Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 170 - Murdering Xiao Jiancheng

Chapter 170: Murdering Xiao Jiancheng

Song Yunxuan quickly goes upstairs, in lightsome and swift steps.

As she enters into the elevator, there are footsteps heard down the corridor a little distance away.

The young girl’s voice sounds so upset, “This bitch is running so fast!”

“Ying, come over here and take the stairs.”

Huo Jiaying looks at her mother who is opening the gate of the stairs next to her, getting concerned. “Mom, you are out of health, so take the elevator instead of the stairs.”

“We will be done for if we let the bitch left.” It is a rare opportunity for her, so she has to get the chance to kick Huo Ting out.

Seeing her mother being so determined, Huo Jiaying takes a look at the elevator and the stairs in hesitation. “Mom, you wait for the elevator, I’ll take the stairs, so that we can stop her both ways. Or else, we can’t catch her if she gets off the elevator halfway.”

Zhang Yufang nods, “Then go upstairs now.”

Huo Jiaying then pushes the door of the staircase open and then goes upstairs.

The floor indicator number keeps changing as the elevator going up, it finally stops at the ninth floor.

Zhang Yufang is distraught, but still doesn’t give up.

The elevator door opens.

Zhang Yufang walks into the elevator. The smooth wall reflects her look. Although her abdomen is still flat, when she touches it, she can’t help feeling a pride from her heart.

As long as Huo Ting is kicked out of the Huo family.

The child in her belly will be born and become the center of attention.

The child will become the young master of the Huo family, replacing Huo Ting to take over the Huo family.

By then, she will own everything of the Huo family.

It won’t matter anymore even if that Song Yunxuan who harmed Ying was Fan Caidie’s daughter, or the daughter of the Xiao family.

When she takes charge of the Huo family, she will work with Xiao Yu and Xiao Liang. And together, they will be able to fight against Song Yunxuan.

How dare this little bitch from Yuncheng to hurt her daughter? She will make her life miserable just like her dead mother once had.

She clutches her hands, her eyes gleaming with evilness.

On the ninth floor, through the window, Song Yunxuan quietly overlooks the place where the underground parking lot is located.

Over there, two men are walking up to the inpatient building.

One of them is overweight and the other is thin. Although looking down from the ninth floor, she can tell who they are from their body shapes.

They are Xiao Yu and Xiao Liang.

Her eyes are cold, her mouth is closed in calm, after a two-second pause looking at the elevator door, she turns around and walks towards the ICU.

In the ICU, Mr. Xiao is still asleep.

The moment the breathing machine is taken off, Mr. Xiao suddenly opens his eyes.

It is as if his chest has been squeezed by great force.

He can hardly breathe, and his eyes are wide open and filled with fear facing the woman whose eyes are covered by her fringe.


Her voice is cold and clear in the quiet ward, but there is not too much guilt in the tone.

She keeps in mind her father’s words, the unyielding rules and ice-cold human heart.

No pain, no gain!

No matter the pain will be saddled on others or on herself.

She leaves silently as a ghost.

The window of the corridor is half-open, the wind is blowing into the corridor. Song Yunxuan throws her earrings one meter away from the glass wall of the ICU.

The elevator door is open.

Song Yunxuan enters the ward next door.

Someone walks out of the elevator, and a young woman in the corridor also walks up the stairs in high heels.

“That little bitch is gone!” Huo Jiaying clenches her teeth.

Zhang Yufang doesn’t say a word, and after looking around, she walks forward along the corridor.

She puts her hand on the door handle of the ward where Song Yunxuan hides, and twists it gently.

Behind the door, Song Yunxuan raises her eyebrows. Zhang Yufang’s got some luck. Can’t believe she finds the right room at the first try.

If the door is open, her effort will be in vain.

Just then, Huo Jiaying bursts into a laugh, “Mom, that bitch is hiding in this room, see, it’s her earring.”

Zhang Yufang immediately let go of the handle, steps towards the ICU next door.

Song Yunxuan smiles, her eyes soften but still look cold.

Zhang Yufang feels that she has not yet started a fight with her.

However, Song Yunxuan will no longer give her the opportunity to challenge her.

She opens the door of the ICU just a little bit, leaning against the wall, listening to the sound outside.

In the corridor, the elevator door is open, and the two men are getting closer and closer while chatting.

There’s just a moment of silence before the storm comes.

A fury voice is heard, “Bitches! What are you doing?!!!”

It’s the voice of Xiao Yu.

“Dad? Dad, are you alright? Doctor, hurry up and call the doctor! And the police! You murderers!! ”

Xiao Luo’s third uncle is scrupulous in dealing with the thing.

Call the doctor and the police.

Save my dad and catch the murderers!

Song Yunxuan listens to the chaos next door, she shakes her head and heads down the stairs.

The waist-length wig flutters in the wind, the long skirt covers her legs, a large sweater and a red scarf that covers half of her face, even if the camera on the first floor catches her, then what?

Her face, her figure, even her walking posture is carefully disguised.

She doesn’t think Harbor city could solve the case.

Moreover, the case is not worth solving.

Mr. Xiao suffered only from a brief anoxia, but his two sons came in time to rescue him.

Although she feels little sorry, the Xiao family would be in trouble if she didn’t do it.

She does not think that after the old man’s death, his dearest eldest grandson would be safe.

A few seconds of pain will greatly reverse the disadvantageous to his grandson.

Chu Mochen has been urging the driver to go faster and faster.

The driver even gets sweaty and is thinking about whether he should run the red light.

But just in time, Chu Mochen opens his mouth, “Stop.”

The driver stops for the green light, with his face covered with sweat.

And the huge LCD screen on the crossroads department store is broadcasting the latest news on Harbor City.Read more chapter on v

“According to the latest news, Xiao Jiancheng, the founder of the Xiao Group, was in shock at the hospital at around 1:50 p.m., and was caught in a severe coma after being rescued. Based on the Xiao family’s disclosure, Xiao Jiancheng was deliberately harmed, and the suspect was detained.”

There is a subtitle on the LCD screen, and then the second son and the third son of the Xiao family appear on the screen.

Chu Mochen looks at the picture on the big screen, he frowns and his eyes are malevolent like eagles.

He presses his finger on his cell phone and slides the screen to dial Song Yunxuan’s phone.

No one answers.

Chu Mochen’s fingers clench, he’s getting concerned.

Mr. Xiao is in shock. Did he see Song Yunxuan before that?

Has Song Yunxuan already met her grandpa?

Where is Song Yunxuan now?

The news about Mr. Xiao’s in coma passes on to Yuncheng, and people are shocked, too.

Song Yunqiang cannot get the trend since troubles have happened in Harbor city for several times.

He turned to Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian, two experienced backbones, for help but no use.

Zhao Yang looks at Song Yunqiang with his glasses on his face, “Now that the situation in Harbor city is becoming more and more complicated, we have no way to know what really happened.”

Song Yunqiang is uneasy, “Although that is said, if Yunxuan has made connection with the people in Harbor city, it might not be so easy to deal with her after she’s back.”

Zhou Jian pats him on the shoulder to comfort him, “Yunqiang, you think too much, Yunxuan can only rely on Chu Mochen now, but a few days ago Zhao Kun and Zhang Jin told us that Chu Mochen and Yunxuan have broken up.”

Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian look at each other. There is an unspoken eye exchange between the two.

Song Yunqiang is a bit relieved after hearing what Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian said.

After discussing a contract with Song Yunqiang, Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian leave the office.

Zhao Yang walks in the corridor, watching the sunset outside the window, says to Zhou Jian, “Yunxuan has been there for a long time.”

Zhou Jian gets what he means, “You mean?”

“We can’t afford to wait for too long. If Yunxuan isn’t coming back at the end of the year, we need to consider whether we should abandon this partner.”

Zhou Jian hears Zhao Yang say so, bursts into a laugh, “You are worried about cleaning up the mess, aren’t you? So, you want Song Yunxuan to be back? ”

Zhao Yang is a little concerned, “I thought the plan of sending Yunxuan to Harbor city was perfect, but now it seems to be a reckless move.”

“Is it out of your control?” Zhou Jian asks.

Although Zhao Yang does not want to admit it, he nods after all facing Zhou Jian’s query. “There wasn’t so much trouble in Harbor city before Yunxuan went there. If the situation changes in Harbor city, Song Yunxuan may be fine, but we will be in trouble.”

“What kind of change?” Zhou Jian looks at Zhao Yang, puzzled.

Zhao Yang puts his hands behind his back and ponders, “If one of the three families, Xiao, Lu and Huo, of Harbor city, had a successor in advance, and this successor happened to be in alliance with Song Yunxuan, then we would be in bad luck.”

“It’s not an easy thing to make it happen, that girl won’t have the ability to do so.” Zhou Jian is not very concerned.

Looking at Zhou Jian’s indifferent face, Zhao Yang gets angry, “Zhou, use your head, what if Song Yunxuan returns with an ally, how are we going to handle her?”

Zhou Jian nods, “We won’t be able to control her in that case.”

Zhao Yang calms down a little, “Now that you know, then contact the people in Harbor city to get rid of her, we are already on the same boat with Song Yunqiang, if Song Yunxuan comes back to confront her elder brother, she won’t let us go easy, too.”

Zhou Jian frowns and thinks for a while, “Then who do you think we should contact?”

Zhao Yang narrows his ferocious eyes. “Who do you think? Of course, we should contact that woman of the Huo family, she was involved in Fan Caidie’s death. As long as we threaten her a little, she will hunt Song Yunxuan down. They are sworn enemies.”

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