Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 165 - Grandpa Got Angry.

Chapter 165: Grandpa Got Angry.

If she is Gu Changge, she will throw the white shirt on Chu Mochen’s face.

Because of Gu Changge’s position, even she is a little overbearing, Chu Mochen will not do too much to her since the Gu family is tricky to handle.

But Song Yunxuan is different.

Song Yunxuan is greatly different from Gu Changge in social standing, so she cannot be as obstinate and unruly as Gu Changge.

Chu Mochen does not need to worry about Song Yunxuan, if the Song family makes any trouble, he can destroy the Song family in a short time.

She doesn’t want to conflict with Chu Mochen yet, it is no harm to obey him.

She hugs the white shirt in her arms and gets off bed to the bathroom to change it.

Chu Mochen looks at her and orders: “Do it here.”

Song Yunxuan grinds her teeth, and frowns strongly.

Chu Mochen notices her anger but doesn’t change his mind: “You can also choose not to change.”

Song Yunxuan clutches the white shirt. After hearing his words, she puts the white shirt to the bedside, and unravels her apron.

She looks lovely on this floral apron and the sweetness is of her age.

But he never wants to see her in an apron in another man’s house.

She unravels the apron and throws it to him.

He reaches out and catches the apron, smiles coolly: “I can’t believe you can wash and cook.”

Song Yunxuan turns her back to him, takes off the coat and puts on his shirt.

Chu Mochen throws the apron to the ground, holds her waist before she turns around, and pulls her into his arms.

He clasps her slender waist in his arms, and talks near her ears, “You should also take off that inside.”

“Don’t be insatiable.” Song Yunxuan grits her teeth.

Chu Mochen holds her waist, puts his chin on her shoulder: “Why do you live in another man’s house after fighting with me every time?”

Song Yunxuan frowns, she is afraid that he’ll do something to hurt Loki.

“He’s only sixteen years old.”

“Is sixteen young? When his father was sixteen, he fell in love with a woman at first sight. ”

Song Yunxuan frowns slightly, as if she guessed something from his words.

“I don’t want you to be with him anyway.”

“What do you want me to do?”

“I want you to go back to Yuncheng and never come to Harbor City.”

Song Yunxuan still thinks it’s strange that she was found in Loki’s house, “Why can you enter Loki’s house? His house’s safety system is… ”

“Fingerprint and pupil?”


“The archives of Xiao family’s descendants are placed in the custody of the Rong family, including fingerprints and pupil information, and other messages.”

“This confidential company is so irresponsible.” She says angrily.

“But I didn’t get it from the Rong family.”

Song Yunxuan dazzles slightly: “Where did you get it?”

Chu Mochen whispers near her ear, “His second uncle.”

Song Yunxuan’s eyebrows are tighter than before, “Who the hell is Loki?”

“Can’t you guess? I told you he is a Xiao’s. ”

“Is he Xiao Xuan’s son?”

“Yes, actually his name is Xiao Luo.”

“Xiao Luo…”She thinks about the name in hindsight, and her eyes have a slowly moving light.

It turns out that Xiao Luo is the heart of Mr. Xiao.

Since Xiao Luo is the heart of Mr. Xiao, why he is treated isolated, and lives alone in the apartment in Happy Valley.

She frowns and thinks about the cause of the matter.

Chu Mochen feels her silence and puts his lip on her smooth neck, “Are you thinking something you shouldn’t think again?”

Song Yunxuan rolls her eyes coldly, “What kind of things is that I shouldn’t think?”

“You always like beating about the bush, and ask back all the questions I asked you.”

Song Yunxuan is actually not Song Yunxuan.

She is Gu Changge, she has been living for a long time, and has been experienced so much things, so she of course knows when to fight quickly and when to be quiet as an outsider.

Or, sometimes, she can be a lovely little fool.

She wears a large white shirt and is clasped by Chu Mochen. Her lingering body is under the white shirt.

Chu Mochen’s nose is filled with her fragrance and under his straight eyelashes are dark eyes.

“If I stop you, you’ll fall out with me, won’t you?”

Song Yunxuan doesn’t say anything.

She doesn’t have to answer the question, because he knows her temper.

If someone is in the way, of course she won’t agree.

“Are you going to stop me?”

She asks him.

Chu Mochen lowers his head, just puts his lips on her skin and doesn’t give her a clear response.

Of course he will stop her.

It’s not because he is generosity, but all out of pure selfishness.

… …

Loki sees his grandfather in the living room.

Xiao Jiancheng has been out of health in recent years, so he usually walks with a crutch.

Loki sees him going down from the second floor with his crutch, and he stands up from sofa, but he doesn’t come to hold Xiao Jiancheng.

The maid stands nearby sees him and takes the old man to the sofa.

Mr. Xiao looks at Loki before he sitting down, seems that he is dissatisfied with him while helpless.

After his grandpa sits down, Loki sits back to the sofa with his eyes dropping, “I want to ask you something.”

“You don’t even put me in your eyes, so how can you ask me for something?”

Xiao Jiancheng looks at him with a cold face.

Loki raises his eyes, and his eyes are not pure black, but slightly lighter amber.

Instead of answering his question, he asks Xiao Jiancheng first, “My friend lived in my apartment before, did you drive her away?”

“Is it a woman?” Xiao Jiancheng inadvertently retracts his vision.

Loki nods.

Xiao Jiancheng doesn’t care about this woman, but Loki raises his head after saying this, seriously asked Xiao Jiancheng, “Please give her back to me.”

Xiao Jiancheng frowns involuntarily, “Give her back to you?”

Loki fixes his eyes on Xiao Jiancheng, without a compromise timid look.

Xiao Jiancheng can see his son’s shadow from Loki.

Although Loki is a mixed-blood child between China and the West, he still inherits his father’s looking. Every time when Xiao Jiancheng sees him, he feels his son is still alive.

Because of this extreme resemblance, Xiao Jiancheng gave 80 percent of his assets to his grandson.

He believes that his son has a business talent, and his grandson must have that ability too.

After returning from America, Loki seems do well in every aspect, but what he has done makes Mr. Xiao unsatisfied.

What makes Mr. Xiao unsatisfied the most is Loki’s private life.

“Don’t you go to the tutorial class? You didn’t get A + in this year’s final exam, but why do you take time to live with a woman instead of study hard? ”

Loki is a little angry: “She is not my girlfriend. We don’t live together. She is an elder sister. We knew each other yesterday.”

“A sister?” Xiao Jiancheng sneers as if he has thought of the same thing his son had experienced. “Your father had been destroyed by an old woman, and now even you have been bewitched by an old woman too?”

Loki clenches his fists and retorts, “Grandpa, she is not an old woman, she is only one or two years elder than me.”

Xiao Jiancheng looks cool, “Even one day older than you, she is still an old woman, and I will never allow this kind of scheming girl around you.”

For more than a decade, Xiao Jiancheng thought that Xiao Xuan’s rebellion was completely caused by his association with that woman.

“Your father was just a high school student, but he was fooled by that old woman, and he was disobedient to my arrangement, and finally he became decadent and abnormal. It’s all because of that old woman.”

Loki stares at his grandfather, and says word by word: “The reason why daddy became this way is that you killed that woman.”

Xiao Jiancheng is so shocked by his words. He cannot keep cool and calm any longer. He becomes very angry in an instant. He abruptly taps the floor with his crutch, “The woman deserved it! Your father was also an unscrupulous bastard. He tortured himself for a woman! He has humiliated me enough! ”

“Then I’ll isolate myself from the family.”

Loki’s words like jade beads falling on the ground clearly.

And the maids standing nearby are all startled.

Mr. Xiao opens his eyes inconceivably.

Loki gets up from the couch and looks at his grandfather. “I can’t live the way that Grandpa has arranged, and I won’t repeat my father’s life. If Grandpa thinks Daddy has made you lose face, please renounce me, and I don’t want Xiao family become a joke because of me.”

After hearing the words of his grandson, and Mr. Xiao’s face is suddenly becoming white.

Loki thinks his grandfather will curse him as usual.

But the result is different from what he thought.

Mr. Xiao just opens his eyes and looks at Loki, without saying a word, his eyes are still staring.

Loki thinks his grandfather doesn’t reproach him, so he doesn’t intend to stay, and bows to his grandfather before leaving, “Although I came back from America involuntarily, I am still grateful that you have raised me these years. Please take good care of yourself and that I will never come here again.”

After saying that, he looks up at the old man and says again, “Please return Yunxuan to me anyway, she is my friend, and please don’t hurt her just for me.”

He finishes his talking, and turns away.

But as he walks four or five steps, he suddenly hearing a clang.

He frowns and turns back to see.

He sees the crutch in his grandfather’s hand slanting on the ground, and Xiao Jiancheng is like a rigid statue and falls onto the ground.

Then he is falling down on the ground heavily.


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