Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 156 - Huo Jiahui’s Embrace

Chapter 156: Huo Jiahui’s Embrace

Maybe everyone could not imagine that Song Yunxuan would abandon her life-saving straw at the crucial moment of life and death.

Therefore, the day after Song Yunxuan met Su Youyu, the headlines of the morning papers of Harbor City and Yuncheng turn into “Miss Song meets her secret lover and Chu Mochen completely breaks up with her.”

The title is printed in explosive font by magazines and newspapers in Harbor City and Yuncheng, so that the buyer can see the title at a glance.

Song Yunxuan stays in the Red Maple Hotel. Su Youyu accompanies her for breakfast.

Seeing the high-definition picture in the newspaper is the one he met Song Yunxuan the day before and was photographed when she kissed him, Su Youyu sighs sadly and raises his hand to cover his forehead: “I will certainly be torn by Childe Chu.”

“No, you won’t. He let me go away the night before yesterday.”

Song Yunxuan’s tone is relaxed, as if she didn’t have any negative emotions after breaking up with Chu Mochen.

Su Youyu looks up and gives her a look: “Is it really good that you let go of the one who can protect yourself at this time?”

Song Yunxuan lowers her eyes and drinks milk: “There’s nothing wrong with it. It takes courage to win the greatest profit with the fewest chips.”

After listening to her answer, Su Youyu bends his lips and looks at her with an enchanting smile: “But the risk is quite great, Yunxuan. I propose that we get married as soon as you succeed and get back to Yuncheng?”

Song Yunxuan’s eyes flits across his face: “I have no intention of marrying someone for the time being.”

“Then I’ll line up.” Su Youyu won’t give up.

Song Yunxuan says lightly: “Whatever you like.”

Su Youyu flips through the newspaper and chats with her casually: “Although I’d like to stay here and cultivate feelings with you, I can’t leave Yuncheng for too long. Maybe I will go back tomorrow. Gu’s forces me tight.”

At hearing of Gu’s, Song Yunxuan becomes a little overcast in her eyes: “Then be careful on the way.”

Su Youyu raises his eyes, looks at her with narrow and beautiful peach blossom eyes, and asks her with a little seriousness, “So, do you want to go back with me?”

Song Yunxuan doesn’t lift her head and looks through her mobile phone while drinking milk. She puts down the milk cup and answers, “I appreciate your acting to the occasion. But I still need some time before I can go back to Yuncheng.”

“You seem to be quite sure about what will happen in Harbor City.”

Song Yunxuan sends a message and takes her fingers back: “You know that the reason why the Song enterprise sent me to Harbor City is that they want to get something against me. If I accomplished nothing here, I would be a waste to the Song enterprise and definitely be kicked out. I don’t want to end up like that.”

“You have to take time before taking control the real power of the Song enterprise.”

“I can’t wait.” Besides, Song Yunqiang, Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian can’t wait, either.

It’s like a gamble to come to Harbor City this time. She has to decide the outcome.

“You’re in danger in Harbor City now.”

Song Yunxuan puts away her mobile phone and puts her beautiful dark eyes on him. She smiles: “The greater the risk, the greater the benefit. Don’t you think so?”

Su Youyu grew up in a business family, and naturally knows that.

It’s just…

“Without Chu Mochen, those who want your life will flock to you. If you are obedient, Chu Mochen will protect you.”

“However, it will make Chu Mochen completely break up with Huo Family. What’s worse, he may not carry on in Harbor City. I would rather do it all by myself than be accompanied by him. Besides, I believe my choice.”

“But you are misunderstood by him…”

“It doesn’t matter.” Her response is relaxed, as if she didn’t care what she and Chu Mochen would end up in the future.

Su Youyu sighs and feels helpless: “I’ve never seen a woman who plays games with her own life. Yunxuan, you really make my eyes open.”

Song Yunxuan’s eyes fall on the newspaper: “I’ve also left myself a way out. You don’t have to worry.”

Su Youyu wants to persuade her, but after hearing this, he could not find any reason to persuade her not to do so.

Song Yunxuan is now in the game. No matter who wins the game, no one is allowed to quit.

All he can do is to help her to the best of his ability.

But he hopes that Song Yunxuan wins in the end.

As for the way she said, he hopes she doesn’t cheat him.

Otherwise, if she fails, she will die miserably.

The Huo Family has a slight fluctuation after learning that Song Yunxuan has broken up with Chu Mochen.

Huo Jiaying, who was planning to go to the United States within this week, begs her mother to let her stay.

Zhang Yufang is upset about the cargo ship when Huo Jiaying begs her. She can only send her daughter to talk to Huo Qixiong directly.

Naturally, after such a notorious scandal, Huo Jiaying dare not go to Huo Qixiong’s side and say that she will stay.

After thinking about it, Huo Jiaying asks Huo Ting to intercede for her when he comes home: “Brother, can you tell daddy that I don’t want to go to the United States this week?”

Huo Ting sees that she has recovered, raises his eyebrows slightly and asks her, “Why?”

Huo Jiaying becomes excited immediately: “Brother, don’t you know that Song Yunxuan has been dumped by Chu Mochen because she meets other men privately?”

Meeting other men in private?

Huo Ting sneers at the bottom of his heart.

Song Yunxuan’s reason is really reasonable, and people can’t realize if there is something wrong with it.

Huo Jiaying finally sees Chu Mochen break up with Song Yunxuan, and she couldn’t help being happy: “As long as my sister communicates with Chu Mochen more at this time, Chu Mochen will surely find out how good she is, and then marry her.”

Although Huo Ting has other ideas in his mind, he listens to his younger sister’s frank talk patiently, showing his respect for her face.

“Brother, since Song Yunxuan is not protected by Chu Mochen now, it doesn’t matter what our family wants to do with her.”

Sitting opposite to Huo Ting, Huo Jiaying remembers how disgraced she was in Harbor City, and couldn’t help fisting: “I want Song Yunxuan, the little bitch, to taste the pain I’ve suffered.”

Huo Ting looks at his sister’s slightly ferocious face and says nothing.

The pain she’s suffered?

In terms of body, Huo Jiaying did not suffer at all, right?

On the contrary, she seems to be very happy.

Even if she suffers, it is just because she is despised and ridiculed by others afterwards and it hurts her dignity.

Besides, in the whole high society of Harbor City, she is the only one who has become famous overnight because of her lascivious life.

Huo Jiaying has talked with Huo Ting for a long time before she suddenly thinks of something. She asks Huo Ting, “By the way, brother, why does sister live outside since she returned to Harbor City?”

Huo Ting thinks of his smart sister and answers Huo Jiaying: “Jiahui wants to return to the entertainment circle. Maybe she is contacting the directors and scriptwriters of Harbor City when she lives outside recently.”

Huo Jiaying frowns, as if she was exasperated at her sister’s failure to make good: “She should be with Chu Mochen at this time. Now is the best time to warm up her feelings with Chu Mochen.”

Huo Jiaying is right. Indeed, now is the best time for Huo Jiahui and Chu Mochen to warm up their feelings.

This truth is not only understood by Huo Jiaying, but also by Huo Jiahui.

It’s just that the reality is slightly different from the imagination.

Huo Jiahui finds Chu Mochen as soon as the news of Chu Mochen breaking up with Song Yunxuan comes out.

Chu Mochen is steady and calm as usual, and he has no negative mood or obvious abnormality after breaking up.

Huo Jiahui waits for him at the door of his hotel room. After seeing him get off the elevator, she greets him: “I thought you would not come back tonight.”

“There’s a dinner party, therefore I come back a little late.”

Chu Mochen opens the door, and Huo Jiahui naturally follows him into the suite.

He pulls back the curtains, and as soon as the night comes into view, a bright red light rockets in the sky.

The light rises into the night sky like a legendary luminous pearl, and it suddenly bursts.

Colorful fireworks are blooming, illuminating the whole night sky.

Chu Mochen stares at the blooming fireworks, slightly stupefied.

Behind him is Huo Jiahui’s exclamation: “What beautiful fireworks.”

Chu Mochen doesn’t echo her views, but narrows his eyes, thinking back to the night a few days ago when Song Yunxuan also leaned on the window and looked at the fireworks.

She was so preoccupied that she didn’t notice him until he held her.

She should also like fireworks very much, or she would not be so focused.

But why does she always do things that make him feel irritated and disgusted?

He has got Huo Family’s cargo ship trading information. As long as she stays by his side, he can guarantee her absolute safety.

But she just wanted to step in, stole his data, and said out the password of his computer so arrogantly.

He could not stop her strong desire to climb up step by step.

Every time she did something risky, he would feel frightened.

But he can’t stop her in any way.

Unless he destroys her.

His fingers are hanging on his side, and his heart is full of dark feelings.

The fireworks are colorful in the black night sky, but the face of Gu Changge seems to appear in the night sky, which makes his eyes a little bit gloomy.

A woman slowly leans towards him from behind.

A pair of soft arms encircles his waist, and the perfume that she wears is elegant and charming.

The fragrance winds into the tip of his nose, pulling back his thoughts.

Chu Mochen sees Huo Jiahui holding him in the window, but his eyes don’t stir up waves.

Huo Jiahui is bold and shy. Her face is on his broad back, and it seems she can feel the temperature of his skin through his clothes.

“Chen……” She whispers his name softly.

Chu Mochen doesn’t answer her, but raises his hand and puts it on her fingers.

Huo Jiahui is surprised with joy.

It’s so nice that Chu Mochen doesn’t refuse her.

For so many years, she has been following Chu Mochen, trying to get close to him.

But she didn’t make it.

Now, at last, she can hold him.

Chu Mochen’s fingers being put on her fingers, he turns around gently and looks down on her shy face.


His voice is clear and sexy.

Huo Jiahui’s heart pounds as if the wish of many years would finally come true this night.

Huo Jiahui slowly raises her eyes and wants to look at him affectionately.

At this moment, the phone rings suddenly.

Huo Jiahui is startled by the noisy ringtone.

Interrupted by the annoying ringtone, Chu Mochen seems to lose his interest in her, turns to look at her purse on the sofa in the room, and reminds her: “It seems that your mobile phone is ringing.”

Huo Jiahui suppresses her displeasure and nods awkwardly: “It’s my mobile phone.”

Chu Mochen releases her hands, doesn’t listen to her answer the phone and turns into the bathroom.

Huo Jiahui feels better for she is not disliked. She goes to the sofa to take out the mobile phone in her purse.

The phone’s Caller ID shows her mother’s number.

She presses the answer key.

There comes Zhang Yufang’s voice: “Hui, where are you?”

Huo Jiahui looks thoughtfully at the door of bathroom: “In… a hotel.”

“Who are you with?”

Huo Jiahui hesitates for a moment and doesn’t answer immediately.

Zhang Yufang says, “Are you with Chu Mochen? If you are, you should try your best to look through his call records, no matter how… “

Huo Jiahui’s voice solidifies and interrupts her mother’s excited request: “Mommy, I can’t do this.”

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