Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 163 - Yunxuan Was Disappeared

Chapter 163: Yunxuan Was Disappeared

The next day is Monday.

Loki gets up early, and Song Yunxuan appears in the kitchen, with omelet and milk on the table in the kitchen, and butters toast and sausage.

Loki scratches his hair and looks at the breakfast on the table. “Do you make all of these?”

“I saw you had some food in the fridge, so I got up early and cooked them.”

She wants to go downstairs and buy some food, but she gives it up when she considers the troubled safety system after she leaves the house.

She is not very good at cooking.

Whether at Gu’s or Song’s, she is not good at cooking.

And there’s no time to be happy.

But now, it’s different, she may have to disappear quietly for a while.


Loki just sits on the dining-room chair, and the newspaper on the table makes him startled.

He picks up the newspaper strangely and looks at the exploding title above and frowns, “It’s the headline of the Huo family again. How dare them! Last time they were just found smuggled drugs out of a cargo vessel, and now Huo’s nightclub is selling marijuana, meth and ecstasy. Do the Huos want to die? ”

Song Yunxuan beats the eggs in the pan, and is listening to the peanut oil egg frying voice, her lip corner appears a shallow smile, her eyes slightly bend, which looks gentle and calm.

The Huo family, of course, does not want to die at all.

But someone exposes this to the public, and wants Huo family go bankrupt.

Huo Ting just finished the last ship smuggling thing, this time was the nightclub.

She wonders how Huo family deals with this kind of thing.

And she also doesn’t know how many solutions are left in Zhang Yufang’s hand right now. If this woman doesn’t fight back, she will definitely be bullied. .

She sees that the fried eggs are becoming golden, and then takes the pot and puts it in front of Loki.

Loki sees the fried eggs, and his big eyes bent happily, “Since my mother left, no one has cook fried eggs for me.”

“The maid didn’t cook?”

“Ah, the chilled face of the maid, every time I see her I’ll feel sick, not mention to the food. I usually throw it.”

Loki eats half a fried egg.

Song Yunxuan sits opposite to him, she dresses neatly, eating without speaking, and just reads a few pages of newspaper.

Loki looks at her, and doesn’t want to eat and seems to want to say something.

Song Yunxuan feels his vision and looks up at him, “What’s wrong?”

“You… Are you leaving today?”

Song Yunxuan thinks for a while, and feels distressed, “If I continue to live…”

“It doesn’t matter if you continue to live. Although I have to go to school during the daytime, I’ll be able to take a few days off and I’ll be with you.”

“No, I think living in your house will affect your study.”

“No, I’m bored to live here alone. You can live here for free as long as you want.”

Song Yunxuan bursts out laughing, and thinks the teenager is really cute.

“You’re not going back to Kowloon Tong?”

Loki uses a fork on the remaining half of the fried eggs, “I’ll probably be back in a few days, but not stay overnight. I’ll be back soon.”

“Will you be blamed if I live in your house?”

Loki denies, “No, those people have been planning sending me to the United States since my second grade. They won’t care about this.”

Song Yunxuan watches him eating the last half of the fried eggs and drinking half a cup of milk, and reminds him, “You got up a little late today, if you don’t leave quickly now, you may be late for school.”

Loki looks at the creative clock on the wall and rushes to the room to pack his bags and change his clothes.

Three minutes later, Loki looks like a student standing at the vestibule.

The student uniform he is wearing is round-collared, and the white shirt makes his chin pointed. He looks clever in uniform. Song Yunxuan asked: “Have you been working hard recently?”

Loki curls his lips, “A little slack.”

“Then you’re going to make up for it now.”

Loki frowns. He is reluctant, but helpless.

“When I was a child, I also took part in tutoring class in winter holiday.”

“Did you also do poorly in study?” Loki looks up.

Song Yunxuan laughs and shakes her head: “I studied very well, and I was the NO.1 in school.”

“Then why did you do that?”

“Because I wanted to see those who pulled a long face in the class”

Loki can’t help laughing: “You are so bad.”

“I also want to see you in that look.”

“You may not be able to see it. I’m never going to tutoring class next year.”

Loki carries backpack and wears his shoes. When he opens the door, Song Yunxuan is looking at him with an apron near the vestibule.

Loki stops and looks back at her: “When I come back this afternoon, you’ll be waiting for me in the apartment, right?”

Song Yunxuan smiles: “Of course.”

Now she has nowhere to go but to stay at Loki’s house, which seems to be unsafe to stay at.

If she lives in a hotel, she will been found by Chu Mochen for less than an hour.

Then Chu Mochen takes her back to Yuncheng.

It’s harder for her to take over the Song family.

She sees Loki leaving.

When the door is opened, a woman in the corridor walks by, and sees the look of Song Yunxuan from the open door, then takes her sight back and leaves.

After Loki goes out, the woman greets to Loki and seems like a neighbor.

After closing the door, Song Yunxuan returns to the dining table to clean the milk cup and plate.

She puts the milk cup and the plate in the sink and washes dishes.

There is a slight noise at the door, but her hands are full of foam. She thinks that Loki might have forgotten something to take, and says, “Pack things well next time. You’ll be late for if you come back again. What do you forget?”

She flushes the plate and turns back to look at Loki.

But when she turns, she recognizes the man isn’t Loki. She drops her hand, and the plate falls to the ground, becomes split.

… …

When Loki comes home in the afternoon, things aren’t happened as he expected.

He thinks Song Yunxuan would stand at the door waiting for him to come back.

But he did not find Song Yunxuan standing at the vestibule.


He changes his shoes and shouts her name in the room.

The room is as quiet as before when he came home.

He frowns and mutters with dissatisfaction, “She said she will wait for me to come back from school. She is not sleeping in the room, and it’s only five o’clock in the afternoon.”

He puts his schoolbag on the leather sofa and goes from the living room to the room where Song Yunxuan lived. As he passes through the dining room, his eyes flashes and he sees a broken plate on the floor by the kitchen sink.

He feels strange and walks over to the kitchen, “Yunxuan? Where are you, Yunxuan? ”

She isn’t in the kitchen, dining room, study or her room.

The toilet, bathroom, and even the storehouse and balcony have already been checked.

But there is nobody.

“How could…”

He puts his hands on the alloy doorframe of the balcony, looks down unbelievably, with his shoulders collapsed: “She told me she was waiting for me to come back. How could she disappear without telling me?”

His body is slowly descending. He sits against the glass door looked lonely: “Why people keep leaving me. It is clear that I have not done anything bad. Why must drive them away from me? ”

He still sits there, waiting for a while, and then looks as if he suddenly remembered something.

“No, Yunxuan will not leave without telling me, the plate is broken, someone must have taken her.”

He stands up from the ground, walks straight to the door, even without changing his shoes, and leaves the garage.

The well-performing Lexus is driving fast in the three-way road in Harbor City. The traffic policeman who exams the drunk driving on the road has no time to say something but sees the car driving past like a shuttle.

The young traffic policeman in law enforcement looks at the car furiously and immediately wants to intercom with the traffic police ahead to stop the speeding car.

But the veteran traffic policeman takes away his walkie-talkie: “What are you doing?”

“The car is speeding so much that it must be stopped by the front!”

The old traffic policeman raises his eyelids and looks at him: “You are so inexperienced. Look at the license plate number before you stop the car. Don’t blame me that I’m not reminding you.”

The young traffic policeman knows something, and immediately calms down and asks, “The number of that car is not the number of dignitaries.”

The old traffic policeman laughs coldly and puts the radio in her arms: “What a newborn calf is not afraid of tiger. You even dare to exam the speeding driving before reciting Xiao’s license plate number.”

The old traffic policeman’s cold laughter startles of the young traffic policeman, and this thing doesn’t continue.

The Lexus is driven to Kowloon Tong at high speed.

The iron gate of the Xiao family’s courtyard opens when the car coming.

The car, not even slowing down, goes straight in, and the wind makes the maids next to door squint.

The car parks in front of Xiao’s front yard after its drift.

At the door of the villa, a maid comes out to greet him: “Young master.”

“I want to see Grandpa.”

“He is meeting the guests now.”

“I have something to say to Grandpa!”

His tone begins to get worse.

The maid is frightened and nodding: “Young master, wait a minute, I will tell him.”

“No, I’ll go by myself.” Loki pushes the maid so that she makes way for him. Then he strides to the meeting room of the Xiao’s villa.

It must be Grandpa. Grandpa must have done the same thing as before.

Why are you doing this?!

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