Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 168 - The Goods on Huo Ting

Chapter 168: The Goods on Huo Ting

It’s about 2 p.m. when Chu Mochen sees Lu Xia.

Lu Xia brings forward her afternoon teatime a bit and they are drinking tea in the drawing room.

The smell of black tea gives out. The freshly baked Danish cookies happen to be on the table, making the air filled with sweet smell.

“I am surprised by your visit.”

Lu Xia wears a rose-red skirt and a sweater in cream color, which brings out her glossy skin.

Although she is thirty-eight years old, she looks younger than she is. The woman has been giving a serious vibe since she sat down and started speaking.

She and Gu Changge are both experienced in the business field, but they have two different styles.

Gu Changge never gave people the feeling of being serious. She was very quiet, making people relaxed.

But if you really relaxed yourself mentally and physically, you’d be done for.

Gu Changge was able to see through your thoughts as you relaxed and destroyed you before you could even find out what she knew.

But Lu Xia doesn’t make this false impression.

It doesn’t need a second look to figure out Lu Xia is very hard to deal with.

Ordinary people will get quite nervous and confounded in front of Lu Xia.

But Chu Mochen feels that Lu Xia actually fits his taste.

He can see her attitude directly.

She won’t lie to him.

Because she thinks it is unnecessary.

“Thank you very much for your hospitality.”

Lu Xia smiles and takes the black tea cup. “Mr. Chu is a smart person, so am I. I am not well enough to stay here for long. Please be level with me.”

Chu Mochen also picks up the black tea to take a sip. He raises his head after he puts the cup down. “I understand that Mr. Xiao has asked you to do something for him.”

Lu Xia doesn’t deny. She nods and says, “Xiao Xuan was a friend of my young master when he was young. For the old time’s sake, he asked me to come over and take care of his grandson.”

“Did you say yes?”

Lu Xia nods, “He is dying, I can’t refuse him, and…”

She pauses, as if she remembered something, then she smiles, “My young master valued his friendship with Xiao Xuan. If he were alive, he’d want me to say yes.”

After saying the words, she smiles with a happy memory in mind.

Chu Mochen looks at her and remembers the secret about the Lu family that Gu Changge once told him.

Lu Xia was adopted by the only son of the Lu family when she was six. The Lu family treated her like a princess.

Fourteen years later, the only son of the Lu family was assassinated.

The Lu family thus lost its only son, and Xiao Xuan turned against the Lu family.

The master of the Lu family had no energy to fight, so he took Lu Xia as his adopted daughter, and let her be in charge.

Gu Changge’s father Gu Cheng occupied supremacy in Yuncheng back then. The Gu family was indispensable in the cooperation with Harbor City.

Any big events happened in Harbor City would be passed on to Yuncheng.

When the young master of the Lu family died, Gu Cheng went to mourn in person. When the Lu family accepted the adopted daughter, the Gu family also went to congratulate.

And that was when Gu Cheng took Gu Changge with him.

The Chu family left Chu Mochen in Yuncheng to prevent the Lu family from missing their dead son.

After Gu Changge’s visit, Chu Mochen went to the house of the Gu family to inquire Gu Changge about the Lu family.

Gu Changge told Chu Mochen the whole story.

What he remembers the most is that Gu Changge said a word to describe Lu Xia.

“I think the girl… is like a watchdog of the Lu family.”

The term “watchdog” means a serious insult to anyone.

But when Gu Changge said it, she didn’t mean anything bad. She looked at him smiling, “Let’s take a bet. If Lu Xia can manage the Lu family, you will ask your father to make the Chu family’s dividends in Tianhong as much as that of the Gu family.”

Of course, he wouldn’t say yes. But Gu Changge’s words, like a prophecy, proved that she wasn’t wrong more than a decade later.

No one knows what Lu Xia was originally named, but she is definitely not a child of the Lu family.

Lu Xia, after being adopted by the Lu family, she indeed defends the interests of the Lu family like a watchdog.

But in fact, it’s not suitable anymore to call Lu Xia a watchdog.

It’s more suitable to say that Lu Xia is the guardian of the Lu family.

She is simply a Sura.

Any attempt to harm the Lu family will be ruthlessly stopped.

The reason that Lu Xia defends the interests of the Lu family is obvious to most people. It’s because the Lu family has no successor anymore. If the dead son’s father doesn’t give birth to another son, then Lu Xia will become the successor.

Lu Xia knows the fact that the Lu family has no successor, and the wealth of the Lu family will be hers sooner or later.

Since it’ll be hers, why wouldn’t she protect it well?

It clearly explains Lu Xia’s motive of defending the Lu family.

But Chu Mochen doesn’t think Lu Xia only eyes on the Lu family.

For she looks essentially the same as Gu Changge, but she acts totally differently.

If she is to defend the Lu family, then Lu Xia should take advantage of today’s opportunity.

She should not give up Xiao Luo, but take Xiao Luo as a puppet and slowly take over the Xiao family.

But it’s strange that she has no intention of getting involved in.

Seeing him twisting his eyebrows and thinking, Lu Xia smiles with a pale complexion, “You must be curious why I bailed after I said yes.”

Chu Mochen looks at her and wants to read her mind from her eyes.

But she is so sophisticated that no one can see through her mind.

She puts her fingers on the cup and sighs with a smile, “I think, as smart as you are, you must know the story of the Xiao family.”

“I’ve heard about Xiao Xuan’s story.”

Lu Xia nods, “In Harbor City, Xiao Xuan’s story has always been a popular topic. But few people know what else he left before he died besides the kid Loki.”

Chu Mochen’s eyes are wide open, staring at Lu Xia.

Lu Xia smiles and continues to drink the tea, “He asked me to save the child’s life, but didn’t ask me to keep his identity as an heir, so I didn’t really go back on my word.”

Chu Mochen sees what she means and changes his expression.

Lu Xia sees the sudden change of his face, puts down the cup, and says, “Xiao Xuan was a smart person. The child he left must also be a smart person. Although it is a daughter, she’s still able to control the Xiao family if she has the ability. Mr. Xiao thinks so, so do I. What about you, Mr. Chu?”

Chu Mochen stands up. Suddenly he understands what the Xiao family and the Lu family are going to do.

Song Yunxuan is Xiao Xuan’s daughter.

Lu Xia and Xiao Jiancheng both know!

They are going to get Song Yunxuan back!

No wonder they gave up Xiao Luo. They’ve switched their focus on Song Yunxuan.

In terms of tactics, the granddaughter is indeed better than the grandson.

Chu Mochen thinks of this point, and suddenly realizes that he was totally wrong about who the real enemy is.

He thought the enemy that wants to get rid of Song Yunxuan must be the Huo family.

Now, however, he realizes that the enemies are actually the Xiao family and the Lu family who want to take Song Yunxuan back.

They will take away Song Yunxuan.

Take her away from him.

He stares at Lu Xia with a dismal look, and turns away immediately.

Although his steps are steady, it’s obvious that he’s anxious.

Lu Xia still looks down and drinks her tea, holds the cup with her thin fingers, and mocks coldly as if she could see through him, “That girl’s very fast, it’ll be late for you to go back now.”

Chu Mochen pauses, looks aside, and his eyebrows frown even harder. The coolness in his eyes makes him look more serious.

Song Yunxuan is always a troublemaker.

He knows it all along, but now, what would Song Yunxuan do?

If she already knows that she is the daughter of the Xiao family, she will go to Hina Hospital to meet Mr. Xiao.

He wants to stop her.

He must!

In the quiet hospital corridor, Song Yunxuan looks silently at the man lying on the bed behind the glass door of the ICU.

Xiao Jiancheng.

He is still the one who holds the power of the Xiao family.

No matter how badly his second son Xiao Yu and his third son Xiao Liang do, he always insists letting his eldest grandson Xiao Luo be the heir of the Xiao family.

When she was Gu Changge, she paid a lot of attention to the Xiao family, then a series of accidents happened, she lost her leg, fell ill, then was betrayed by her husband and died.

It was like a nightmare.

Now she awoke from the nightmare and came back to life. She put all her focus on Yuncheng, but didn’t pay much attention to Harbor City.

The Xiao family wasn’t so close to the Gu family. Since Gu Changge is dead, the two family should be no relationship with each other at all now.

But Shao Tianze suddenly showed up in the Gu family.

Shao Tianzhe is ambitious, will certainly take advantage of this weak bond with the Xiao family and make it work for him.

She doesn’t want Shao Tianze to use her connections.

Why should the years of her hard work be taken away by Shao Tianze after he killed her?

There’s no such thing as assisting others to succeed in her dictionary.

She looks quietly at Mr. Xiao for a while, and then leaves.

But she doesn’t go far. She is in the next room.

She is going to call the Huo family.

Not cell phone, but home phone.

Someone answers. She presses the key of recording on her cell phone.

It’s a strange woman’s anxious voice, “Ting, come to me, I’m at Hina Hospital, I’m going to give birth, you’re not around and I’m scared.”

The woman’s voice is weak and helpless, transmitting a great sense of fear.

There’s no response from the other side of the phone.

The recording is still playing: “Ting? Why don’t you answer me? You want to dump me? Didn’t you say you’d marry me after I give birth and get divorced?! Ting? ”

Bang —

It’s the sound of hanging up the phone.

The subsequent busy tones seem to be stretched indefinitely.

Song Yunxuan squints a little. There’s a smile on her face.

The one who answered the phone must be excited!

But at last she got the goods on Huo Ting.

If Huo Ting’s father knows that Huo Ting has a love child with a married woman and urges the woman to get divorce, it’ll be a scandal that’s serious enough to force Huo Qixiong to kick Huo Ting out of his family.

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