Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 159 - Being “Invited” Back

Chapter 159: Being “Invited” Back

She thinks of what happened in those days and thinks she was so unromantic.

At that time, the student insisted on taking photos with her in the snow and asked her to show a big smile.

However, she was not excited at all.

Because it would be very cold after snow melts. She was afraid of the cold. She hated the cold weather most.

Loki leads her to the narrow long street. Song Yunxuan couldn’t help wondering, “Are you sure this street leads to the cinema?”

Loki looks back and just pulls her forward. “Just follow me. You won’t get lost.”

“But this street seems to be…”

“Bitch! How dare you ask for money when you haven’t finished your work! You really are emboldened!”

Song Yunxuan is interrupted by a rude man’s voice before she finishes her sentence.

A young woman sobs pathetically while the man’s shouting.

Song Yunxuan follows the voice, only to see a fat man standing buttoning his belt.

And he’s all ragged.

Loki takes her by the hand and whispers, “Don’t look around. Follow me.”

Song Yunxuan’s hand is taken by Loki, and her face begins to cool: “I don’t think it’s necessary to take this short cut.”

“But this street really leads to the cinema.” Loki pleads in a low voice.

Song Yunxuan stops and pulls her hand out of Loki’s: “I’m not feeling well. I want to go back. I’ll watch the movie another day.”

Song Yunxuan turns around and walks away. Loki immediately reaches for her.

Song Yunxuan, however, dodges sensitively.

She looks at Loki and looks distant and cold: “We don’t have a deep friendship, so we can part here. I can go back myself. Don’t follow me.”


Loki has something else to say.

Song Yunxuan leaves at once, not listening to what he is going to say.

After Song Yunxuan leaves, Loki feels that his hands are empty. He stands there for a long time without moving. He just hangs his eyes and whispers in a lonely voice: “Do you hate me? I haven’t done anything bad. Why do you hate me? “

Song Yunxuan is walking in the street. The rude man who was beating a woman just now hasn’t stopped.

When she passes by, the woman is being kicked to the ground. Some change falls out of her hand, and her fingers stretch out to pick it up.

The man’s leather shoes step on the back of her hand.

Song Yunxuan stops, straightens herself and looks at the grinning man.

The man seems to notice her sight, turns around and scolds fiercely: “What are you looking at? Little bitch! “

Song Yunxuan picks up her eyebrows slightly, but her long eyelashes are drooping after her facial expression calms down.

She walks away indifferently, ignoring the woman beaten by the man.

The sound of the man beating the woman is still coming: “What are you looking at? You think that little bitch will save you? Stop dreaming! That’s a fool who can’t protect herself! “


The broken wine bottle shows sharp glass, which is held by Song Yunxuan like a knife.

The man’s words reach her ears.

Her steps are so light as if she were a ghost.

The woman who is beaten violently on the ground opens her eyes in shock as Song Yunxuan approaches.


The woman whimpers a vague voice.

Song Yunxuan ignores her.

When the man bends down and grabs the woman’s hair to pull her up, she puts the broken glass bottle on the man’s neck: “I lost my way here. Can I ask you for directions?”

She uses the tone of discussion, but even if he were a fool, he would know that the girl behind him is tough to deal with.

The man’s facial expression twitches, and his fingers holding the woman’s hair are too stiff to move.

Song Yunxuan smiles politely: “I’m asking you the way, but you’re still busy taming the woman. Aren’t you a little disrespectful?”

The man has to let go of the woman’s long hair.

The woman hurriedly picks up all the change on the ground and stuffs it into her pocket.

But after she picks up the money, she hesitates to leave.

Song Yunxuan raises her eyelids and looks at the woman’s face, only to find that the woman’s face is not as young as the voice of crying.

She’s in her thirties, maybe in her early forties.

When the woman stands still, Song Yunxuan asks her, “Why, do you want to return the beating you just got?”

The woman shakes her head: “No, it’s not…”

“If not, why are you still standing here?”

The woman has heavy makeup on her face, but because she cried so much, she has spoiled all her makeup now. She replies honestly, “I just think you are… You look like someone I know… “

She says it off and on.

Song Yunxuan doesn’t care. She knows that the host of this body has no relatives or acquaintances in Harbor City.

Song Yunxuan, who was originally living in Qingcheng Town, may not even have the chance to go to Yuncheng in her life. How can she have acquaintances in Harbor City?

“You probably mistake me for another one. Leave now.”

If the woman doesn’t leave, it won’t be easy for her to ask the man questions.

The woman has to nod and leave.

After the woman is gone, Song Yunxuan puts the broken glass bottle on the man’s neck, and then bends down and pulls off a flick knife from his waist.

The blade of the flick knife pops out, sharp with cold light. Looking along the root of the blade, she finds there is dark red blood in the groove.

She doesn’t feel surprised, and orders the man squatting on the ground in a cool voice: “Answer my questions with hands on your head.”

The man wants to find something to fight back. Hearing Song Yunxuan’s order, he has to put his hands on his head.

Song Yunxuan retrieves the glass bottle and asks him, “You seem to recognize who I am, right?”

The man is silent.

Song Yunxuan changes what she is holding.

The man feels that the weapon threatening him is taken away and is about to turn around.

Song Yunxuan hands the flick knife forward: “Do you think that flick knife is not as easy to use as wine bottle?”

The man’s eyes narrow suddenly.

Song Yunxuan feels that she might have scared him, so she apologizes: “I’m sorry. I don’t like to threaten people with murder weapon all the time. If you can answer my questions quickly, we can go our own way.”

The man turns around and puts his hands behind his head. He could only recognize his misfortune angrily: “Ask me now.”

“How do you know who I am?”

“Almost the whole Harbor City knows your identity. It’s in the newspaper.”

“I don’t believe you will read newspapers every day when you are so busy.”

The people living in this street are mixed and many of them are illegal immigrants. These people spend a lot of time maintaining their basic living expenses here. How do they have time to read newspapers and pay attention to the fringe news of Harbor City every day?

She doesn’t believe what he said.

The man finds that he couldn’t fool her, but he still doesn’t want to be frank.

Song Yunxuan asks him, “Is there an underground warrant for me in Harbor City?”

The man freezes and stops talking.

Song Yunxuan nods: “I know.”

The man doesn’t understand what Song Yunxuan knows. He turns his head, trying to talk.

Song Yunxuan knocks the broken glass bottle on his head.

The man’s head is bleeding heavily and he falls to the ground. Song Yunxuan throws the flick knife on the ground beside him: “Remember not to call me bitch next time. You know my name.”

When she finishes her words, she turns and leaves.

The man behind her seems to be knocked to an important part and begins to twitch.

Song Yunxuan doesn’t want to pay attention to the man anymore. She raises her eyes and walks away.

But at the moment of raising her eyes, she suddenly sees Chu Mochen standing in front of her, not far away.

Her steps snap to a halt.

Her eyes freeze, but then she becomes calm and alert.

Chu Mochen is followed by two men in plain clothes who are just the two tall men she saw in the street just now.

Song Yunxuan unconsciously steps back.

Chu Mochen’s face is cold, and his eyes are cold, too.

Song Yunxuan’s feeling is very sharp. She thinks Chu Mochen hates her doing such things.

So, her body becomes tensed. Frowned, she looks at him warily.

“I’ll take you back.”

A word comes out of his thin, cold lips.

Song Yunxuan, however, does not accept the offer as before and declines: “No, thank you. I can go back myself.”

Chu Mochen nods, his tall body shrouded in a gloomy feeling.

Song Yunxuan’s heart pounds, waiting for Chu Mochen to leave.

Chu Mochen stares at her for a long time before he turns around and leaves.

Song Yunxuan sees him turn around, relieved.

Although Harbor City has issued an underground warrant for her, she is still able to wander in the streets of Harbor City, which shows that she is being protected, so these people in Harbor City dare not act rashly.

And the one that protects her is, most probably, Chu Mochen.

Although Chu Mochen let her go away a few days ago, he still appears when she’s in trouble.

He likes her so much that he can’t let her go completely.

Chu Mochen can’t let her go just because she has the traits of Gu Changge.

What a man can never forget is what he thinks he can have but can’t get all his life.

For example, the woman that he can’t forget, to be exact, Gu Changge.

The last thing Chu Mochen hopes in the world is that he loses Gu Changge. Now that he has found a woman like her, how could he let her go so easily?

Although he asks her to go away, he actually waits for her to admit that she was wrong. He wants to make her obedient, and then take her back.

However, Song Yunxuan won’t grind her edges and corners.

Without the edges and corners, how can she deal with those who hurt her in the past?

How will she deal with those who have hurt her?

She fists her fingers slowly.

Chu Mochen’s tall body turns around and his broad back appears in her sight.

Song Yunxuan thinks he would leave, but his voice suddenly spreads into her ears: “‘Invite’ Miss Song over.”

“Invite” me over?

Song Yunxuan’s eyes quiver.

At the same time, hearing Chu Mochen’s order, the two men in plain clothes come to Song Yunxuan with cold faces.

Does Chu Mochen want to take her back?

Why on earth does he have to take her back?

Just because he wants to protect her?

No, she doesn’t believe it.

If he just wants to protect her, he will never go so far as to bring her home.

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