Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 169 - Pregnant Women Running Away

Chapter 169: Pregnant Women Running Away

Zhang Yufang puts down the phone, and the expression on her face is a little unchangeable.

Just two eyes turning slightly, she seems to be thinking quickly.

Huo Jiaying, hearing the ringing, looks down from on the second floor, seeing Zhang Yufang standing motionlessly by the telephone, and then asks, “Mommy, what’s wrong? Who called?”

“It’s a woman…”

“Woman?” Huo Jiaying feels strange, thinks about it, and then her eyebrows frown again, “Is it the assistant who wants Daddy to talk to her about work again?”

Zhang Yufang shakes her head and looks up at Huo Jiaying on the second floor. “It’s to your brother.”

“To my brother?” Huo Jiaying’s eyebrows frown tighter, “My brother is not interested in women. Why is she so ignorant?”

“Stop talking. Now follow me to Hina Hospital.”

Zhang Yufang immediately goes upstairs to change clothes.

Huo Jiaying wants to follow her mother, but Zhang Yufang closes the door and keeps Huo Jiaying out.

“Why do you suddenly go to the hospital,” she mutters, touching the nose that is almost knocked by the door. Doesn’t the phone call my brother? Shouldn’t I tell my brother first?”

Of course she does not understand what Zhang Yufang thinks. She doesn’t understand what Zhang Yufang is going to do next, either.

But after entering the door, Zhang Yufang raises her flamboyant lips, “Little bastard, you are dead this time!”

She looks like cruel.

Huo Qixiong remains friendly in appearance but actually not happy with her because of his being arrested for smuggling of cargo ships.

The only thing she relies on in the family is Huo Qixiong’s love, but now she is not as good as the young girls.

She is a thoughtful woman, knowing that his love for her would disappear when she is getting old, so she has to take precautions early.

When she was young, she wanted to give birth to a son for Huo Qixiong, so that she could help her son to get properties of the Huo family.

She needs a son to consolidate her position, but she hasn’t reached her goal.

She only had the twin girls and then they don’t have any other child.

Over the years, Huo Qixiong has been in contact with more and more beautiful women, many of them also tried to give birth to a son of the Huo family.

Zhang Yufang has solved all these secretly.

She would never allow other women to take away all that she owns now.

But she forgets to defend against the eldest son of the Huo family.

Huo Ting seems to have done nothing for years, and he is always amicable and generous to her.

But after all, this eldest son isn’t her biological son, and he has always been trying to weaken her.

The smuggling of cargo ships on the other day is a good example.

Until now, Huo Ting has something on Zhang Yufang and undermines her right.

But at the same time, Zhang Yufang also has something on Huo Ting by chance.

Once she confirms the fatal weakness of Huo Ting, and she will inform Huo Qixiong.

Huo Ting will have no footing in the Huo family.

Her scarlet lips rise higher.

The laughter in her eyes also like scratching the bone and makes people chill.

Huo Jiaying watches her mother’s expression on their way to Hina Hospital.

“Mommy, why are we going to Hina Hospital? We don’t have relatives in the hospital.”

Zhang Yufang does not tell her before leaving. Now in the car, she is asked, only feels displeased and answers, “Your brother is going to be in bad luck.”

“But mommy, you…” You laughed just now.

Huo Jiaying wants to say the following words, but she is overlooked by Zhang Yufang. “Ying, you are not a little kid, about our Huo family, you should also know some.”

Huo Jiaying frowns, “Mommy, what do you mean?”

Zhang Yufang looks ahead, “Your elder brother has a woman outside.”

“He has a girlfriend?” Huo Jiaying doesn’t feel it matters, “It’s a good thing, Mommy.”

“Good?” Zhang Yufang, with her chest undulated, laughs with disdain, “Your elder brother looks generous and courteous, I also think he is a knowledgeable child, but I didn’t expect that he has sex with someone else’s wife, and also makes the woman pregnant. Now the baby will be born.”

Huo Jiaying seems shocked, opening her mouth, “No… It’s impossible, isn’t it?”

“Impossible?” Zhang Yufang’s eyes becomes severe, and a deep grudge rises in her eyes. “What is impossible, your elder brother is growing up, and he even plays tricks on the family. I have been thinking who revealed the information of the smuggling of cargo ships the other day. Now I’m clear that apart from our family, who else will know it so well.”

Huo Jiaying shakes her head and advises her mother, “Mom, he won’t do this. He’s so kind to me.”

“You’re stupid. He’s good to you. Why he’s bad to your sister?”

Zhang Yufang’s words are sharp.

Huo Jiaying could not refute, but she does not agree with Zhang Yufang.

Huo Ting is her elder brother, and they have lived together for so many years. She doesn’t believe that he is good to her for for some other purpose.

Zhang Yufang first reprimands her daughter. Looking at Huo Jiaying’s expression as if she did not agree with her, Zhang Yufang slows down the tone and says, “You are my daughter. Naturally we are of one mind, but your elder brother is not.”

“According to my brother’s character, he won’t hurt me.”

“What a silly girl.” Zhang Yufang sighs and holds Huo Jiaying’s hand. “What if your elder brother did harm to us?”

“If he really did harm to me, I would never let him off!”

Zhang Yufang nods, “What your elder brother is like, you will know when you come to Hina Hospital. Ask the pregnant woman, and you will know he has two faces.”

Although Zhang Yufang feels helpless and regret, in her heart she is so excited.

First arrest for smuggling of cargo ships may be accidental, but the second arrest is not accidental.

Someone tries to get her out of position in front of Huo Qixiong.

If you think about who the final beneficiary is, you can easily guess who does it to her.

It’s Huo Ting.

After all these years of dormancy, Huo Ting could not help destroying her stepmother.

Just as he thinks, she also wants to decide who the winner is.

Now that it comes to an open break in their relationship with each other, there is no need to worry.

Huo Ting makes woman pregnant today, so she just can seize the opportunity to let Huo Ting out.

The Huo family is a humble family with a large fortune. How can he tolerate his disgraceful elder son inherits the family business?

If Huo Qixiong knows this, he will certainly hate Huo Ting.

The private car drives slowly before arriving at the hospital. Zhang Yufang looks at the front door of the hospital and says, “Go straight to the inpatient department in the back of the hospital.”

The driver drives the car into the back of the hospital, and at the door of the hospital, a woman in a pink maternity dress looks at the door.

The woman smiles immediately when she sees her car.

Zhang Yufang looks at the smile on her face with her eyebrows twitching, “She recognizes our license plate number, and probably she is the pregnant woman.”

Huo Jiaying looks from her mother’s sight and sees a pregnant woman, but at the first glance she feels a little familiar with her face.

She thinks carefully, not remembering where she had seen the woman, and is about to get out of the car, trying to see the woman’s face clearly.

Zhang Yufang stops the driver when the car is going to enter the underground parking lot.

The door opens and Zhang Yufang gets off the car.

Huo Jiaying also gets off the car after her mother.

The sunshine in the sky is a bit glaring, and the pregnant woman in the pink skirt is thin but bellied, apparently about to give birth.

Her smiling face stops when she sees Zhang Yufang getting off the car.

After Zhang Yufang is completely off the car, she seems to have recognized her identity and immediately turns to the infirmary with a laborious pace.

Zhang Yufang, shows cold expression, and shouts at her, “Stop!”

The woman does not listen at all, looks back at her hastily, and then walks along the door of the hospital like seeing a ghost.

Huo Jiaying sees the woman runs away after she sees her mother, bites her teeth, and disdains, “What has elder brother done to fool us?”

Zhang Yufang walks quickly, “When you catch that woman, we can figure it out.”

As her mother reminds, Huo Jiaying has to step forward, “We will certainly catch the bitch.”

The young pregnant woman enters the hospital building, followed by Huo Jiaying and Zhang Yufang in a hurry.

Xiao Yu and Xiao Liang, driving to the hospital, frown when they see them.

Xiao Yu looks at Zhang Yufang’s back disappearing in the building and drives the car to the underground parking lot. “Isn’t that Huo Qixiong’s woman?”

Xiao Liang smiles coldly, “Yes, I don’t know what she is doing here.”

Xiao Yu scolds, “What else can she do, Zhang Yufang is now getting old, paying all attention to Huo Qixiong, the old man all the time. She is afraid that he has other women outside to threaten her position.”

“But it wouldn’t be useful by just paying attention to the woman outside who could not threaten her but Huo Ting would.”

Xiao Yu does not agree, “Although the eldest son of the Huo family looks clever, he has almost done nothing in the Huo family for all these years, if there is a second choice, Huo Qixiong will never give the Huo family such a large fortune to Huo Ting.”

“Who else can he give his fortune without giving it to Huo Ting?” Xiao Liang says with a laugh.

Xiao Yu turns to the front of the conversation and begins to joke, “Maybe he will give it to Huo Ting’s son. After all, the old man likes to pass his fortune on to the grandchildren.”

Xiao Liang smiles and looks at his brother, “Like this old man, our father?”

Xiao Yu nods, and there is a dim and ferocious gleam in his eyes, “But in our family, the properties cannot be given to Xiao Luo, the wild. The old man has to change his will before he dies.”

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