Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 164 - Changing Clothes

Chapter 164: Changing Clothes

The maid can’t stop Loki.

Loki strides forward and the waitress follows him to prevent him from opening the red wood door of the meeting room.

However, even though the maid has tried her best, she still fails to stop Loki.

The old man and the young man who are talking in the meeting room look up at the door.

Loki is about to talk, but when he opens his mouth, he sees that the man sitting in front of his grandfather is familiar.

“Luo, why are you panicking? What happened? “Loki’s grandfather, who is eighty-seven years old. But he is well-maintained, only one-third of his hair is turned white and wearing square glasses, which makes him mercy and not strict as other rich people.

Loki is summoned, and the anger in his sight is pressed: “I want to ask Grandpa something. Since you are busy, I can wait.”

Loki’s grandfather nods before Loki leaves the red wood door.

The maid following him is relieved to see the young master didn’t lose his temper on that occasion.

Xiao Jiancheng turns to the young man sitting opposite, and says, “I am so sorry that our conversation is interrupted by my wayward grandson.”

“It doesn’t matter. We’re almost done. He comes at just the right time.”

Xiao Jiancheng is living for almost a century, and he is the richest person in Harbor City, and ranks top at the list of the richest people in the world.

The second is the Lu family, but their total assets are much less than the private assets of Xiao Jiancheng.

Although Xiao Jiancheng is very successful in work, he is really not successful in the aspect of being a father.

Xiao Jiancheng’s descendants had a bad life. He had two sons and one daughter before the age of 50, but in his forty-ninth year, the three children and their mother went abroad for travelling, and they all died unexpectedly in the plane crash.

At the age of fifty-one, Xiao had another son, that’s Loki’s father.

Loki’s father, Xiao Xuan, is the eldest son of the Xiao family and is the most capable one in his generation, and the two younger brothers can’t compete with him in business.

Unluckily, although the Xiao family has such a good heir, he had a misery life too, and died at the age of twenty-eight.

Xiao Xuan died young unfortunately. It’s said that’s because he was trapped in love.

When he was sixteen, Xiao Xuan went to the high private school in Harbor City, the nobleman senior high school, and met an English teacher who was a bit elder than him.

He disliked her because she was inflexible and old-fashioned.

Xiao Xuan kept playing tricks on the female teacher for a while, but later, he fell in love with her.

And he even wanted to give up his study and his right of inheritance so as to be with the female teacher.

After Xiao Jiancheng knew this, he absolutely didn’t allow his son to do such a ridiculous thing, so he asked someone to warn the teacher and send his son study aboard.

Xiao Xuan went to America the following year and spent the year by making a lot of troubles.

It’s said that he tried to get back several times, but all failed.

When Xiao Xuan was eighteen, he finished his study and returned from the United States.

Then, when he looked for that teacher, it turned out she was… dead.

After that, Xiao Xuan didn’t look sad, but he quickly got the position of the Xiao family raised through some extremely strong means, which made the rich merchants in the business circle in Harbor city greatly frightened.

He even surpassed the Lu family, which has been pressing Xiao family for many years.

The Lu family was badly affected by Xiao, and did its business in low for more than ten years in Harbor City.

But Xiao Xuan didn’t live long. When he was twenty-eight years old he suffered from gastric cancer because of irregular life, although the Xiao family was trying to prepare for surgery for him and invited the best doctor in the world.

But the night before the operation, Xiao Xuan jumped from the roof of the hospital.

Xiao Xuan’s dead in a miserable situation, and his father was very upset and got ill.

The Xiao family was considered going bankrupt, but someone sent the news to Song Jiancheng that Xiao Xuan left him a mixed-blood grandson in California.

The old man brought back the eight-year-old mixed-blood child and made three paternity tests.

It was extremely certain that the child was Xiao Xuan’s own son.

That child is Loki.

These things are all secretly spread in the upper circle of Harbor City, and many people know it.

Xiao Jiancheng was very fond of the young master, and already wrote a testament to hand over 80 percent of his assets to this grandson.

The second son and the third son of him were angry at that decision, but Xiao Jiancheng never changed his decision, Loki’s two uncles had no choice but to accept it.

But over the years, his two uncles have been trying to secretly undermine his right of inheritance.

Chu Mochen seems to be not very interested in Loki and notices that the old man is eager to talk to his grandson, so he leaves away.

Just as he leaves, he looks back at the teenager.

The teenager also looks at him at the door, and two men’s sights are intersected, and the hidden sparks are burst invisibly.

Chu Mochen’s eyes are deep and dark. There is no temper between his eyebrows, but has steadfastness and convergence.

His lips rise slightly, and the smile is almost undetectable.

But if you perceive it, you will understand that the smile doesn’t mean happy.

… …

Song Yunxuan is shut in the room.

When Chu Mochen gets back home, he looks at the broken bone china cup on the ground, and then looks up at her and asks, “Even if you want to go, you shouldn’t do this.”

“My hand slipped.”

She seems to be calm.

Chu Mochen looks at her unswervingly and puts his coat on the back of the sofa.

Song Yunxuan sits on the couch, and looks obviously not very happy.

Chu Mochen unbuttons his shirt collar and necktie, “It seems like you are easy to drop things today, a plate was smashed in the morning, and now a tea cup.”

“I said it’s my hand slipped.” She’s a little impatient.

Chu Mochen walks towards her with one corner of his mouth slightly up. The tall man bends slightly and puts his hands firmly on the sofa armrest, and traps her with a very pressing movement.

He stares at her eyes, and warns her, enunciating each word, “Remember, don’t ever contact Loki.”

“That’s my own business.” She doesn’t mean to be obedient at all.

Chu Mochen fusses slightly: “But I don’t want you to contact him.”

“If you don’t want me to contact everybody, so I just do it?” Song Yunxuan glares at him, completely without the submissive meaning. She isn’t just unyielding. She has her own bottom line.

Because she has to achieve the inexorable goal, nothing can exceed her bottom line.

“It doesn’t matter if you want to.”

“I will never do that.” Song Yunxuan turns her head and she is reluctant to face him again.

“But I’m afraid you’ll do it…”Chu Mochen looks at Song Yunxuan. He wants to say something about his deep feeling.

Song Yunxuan turns around and sneers: “What are you afraid of? Afraid I won’t be a substitute for Gu Changge? Afraid I’m leaving you to make your life unhappy? ”

Chu Mochen stares at her, his eyes become sharp because of her words.

“Why are you so afraid? The world is never lack of beautiful girls. If you like the 18-year-old girl, you can even change girlfriend every day in your position. If you like Gu Changge’s appearance, you can find a woman who looks like her, and throw her in the cosmetic hospital, and you’ll get another Gu Changge half a year later.”

Chu Mochen glances at somewhere else, feels funny about this conversation, but there is no glimmer of smile in his eyes at all.

Song Yunxuan finds that she hasn’t infuriated him, and she frowns involuntarily.

“Even if people keep a pet, they would not like it to be too fierce.” He opens his lips and warns her coldly.

From this sentence, Song Yunxuan catches the refutable point and her eyes become bright, says coldly: “I am not your pet, and I didn’t sell myself to you, if you don’t like me you can break up with me.”

Chu Mochen holds up her chin and looks at her face. “In fact, you are similar to Changge. If I send you to the cosmetic hospital for half a year and say Song Yunxuan died, who knows you are Song Yunxuan after six months?”

His words is nothing but evil.

Song Yunxuan squints and hits Chu Mochen’s hand: “Despicable.”

“That’s your idea.”

Song Yunxuan chokes at once.

She wants to retort him, but she can’t find any reason.

Chu Mochen sits next to her and looks at the dress she was wearing in the morning from the apartment in Happy Valley. He is a little unhappy: “Change the dress.”

“I don’t have my clothes here.”

“Wear mine.”

“It’s too big.”

Chu Mochen frowns and looks at her with a sharp eye as if he wanted to tear all her clothes into pieces: “Do you want to change it by yourself, or should I help you?”

Song Yunxuan is very angry, and she doesn’t move for a while.

Chu Mochen unfastens his sleeve and stands up, “I’ll change for you.”

He reaches out to catch Song Yunxuan’s arm.

Song Yunxuan struggles, but he pulls her into the bedroom.

There is a large wardrobe in the bedroom, and she is thrown to the bed. The soft large bed is sunk by her sudden fall.

Chu Mochen takes out his white shirt from it and throws it on her.

Song Yunxuan catches that shirt and wants to tear it right now.

But when she looks up at Chu Mochen, she finds that his eyes are staring at her face, and there is a slight coolness at her neck.

So, she presses that impulse.

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