Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 141 - Forcing Yao Mimi Out

Chapter 141: Forcing Yao Mimi Out

“It is my fault. Please don’t embarrass me for the reason of Childe Chu, Miss Song. Nothing happened between us.”

Yao Mimi has surprised Song Yunxuan and Shao Xue as soon as she knelt down.

Then what she suddenly said makes Song Yunxuan more confused, “Miss Yao, what do you mean?”

Yao Mimi, with tears in her almond-shape eyes, looks up at her pitifully. There is a haggard look on her face that would appear in adversity, “Miss Song, nothing happened between Childe Chu and me. Someone has taken up his heart. I can’t please him no matter what I do, let alone gaining his favor.”

Yao Mimi is sad when she says these. Shao Xue is stunned to hear her words.

“Yunxuan, what is Miss Yao talking about?”

Song Yunxuan’s hand is grabbed by Yao Mimi and she frowns.

Yao Mimi is good at observing other’s expressions and she immediately releases Song Yunxuan’s hand, but she continues kneeling on the ground and says quickly, “I know Miss Song has a very stable and close relationship with Childe Chu. I have never contacted him after that. Please spare me.”

Song Yunxuan lowers her eyelashes slightly that cover her beautiful black, bright eyes.

“Xue, the columnist that you are in charge of is calling you.” Someone comes into the waiting room and says.

“Oh, yes. Coming!” Shao Xue takes the initiative to go out. “Yunxuan, I’ll answer the phone.”


Before Shao Xue leaves, she looks back at Yao Mimi, who is kneeling on the ground with tears.

It seems that she has been unlucky recently.

Did Yunxuan punish this love rival?

No. Yunxuan has little connection with the entertainment circle.

Shao Xue is still puzzled. Yao Mimi sees Shao Xue close the door and leave, and then she wants to hold Song Yunxuan’s fingers again.

Song Yunxuan, however, coldly dodges. She calmly and distantly says, “Miss Yao, you haven’t sorted out the whole story for me. It’s better to stand up and talk.”

Yao Mimi is stunned with tearful eyes.

Song Yunxuan goes to the glass table and sees that there is a water cup on the table. She takes a glass of hot water from the water dispenser and puts it on the table, “Miss Yao, please drink some water and tell me the whole thing slowly. You’ve been crying since you came in. I don’t know what’s going on.”

Hearing her words, Yao Mimi is even more confused, but still, under the gaze of Song Yunxuan, she stands up and sits down on the sofa beside the table.

She raises her hand to wipe her tears, has a look at Yunxuan, and then lowers her eyes with a complicated expression, “I come here to ask you to say a good word for me, and release the order of forcing me out of the entertainment circle.”

Song Yunxuan frowns, but doesn’t speak right away.

The order?

She didn’t do anything to force Yao Mimi out. Moreover, Yao has become very popular in the past couple of years. She is just a cash cow for entertainment companies.

The top management of the company will block her only if they are fool.

However, they may consider blocking their artist if there is too much pressure from the outside world.

Her eyes brighten for a while, and Huo Jiahui’s face slowly appears in her mind.

That woman’s action is really fast. She just mentioned Yao Mimi’s name in front of her. She has threatened the artisan company to cut down the money tree through her wide connections.

“Miss Song, now I know I shouldn’t have tried to stir up myself through the scandal with Childe Chu. But we are innocent. Nothing happened. Every time Childe Chu asked me to go out with him, he would be drinking, and I watching him. He didn’t touch me at all!”

It seems that she feels hurt as she speaks.

In fact, she doesn’t understand why Chu Mochen was willing to cooperate with her even when he knew that she wanted to provoke gossip.

What confuses her most is why Chu Mochen was still untouched even though she was so obedient.

Relationship with such a man, however weak, will be favorable to her.

What makes her sad is that they have no relationship at all.

After hearing Yao Mimi’s hard explanation, Song Yunxuan raises her eyebrows slightly, “I believe you are innocent.”

Although Chu Mochen is attractive enough for any women, he could be very unpredictable, and from the very beginning, his taste for women is very high.

She remembers that Chu Mochen didn’t come to her wedding. Some acquaintances knew that they had a good relationship when they were young. They joked to her that something might be wrong with Chu Mochen’s sexual orientation.

She responded with a smile, thinking that he was just too particular to meet the right woman. If he did, he would get married.

But Chu Mochen didn’t marry in the coming years, and the rumors in the business circle began to be fierce.

In fact, Chu Mochen had been in the United States for more than ten years. People were not sure whether he had a girlfriend there.

But nothing was wrong with his sexual preference.

Now Yao Mimi comes to explain that nothing happened between her and Chu Mochen. Song Yunxuan doesn’t doubt that.

Hearing her response, Yao Mimi’s eyes immediately burst out a bright light. She looks at her full of hope, “Could you lift the ban? My recent notices have been cancelled. The director who is very satisfied with me promised to let me play the heroine, but yesterday he told me I had been kicked out. I want to act in that film very much. Miss Song, please spare me.”

Song Yunxuan looks at her and asks lightly, “Which director are you talking about?”

“Li Ling, who is going to make a new movie titled Xiao Qiao.”

Song Yunxuan nods. She is not surprised, “But I’m not close with him. Huo Jiahui, the movie queen, is.”

She says it casually, but Yao Mimi seems to have been hit right on her nerve, and becomes stunned instantly.

Song Yunxuan bends her lips and looks at her. Her slow voice is penetrating, “I’m afraid you’ve been blindfolded. I have no friend among the important people in the entertainment circle, and there’s no entertainment company among my partners. If you think it is I am forcing you out, you are flattering me.”

She smiles as she says it. It sounds like she is self-mocking. However, each of her words is luring Yao Mimi to identify Huo Jiahui as the mastermind to force her out of the entertainment circle.

Indeed, only Huo Jiahui has the ability to do such a thing.

Yao Mimi stands up all of a sudden, with horror on her face.

Then her expression turns to blank and fearful. She turns to Song Yunxuan and says, “Miss Song, nothing happened between Childe Chu and me. Please ask Childe Chu to explain it to Huo Jiahui. She cannot ban me from acting. It will destroy me.”

Yao Mimi is not stupid. Although she wants to marry a rich man, she is sensible and has self-knowledge.

Chu Mochen didn’t have feelings for her, so she didn’t stick to Chu Mochen with various tricks.

Song Yunxuan had doubts about her relationship with Chu, and the doubt lasted for a long time.

But now she looks at Yao Mimi and thinks about what Huo Jiahui has done. Yao Mimi is much more acceptable than Huo Jiahui.

She frowns and says with bitterness, “Miss Yao, think about it. She kicks you out immediately because of some gossips between you and Childe Chu. I am Childe Chu’s fiancée who has been announced to the public. Do you think she will be nicer to me than to you?”

It blocks the way of making Song Yunxuan a messenger.

Yao Mimi’s fingers clench and her eyebrows seem to intertwine, “If I go to meet Childe Chu at this time and ask him to help me, it will only add fuel to the fire, and senior Huo will be sure that I have relationship with Childe Chu.”

Song Yunxuan nods, “That’s right.”

It is reasonable that Yao Mimi took off so quickly. She is quite smart.

When she thinks of this, she becomes depressed, “I can only meet Huo Jiahui and ask for her mercy.”

Song Yunxuan doesn’t want to interfere with this, but she is unhappy that Huo Jiahui makes her a scapegoat. “Miss Yao, which broker company are you in?”

“Queen Entertainment Company of Xiao.”

Song Yunxuan nods.

Yao Mimi thinks Song Yunxuan is going to help her, so she says, “Do you know the senior management of Xiao enterprise?”

“My second sister does.”

Yao Mimi thinks that she has found her Savior. She is so excited and about to kneel down, “Please help me!”

“I’ll try my best. If I can’t help you, don’t hate me.”

“Miss Song, you must be joking. I’d appreciate it if you are willing to help me. If it doesn’t work, it must be that I’m too unlucky, and I can’t blame others, except Miss Huo.”

Looking at her, Song Yunxuan nods.

A faint cold light slides over her eyes.

Huo Jiahui seems to have deep feelings for Chu Mochen.

She even cannot stand the existence of gossips.

Let alone her.

When Song Yunxuan reaches home, she happens to see Song Yunqiang’s car coming back.

She enters the door first.

Song Yunqiang follows her. He sees her and smiles, “Yunxuan, come on. I have good news for you.”

Looking at the hypocritical smile on Song Yunqiang’s face, Song Yunxuan sneers at the bottom of her heart.

Good news?

Probably he, Zhou Jian and Zhao Yang finally have a plan to get her into the dilemma of the Song enterprise.

She pretends to be curious and walks towards Song Yunqiang, “Brother, what’s the good news?”

Song Yunqiang goes to the study and takes a fax out from the document bag, “This is the detail plan of your party. Have a look.”

“Party plan?”

“Well, you’ve been living in Qingcheng, so you may not know it. When a successor takes over a company in Yuncheng, celebrity banquets will be held. When you inherit the Song enterprise, there will also be a banquet, on which you can know the elders of the industry and Song’s partners.”

Song Yunqiang says happily.

Song Yunxuan pretends to be ignorant.

In fact, it is also common in other cities. When she came into power in Gu’s enterprise, Gu Cheng held a luxury party in Gu’s mansion for her.

In other words, the party is a notice that a successor has taken office, and that their help may be needed.

Song Yunqiang is so happy to explain these things for her, but she doesn’t find it interesting

This party is a show. Song Yunqiang, Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian just want show their attitude.

Their real intention is sinister.

She takes the plan after Song Yunqiang explains it.

“We have announced the party to the public. Yunxuan, check it to see if you need to change anything. Here is a backup plan,” he says. Song Yunqiang reaches for another document in his bag. At this moment, a contract is taken out.

Song Yunxuan’s eyesight falls on it, “What is this, brother?”

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