Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 162 - Be Her Obstacle

Chapter 162: Be Her Obstacle

Loki asks the taxi driver to change the direction half way.

The car is not in the direction of Kowloon Tong, but instead it is in the direction of Happy Valley.

Happy Valley is also a well-known gathering place for the rich in Harbor City, and there are many shopping malls, many famous hosts and stars here.

When Song Yunxuan gets off the taxi, the snow in the sky continues to spill.

Loki is on her side, and as she gets out of the car, he looks back intentionally, as if fearful of being followed.

Song Yunxuan consoles him: “We have been here. No one will catch up.”

Loki is very attractive, with the eyelashes of the light coffee color, the amber-like eyes under the eyelashes: “Although we arrive here, they may still catch up.”

After the taxi leaves, Song Yunxuan sees that it is an apartment.

They can’t get in until they pass the fingerprint reader.

Song Yunxuan looks at such a well-guarded flat, laughing, “Is the whole building your home?”

“I have only one house here, but the people who live here are all afraid of death, so there is a fingerprint reader on the first floor. If not led by the owner, the guests will not be able to go upstairs. Ridiculous!”

When Song Yunxuan hears him say this, the look in her eyes changes slightly.

Most of the dignitaries in Harbor City live in the four districts, Kowloon Tong, Happy Valley, Bans handing and Repulse Bay.

The houses in these four districts are also small, and Loki has an apartment, probably from his family.

But why does a child of his age live in such a strictly-guarded apartment?

Aren’t children of this age supposed to be relaxed and comfortable, and live basically with friends twenty-four hours a day?

Loki takes Song Yunxuan to the elevator, the elevator stops on the eighth floor. Then they walk out. Loki passes through the face and eye pupil identification, and gets into the apartment.

Song Yunxuan follows along, feeling a little strange, “How is this apartment identification system so advanced?”

“Because the people who live here are high-class,” Loki closes the door. His gloomy expression disappears, and shows a lovely smile.” Although I hate the safety system, I feel very troubled, but if you live here, I feel very relieved by it.”

Song Yunxuan surveys his house, “Why?”

“Because you live here, those who want to hurt you won’t be easy to come in. You’re safe in my house.”

He goes to the kitchen to get water for her, but find no hot water to make tea. He asks her, “What would you like to drink?”

“Water, please.” Her gaze is on a frame slightly below the television cabinet.

The picture in the frame is a bit old-fashioned, and there are wrinkles on the corner, which seems to be crumpled and stretched by someone.

She goes unconsciously there, to see what the woman in the picture looks like.

Loki just gets the soda water from the fridge.

Seeing Song Yunxuan’s sight on the picture frame next to the TV cabinet, he becomes nervous, and stops Song Yunxuan, “Your soda water.”

“Is that your mother?” Song Yunxuan takes the soda water and wants to see the picture.

Loki turns and throws the picture frame into the drawer under the TV cabinet: “Excuse me, the photo… You can’t see it.”

Song Yunxuan discovers his mood becomes depressed. She says: “It doesn’t matter. You don’t have to answer me.”

Loki’s mood is still not very good, “I don’t really want to talk to outsiders about things of my family, so…”

“I don’t like asking people about family matters either.”

Song Yunxuan has lived in Yuncheng for 32 years before. It’s the first time for her to see such a straightforward child.

She doesn’t experience such a thing in person, but she has heard about it.

Many wealthy businessmen have more than one wife. Their lovers bear them children, and can get awesome rewards. But after all, the children are not from a decent family.

Some women favored by men have given birth to sons who can inherit the property and status, but they are not lucky enough to wait until they can achieve it.

Life will be very hard for children left behind by such a woman.

He cannot return to his father’s family because he is an illegitimate son.

Even if they are lucky to return, they will be regarded as garbage and be excluded by the decent children born in the family.

Song Yunxuan is an example.

And Gu Changge is the eldest daughter of the family, and has fought with her father’s bastards in order to keep the things she has gained.

Not all illegitimate children are pitiful. Some of them can even defeat orthodox heirs and succeed.

Not all the honorable children of the rich are evil, for they will be killed if not protecting what they deserve.

To defeat or be defeated.

This is the choice everyone faces.

Gu Changge always chooses to defeat others.

Loki locks the drawer in silence, then raises his head and looks at her with large eyes, “Do you blame me for hiding from you?”

“There is even a secret between relatives, not to mention we are just friends without kinship.”

“You don’t hate me, do you?”

Song Yunxuan laughs and holds out his hand to pull him up, “I have no reason to hate you.”

“Good, then.”

Loki puts his hand in the hand of Song Yunxuan.

Song Yunxuan pulls him from the ground with great effort.

That night Song Yunxuan lives in Loki’s guest room.

Loki’s house is big, with one hundred and eighty square meters. It is very empty for one person.

After dinner, Loki takes Song Yunxuan to read books in the study.

In addition to reference books and textbooks on his desk, Song Yunxuan finds comic books.

Children of this age are, of course, fond of playing.

Loki points to the bookshelf with books, “You can read all the books on it.”

Song Yunxuan walks towards it. She finds that the books on the bookshelf are all hardcover and that there are many original English books.

She takes one book, which is the original foreign novel Harry Potter. To express her interest in these books, Song Yunxuan takes the book, “Then I’ll take this book back.”

“I have more. Do you want them?”

Song Yunxuan swings her hand, “No, I read this and then I’ll come back to take.”

In fact, she is not very interested in the novel, but it would be too cold not to pretend to be interested in the books while he lively introduces the books.

The teenager, Loki, seems to be sentimental and cautious, and tries to please her.

He lives in such a large house, but he has no relatives, even no parents would call and ask.

The environment in which he lives may be very complicated.

Before she goes back to her room, Loki says good night to her, with a lovely smile.

When Song Yunxuan sleeps at night, she thinks of his eyes. Suddenly, she realizes that the young man’s eyes are round and big, like the eyes of a beautiful and elegant noble cat.

She puts the book at the bedside before going to bed in the midnight.

In the dark night, Chu Mochen hasn’t left Red Maple Hotel.

The assistant sees that he does not sleep in the midnight, says with concern: “Mr. Chu, you should rest.”

“Dial Rong Six.”

The assistant dares not to delay, and immediately dials Rong Six’s phone, respectfully handing over the mobile phone.

Rong Six seems to be shocked by the phone number, with the husky tongue, tensely asking Chu Mochen, “Mr. Chu, what’s wrong?”

Chu Mo Chen’s voice is smooth, “I want you to do something for me.”

The sound, though smooth, is kind of ferocious.

Rong Six does not think that Chu Mochen’s matter is trivial. He asks, “Mr. Chu, just say it.”

“This is about Xiao’s family.”


Rong Six listens to the sound he has heard, and his eyebrows twitch.

“Yunxuan is Xiao’s daughter.”

The next word Chu Mochen says is that he can’t help opening his mouth and even shout, “Chu, what you said… It’s impossible, isn’t it? ”

“I think it’s impossible, too.”

“So…” Rong Six asks him.

Chu Mochen’s voice lowers down, but there is a pressing force that cannot be ignored, “So, do you know what I want you to do?”

Rong Six tries to think. When he hears Chu Mochen’s words, it seems there are electric sparks exploding in his mind.

He can’t say he doesn’t understand what it means.

Because he knows what Chu Mochen wants.

“But Mr. Chu, Yunxuan is not stupid. If it is discovered, she will have trouble with you.”

Chu Mochen’s dark eyes seem to be an abyss, at the bottom of which there is a kind of absolute coldness, “Whatever, as long as she is still in my hand, I do not care.”

As long as Song Yunxuan is still controlled by him, as long as the kite tether is still held in his hand.

Song Yunxuan can’t go anywhere.

She wants to break the bondage and then flies straight to the sky.

But if Chu Mochen does not agree, she will never be able to!

Chu Mochen hangs up, while Rong Six is still with a dull look.

He has never thought that Chu Mochen would do it this way.

If it is as what Chu Mochen said, then Song Yunxuan will probably need another ten years to achieve her goal.

But if she’s Xiao’s daughter.

If she is really Xiao Xuan’s eldest daughter.

Well, the tide will turn around.

If Song Yunxuan knows about this, she will seize the opportunity.

So what Chu Mochen is doing now is to be Song Yunxuan’s obstacle.

No, not an obstacle, he is trying to cut her way forward and completely stop her.

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