Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 178 - Zhang Yufang's Pregnancy

Chapter 178: Zhang Yufang’s Pregnancy

Just 10 minutes of staying in Yangshan villa already makes Zhang Yufang feel suffocated.

After a whole night, she becomes extremely in a bad mood.

In the morning, the servant puts the rose tea on the table. After taking a quick glance at the color of the rose tea, she suddenly knocks the cup off on the ground.

The top-notch porcelain teacup is smashed into pieces.

The servant steps back and looks down immediately, holding the tray even tighter in her hands.

Seeing the servant just standing there instead of squatting down to pick up the fragments, she gets even angrier and starts scolding, “Don’t just stand there! Clean it up! ”

Hearing this, the servant squats down right away to pick up the pieces of the cup.

The other three servants look out of the kitchen, seeing Zhang Yufang’s angry face, hide back to the kitchen again.

A conversation in low voice is heard from the kitchen.

“This woman is really spoiled, this is only her first day staying in Yangshan, but she has already lost her temper.”

Another servant sneers while filling the bowl with congee, “What spoiled? She could be with the Master just because she had a pretty face when she was young. And now her face is covered with wrinkles, so she is discarded by the Master.”

“Who does she think she is under this situation? She only gave birth to two daughters. She has no one to count on when she’s old.”

“She can’t compare to the Master’s first wife. Although she’s dead, she gave birth to the young master, who is much better than the two girls.”

The servants are gossiping in the kitchen.

Huo Jiaying just got up and wants some water. She hears the gossip when she walks up to the kitchen.

She clenches her teeth and says in anger, “What are you doing?”

The three servants get stiff as if they were suddenly stabbed from the back.

Huo Jiaying looks at them angrily, the three servants calm themselves and then turn around.

“Miss Ying.”

Huo Jiaying looks at the three servants with her piercing eyes, “How dare you to talk about my mom?”

“I’m sorry, Miss Ying.” The three servants apologize.

Huo Jiaying was going to continue to scold them.

But it catches Zhang Yufang’s attention in the living room.

Zhang Yufang frowns and walks toward the kitchen, seeing Huo Jiaying’s angry face and the three servants being silent, she calls “Ying, go upstairs with me.”

Huo Jiaying glares indignantly at the three servants, and then goes upstairs with Zhang Yufang.

When Zhang Yufang leaves, the three servants begin to gossip again.

Zhang Yufang calls Huo Jiaying upstairs, but does not immediately return to her room. She stands on the second-floor and listens.

As expected, the servants whisper again in the kitchen.

Huo Jiaying clenches her fists in anger, “This bunch of jerks! I’ll ask dad to fire them all!”

Zhang Yufang glances at her daughter and heads to her room. “Ying, do you now understand how miserable we are after being abandoned?”

Huo Jiaying looks at her mother and says, “Mom… Why don’t you come with me to America?”

Zhang Yufang does not even turn around, “Do you think going to the United States will make any difference?”

Huo Jiaying follows her into the room, “Mom, if we go to the United States, at least we don’t have to bear the servants’ gossip.”

“What if we go to the United States and we don’t even have a servant?”

Huo Jiaying is clearly troubled.

She has been served all her life, and if no servant is around after going abroad, she can imagine how hard it’ll be for her.

She has to cook and do laundry all by herself, and cleaning the room is even more annoying.

All the housework will take up most of her time.

She also wants to find a good-looking blonde guy to live with her after she arrives in the U.S. How will that be possible if she doesn’t have a servant to take care of her?

Zhang Yufang notices the sadness on her daughter’s face and sighs, “I can imagine how hard your life will be if you don’t have a servant.”

“But mom, dad sent servants to take care of us in Harbor City, he’ll of course arrange servants for us in the U.S.”

“If it was your brother in charge instead of your dad, do you think he’d send servants to America to take care of us?”

Huo Jiaying is speechless.

If her dad is in charge of the Huo family, he will certainly take care of them.

But if it is Huo Ting, she can’t and also dares not guarantee.

Huo Ting is only her step-brother, and Huo Ting hasn’t been getting along with her mother.

If her mother went to the United States with her, Huo Ting would not let them live a good life.

Zhang Yufang holds Huo Jiaying’s hand, “Ying, I know you’re a good kid, but if your brother kicked us out of the Huo family, you and Mom would lose everything.”

“Mom…” Huo Jiaying raises her head.

Zhang Yufang thinks back, “Do you remember that young lady of the Qiao family? The girl named Qiao Sisi? ”

Huo Jiaying looks down, “I do.”

“She jumped into the sea and killed herself after being kicked out by her half-brother.”

Huo Jiaying remains silent.

Zhang Yufang says in deep concern, “I want a steady life, but after your dad and I die, if your big brother is in charge of everything, how will he treat you?”

Zhang Yufang’s fear grows as she’s talking, “If your brother is like the brother of Qiao Sisi and forces you into a corner, how can I rest in peace?”

Huo Jiaying looks at his mother’s sad eyes, holding her hands tight, “It’s not going to happen, Mom. I’m not going to let him do that to me.”

“He won’t make you any promise, how do you know he won’t do it?”

Huo Jiaying’s face turns sorry-looking.

Zhang Yufang’s eyes, however, glow with a smidge of coldness, “Ying.”

Huo Jiaying looks up at her mother.

Zhang Yufang puts her daughter’s hand on her belly, “I’m carrying your brother.”

“But mom…” She seems to understand what her mother wants her to do.

Zhang Yufang’s intention is obvious, she stares firmly at Huo Jiaying, “If Huo Ting is destroyed, the whole Huo family will be your younger brother’s. Only when your own brother is the master of the Huo family can you live a good life.”

Huo Jiaying’s eyes are wide open.

Zhang Yufang knows she’s helpless, so she keeps inciting her, “Your father does not know yet that I’m carrying his boy. If your father finds out, he will give up Huo Ting and let your brother be the master of the Huo family.”

“But mom, he… has not even been born yet.”

“Go tell your father. Or your older brother will get rid of me sooner or later.”

“All you need to do is to call your dad and tell him.”

Zhang Yufang grins while grabbing the phone, she dials Huo Qixiong’s cell phone number, and then hands the phone to her daughter.

It is just a busy tone, there’s no one answer the call.

Huo Jiaying is surprised.

Zhang Yufang is not surprised at all, “Since we got here yesterday, your brother has cut off our connections to the outside world, especially to your father, whether the cell phone or home phone, cannot be reached.”

Huo Jiaying seems not to believe that. She dials with her own cell phone several times before finally giving up.

Zhang Yufang says again, “In regular case, your father would definitely come to see us, but now the Xiao family and the Huo family is against each other, your father certainly cannot spare time to visit me. As time goes by, my belly will get bigger and bigger, the servants in the villa must be arranged by your older brother.

If they find out I’m pregnant, they will certainly tell Huo Ting.

Ying, what do you think he would do if he found out I’m pregnant?”

Huo Jiaying does not dare to say, but she knows what Huo Ting would do.

The Huo family doesn’t need two sons.

If Huo Ting is determined to get the power of the Huo family, he will certainly not let her mom safely give birth to this little boy.

He would have to hurt her mother and her little brother.

“Ying, though you’ve been having a rebellious time these years, I know that you understand the stakes. It’s now a crucial moment for us to fight to survive in the Huo family. You need to take it seriously, okay?”

Huo Jiaying certainly knows she must take it seriously.

“So, mom, what should I do?”

Zhang Yufang finally hears her daughter say the words voluntarily, she stands up and opens the bedroom curtain just a little bit and let her look the road outside.

“Ying, look the road outside.”

Huo Jiaying looks outside from the window.

Around the villa, there are strange men walking around.

“These bodyguards are so annoying,” she says.

Zhang Yufang chuckles, “These bodyguards are not here to protect us, but to spy on us, and we are not allowed to meet your father or to get out of here.”

Huo Jiaying looks at the bodyguards and realizes what his mother wants her to do, “Mom, don’t worry, I’m going to leave here and tell Dad you’re pregnant.”

Zhang Yufang nods in relief, “Ying, you must be careful.”

Huo Jiaying nods, “Don’t you worry, mom, even if they find me, they won’t dare to hurt me.”

Zhang Yufang softens her look, “You are indeed a good kid, much better than Hui.”

After saying that, Zhang Yufang looks little sad and disappointed.

Her eldest daughter doesn’t care about anything but fools her.

She is with Chu Mochen. But what kind of benefit she can get if she can’t defeat Song Yunxuan?

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