Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 174 - Fall Out Completely

Chapter 174: Fall Out Completely

Zhang Yufang is a little stunned, “My friend?”

“Yes.” Xiao Luo nods, with an unhappy look as if he was deceived. “I thought even though my two uncles interfered, there’s someone would treat me well. But I didn’t expect that she was the same. I’m so disappointed.”

Zhang Yufang sees the sad look on his face and asks, “Who are you talking about?”

“Of course, I’m talking about that little bitch who offended sister Ying!”

Zhang Yufang’s guard is down.

The policewoman gets impatient, “Are you staying or not?”

Xiao Luo looks at her with his innocent eyes.

Zhang Yufang thinks it over and walks back, “Of course I will.”

Zhang Yufang sits down, Xiao Luo sits opposite the table and looks at her.

The baseball cap is placed at the hand of Xiao Luo, who does not speak in a hurry, but taps his fingers at the smooth table.

Zhang Yufang stares at him, “I thought your uncles would not let anyone come visit.”

“That’s not something the Xiao family can decide. You know that the Huo family won’t care about anything. Who can stop uncle Huo from seeing you if it’s not because someone controls the whole thing behind?”

“Who are you talking about?”

Xiao Luo raises his eyes and says coldly, “It’s the Lu family.”

“That bitch Lu Xia?”

“Yes.” Xiao Luo nods, “It is her who has always wanted me to be the master of Xiao, and she also promised my Grandpa that she would protect me.”

“If you cooperate with me, I can protect you as well.”

“So, would you like to help me?”

Xiao Luo looks at her pitifully.

Zhang Yufang gets alert, “If Lu Xia can protect you, why are you here to talk to me?”

Xiao Luo sighs, “I wouldn’t be here if she kept her words, it seems that she is ready to abandon me. She wants to help my two uncles, and she has always believed that the three-legged relationship would not last long. If she were to work with the Xiao family, she would have to let the Huo family fight against the Xiao family, or else she fears that you might get united to destroy her.”

Zhang Yufang sneers, “Indeed it is that bitch’s style. She has been this kind of suspicious since she was young.”

Xiao Luo nods, “If you cooperate with me, I’ll help you destroy her.”

Zhang Yufang smiles, and promises nicely, “I will help you.”

“You must promise to help me, and you will never betray me, nor will you tell anyone about our cooperation.”

Zhang Yufang nods patiently, “You can be assured that I will keep my mouth shut. You are my partner now.”

Xiao Luo smiles, his eyes sparkling with a bit of keenness, and then says in admiration, “It’s a touching promise, Auntie Huo.”

Zhang Yufang doesn’t deny, as long as this little bastard takes Lu Xia down, then the promise can go to hell!

If the boy’s uncles want him to die, she surely won’t care to protect him. She’ll be merciful enough if she doesn’t kill him herself.

Zhang Yufang smiles coldly inside.

But Xiao Luo is quite relieved and stands up after seeing her smile.

The legs of the chair make a creaky sound when the chair moves on the ground.

Just before he leaves, he leans to about an inch away from Zhang Yufang, and his eyes glow, “Auntie Huo, you’d better pray for yourself.”

Zhang Yufang is a little confused.

Xiao Luo stands straight, puts the baseball cap back on to cover his light brown curly hair, slips his hands into his pockets and leaves.

The door of the visiting room is closed. There’s a camera right above where Zhang Yufang sits, sending out a dot of light.

The scene of the visiting room is shown on the screen, but the volume of the video is broken, after Xiao Luo left, the expression of Xiao Yu and Xiao Liang becomes cold.

“No wonder this evil Zhang Yufang wanted to kill our dad all of a sudden.”

“She has been working with this little bastard Xiao Luo. What a manipulative bitch!”

“If dad dies before he changes his will, Xiao Luo will become the Chairman, and then the Huo family will be able to use Xiao Luo as a puppet.”

“Huo Qixiong really went all out for this move, that old fox!”

Xiao Yu and Xiao Liang are instantly convinced that Zhang Yufang is working with Xiao Luo.

Yet Zhang Yufang knows nothing about this.

In the next two days, the situation of Harbor City suddenly changes.

The Xiao family directly or indirectly ends all trade with the Huo family, but the Huo family has no idea why.

Huo Ting is even rejected to visit the Xiao family for several times.

Xiao Luo has been staying in his apartment, even calling in sick for tutoring.

The Xiao brothers forget about him for the time being.

Song Yunxuan, however, calls him at night to ask for information.

On the third day, Song Yunxuan calls at eight o’clock in the evening as usual, but there’s no answer.

She frowns. Chu Mochen just took a shower. Seeing her expression while holding the phone, he walks up to her and sits next to her, “Who did you call?”

Song Yunxuan’s voice is low, “You know.”

“I’ve been with you these days. Yet you’ve been messing around with other men in front of me. Do you think that’s proper?” Chu Mochen’s hair is wet, obviously unhappy about her behavior.

Song Yunxuan notices that he’s not happy and he looks cold in his eyes.

There’s still no one answer the phone, so Song Yunxuan hangs up.

She has just dropped the phone and Chu Mochen leans over and throws the phone on the sofa.

She’s surprised and asks, “What’s that about?”

“Don’t think about other things when you’re with me.”

Song Yunxuan helplessly shakes her head, “Xiao Yu and Xiao Liang now believe that Zhang Yufang is working with Xiao Luo, they may harm him.”

Chu Mochen raises his hands to dry his hair with a big towel, and says to her indifferently, “You have made the Xiao family and the Huo family completely fall out, Xiao brothers are now busy fighting with Huo Qixiong, how can they have time to deal with this young master.”

“So I think it’s the best time to transfer Xiao Luo to somewhere safe before they start.”

Chu Mochen is stunned and pauses, “Where are you talking about?”

The water on Chu Mochen’s hair drops on Song Yunxuan’s pajamas, Song Yunxuan sees the drops of water running and doesn’t care about it. Instead, she takes away the big towel and helps him drying his hair carefully.

Her moves are gentle, and the towel rubs against his black soft hair, absorbing the water away from his wet hair.

“Nowhere is safer than the Lu family in Harbor City.”

She says while drying his hair, “While the Lu family is safe, the Xiao family is now fighting with the Huo family, if Xiao Luo is protected by the Lu family, the Xiao family would think the Lu family is behind the conflict.”

Chu Mochen sneers, “Isn’t it?”

Song Yunxuan smiles a little, “I am not sure.”

This uncertainty has many meanings. It could mean that she’s not sure the Lu family is behind, or it could mean she’s not sure the Lu family is not behind,

Song Yunxuan always talks so ambiguously that people cannot guess what she knows.

But her response gives people a feeling that she seems to know everything.

She dries his hair gently, yet Chu Mochen suddenly grabs her wrist, “Stop.”

“What?” She looks at his hand, puzzled, “Did I hurt you?”

“No, I want to do something else with you instead of having you dry my hair.” Chu Mochen stares at her.

She feels so uncomfortable. She can tell what that “something else” means from his eyes.

Chu Mochen looks at her.

She looks at him, too.

The big towel slowly slips down.

Chu Mochen’s fingers stroke through her silky smooth hair. He pulls her into his arms and kisses her gently.

She doesn’t refuse, just let him continue.

She has gotten used to his moves, but she doesn’t know how to respond.

His face blocks her view of the ceiling. And the impact of the man’s handsome look makes her keep her eyes away.

She is still not used to looking him into his eyes. She feels there’s a barrier between them.

Chu Mochen wants to look at her, wholeheartedly.

But she can’t put her full focus on him like other women would do.

His lips press against her skin, and she moves uncomfortably and narrows her shoulders.

Chu Mochen won’t stop, locks her wrists, and whispers into her ears with his soft and magnetic voice, “Say you love me.”

Song Yunxuan looks up at him with her big eyes, “Is it necessary to say it out loud?”

“If you don’t say it, how can I find a safe place for Xiao Luo?”

Song Yunxuan stares at him, and then sighs after a while, “Love you.”

“Who?” He asks.

Song Yunxuan has to add a subject, “I love you.”

“Say it gently. Shouldn’t you be gentle now?”

He keeps pushing.

His stubbornness makes her lift her head and kiss him on his cheek, “I love you… Mochen.”

She says gently, as if she was coaxing him to be happy, but it doesn’t sound so sweet.

Even so, Chu Mochen still smiles with joy.

He smiles, his eyes are filled with her, “Yunxuan, I always love you.”

It has always been you.

So, don’t hate me even if I do something that hinders your path.

That’s just because I love you.

I really, really want you to stay with me, forever.

He bends over and gets on top of her.

She is drowning into the darkness of the night together with him.

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