Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 175 - Huo Ting’s Concern

Chapter 175: Huo Ting’s Concern

It’s a long wait before Zhang Yufang’s told that she will be bailed out.

The person who comes to pick her up is not Huo Qixiong as Zhang Yufang expected, but Huo Ting.

Seeing Huo Ting getting out of the car, Zhang Yufang is very disappointed.

After getting into the car, she asks Huo Ting directly, “Where’s your dad? Why isn’t he here?”

Huo Jiaying also stares closely at Huo Ting, hoping he can give them a satisfactory answer.

Huo Ting takes a glance at Zhang Yufang, then turns to look at the road ahead, “Dad doesn’t want to see you.”

Zhang Yufang suddenly gets furious, “He doesn’t want to see me? Why? ”

Huo Ting is sitting in the co-driver’s seat. Behind the seat are Zhang Yufang and Huo Jiaying.

Zhang Yufang asks so angrily, which makes Huo Jiaying angry, too, “Brother, why didn’t dad come with you to pick us up?”

“You know what, mom?” He covers his forehead, looking tired, “Your trouble has caused great loss to our family, and the Xiao family has officially seen us as an enemy, our family is in a huge crisis.”

Huo Jiaying immediately gets what he means, “Brother, are you blaming me and mom?”

“I have no position to blame mom.”

“But that’s what you’re saying!”

Huo Jiaying is affected by his mother, and her relationship with Huo Ting takes a bad turn.

Huo Jiaying has never said anything harsh to Huo Ting before.

But now she suddenly changes.

It doesn’t take long for Huo Ting to realize why Huo Jiaying suddenly changed her attitude.

Zhang Yufang has convinced her daughter to be on her side.

He doesn’t care which side she is on, because it won’t make any difference to him anyway.

Zhang Yufang, however, is much slier than Huo Jiaying.

Since Zhang Yufang has made Huo Jiaying stay on her side, he doesn’t have to play a good brother anymore.

He says coldly, “Although there are a lot of things I want to tell you, dad said it’s better to keep you from the latest news.”

Zhang Yufang frowns, “You don’t have to tell me, Qixiong will tell me personally.”

Zhang Yufang believes that her husband will stand on her side, she believes that Huo Qixiong will always protect her and that he will understand that she is framed.

“Mom, you’d better let me finish. Dad’s been busy lately.”

“Even if he is busy, he wouldn’t be too busy to talk to me.”

Zhang Yufang does not believe that Huo Qixiong is not here to pick her up because he’s busy, she has married Huo Qixiong for more than a decade, and she does not believe that Huo Qixiong doesn’t care about her when she is in detention.

“Dad won’t see you for now.”

Huo Ting’s voice is cold, soft, but it throws Zhang Yufang into abyss.

Her body shakes a little, and then she sits up straight and stares at Huo Ting, “What did you say to your dad?”

“I just said that the villa on the Yangshan Mountain has been empty for a long time. No one lives there except the cleaner.”

Huo Jiaying does not understand why Huo Ting suddenly talks about the villa, she looks at her mother in a puzzle.

But she notices her mother suddenly looks so pale, “Mom, what’s wrong?”

“Yangshan Villa is so far away from the Huo’s house. Do you want your father to send me there?”

Huo Ting looks out of the window at the street scene, “In fact, I did not want you to go to Yangshan, but it happened to be mentioned in a conversation, so dad decided to send you there.”

Yangshan villa is remote, almost in the mountain area of the suburb of Harbor city.

Because of the beautiful mountains and rivers, Zhang Yufang and Huo Qixiong fell in love with that place when they visited there for hot spring.

But she didn’t expect that Huo Qixiong would buy a villa in Yangshan immediately after they returned.

He also gave her a key, such sweet and extravagant gift made Zhang Yufang head over heels in love with Huo Qixiong.

Without Huo Qixiong, her life will be nowhere near as luxury as it is.

She is a beautiful and elegant woman, and with this noble identity matching with the husband from one of the three families in Harbor City, making her above all the women in the city.

But now, Huo Qixiong is going to banish her to the remote villa in Yangshan.

She laughs coldly, thinking Huo Ting is just joking with her, “I don’t believe Qixiong would do this to me, he would never have me go to Yangshan alone.”

Huo Jiaying grabs her mother’s arm and says, “Mom, I’ll go with you.”

Zhang Yufang is not willing to leave Harbor City, even if Huo Jiaying accompanies her to Yangshan, she will never go!

Zhang Yufang gets rid of her little daughter’s hand, says arrogantly, “I will not go!”

Huo Ting tries to convince her, “You should look at the big picture.”

“The big picture?” Zhang Yufang sneers and asks him, “So the big picture is to let me go to Yangshan live a boring life and then you can destroy the whole Huo family?”

Huo Ting squints, looking at her coldly, “Watch your mouth.”

“What did you say?” Zhang Yufang is almost insane, she can’t hold her ladylike posture anymore, but scolds Huo Ting directly, “I say you have been bewitched by Song Yunxuan that little bitch! She’s just as slutty as her mother, simply a bus that anybody can get on!”

Huo Ting looks at her coldly, “This has nothing to do with Song Yunxuan.”

“You are so naive. You really think Song Yunxuan is not involved?” Zhang Yufang looks at him with sharp eyes. “Her mother was also a troublemaker. She always overestimated herself. Song Yunxuan is Fan Caidie’s daughter. She would do anything to achieve her purpose.”

Huo Ting has heard enough, he turns to the side and stops looking at her.

The car is heading in the direction of Yangshan.

Zhang Yufang is so angry that her breath is getting heavier. She knows that she cannot go to Yangshan, absolutely not.

If she goes to Yangshan, it’ll mean that she’s sent to the cold palace by Huo Qixiong.

There were so many young women wanted to enter the Huo family when she was with Huo Qixiong. Now if she is gone, Huo Qixiong will soon forget about her and start dating beautiful young women.

In that case, she can never return.

She takes a deep breath, squints her eyes, and looks at Huo Ting with vicious eyes, “You can’t send me to Yangshan.”

“It’s dad’s decision. Not mine.”

“Then you can’t let Ying go with me.” Zhang Yufang seems to suddenly come around, she takes a step back and hopes to let her daughter have a better life.

Huo Ting turns to Huo Jiaying, who has developed hatred toward him, says calmly, “Dad was already planning to send her to America, and she won’t stay in Yangshan for long.”

Huo Jiaying grabs Zhang Yufang’s hand.

Zhang Yufang grasps her daughter’s hand tightly.

Huo Jiaying feels how tightly her mother holds her hand, so she looks at Zhang Yufang in a puzzle.

Zhang Yufang gives her a subtle wink, and then lays eyes on her belly for a few seconds.

For the first time, Huo Jiaying gets what her mother means, and remains silent and quiet on the way.

When arriving at Yangshan Villa, it is almost noon, the sunshine is warm.

The family servants take the bags of Zhang Yufang and Huo Jiaying.

When they get off the car, the four servants come out to welcome them and help to take in their bags.

Huo Ting doesn’t want to stay in such a remote place as Yangshan, he just takes a quick look at Yangshan villa, and then he is going to leave.

Actually, Huo Qixiong treats Zhang Yufang well enough.

His mother died when he was young, and he can’t remember that his father had treated her mother as well as he treats Zhang Yufang.

Huo Ting opens the car door.

But Huo Jiaying runs toward him and grabs his arm all of a sudden, “Brother…”

Huo Jiaying calls him stop.

He turns in surprise and looks at her.

Huo Jiaying seems to have something to say to him, but she hesitates since Zhang Yufang is present.

Zhang Yufang, in a very bad mood over there, calls her, “Ying, come back!”

“OK, mom, I’ll be right there,” she answers.

Huo Ting looks at her hand that grabs his wrist.

Huo Jiaying looses her grip a little, but doesn’t take her hand back, “Brother, I don’t know how you see me, but I’ve always regarded you as my real brother.”

Huo Ting wants to remove her hand from his wrist.

Huo Jiaying grabs his wrist even more firmly before he does it, and looks at him, “Mom said it was you who revealed the violation of the cargo vessel and led to the investigation on our family. Is that true?”

Huo Ting looks down and says coldly, “Let go of my wrist.”

Huo Jiaying shakes her head, “I won’t. I don’t know why you did it. You’ve been nice to me since childhood. Why did you report the smuggling of cargo ships to the anti-smuggling unit? By doing that, you not only embarrassed mom, but also put our family in a difficult position, didn’t you? ”

Huo Ting has a great sense of responsibility to the Huo family.

Hearing Huo Jiaying saying this, he raises his eyes and responds seriously, “I didn’t report it.”

“But who else could get such secret news?”

Huo Ting frowns, his look becomes gloomy.

In addition to him, there are still people who could get the news, Song Yunxuan is an obvious example.

This woman knows a lot.

Huo Jiaying, looking at him, can’t help worrying, “If it wasn’t you, then whoever did that to our family would be a dangerous existence, right? I know you don’t like mom, but would those people leave our family alone even if you get rid of mom?”

Huo Ting gets the answer almost instantly.


They will.

Song Yunxuan is a very serious uncertainty.

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