Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 161 - Huo Ting’s Reminder

Chapter 161: Huo Ting’s Reminder

Loki is waiting for her to call Huo Ting.

At the third time of dialing, there comes the voice of answering.

“Aren’t you in the hotel?”

Song Yunxuan is surprised, “Have you called the hotel?”

Huo Ting frowns, “It was Chu Mochen who answered. He asked me to tell him where you were.”

Song Yunxuan listens to his words and hangs up without saying anything.

In this case, maybe Huo Ting is also monitored and tracked. If she talks for a long time with him, she will be found out.

Loki looks back from the window strangely. “Why do you hang up so suddenly?”

Song Yunxuan turns off her mobile phone and says, “I may have to stay at your house tonight. Sorry to bother.”

Loki smiles. “Welcome.”

Chu Mochen is serious this time. It seems that the alliance between her and Huo Ting has been already known by Chu Mochen.

Huo Ting has just made a good progress.

If Chu Mochen steps in, things may turn down sharply.

She frowns, and her eyes grow dark.

Looking at her keeping silent, Loki comes over and tentatively pats her on the shoulder: “Then, can we go now? “

Song Yunxuan raises her head. Under her black hair, her pupils are as bright as glass.

Loki is slightly stunned, and he could not help but exclaim, “You… you are so beautiful.”

Song Yunxuan smiles, “Thank you.”

Song Yunxuan answers him. He feels a little strange about what he said just now. He raises his hand and touches his eyes, a little embarrassed.

Song Yunxuan looks out and says, “Please lead the way.”


He answers and walks out of the corridor of the building.

Many people pay attention to the snow in Harbor City, which is the first snow in the past 25 years.

Snowflakes are floating in the night sky, and neon lights are all over the streets of the Harbor City. Looking down from the top of the Pearl Hotel, the whole city can be overlooked.

Huo Jiahui wears an elegant wine red long dress, with beautiful makeup and delicate facial features.

Chu Mochen, who stands up to drink in front of her, isn’t in a good mood.

She puts her fingers on the crystal goblet, and her eyes fix on Chu Mochen. “Are you still annoyed about Miss Song’s affairs?”

Chu Mochen drinks the wine in the goblet with his eyelashes down. The taste of oak spreads into his nose. The unique taste of Lafite penetrates into his body layer by layer. The tip of his tongue is full of wonderful taste.

Huo Jiahui stands up to persuade him considerately, “Although Miss Song is a little younger, I think she is a very sensible girl. Don’t worry about her too much.”

Looking out of the window at the neon and the snowflake, Chu Mochen just drinks, but doesn’t speak.

Three hours ago, it wasn’t dark.

He arrived at the Red Maple Hotel where Song Yunxuan lives and called Su Youyu, who is in Yuncheng.

Su Youyu told him frankly, “Childe Chu, you know Yunxuan’s temper. How can I get her love? She just asked me to pretend. “

“What else did she tell you?”

Su Youyu thought for a moment, “Nothing more. I just had a meal with her, and the picture she kissed me was also a misunderstanding.”

Su Youyu was afraid that Chu Mochen would pick on him, so he explained, “Yunxuan probably knew someone was trailing her, so she kissed me on the face deliberately. I didn’t know what she wanted to do at that moment.”

He wouldn’t stop her even if he knew what she wanted to do.

He wanted to try all the things that made Chu Mochen angry.

After all, the punch Chu Mochen gave him last time was also very painful.

Chu Mochen was not very polite to him. He probably got the schadenfreude in his words, so he didn’t even say goodbye when he hung up the phone.

He then waited in Song Yunxuan’s hotel room for her.

Unfortunately, after waiting for a long time, it wasn’t Song Yunxuan, but Huo Ting who threw himself into the trap.

Huo Ting called, so he picked up and said only one sentence, “Let’s meet and talk.”

Huo Ting recognized Chu Mochen’s voice at once and he was in a very bad mood.

So he drove there in half an hour.

Huo Ting and he were divided on both sides of the long table. The bitter and mellow aroma of coffee spread at the tip of their noses.

There was an ambiguous expression on Huo Ting’s face, and he was just confused about Song Yunxuan’s sudden disappearance, “As far as I know, you have broken up with Song Yunxuan. Why are you here?”

“We can make up after breaking up. Why did you call her?”

Huo Ting felt Chu Mochen’s sharpness and sighed, “Don’t worry. I have absolutely no intention to pursue Song Yunxuan.”

“If you don’t have the intention, don’t get her involved in your Huo family’s affairs.”

Chu Mochen didn’t want to interfere in the fight of Huo’s family. Likewise, he didn’t want Song Yunxuan to interfere.

The fight in Huo’s family is not a trivial matter. If she stands in the wrong team, she will have endless troubles later.

Huo Ting raised his eyes and half of his lips, facing Chu’s cold face, “Don’t you have confidence in me?”

“Without Yunxuan’s intervention, you still haven’t meant to do anything to Zhang Yufang. You don’t have any opinions. How can I have confidence in you?”

Huo Ting held the silver spoon in his hand, added sugar to the coffee cup, and stirred it for several times. He said, “If Song Yunxuan was not on my side, would you help me?”

Chu Mochen was mean. Of course, he wouldn’t help him. Harbor City is the territory of Harbor people. If he didn’t have to, he would never interfere.

Huo Ting turned his eyes from the liquid in the coffee cup to his face, “Without Song Yunxuan standing on the same boat with me, you would not blink even if I die in the fight, would you?”

Chu Mochen disagreed, “I don’t think it’s necessary for me to protect you.”

“We’ve been friends since childhood, and we have a better relationship than everyone else, haven’t we?”

“I don’t think so.”

“Ah…” Huo Ting sneered and said, “Why are you so merciless now?”

Chu Mochen’s eyes were cold.

“Because I cut off the news when you investigated Gu Changge’s fiance?”

“It’s not Gu Changge’s business.”

“You dislike me because of Gu Changge, don’t you?”

“Gu Changge has been dead. I don’t want to hear her name from your mouth.”

A sneer appeared on Huo Ting’s face, “I know why Song Yunxuan is so valued by you. Isn’t it because she has the shadow of Gu Changge? If one day, she loses the shadow, you will be very disappointed. “

Chu Mochen bowed his head and took a sip of coffee, with a steady voice, “She will never lose Gu Changge’s shadow.”

He said firmly.

Huo Ting nodded and did not deny, “Yes, no matter from what aspects, Song Yunxuan is the same as Gu Changge in terms of conduct, schemes, and even the unique character, but…”

He turned abruptly, “Is it really good for you to like such a woman who is extremely similar to Gu Changge?”

His words were a little sombre.

There’s a lot of schadenfreude in his eyes.

Chu Mochen could almost guess what he was going to say next.

He might enumerate all the cold decisions Gu Changge made when she was alive.

But those cold decisions are justified. No success comes from nothing, and there must be sacrifice.

Even if she was cold, the decision she made would surely benefit some people, not all of them would be hurt.

Huo Ting looked at his face as if he knew what he was thinking.

“You must think that I will mention Gu Changge’s shortcomings and disadvantages, but in fact, there is no need to say that. There is only one thing I want to remind you of.”

Chu Mochen’s indifferent eyes raised and looked at him.

Huo Ting sneered, “Gu Changge hated the man who shackled her, so she married Shao Tianze, and Song Yunxuan is the same as Gu Changge. Do you think Song Yunxuan will really marry you at last?”

Chu Mochen’s face remained unchanged, as if he felt that there was no need to worry about what Huo Ting said at all.

In fact, he doesn’t have to worry too much.

As long as he is stronger than Song Yunxuan, he can firmly hold her in hand.

Huo Ting reminded him, “With your current status, of course, you can firmly control Song Yunxuan because Song Yunxuan is just a young daughter of the Song family after all. It’s impossible for Song family to develop and grow strong within decades, but what if she was not the daughter of the Song family, but the daughter of another family?”

There was a shallow wrinkle between Chu Mochen’s eyebrows.

On the pretty facial features, there was finally a serious look: “What do you hear of?”

Huo Ting drank the last sip of coffee in the cup, and then got up: “Zhang Yufang and her biological mother are acquaintances. I heard that her mother had a very unusual relationship with the first son of the Xiao family before her death.”

“Before death?”

Huo Ting laughed slightly, “Especially in the period before she was pregnant with Song Yunxuan, it seemed that she had a very close relationship with the Xiao family.”

When he finished, he left with a smile.

Chu Mochen was left alone in his seat. He squinted with cold light in his eyes.

Is Song Yunxuan Xiao’s daughter?

The Xiao family?

The Xiao family is the top first of rich families in Harbor City.

He looks out of the window at the night scene and takes back his thoughts.

If Song Yunxuan is really the daughter of the Xiao family, it will be interesting.

Song Yunxuan would defeat the Shao family more quickly. As long as she can take the power in replace of the incompetent kid in Xiao family, the great strength of Xiao family will be the most favorable support for her to defeat the Gu family in Yuncheng.

With the whole Xiao family as the backer and the old man of Xiao family supporting her, Song Yunxuan could completely break up with Chu Mochen.

He suddenly remembers that in the daytime, Song Yunxuan didn’t come back with him, and asked to break up with him.

Has she known about it?

So she had the confidence to break up with him.

He looks out of the window at the deep moonlight, smiling with a bit of self-mockery. At the bottom of his eyes is the coldness that no one else has seen.

If Song Yunxuan becomes Xiao’s daughter luckily, she will soar to the sky like a bird with wings.

At that time, even if he has already made plans to break her wings, he could not catch her.

She will rely on the strong backer as Gu Changge. In a way that he can’t change, she will be farther away from him little by little.

Even if he can see the unsatisfactory result.

He still wants to reach out and control her.

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