Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 155 - Being Disgusted

Chapter 155: Being Disgusted

Song Yunxuan goes to the bathroom to run the bath water for him, puts the bathrobe and towel into the bathroom, and then comes out to call him, “you can take a bath now.”

Chu Mochen looks at her and slightly raises his eyes, which are emotionless.

Song Yunxuan comes over, and half kneels on the carpet beside him. She takes the glass out of his hand. “Don’t you want to take a bath? Why are you drinking?”

Chu Mochen bends up the corner of his lips, smiles with no reason, and looks at her, “If I don’t drink, I don’t know how to ask you.”

Song Yunxuan’s expression changes a little.

She’s a smart woman, and any of her expression change indicates something different.

Chu Mochen knows her the best.

Therefore, he would not be so foolish to believe that Song Yunxuan becomes so attentive all of a sudden because she decides to be a good woman now.

“What do you want to ask me?”

Chu Mochen’s fingers are placed on her cheek and move to her jaw gradually. He holds her fine white chin and strokes her soft lip with his thumb, “Is there anything you’d like to tell me?”

Song Yunxuan looks at him, not as sharp and cold as before, and still keeps gentle in front of him. “There are always things that can be said and cannot be said. If the things you want to know are something I can say, I will tell you.”

“What about the things that you deem cannot be said?”

“Then I really can’t tell you.”

Chu Mochen pulls her on his thighs, puts his arms around her waist, and presses his lips on her neck.

When lips are in contact with skin, they should have made weak-willed women excited with slight shiver. But what Chu Mochen feels is only Song Yunxuan’s stone-cold reaction.

There is no sign of excitement in her, her attitude is as clam as her heart, even though he is so close to her.

He feels like a fool holding her in his arms since all his effort is in vain.

“You approached to me just to take advantage of me?”

“Why do you ask?”

“Huo’s freighter was caught by the anti-smuggling team, which has never happened before. Few people know that Huo’s freighter has violated the law.”

Song Yunxuan remains calm still.

Chu Mochen pinches on her waist, “Do you have anything to tell me?”

Song Yunxuan is silent.

Chu Mochen is not urging her for an answer, but kisses her in the neck. His breath smells like alcohol, “I will believe everything you say. I think it is impossible for you…”

Song Yunxuan blinks. At last, she lowers her eyes and suddenly interrupts him, “It’s me.”


“I opened your laptop, read your files, and found out their trading information. And I told it to the anti-smuggling team.”

Chu Mochen does not have too much reaction, just moves up the hand along her waist a little, “The password of my notebook is not so easy to be cracked.”

“Just Gu Changge’s birthday date.”

The words are said softly.

But as if the time were frozen, Chu Mochen suddenly stops all the hand motions.

Song Yunxuan feels that her heart is beating extremely hard, but her body becomes fragile, and she wants to rely on Chu Mochen.

But at this time, Chu Mochen suddenly takes his hand back and pushes her off of his thighs, “Get out.”

It is as clear as cold rain pouring on the ground.

Song Yunxuan is pushed down. She has no time to catch anything and falls on the floor.

There is a thick plush carpet on the floor, so it doesn’t hurt her except for a little knee soreness.

She turns to look at Chu Mochen’s face, and finds that his handsome face has been covered with a layer of cold frost. His eyes narrow slightly, and looks at her full of disgust, “Self-righteous women like you really disgust me.”

Song Yunxuan gets up from the floor and reaches out to the glass on the table he just used. Then she holds it against her lips, lifts her head and drinks all the spirit with just a few gulps.

Even if she is scolded, Song Yunxuan doesn’t show any sadness or weakness.

It seems that everything is within her expectation.

She puts the empty glass on the table quietly and gets up to change clothes in the bedroom.

Ten minutes later, she comes out with a red coat on and a beige scarf wrapped on her neck, then changes her shoes at the porch and leaves with a small suitcase.

The door is shut with a click.

The whole room falls into a dead silence.

The wind whistles outside of the window, and faint unseasonable thunders can be heard.

Chu Mochen suddenly sweeps the glass on the floor.

The glass doesn’t fall on the carpet, but rolls down to the wood floor and is smashed to pieces with a crash.

Song Yunxuan has never heard such harsh words from Chu Mochen. At the moment when she heard it, even though she had prepared for it, she still felt a little heartache in a ridiculous way.

She drags the suitcase to the street to get a taxi and leaves the Harbor Sea View Hotel in the rain.

She watches the rain outside. The driver in front of her asks where she is going.

Song Yunxuan thinks about it and smiles, “Please take me to the nearest hotel.”

The taxi driver puts her at the door of Red Maple Hotel. She drags her suitcase to get out of the car, pays for the fare and dials someone.

The phone rings three times, and there comes a confused voice.


Song Yunxuan bends her lips, “I’m Song Yunxuan.”

Just in two seconds, the confused voice suddenly becomes clear with a slight mocking tone, “Yunxuan, you changed your number.”

“I want you to do me a favor.”

“I heard that you are in Habor City now. I’m going to Harbor City tomorrow. Do you want to have dinner with me? It seems that you’ve got yourself in a big trouble recently.”

Song Yunxuan does not refuse, “I would like to if you don’t mind me bringing you any trouble.”

The man on the other side shakes his head and says, “Am I that annoying in your eyes? I don’t mind any trouble since it’s you.”

Song Yunxuan shakes head helplessly, his sweet talk doesn’t work on her at all, “Su Youyu, I stay at the Red Maple Hotel in Harbor City now.”

The man there wants to talk more with Song Yunxuan, but she says goodbye and hangs up the phone mercilessly.

There is a beautiful woman in his bed. It’s Yao Mimi who met Song Yunxuan a few days ago.

Yao Mimi crawls over to Su Youyu like a snake and puts her arms around his waist after Su Youyu hangs up the phone. Along the neckline of his pajamas, her fingers stroke all over his chest. She says softly, “It seems that Childe Su has a good relationship with Miss Yunxuan.”

“Not as good as you think.” Su Youyu does not refuse her touch.

Yao Mimi raises her head and smiles at him with her big eyes, “So, are you into her?”

Su Youyu still holds the cell phone. When Yao Mimi asks him, he raises his lips and looks at her. “Although it’s unrequited love, if she is on my side, it will be much better.”

Yao Mimi doesn’t understand what he means.

Su Youyu has predicted the dramatic changes that’ll take place in the business field of Yuncheng.

Now that Song Yunxuan is the successor of the Song enterprise, all she wants is the real power of the Song enterprise.

Her eldest brother Song Yunqiang will never easily give the real power to Song Yunxuan, so there will be a fight for it for a while in the Song family.

And he has seen Song Yunxuan’s strategies and means. She is a competent helper and will definitely win.

So, whether as a friend or as a lover, he doesn’t want to be her enemy for the present peace and the future mutual benefits.

He’s willing to risk anything to help her any time.

She is as unique as Gu Changge.

He has an inexplicable expectation for her.

He also wants to see how much she will grow in the business field.

Song Yunxuan stays in the Red Maple Hotel in Harbor City. The next morning, she calls Sea View Hotel to check out.

Zhang Jin and Zhao Kun are depressed because they couldn’t find her. When they see her in Red Maple Hotel, they finally feel relieved.

“Miss Song, why did you change the hotel so suddenly? We were worried sick about you.” Zhao Kun says with concern.

But Zhang Jin can’t help complaining a little, “If Childe Chu knew that we lost you, he would punish us.”

Song Yunxuan is dumbfounded, “Don’t you know? He kicked me out last night.”

Zhao Kun and Zhang Jin look at each other and are shocked. They are speechless for a while.

Song Yunxuan is a little sad, “I don’t know what has happened to Mochen recently. He has been picking on me, even kicked me out last night.”

As she says, she lowers her tearful eyes in sorrow.

Zhao Kun and Zhang Jin don’t know what they should do looking at her sad look.

Zhang Jin’s response is a little faster, “Miss Yunxuan, did you break up with Chu Shao? “

Song Yunxuan covers her mouth and says almost in tears, “I don’t want to see him again!”

Zhao Kun’s mouth twitches, and he doesn’t know what to do next.

Song Yunxuan then heads to the elevator.

Zhao Kun and Zhang Jin look at each other then watch Song Yunxuan walking to the elevator without following her.

Everyone knows that Song Yunxuan is safe in Harbor City because she is well protected by Chu Mochen. Now Chu Mochen abandons her, she must be in big trouble in the future.

Zhang Jin’s eyes are uneasy, “She stays in this hotel now. Shall we check out from Sea View Hotel and move to here too?”

Zhao Kun turns around and walks out. As he walks, he lowers his voice and scolds, “Don’t be silly. She can die anytime in this hotel. She’ll only bring us bad luck if we stay here with her.”

They go out and decide to leave Song Yunxuan as far as possible.

But someone sits on the leather sofa in the lobby removes and folds the paper that blocks his face, puts it on the tea table, then gets up and goes to the floor where Song Yunxuan stays.

After Song Yunxuan gets off the elevator, she swipes the room card and opens the door.

Just when she is about to enter the door, suddenly someone behind calls her, “please wait a moment.”

Song Yunxuan turns around and sees Su Youyu in light casual clothes.

Looking at Su Youyu’s face, she smiles, and the sadness that just appeared on her face down the lobby is gone.

“You are so quick.”

Su Youyu comes to her and says, “I took an early flight because I missed you so much.”

When Song Yunxuan hears the sweet words, her look slightly changes out of surprise, then, a soft and sweet smile appears on her face.

She puts her arms around Su Youyu’s neck and kisses him on the cheek.

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