Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 154 - Scolding Zhang Yufang

Chapter 154: Scolding Zhang Yufang

Zhou Jian asks Zhao Yang.

Zhao Yang thinks about it, and looks back at Zhou Jian, “Although this is what I’m thinking, I’m afraid that I think too much.”

Zhou Jian waves his hand, “Zhao Yang, we’ve known each other for so many years. What you think is what I am thinking, and you’re probably right.”

Zhao Yang frowns and adjusts his glasses, “But if it was Song Yunxuan who helped Huo Ting secretly, how did she know the news? Only the people inside the Huo enterprise know about the cargo ship transportation. “

Zhou Jian puts his hands on the table and closes them slowly. He doesn’t speak for a long time.

Zhao Yang frowns and thinks carefully. Zhou Jian sighs a few times before he raises his head, “I think the news may have been stolen.”

“From whom?”

Zhao Yang asks him in surprise.

Zhou Jian doesn’t bother to think about it this time, but grins, “No matter from whom the news is stolen, he might have a feeling of being cheated.”

Not everyone knows about the smuggling of Huo’s cargo ships. But whoever knows about it must go way back with the Huo enterprise.

And it’ll take some serious thinking to figure out who the person is.

If this person has a very deep relationship with the Huo family, and he even knows what is in the Huo family’s cargo ship, he should be either a close friend or a bitter enemy.

Huo family has too many enemies and friends.

It’s not certain who has the information.

So, no one can be sure where the news came from.

The onlookers cannot be sure, nor can the Huo family.

So it’s impossible to find out what happened exactly.

And now the Huo family is in a chaos.

Huo Qixiong’s furious voice almost lifts the roof of the building.

A loud bang is heard.

The decorative porcelain vase of Song Dynasty is swept on the floor by him from the rosewood flower stand.

The broken pieces of porcelain almost cut Mrs. Huo’s heart to bleed, and Huo Jiaying, who is scared to speak, is also pale.

The porcelain vase of Song Dynasty that Huo Qixiong breaks is very expensive. Huo Jiaying’s mother managed to get it back with great effort from Christie’s auction house. Yet his father broke it, the most precious porcelain vase of her mother.

Apparently, Huo Qixiong is furious.

Huo Qixiong has put some weight in his fifties. Although he was strong when he was young, he is old now and loses his strength.

He feels breathless after he scolds and breaks.

Huo Ting comes to help him, “Dad, don’t be mad. There is still hope.”

“Is there any hope?” Huo Qixiong is offended by Huo Ting’s second line, pointing to Zhang Yufang who’s sitting on the sofa, “I told her not to do such a bold and dangerous thing, but she just didn’t listen to me! Look, what should we do now? “

Zhang Yufang looks up at Huo Qixiong’s angry appearance. She wants to say something, but she is a little timid. She is afraid to say something wrong and make Huo Qixiong unhappy again.

Huo Jiaying sees that her elder brother comforts her father and also cuts in, “Dad, what Mom has done is also for Huo’s sake. After all, it was profitable before, and had no accident.”

Huo Qixiong becomes more furious after he hears her words, “Do you know what you are talking about? You are siding with your mom? How would you deal with all the disgraceful things you’ve done? “

Huo Jiaying lowers her eyes and doesn’t know what to say.

Huo Ting presses his father on the sofa and puts the tea in his hand, “Dad, I’ll talk with the anti-smuggling customs. Don’t be angry, otherwise you will hurt yourself.”

Zhang Yufang secretly glares at Huo Ting and says hurriedly, “Since I am in charge of it, I will solve it by myself.”

Huo Ting raises his eyebrows slightly and doesn’t speak at once.

Huo Qixiong just wants to drink tea. When he hears this, he puts his cup on the table and points at Zhang Yufang angrily, “Do you think you are better than Ting, or have a higher status than Ting? If you were not my wife, the custom would not even look at you. How shameless you are to talk about going to the customs!”

Seeing her sulky face, Huo Ting calmly persuades Zhang Yufang, “Mom, I’ll solve it. You and dad don’t be angry. If I can’t handle this, I’ll have to bother you to go there in person.”

What he says is very tricky. It not only elevates Zhang Yufang’s identity, but also successfully pushes Zhang Yufang out.

Zhang Yufang’s chance of making up for her mistakes is taken away by Huo Ting.

Huo Jiaying can’t hear what’s wrong with his words. She raises her hand, holds her mother’s hand and comforts her mother, “Mom, just leave this to brother. He will solve it.”

Zhang Yufang is so angry that she couldn’t continue to say anything, so she could only agree.

Huo Qixiong talks to Zhang Yufang when she gradually calms down, “You’ve worked hard in managing the cargo ship these years. Let Huo Ting manage it for you for a while. He’s not a child anymore.”

Zhang Yufang is shocked. It is obvious that Huo Qixiong wants to cut her power. Naturally she wouldn’t agree.

She immediately pulls out a smile on her face, “It’s not as hard as you think. I’ve been used to managing it for so many years. Ting may not be familiar with it at first. Why don’t you let me take care of this now and I’ll teach him how to manage later?”

Huo Qixiong directly refuses, “No, Ting has familiarized himself with it by working with me these years, it will not be difficult for him to manage cargo ships.”

Zhang Yufang doesn’t want Huo Ting to take over her business, but she can’t think of any other excuse for the time being.

Huo Qixiong doesn’t want to listen to her again. He gets up and walks out of the living room without drinking any tea.

Huo Ting goes out with Huo Qixiong.

When he goes out, he looks back. Zhang Yufang is looking at him angrily with her red lips pressing tightly.

He is at a loss, but when he turns his head back, his eyes change and he smiles coldly.

Zhang Yufang’s ambition in the Huo family has expanded too much. It’s time for her to understand what a woman should do in the Huo family.

He follows Huo Qixiong out.

After Huo Qixiong talks to him a few words, he meets the director of the General Administration of Customs that night.

The dinner lasts from eight o’clock to ten o’clock in the evening. After dinner, Huo Ting accompanies the director to a party.

The party isn’t over until after midnight.

Huo Ting drinks a lot of wine, but he is still sober.

When he comes out of the hotel, he sees Chu Mochen coming into the hotel with his assistant.

Huo Ting stops. Chu Mochen looks up and sees him. He stops three steps away from him too.

The assistant follows behind Chu Mochen, shuts up and stops talking.

“Come home so late?”

Chu Mochen looks at his eyes and frowns, “Shouldn’t your dinner tonight be very successful?”

“It isn’t so easy.” he raises his hand and loosens his tie. He feels hot and a little stuffy because he drinks too much wine. “You see, there’s trouble in my family. If I drink too little, it can’t be solved.”

Chu Mochen smiles. There is distrust toward Huo Ting in his obsidian-like eyes. He passes him. “I think you drink so much tonight because you are too happy.”

Huo Ting raises his head. Although he gets a little drunk, he doesn’t reveal any secret.

However, there is a smile with some ferocity and pleasure in the corner of his lips.

Yes, he is very happy.

This is the first time he catches the mistakes of the old fox Zhang Yufang and gives her a lesson.

He really thanks Song Yunxuan for giving him the trading information.

The assistant sees Chu Mochen go forward, and is hurried to keep up. When he passes by Huo Ting, he is a little confused.

Huo Ting’s smile gives the assistant chill.

“Childe Chu.”


The assistant looks back at Huo Ting, who is standing in the same place, and says to Chu Mochen in a low voice, “There must be someone else involved in the Huo family’s accident this time.”

Chu Mochen’s eyes are dark and deep, and his thin lips spit out two words coldly, “I know.”

Of course, he knows someone helped Huo ting.

Besides, he knows that it was Song Yunxuan.

When the assistant sees he enter the room of the hotel, he asks him, “Don’t you go to Miss Song’s hotel tonight?”

Chu Mochen presses his lips and doesn’t respond. His expression turns ice-cold.

The assistant knows that he asks what he shouldn’t have asked, so he shuts his mouth and leaves.

Chu Mochen goes to shower first after returning to his room, and then goes to bed to open his laptop.

The password of his laptop was cracked in only a few minutes, and it was browsed without trace. He doesn’t know how much information Song Yunxuan has read in his computer.

He doesn’t want to see Song Yunxuan now.

The woman says she’d be good, and she’d make a pledge to the things he asks for.

But as soon as she’s behind his back, she would forget all she has promised.

He is disgusted by her dishonest.

He turns off the computer and turns off the light to sleep.

The mobile phone suddenly rings, and he reaches for it. Song Yunxuan’s name is on the flashing screen.

He doesn’t want to answer it after it rings for a long time.

Song Yunxuan hangs up first.

Half an hour later, Song Yunxuan calls again.

He presses the answer key, and her voice immediately comes over, “Very busy?”

“I can’t go back for the time being.”

Song Yunxuan smiles and her voice becomes tender, “Then I’ll wait for you.”

It is very brief words, and then after a short silence, he gives response.

She hangs up and ends the call.

He sits up and doesn’t feel sleepy at all.

She said she would wait for him, but he doesn’t go back right away.

At four o’clock in the morning, it begins to rain outside. The wind whistles, and the weather station even forecasts there will be thunders.

This winter begins to end gradually in the arrival of typhoon.

Chu Mochen drives to the Sea View Hotel where Song Yunxuan is.

He takes the elevator up. The doorbell rings, and the door is opened.

Song Yunxuan is wearing a beige Pajama and a loose knit shirt of the same color outside. Seeing him, she bends her lips and says, “You said you would come back late. I didn’t expect it’d be this late!”

“I want to take a bath.”

Song Yunxuan turns around and says, “I’ll run the bath for you.”

She is abnormally gentle, which makes Chu Mochen feel depressed in his heart.

His eyes also become a lot rheumier.

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