Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 158 - Meeting Loki

Chapter 158: Meeting Loki

After all, she is afraid of being betrayed.

A burnt child dreads the fire.

With Shao Tianze’s betrayal, she can’t completely believe in men from the bottom of her heart.

She gets up and leaves. Huo Ting seems to understand something.

In the next few days, Harbor City begins to become full of festival atmosphere.

Zhao Kun and Zhang Jin are anxious.

Song Yunxuan roams through the food court of Harbor City, tasting snacks of Harbor City. She has no sign of worrying about her life.

Zhao Kun and Zhang Jin convey the news to Yuncheng. Even Song Yunqiang, Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian in Yuncheng don’t understand what Song Yunxuan is thinking.

Even when death is imminent, she can still face danger calmly.

Because of the arrival of the Spring Festival, the stars begin to pay homage to the New Year through the TV screen.

What excites Harbor City fans is that Huo Jiahui, who has stopped acting for several years, begins to appear in the clips of some stars’ New Year’s greetings. Even in the circle of Harbor City, rumor has begun to circulate that Huo Jiahui and a mysterious man embraced each other and have been dating.

Song Yunxuan goes shopping alone in the famous snack street of Harbor City. She is wearing a red coat and camel boots. Her long black hair and beautiful eyes are easy to recognize even when she is submerged in the crowd.

Song Yunxuan is patted on the shoulder while waiting in line to buy limited Chinese pudding.

Looking back with surprise, she sees a teenager in a light brown coat with deep amber pupils.

“Hello, do you remember me?”

Song Yunxuan thinks for two seconds, as if she couldn’t remember his identity.

The teenager frowns and looks a little discontent. Seeing that she couldn’t remember him, he leaves.

She thinks that the teenager might have mistaken her for another. After buying Chinese pudding, she plans to go back, but is stopped.

It is the teenager just now.

“If I wear this, you’ll recognize me, won’t you?”

As he is talking, he puts a baseball cap on his head. Under the brim of the cap, the teenager’s smile is a little shy and childish: “I am the one who fainted in the alley that day and was saved by you.”

Song Yunxuan faintly remembers and nods.

“You come to Shenshui to buy something?”

He thinks that it’s fate to meet her here. Seeing that she is carrying Shenshui snacks in her hand, he laughs: “You must be from other places, right? This is the busiest time of the day when you come to buy Chinese pudding.”

Song Yunxuan sees that the teenager is a head higher than her, and asks him, “Do you live here?”

“No, I live in Kowloon Tong.”

Song Yunxuan nods. Kowloon Tong is where there are the most mansions in the 14 districts of Harbor City. It can be seen that that the teenager met and told her that he had a lot of money last time is not a lie.

Seeing that she doesn’t speak much, the teenager asks her, “My name is Loki. What’s your name?”

Song Yunxuan looks at his whiter-than-women complexion and chiseled outline and asks him, “Are you a mixed-blood?”

He raises his hand and touches the back of his head: “Why, don’t you make friends with mixed-blood?”

As soon as he has finished asking, querulous voices of teenagers come from behind—

“Loki, what are you doing?”

“Come here, give me the baseball cap!”

“Hey, he is talking to a lovely girl over there.”

“This asshole!”

Voices of young boys and girls come.

Loki doesn’t answer them.

Song Yunxuan observes the teenagers carefully, noticing that they are wearing casual school uniforms. After looking at his clothes, she reminds him, “Your friends are calling you.”

“Ah, I’ll return the hat to Locke. Please wait for me. I’ll treat you to dinner later to express my thanks.”

He seems to be very happy to meet her, and he runs to return the baseball cap.

The foreign teenager who receives his baseball cap whistles to her as Loki points at her.

A beautiful girl with blonde hair pouts lips and looks at her with hostility.

When Loki is about to come, the young girl grabs his arm and doesn’t want to let him go. A few teenagers around holds her back in all sorts of ways and enables Loki to escape.

Song Yunxuan sees Loki running at her, and says worryingly: “Your girlfriend seems to hate me.”

“No, she is not my girlfriend, just a classmate in the college. By the way, what would you like to eat? You have my treat.”

Song Yunxuan has no interest in such a teenager, but since he wants to treat her and she is not busy, there is no reason to give others the cold shoulder.

“I think shrimp dumplings, steamed pork dumplings and steamed rice in clay pots are good.”

“Why snacks? I’d better take you to the seafood feast, such as abalones, bird’s nests, shark’s fins, spicy crabs and lobsters.”

Song Yunxuan declines: “No, some snacks will do.”

The more high-end restaurants and hotels are, the easier it is to meet upper class people in Harbor City. If people recognize Song Yunxuan, the teenager will suffer along with her, becoming one of the targets that Huo Family sets to clean up. She doesn’t want to implicate the person who met her only once.

Although declined by her, he is still in a good mood: “Since you want to eat shrimp dumplings and steamed rice in clay pots, I will take you to have them.”

Song Yunxuan nods and takes another look at the girl who wants to catch up with Loki: “Doesn’t it matter if you just leave like this?”

“Yes. You don’t have to worry about her. She is always like that.”

Loki is showing the way ahead of her. Song Yunxuan gathers her collar. The coastal cities in the South are still cold on the eve of the Spring Festival.

Loki finds that she gathers her collar, goes to the street shop and buys a white scarf. He reaches out and hands it to her: “Put it on. It’s a little cold at the year’s end in Harbor City. You must not know since you’re from other places. “

Song Yunxuan takes the gift. She unpacks the scarf and wraps it around her neck. Two cards are exposed in the bag.

Song Yunxuan stoops to pick them up and finds that they are two movie tickets.

She looks suspiciously at Loki.

Loki snatches the tickets from her hand and says happily: “You’re lucky. The shopkeeper even gives you two tickets.”

Seeing the smile on his face, Song Yunxuan really doesn’t want to expose anything: “Movie tickets are for you.”

“Are you going to see it with me?”

“I’m not very interested in Hollywood blockbusters.”

“It’s The Fast and The Furious 7! Don’t you like it? “

“I would like to go back as soon as dinner is finished.”

“If you don’t like it, I’ll go and change the tickets, for there are other movies on the list.”

Song Yunxuan sees that he really wants to turn back and change the tickets. She grabs his sleeve and says, “So be it. Don’t change.”

That’s what makes Loki happy.

They go to the restaurant. When they turn the corner, Song Yunxuan unintentionally looks back.

She suddenly finds two men in plain clothes behind her, dodging when they come into sight of her. Their expressions are a little strange.

She turns around and follows Loki.

Looking at the expression on her face, Loki asks her out of curiosity, “What’s the matter?”

Song Yunxuan looks back again without trace. The two men in dark plain clothes still follow them.

Loki looks back, following her eyes.

Song Yunxuan takes him by the hand and enters a nearest restaurant.

“Not this restaurant. I want to take you to another one.”

“It’s closer here. Let’s dine here.”

“The taste here is inferior to that of the shop ahead.”

“I’ll go to that one next time.”

Loki wants to take Song Yunxuan to the restaurant ahead anyway.

Song Yunxuan pulls Loki into the restaurant, hands him menu, and raises the menu to cover their face.

The two men in plain clothes walk past the glass window, as if they found that they have lost their trace. They look around for a while, and run towards the south.

Song Yunxuan looks thoughtfully out of the window, and Loki looks curiously following her line of sight: “Do you see any acquaintances?”

“No…” She doesn’t want Loki to know that they are being followed. “Not at all.”

“Then why do you keep looking out?”

Loki thinks it is strange.

Song Yunxuan moves her eyes away, looks at his appearance and shifts the subject: “You don’t look like a native of Harbor City.”

It’s probably because Loki’s psychological age is far younger than her, so it’s easy for her to shift the subject: “Yeah, I lived in California before I was eight years old.”

It can be seen that this child is likely to be a mixed-race child of a Harbor City resident and an American.

She scrutinizes his face. “Is your father American or your mother American?”

Loki is happy. “Do you want to guess?”

Song Yunxuan holds her cheek in one hand and turns over the menu with the other: “I’m hungry. Let’s eat something first.”

Her psychological age is thirty-two years old. She has not been such a lovely and lively age for a long time. She doesn’t like guessing.

Loki fails to interact with Song Yunxuan. He feels a little frustrated, and honestly replies, “My mother’s name is Karina, and my father…”

“What do you like to eat? You order your food. “

Song Yunxuan moves the menu to him.

Loki’s words are interrupted and he seems a little lonely. Looking at Song Yunxuan, he asks: “Aren’t you interested in my family at all?”

Song Yunxuan smiles: “Why should I be interested in your family?”

It seems that Loki wants to say something, but Song Yunxuan’s reply disables him from speaking anything, and he only sips his lips.

Loki orders the same thing as her, but there are no barbecued pork buns in this restaurant.

After Song Yunxuan finishes eating, she has a cup of milk tea, and her eyes drifts out of the window: “I heard that the barbecued pork buns in Harbor City tastes very good.”

“There is a barbecued pork bun shop near the cinema. Do you want to go with me? It’s my treat. “

Song Yunxuan smiles: “It’s very nice of you.”

Loki seems to have a good time eating with her, so he never feels troubled.

They go out of the restaurant and see that there are many people around. Loki takes her by the wrist and pulls her to the narrower street: “I know there is a short cut to the cinema.”

“Then hurry up.”

Song Yunxuan looks at the sky and notices it is a bit gloomy: “It seems that it’s going to snow.”

Loki can’t help laughing: “No, it hasn’t snowed in Harbor City for more than 20 years. It hasn’t snowed since I came here.”

Harbor City, a southern city, rarely snows. When she was 16, there was a transfer student from Harbor City to Yuncheng who spent Christmas with her classmates.

The student had a little wine on Christmas day and stayed at Gu Family.

Seeing the snow outside the next morning, the student felt mad with joy, and pulled Song’s quilt happily to go out to see the snow.

At that time, the student’s reaction was as excited as seeing the meteor shower which is rare in ten thousand years.

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