Yunxuan smiles and says to him with a bit of mockery, “You think Zhang Yufang can be taken down if Xiao and Huo still remain their friendship?”

“There are tons of ways to deal with this woman, but your way caused great loss to our family. Now that Xiao and Huo become enemies, it will make my family decline or even fall.”

“If the Huo family kicked you out and took everything from you, would the downfall of the Huo family affect you still?”

Song Yunxuan’s words are harsh.

She is in fact right. If Zhang Yufang took control of the Huo family, she would surely get rid of Huo Ting.

By that time, even if the Huo family became the richest family in Harbor City, it’d have nothing to do with him.

So, neither will it make any difference when the Huo family falls.

Song Yunxuan looks young, but is quite insightful, her means and decisions make him feel afraid and admirable.

He even admires that she can be so brave.

“Mr. Huo, no pain, no gain. Although your family might get hurt temporarily from the discord between Xiao and Huo, you will be able to evict Zhang Yufang from the Huo family and takes over the power from your father this time.”

“Not as simple as you think.” Huo Ting says, “It’s way too easy. Even if I am in control of the Huo family, Xiao Yu and Xiao Liang will also fight against us, by then with the power switch and the tough relationship with the Xiao family, the Huo family will be completely destroyed, your theory won’t work at all.”

Song Yunxuan nods, “You’re not wrong.”

Huo Ting smiles bitterly, if he can’t get this over, he will really become one who works with a woman that destroys his family.

The waiter brings the blue mountain coffee.

Song Yunxuan puts the coffee down in front of Huo Ting, “Since you can’t figure out a way, why don’t I give you another suggestion?”

Huo Ting raises his head.

Song Yunxuan’s eyes glow, her voice is soft and steady, “Help Xiao Luo, let Xiao Luo eliminate Xiao Yu and Xiao Liang, then the Huo family and the Xiao family will be friends again, no external enemy, it’d be much easier for you to manage in-house matters.”

Huo Ting’s staring at her, feeling intrigued.

Although this move is quite dangerous, it will be a lucrative reward.

Song Yunxuan smiles, “If you say yes, then give your confidant a call. If Zhang Yufang gets ahead of you, you will fail.”

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