Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 157 - The Progress of Huo Family

Chapter 157: The Progress of Huo Family

Zhang Yufang is rejected by her daughter. She looks stunned, then raises her voice and shouts, “Hui, do you know who you are rejecting?”

Huo Jiahui has been in the entertainment circle since she was a child. Her father arranged her nanny and bodyguard with her. In fact, her mother Zhang Yufang hasn’t taken care of her for as long as she has taken care of her little sister.

“Mommy, I know what I’m doing,” she tells Zhang Yufang in a clear voice.

“Hui, you are the daughter of Huo Family. How could you ignore your mother for the sake of a man from Chu Family? And now, what’s the matter with you? Your sister has been caught in such a big trouble for you, and you don’t even come home to see her. “

Zhang Yufang’s words are full of complaints about her daughter.

Huo Jiahui understands her mother’s hint: “Mommy, is it because you want to ask me a favor that you want me to go back?”

Zhang Yufang has a clever head, but not all of her twin daughters have inherited her advantage.

Although she is doting on her little daughter, her little daughter hasn’t done anything satisfying her for so many years.

On the contrary, the eldest daughter becomes sophisticated as she has been abroad for so many years.

“In a word, I want to see you. I miss you very much not seeing you for such a long time.”

Huo Jiahui lowers her long eyelashes, listens to her mother’s seemingly sincere words, and softens her attitude: “Mommy, I’ll go back to see you tomorrow.”

“Hui, Chu Mochen…”

“I’ll see you tomorrow and hang up now.”

Huo Jiahui doesn’t want to talk with her mother in depth. Just now, her mother got straight to the point and wanted her to look through the call records of Chu Mochen.

This is mostly because of the open quarrels and secret wrangles between Huo Family and Chu Family in business affairs.

She has left Huo’s, and the clothing brand she has run abroad for many years have nothing to do with Huo’s.

She doesn’t want to get into the combat between the two families, and she doesn’t want Chu Mochen to look at her with disgust.

Now she has just got a little closer to Chu Mochen.

She ends the conversation. Stroking the cold shell of her mobile phone, she could hear the water splashing in the bathroom.

After thinking for a moment, she turns off the phone and puts it in her purse.

Tonight, she wants to stay in Chu Mochen’s room.

She doesn’t want to go back and no one can destroy their time together.

Song Yunxuan doesn’t see Su Youyu off on his plane, but he kisses her in foreign etiquette before leaving the hotel.

Song Yunxuan watches Su Youyu leave the hotel hall.

Then she sees Huo Ting passing by Su Youyu.

Su Youyu seems to recognize Huo Ting. Huo Ting also seems to have some impression on Su Youyu.

The two meet each other, nod slightly, and pass by.

Huo Ting invites Song Yunxuan to have morning tea.

Song Yunxuan orders pineapple bun and orange juice in a compartment with good sound insulation effect close to window.

When the meal is served, Huo Ting asks her, “What are you going to do recently?”

Song Yunxuan doesn’t eat first. She takes a sip of orange juice and says, “In fact, my plan goes with your plan.”

“I couldn’t act as fast as I thought.”

Song Yunxuan nods: “Huo Family is different from the ordinary family. Although you are the eldest son and the legal person to inherit your father’s power, the real power is not yours until your father’s made full entrustment.”

Huo Ting is sober. He looks at the pineapple bun in the dinner plate, and takes a sip of coffee: “My father is in good health, and he will not plan to retire to the second tier in two or three years.”

Song Yunxuan frowns, smiles and shakes her head helplessly: “That’s too much trouble. Your father will never sign my contract when he is in power. If I wait until you are in power to sign the contract with me, it will be in about two or three years when I will definitely live in Harbor City permanently.”

“You are having a good life here.”

Song Yunxuan doesn’t deny: “It’s good. I’m afraid I won’t live long in such a beautiful city.”

Huo Ting takes a bite of pineapple bun, smiling without saying a word.

Song Yunxuan restrains the smile on her face and reminds him, “Although you’ve got the weakness of your stepmother, you’ll die miserably if she strikes back against you.”

Huo Ting looks up at her. “What do you want to say?”

“It’s almost time for the next step. I don’t have three years to see you go all the way.”

Huo Ting puts down the pineapple bun and looks at her: “You are trying to instigate me to murder my biological father?”

Song Yunxuan shakes her head: “Your father is kind and you are filial. If you take proper measures, I think your father will voluntarily give you the full power of Huo Family. After all, you are his son.”

“Not the one and only.” Huo Ting’s tone implies some annoyance.

Song Yunxuan thinks for a moment: “Isn’t the reason why your stepmother hasn’t announced that she is pregnant so far that she’s afraid of you hurting her?”

Huo Ting has always been calm and kind in people’s eyes.

But in fact, Huo Ting is not a push-over at Huo Family, otherwise Zhang Yufang will never be afraid of announcing the news of her pregnancy until she has been pregnant for three months.

If the news of her pregnancy is announced at a wrong time, it is easy to lead to her miscarriage.

And Huo Ting, who doesn’t want a younger brother, is most likely to contribute to her miscarriage.

Huo Ting looks up at Song Yunxuan and says, “Zhang Yufang is just waiting for the opportunity.”

“When you force her into the worst situation, she’ll definitely use her baby as a counter attack.”

“This woman is just doing whatever she wants at Huo Family, depending on my father’s love for her.”

“But your father hasn’t lost interest in her for more than 20 years, which shows that she has a great skill in being a woman and is unlikely to fall out of favor in the future. She can have the backing of your father for many years.”

Huo Ting understands the meaning naturally.

Song Yunxuan’s voice is slightly lowered: “If she gives birth to your father’s youngest son, no one can shake her position in Huo Family. Even if that person is you.”

Huo Ting seems to have unlimited glory in Huo Family, but in fact, he needs to be very careful.

Zhang Yufang’s ambition collides with Huo Ting’s, and they are incompatible as fire and water.

If one of them wants to win, then the other must be destroyed.

Song Yunxuan will naturally choose to stand by Huo Ting’s side.

Even though Huo Ting is her enemy at first, now they can become friends in order to deal with the common enemy Zhang Yufang.

Someone has said that an enemy of your enemy is a friend.

At the end of breakfast, Song Yunxuan reminds him: “My father told me a long time ago that only a firm stander lives the longest. Being a timid person can lead to disaster; being a procrastinator will also end up miserably. There is no way to satisfy rival claims.”

She says this with some profound meaning.

Huo Ting still wants to take charge of Huo Family with the approval of his father.

But in Song Yunxuan’s view, this is a total joke.

If Huo Qixiong has the second son which is given birth by Zhang Yufang, Huo Qixiong will not hesitate to give all his love to him and cultivate him.

Huo Ting, the eldest son, can’t control most of the power of Huo Family as long as Zhang Yufang isn’t restrained. He is 30 now. Huo Qixiong can’t see his forceful means as a successful successor, so Huo Qixiong will naturally choose another one, more suitable than he.

Just like Song Yan would rather let his eldest son and his eldest daughter develop as each other’s enemies. As the founder of the enterprise, he would rather let two children fight, but also pick up a more capable child to inherit all the family business.

It’s because he thinks that a huge family business cannot fall into the hands of an unethical and incompetent younger descendant.

It is because she had a resolute heart that Gu Changge could be a business tycoon after being cultivated by her father.

Gu Changge never hesitated to dream of the best of both worlds. She would only use her hands to win the most favorable results.

Sheer waiting couldn’t bring you anything.

Huo Ting has lived for decades, and he should have such awareness.

Huo Ting sits in his seat and doesn’t speak for a long time.

Song Yunxuan gets up to leave while Huo Ting suddenly says, “I heard that Jiahui stayed in Chu Mochen’s hotel room last night.”

Song Yunxuan stands up with a momentary pause, and the expression on her face solidifies for a while.

“Since Chu Mochen is willing to stay in Harbor City to protect you, he will not really break up with you once and for all, right?”

Song Yunxuan smiles and sneers: “You are a man. You should know that men like to play with women. Even when a man likes a woman at the beginning, he will be tired of her as long as he’s satiated. Men love the new and loathe the old.”

“Well, I thought Chu hates you because you stole his business secrets.”

The sarcastic smile on Song Yunxuan’s face converges, and the expression on her face becomes serious: “I don’t want him to interfere in this matter.”

“It’s better if he intervened. You see, he has caught the weakness of our Huo Family. It can be seen that he is ready to overturn our Huo family for you.”

Song Yunxuan is silent.

Huo Ting looks at her: “Chu Mochen has done so much for you, while you don’t appreciate it. What is it for?”

Yeah, for what?

With Chu Mochen by her side, as long as she serves him well and gets his love, she can rely on Chu Mochen and stay out of trouble.

She can even let Chu Mochen revenge for her, to put Shao Tianze into the mud of the ground.

However, if she can only revenge with others’ help;

if she can only rely on Chu Mochen’s help;

then, one day, the constantly changing world makes Chu Mochen shift his lover to another person, as Shao Tianze did,

she will become helpless.

At that time, she will have nowhere to turn for help, and become a single person again. Would there be such a miracle to revive and revenge again?

She knows the answer very well.


This is the only time this miracle happened.

She can’t let herself relax or rely on Chu Mochen completely.

Otherwise, when betrayed again, she would not only be left the tragic death of the body,

but also the death of heart.

Huo Ting is still waiting for her answer.

There is a flash of light in her eyes: “Huo Ting, having been betrayed by others once means you’re blind; if twice, it means you’re stupid. Do you understand that?”

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