Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 166 - Miss of the Lu Family

Chapter 166: Miss of the Lu Family

The news that Mr. Xiao is in hospital suffering from shock has swept through the upper class of Harbor city within an hour.

Chu Mochen is getting better at kissing Song Yunxuan, but the assistant knocks on the door just at that critical time.

Song Yunxuan pushes him away, and then wears the shirt, and turns back.

Chu Mochen contains his displeasure, sighs, wraps the quilt on her body helplessly, and then gets out of bed to open the door.

The person stands outside is his right hand he has used for several years.

It is a little awkward to see Chu Mochen’s messy hair.

“What happened?”

The assistant whispers, “Mr. Xiao seems to be dead.”

Chu Mochen is shocked, and the expression on his face is also become serious.

The assistant wants to say something else.

Chu Mochen looks back at the bedroom door.

Song Yunxuan is looking at them, holding the doorframe in his shirt.

He takes back his sight and turns to his assistant, “Wait outside, I’ll be right there.”

The assistant nods his head.

Chu Mochen closes the door and goes to the bedroom to change his clothes.

Song Yunxuan was not very obedient just now. His clothes wrinkled when he kissing her.

Song Yunxuan sees him changing clothes in the room and asks him, “What happened?”

“Stay here.”

“Can I go with you?” Song Yunxuan walks into the room a few steps, and asks him.

Chu Mochen refuses her without even thinking, “It’s business, it’s not appropriate to bring women.”


Chu Mochen nods and tides up the shirt, and prepares to tie.

Song Yunxuan takes a red tie from the wardrobe, “Let me help you.”

Chu Mochen looks at the tie in her hand, and takes a deep blue one from the wardrobe, “No.”

When Chu Mochen finishes, he wears a coat and leaves.

Song Yunxuan doesn’t send him out, but leans against the bedroom door and watches him closing it.

She still has the red tie on her hand and listens to the sound of the shutdown, she looks down on the red tie, and think, “Who is dead?”

Chu Mochen leaves the room and orders his assistant, “Find someone to guard the room, and do not let Yunxuan take a step out.”

“Childe Chu, this thing is nothing to do with Miss Yunxuan.”

Chu Mochan frowns, “It’s nothing to do with her, but…”

But she is very good at making use of this thing and doing another thing.

If Gu Changge is Song Yunxuan at this time, then the serious illness of Mr. Xiao will be a rare opportunity for her to control her enemy.

He only says “but”, and doesn’t continue.

The assistant is clever, since he has followed Chu Mochen for so many years, and he knows “Don’t ask about what Chu Mochen doesn’t want to say”.

“Childe Chu, don’t worry, I’ll keep an eye on Miss Song, but the Song family has lost contact with Miss Yunxuan. Should we inform the Song family?”

Chu Mochen strides out, “No.”

The Song family wants Song Yunxuan disappear in Harbor City very much.

Since they have no information about Song Yunxuan, it’s good for them to pretend she is gone for a while.

… …

Loki watches his grandfather in the intensive care unit at Hina Hospital in Harbor City.

Outside the ICU are the bodyguards of the Xiao family and the first-class doctors in Harbor City.

Loki’s two uncles come later.

Loki’s second uncle has a violent temper. He slaps Loki hard across the face once he sees Loki outside the ICU.

The atmosphere in the hospital is already anxious. Even the first-class doctors are cautious about the operation and treatment of the richest people in Harbor City.

Several doctors gather to discuss the treatment, and suddenly they hear the sound of a slap.

The hospital corridor full of whispers suddenly becomes quiet, and people all look over following the sound.

Then they see Loki is beaten down to the ground.

The burly man wants to grab Loki by the collar and slap him again.

Behind him a skinny man tries to stop him, “Bro, calm down, Loki doesn’t intend to.”

“It’s all because of this bastard, if it wasn’t him, Dad wouldn’t be in a coma in the ICU now!”

When Chu Mochen arrives, he sees the chaotic scene in which Xiao’s third son stopping his second brother to hit his nephew.

Some of the families who have a good relationship with the Xiao family are also coming here when they know the news, including the Huo family.

The Lu family, which has a bad relationship with Xiao family, also comes here for the sake of face.

Only three people are allowed to the corridor.

They are Lu Xia, the master of the Lu family, Chu Mochen, is the only child in the Chu family, and Huo Ting, the young master of the Huo family.

The rest of the visitors are stopped outside.

The eldest daughter of the Lu family, with cold and ordinary appearance, is elegant in temperament.

Huo Ting and Lu Xia arrived here early.

When Chu Mochen arrives, the two people have talked a few words in the corridor.

Xiao’s second master and the third master are busy with blaming their nephew. Huo Ting comes to talk to Loki, “I’ve heard that you caused your grandpa angry to die.”

Lu Xia wears a skin-colored skirt, and she nods at Chu Mochen slightly after seeing him. Even if she looks young, it can be seen from her placid expression in her eyes that she is sophisticated.

Chu Mochen also nods at her.

Huo Ting doesn’t show any feeling of estrangement from Chu Mochen at this time, but says to him, “I can’t believe that the Xiao family even let you come in.”

“I have business with the Xiao family.”

Huo Ting smiles slightly, “I think the main reason why the Xiao family let us come in to visit is they want to tell us that their master is angry to die because of that kid, and then…”

Chu Mochen looks according to Huo Ting’s vision, just sees Xiao Jiancheng’s second son yelling at Loki, and the third son protecting him.

“These two uncles are good performers, one is pretending the bad guy and the other is pretending the good guy.” Chu Mochen retracts his sight.

Huo Ting also nods, “Just let us know that the boy caused the old man’s death. If they want to overthrow the will, they have a good reason to kick the boy out.”

Lu Xia stands nearby, with a small shawl on her shoulder, looks very charming. She looks at Xiao Jiansheng’s two sons and grandchild.

Chu Mochen had heard of Lu Xia earlier, but he doesn’t expect that this adopted daughter is the representative of the Lu family.

Huo Ting sees him looking at Lu Xia, and seems to have something to say, but doesn’t speak in front of Lu Xia.

Lu Xia isn’t interest in the two uncles teaching the child a lesson. Not to mention to help the little boy, she even doesn’t want to mediate the two sides.

The tall foreign assistant hands Lu Xia a mobile phone, Lu Xia picks up the phone, slightly raising her eyebows, and then gives it to the assistant without saying anything.

Then she turns and goes out.

Lu Xia enters the elevator and leaves without saying a word, and following her is that blond assistant.

When Lu Xia left, Xiao Jiancheng’s two sons get startled, and then they look at Loki coldly, even with some mockery.

Huo Ting whispers, “I don’t know what agreement the lady of the Lu family has reached with Mr. Xiao, she used to protect Loki before.”

“But from this farce today, Miss Lu doesn’t want to intervene in Xiao’s affairs.”

Huo Ting nods, “This is what I think.”

Chu Mochen looks at the unconscious old man in the ICU, and looks at Loki, who stands in the distance.” The two sons of the Xiao family want to rebel against the nephew’s inheritance, but there’s no need to act for us”

“But it’s not a clever way. They said to others that this young heir is incompetent, and caused his grandfather’s death. In that case, no one would support him in Harbor City.”

“Who do you support?” Chu Mochen asks Huo Ting.

Huo Ting laughs, “Don’t you know? The three families in Harbor City are connected with each other. Although our Huo family is looking good with the Lu family, whom the Lu family supports must be the enemy of us. ”

Chu Mochen nods, “I see. You’re going to help his two uncles.”

Huo Ting shrugs, “I have to do this, and the Lu family just gave up Xiao Luo, even if I want to support him, he is still not his two uncles’ match.”

Chu Mochen doesn’t speak, but his eyes move to the bed in the ICU.

As everyone in Harbor City and even Yuncheng knows, the three families of Harbor City are the Xiao, Lu and Huo families.

But it ranked differently eighteen years ago.

Eighteen years ago, the first was the Lu family, the second the Xiao family, and third the Huo family.

But the heir of the Lu family was killed at the age of twenty, since the couple had only one son, and all fell ill because of their son’s sudden death.

The master of the Lu family was not as stubborn as the Xiao’s old master. Even Xiao family’s master had lost his son, he still wanted another son with another woman.

Mr. Lu was faithful to his wife. The only thing he did after his son’s death was taking care of his wife till her death three years later.

During Mr. Lu’s troughs, Xiao Xuan, eldest son of the Xiao family, was in his heyday. He suppressed the Lu family, and even wanted to destroy the Lu family.

The Lu family didn’t have a backbone. The orphanage girl Xia has accompanied the young master studying at school when they were young, so Mr. Lu adopted her and named her Lu Xia.

Lu Xia has fierce means, acting cruel, and has a decisive say in business management.

When Xiao Xuan was trying to destroy the Lu family, Lu Xia fought against him and even bet her life. Xiao Xuan was almost killed, and Lu Xia also lost two fingers.

So, the Lu family has done its business in low these years, but it’s like a dormant tiger.

No matter how strong the Xiao family is, they have to take the Lu family into account.

While Mr. Xiao was healthy, he secretly made an agreement with the Lu family without telling his two sons.

He wanted this woman of the Lu family to protect his young grandson.

Unfortunately, the woman is not simple, but she always likes to do things favorable to her.

Now the grandson made Mr. Xiao angry and he almost died. In this situation, Lu Xia finds there is no profit to gain, so she doesn’t want to protect that boy anymore.

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