Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 176 - Pregnant?

Chapter 176: Pregnant?

Huo Ting is getting a little confused.

But one thing is pretty clear to him.

Song Yunxuan can help him take down Zhang Yufang, she is obviously capable of destroying the Huo family.

And since he hasn’t done anything after she asked several times, maybe she can’t wait for him to do it.

So, she’s taking care of it by herself.

And now the unresolvable misunderstanding between the Xiao family and the Huo family is right the masterpiece of Song Yunxuan.

He doesn’t use a driver, but drives alone as fast as he can to those hotels where Song Yunxuan used to stay.

No exception, no hotel can provide a trace of Song Yunxuan.

Huo Ting’s eyes are dark, after thinking, he dials Chu Mochen’s mobile phone number.

Chu Mochen’s assistant answers the phone, stumbles over his words, “Mr. Chu… He’s busy right now… ”

“With Song Yunxuan?”

The assistant reacts for a second, then laughs and says, “Mr. Huo, you must be kidding.”

“I want to see Song Yunxuan. Tell her.”

Then he hangs up, leaving the assistant a difficult task.

Song Yunxuan and Chu Mochen are dining by the window of the ocean view restaurant.

The assistant looks over them, Song Yunxuan happens to see him, too. She smiles and says to Chu Mochen, “Your assistant seems to have something important to say.”

Chu Mochen looks along the sight of Song Yunxuan and sees his cautious assistant looking over.

Chu Mochen stands up and says, “I’ll go check.”

Song Yunxuan holds the knife and fork, gently nods, with a smile on her face.

Chu Mochen briefly talks to the assistant, who informs him of the phone and asks, “Master Chu, shall we tell Miss Song about this?”

Chu Mochen turns and takes a look at Song Yunxuan.

Song Yunxuan focuses on eating, the food on the table agrees with her.

Chu Mochen doesn’t respond directly, “You go back first, I’ll take care of this.”

The assistant nods, leaves for the parking lot to wait for Chu Mochen.

Song Yunxuan sees him come back, smiling at him, “What is it?”

Chu Mochen gently shakes his head, “Nothing.”

Seeing he refuses to tell, Song Yunxuan continues to eat.

When the dessert is served, looking at the creamy cake, her stomach suddenly cramps, “Oh…”

Chu Mochen frowns and holds her shoulder right away, “What’s wrong?”

His sudden touch makes her realize something. She covers her mouth to suppress that strong nauseous feeling, and shakes her head gently, “Nothing, just ate too much.”

Chu Mochen doesn’t quite believe her.

Song Yunxuan takes another look at the dessert and puts her hand over her forehead, “I just feel a little sick all of a sudden.”

“I’ll take you to the hospital.” Chu Mochen stands up and grabs the suit coat on the back of the chair.

Song Yunxuan also stands up, looking pale.

Chu Mochen notices her face is getting pale, and asks with concern, “Are you really ok?”

“I’m fine.” She responds right away. She doesn’t want Chu Mochen pay too much attention to her.

Chu Mochen doesn’t force her to go to the hospital, but just takes her to the car and says gently, “If you start feeling worse, I’ll drive you to the hospital.”

“I just ate too much. I’ll go back and take two stomach pills.”

“Have you had such symptoms before?”


Song Yunxuan gets on the car. Chu Mochen even fastens the seat belt for her.

She grins helplessly, “You don’t have to do this. I am not a child.”

Chu Mochen starts the car, “I’ll take care of you more carefully than take care of a child.”

“I didn’t think you were the kind of man who knows how to take care of others.”

“And now?”

Song Yunxuan wears her hair shoulder-length, although her face is pale, it doesn’t affect her beautiful smile, “Feels very different.”

Chu Mochen holds the steering wheel, although driving fast, it’s quite stable.

Song Yunxuan leans her head against the leather seat, looking at Chu Mochen, his eyes, nose and mouth getting blurry.

The Chu Mochen in her memory was about to be faded by the flying time, but, unexpectedly, she could get together with him more than a decade later.

His eyes, his lips and nose, his clear-line chin, his long fingers as he holds the steering wheel, and his arms with the sleeves rolled up slightly.

They are pieces of scenes that are inadvertently imprinted into memories.

But she dreams of it all after she falls asleep.

She is asleep in the car.

Chu Mochen drives the car to the parking lot, where the assistant is waiting for him.

Chu Mochen doesn’t wake her up immediately, but first gets off the car and walks toward the assistant.

The assistant walks up and asks respectfully, “Master Chu, the doctor will be here in five minutes. You can go upstairs with Miss Song first.”

Chu Mochen looks back at Song Yunxuan, who falls asleep in his car, and all he can see is her, “Send the doctor and the nurses to Yangshan Villa, get one female doctor and two female nurses. I’ll send her to Yangshan later, but don’t let her know there’s a doctor in the villa.”

Although the assistant doesn’t understand why, he gets on it immediately.

Chu Mochen pulls the car door open, Song Yunxuan is in deep sleep, and she doesn’t even wake up.

He gently calls her, “Yunxuan…”

Song Yunxuan frowns a bit.

Chu Mochen calls her again, “Yunxuan, wake up, we are here.”

Song Yunxuan gets a little confused, she’s still not awake, but frowns and moves her head a little.

Chu Mochen then reaches in to carry her out.

Song Yunxuan is in his arms, her face leans against his chest as if she was cold.

Chu Mochen takes her upstairs all the way, and the bodyguards in plain clothes greet Chu Mochen respectfully while seeing Chu Mochen carries Song Yunxuan and go upstairs.

Chu Mochen carries Song Yunxuan into the room.

Song Yunxuan is put in the soft bed and covered by the blanket. She curls up under the blanket.

Chu Mochen comes over and kisses her earlobe gently. She is still asleep.

When Chu Mochen goes to shower, Song Yunxuan slowly opens her eyes.

She puts her hands on her abdomen under the quilt.

If she guesses right… She’s probably pregnant.

She frowns with a mixed feeling.

She did use birth control, how come she gets pregnant?

She looks down, and feels uneasy about the coming of this child.

There are still a lot of things to do next.

And there’s nowhere to escape but keep going forward.

But how can she take care of the baby under the current situation?

Moreover, the child’s father is Chu Mochen.

If Chu Mochen knows she is pregnant, he will definitely not let her stay in Harbor City to finish her plan.

So, Chu Mochen cannot know she is pregnant.

If it’s okay… Then this child has to be aborted.

She wraps herself up with the blanket.

She feels a strong sense of guilt, and becomes extremely quiet.

Chu Mochen comes out of the shower room after about ten minutes, and his body is still wet and warm.

He kneels on the bed, gently touching her hair, “Still asleep?”

Song Yunxuan doesn’t respond to him.

Chu Mochen has never been a father, and he has never made any woman pregnant before, so her reaction will not draw his attention.

He has no clue that this is a reaction of pregnancy.

Chu Mochen tucks her long hair behind her ears, and whispers to her, “I love you.”

Song Yunxuan’s body is stiff.

Sweet words.

Again, sweet words.

Perhaps every woman will hear her man say this when she is pregnant.

Song Yunxuan doesn’t say anything.

Chu Mochen lifts the quilt, holds her body from behind, his hot chest presses against her back, and he kisses her hair.

Song Yunxuan feels she’s held too tightly, can’t help but move around a bit.

Chu Mochen suddenly realizes that he is holding too tightly and let go a bit.

He speaks softly in her ear, his voice is sexy and warm, “Sorry, I just hurt you.”

Song Yunxuan’s cheek presses against the pillow, and she cannot ignore the throbbing heat he brings to her.

“Does it hurt?”

Song Yunxuan says softly, “No, you just woke me up.”

“I’m sorry.” Chu Mochen apologizes constantly in her ear, but doesn’t look unhappy at all.

He kisses her earlobe, “I’m just so happy.”

Song Yunxuan bites her lips.

She realizes that Chu Mochen is not as innocent as she thinks.

She just told him her stomach was a little upset. Why would he be happy?

What is he happy about?

Chu Mochen holds her in his arms, “Are you… pregnant?”

Song Yunxuan’s heart starts beating fast, she is speechless.

“I’ll take good care of you.”

Chu Mochen puts his big hands on her belly, muttering like a child, “I’ll take very good care of you, you have to believe me, okay?”

Song Yunxuan raises her hand, covers her face, her fingers are a little bit cold.

She should be delighted to hear that.

But when she had made a plan for the child, and heard the joy and promise from Chu Mochen, she feels quite guilty.

She can’t say it or tell him.

Tell him – I’m sorry, I don’t want this child, and I can’t keep this child.

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