Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 142 - Go To Harbor City

Chapter 142: Go To Harbor City

Song Yunxuan reaches for the contract.

Song Yunqiang doesn’t stop her. He pats on his head, as if he suddenly remembers something good. He says, “Happiness blinds my mind, and I almost forget something important. Yunxuan, before the party, you have to go to Harbor City.”

“Harbor City?” Song Yunxuan doesn’t understand, “What’s wrong with our branch company in Harbor City?”

After years of operation, the Song enterprise has invested in many industries, especially in the export of electrical appliances. It cooperates with the Huo enterprise in the export.

If the branch company is all right, something must be wrong with the sea route.

Seeing that Song Yunxuan is confused, Song Yunqiang says, “Yunxuan, it’s nothing serious. Our contract with the Huo Family needs to be renewed. You’ll go and sign it.”

“I’ll go there?”

She hasn’t officially taken over the Song enterprise, and does not even hold a position in it. She’ll go sign the contract?

“Brother, is it OK that I go to sign the contract with such an identity?”

“Yunxuan, you are the successor designated by our father. In addition to a title, you need to practice and do something helpful. Before you leave, we will announce that you are president of the Song enterprise. When you come back from Harbor City, people will be more familiar with you, the new owner of the Song enterprise, at the party.”

Song Yunxuan nods, “I will do as you said. When do I start?”

“Three days later, OK?” Song Yunqiang is seeking her advice. He’s happy, as if the fish has taken the bait.

Song Yunxuan doesn’t retort, “OK.”

Song Yunxuan still holds the contract with the Huo enterprise, and raises her hand to show it to Song Yunqiang, “Brother, can I take this back to have a look?”

Song Yunqiang nods, “Sure. Take it back and have a good look. Tomorrow, you will go to the company. Our successor of the Song enterprise has to go to work from nine to five. You can’t be late, OK?”

Song Yunqiang’s tone sounds warm and gentle, as if he’s really taking care of his little sister after the death of their father.

However, Song Yunxuan bends her eyes, and looks at the material in her hands coldly.

Sign a contract with the Huo enterprise?

The Huo enterprise has set up a trap and asked the Song Family to send her there?

The Huo enterprise and the Song enterprise have been cooperating for many years. The contracts are always signed by the person in actual power, rather than by a person who only has a title.

If the Huo enterprise really makes it that way, it can only indicate that the Huo enterprise has a plot.

Moreover, those old foxes in Song enterprise must have their plan.

Otherwise, how could she, a rookie in business, sign such an important contract?

Last year, Song Yunqiang almost failed when he signed the contract in Harbor City.

And it’s said that the Huo enterprise doesn’t like Song Yunqiang.

The Huo enterprise only wanted to cooperate with Song Yan, but Song Yan was seriously ill and intended to have his son manage the Song enterprise, so the Huo enterprise reluctantly compromised.

Song Yunxuan goes back to her room to read the material after supper.

Chu Mochen calls her, “I hear you’re going to take over the position of president of the Song enterprise tomorrow?”

“Would you like to congratulate on me?”

It seems that Chu Mochen is frowning on the other end of the phone, dissatisfied with what is about to happen. He says, “Don’t you think it’s a little early?”

“Sooner or later. It’s much better to happen earlier than later.”

“Don’t beat about the bush.” He doesn’t know what to say.

Song Yunxuan smiles, “Are you afraid that I won’t have time for you after I take over the Song enterprise?”

“That’s impossible.”

Her tone becomes sarcastic, “Oh, of course. Miss Huo is young and beautiful. You are a perfect match.”

Chu Mochen sighs, “You are talkative tonight.”

“I am happy.” She looks at the contract in her hand, and there is a shrewd light in her eyes, but it is quiet and introverted, and unnoticeable.

“What is it?”

“The power of the Song enterprise will be handed over to me.”

“You have just joined the Song enterprise. It won’t be that easy.” Chu Mochen reminds her, “Recently, they may require you to make difficult decisions. If you make a wrong decision or make a big mistake, it will cause people of the Song enterprise to have a bad impression on you and affect your stability in it.”

Song Yunxuan nods humbly, “Thank you for the advice.”


“Well, what’s the matter?”

“Get pregnant quickly. I’ll marry you. These troublesome things are not suitable for you.”

The look in Song Yunxuan’s eyes slightly changes, and a smile that he couldn’t see appears on her lips, “Do you want to protect me?”

Chu Mochen’s voice is calm and magnetic. When he hears her questions, he doesn’t laugh, but answers her a little seriously, “I don’t want you to be hurt by anyone or anything.”

Song Yunxuan is slightly surprised and lowers her eyes, “Thank you.”

Although they are too close to say “thank you”, she still wants to thank him.

No one would treat her like this except his father.

But even so, she would not enter Chu Mochen’s family immediately.

In that way, Chu Mochen would give her too much protection. She will indulge herself in it and forget the very hatred after she was reborn.

Even though the scar heals, she is not used to forgetting the pain.

They put down the phone after saying good night to each other.

No one is allowed to enter his room, but Huo Jiahui is used to giving him a glass of milk before going to bed every night, as if she wants to take care of him for life.

When she knocks at the door, Chu Mochen has put on his pajamas.

He opens the door and looks at her beautiful eyes and slightly red cheeks. He does not ask her to go in, “These things can be done by servants.”

Huo Jiahui smiles lightly and looks up at him, “Are you blaming me for disturbing you?”


“May I come in?”

Chu Mochen stands in the middle of the door, “Suddenly I feel hungry. Shall we eat in the restaurant?”

Huo Jiahui is a little embarrassed because of his gentle refusal, but she adjusts her facial expression quickly, “Sure.”

Then she puts the tray in front of him, “Drink the milk first. It’s still warm.”

Chu Mochen picks up the milk and drinks it.

Huo Jiahui has a big smile. On the way to the kitchen, she talks to him as they walk, “I remember that when you first arrived in the United States, you was not used to it. At that time, you lost weight because of the unacclimatization.”

“It was much better later.” In fact, he didn’t want to go to America.

He wanted to stay in Yuncheng, but his father didn’t allow him to stay there.

Gu Cheng wanted Gu Changge to inherit the Gu enterprise. So his daughter couldn’t marry into another family.

The Chu Family, therefore, had to cancel their marriage plan with the Gu Family.

However, Chu Mochen didn’t give up. His father sent him to America.

When she got married, he couldn’t change anything.

Unacclimatization was just an excuse for him to return home, but his father didn’t allow it. Instead, he traveled all over the United States until he found a place where he was acclimatized.

After she got married, he had no reason or intention to come back.

However, after more than ten years of marriage, she died.

Her death, unexpectedly, brought him the idea that he must return to China.

Huo Jiahui pulls the chair out and sits down in the dining room. Seeing the decoration of the dining room, she laughs, “I remember when I was a child, I got lost every time I stepped out of the dining room. At that time, it was you who took me away.”

“The location of the dining room is really strange.”

Huo Jiahui thinks for a moment and then says, “In fact, the location of the dining room must follow some rules. I remember my brother and my father said that a Fengshui master had been invited to decide the location of the dining room of the Chu Family. But why is it here?”

Chu Mochen takes a sandwich from the fridge and smiles lightly, “It seems that this will help the Chu Family have more descendants, and my wife’s first child will also be a son.”

Hearing this answer, Huo Jiahui looks at his handsome and heroic face. The look in her eyes changes subtly. Then she lowers her eyes and smiles shyly.

“By the way, your brother came to Yuncheng a few days ago and asked me to take good care of you.”

Huo Jiahui raises her eyes in surprise, “Why didn’t he inform me?”

“Maybe he was working on something urgent. He flew back to Harbor City the next day. But he cared about you very much and asked when you’d go back to your home.”

The look on Huo Jiahui’s face immediately becomes bad.

She thought Huo Ting would come to help her pursue Chu Mochen, but she didn’t expect that this half-brother would come with such a sentence.

He would only hinder his families. What a jerk!

He is so nice to Jiaying, but always fastidious to her. She doesn’t understand. They are twins.

She holds the cup tightly with her fingers and says, “Speaking of my brother, I really miss him. I’ll call him first.”

Chu Mochen nods. After she leaves, he takes back his sight.

Why did Huo Ting come to Yuncheng?

He thinks about the relationship between the Song enterprise and the Huo enterprise. However, the feedback sent by the person who had been sent to check Huo Ting’s whereabouts was that Huo Ting didn’t go to the Song Family.

Instead, Huo Ting went to the Gu Family.

Huo Ting couldn’t have gone there to mourn Gu Changge. It was too late.

Probably he went to visit Shao Tianze.

However, there is no business relationship between the Gu Family and the Huo Family. What’s with their contact?

Huo Jiahui returns to her room, and calls Huo’s mansion in Harbor City.

It is Huo Jiaying who picks up the phone over there.

Huo Jiaying immediately says, “Sister, what’s going on? After spending days and nights with Chu Mochen, did you see some romantic sparks? ”

Huo Jiahui frowns, “Jiaying, is elder brother back?”

Huo Jiaying nods, “He has come back. What’s wrong?”

“What did he say?”

Huo Jiaying thinks for a moment, and her tone is a little gloomy, “He said that he was going to have a deep talk with Chu Mochen, but something urgent happened in the Huo enterprise, so he came back at dawn. He only stayed there for one afternoon and one night.”

It seems that Jiaying sees Huo Ting, and then she says to Jiahui immediately, “Wait, he is coming. I’ll ask him to talk to you.”

Huo Jiahui cries angrily, “Jiaying, wait! Jiaying!”

However hard she tries, Jiaying doesn’t hear her.

In a few seconds, there comes Huo Ting’s voice, with a little cold impatience.

“Jiahui, what’s the matter?”

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